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Buy the best tree houses for sale selected and recommended by interior designers. By Eliza Bush.

All kids need a place to get away and let their imaginations run and for your kids we offer a series of playhouses that are as entertaining as they are detailed. They're all safe in design and will give your kids hours of fun. Take a look at this extensive collection for more.

Handmade treehouse

Handmade treehouse

Handmade treehouse


What We Like: It's thoughtfully designed

What We Don't Like: Installation could be easier

Not so good for: A small space

Perfect for: A home with a big yard

Inspired by the magic of faeries, this treehouse is hand sculpted from wood with a concrete base of log-like slats. It's best meant for a home set in nature and comes with custom-made furniture that includes a mushroom table and chairs. It's a magnificent piece of workmanship. 

Disconnect from the concrete jungle and retreat to the treehouse's porch with your kids, where you can use the built-in lighting for homework projects and storytelling. If you like, you can collaborate with the builders to further customize the space and make it your own.

Victorian treehouse playhouse

Victorian treehouse playhouse

Victorian treehouse playhouse


What We Like: It's practically bomb-proof

What We Don't Like: There's nothing to dislike

Not so good for: An urban environment

Perfect for: Multi-generational fun

This whimsical multi-generational treehouse is handmade from kiln-dried wood with a lovely Victorian silhouette. It's held up by a tree-shaped steel frame with a foam trunk and Poly-blend leaves. The attention to detail and craftsmanship are second to none, with fun features like a secret log hide-out that offers endless possibilities for play.

It's relatively easy to install as it comes in lightweight pieces that are easy to put together, and you can customize it over the years to reflect your kids' interests. Play around with different themes and immerse yourself in the magic of this house.

Solid wood tree house

Solid wood tree house

Solid wood tree house


What We Like: It's all-weather resistant

What We Don't Like: There's nothing to dislike

Not so good for: A small yard

Perfect for: A backyard with a large tree

Designed as a playhouse for big and small kids, this 100 sq. ft. treehouse will make you feel like a character on Now & Then. It's handmade from solid wood with bark-colored steel posts and plexiglass windows. It has an outstanding design on the exterior, while an expansive interior ensures lots of space to let imaginations run wild or just sit back and relax. The main floor is laid out like a regular adult house and comes with furniture, including a working refrigerator for snacks.

The design of the house is made to wrap around a massive tree in your backyard, and it even comes with a zip line that connects it to the main house. The interior staircase with four landings provides easy access to the top level, leading to two exterior decks.

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