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Do you love eggs? Or maybe you just love chickens? Then you don't want them running amuck. Give them a house. And we have a collection of chicken houses that will keep those feathered friends warm and comfortable, and also protect them from predators. In this collection we have plenty of houses for all your chicken housing needs. Come see.

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Chicken coops for sale ebay

Wooden outdoor construction for animals. This chicken house is based on a durable wooden frame and it includes protective fence. This element also includes a shelter for birds that provides warmth and protection.

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Free Range Hutch / Nest

Free Range Hutch / Nest

This free range hutch / nest is made of fir wood. It is a very safe area for your hens. It has got a great design and it is perfect for your chickens. You will be surprised how amazing this nest is.

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Boomer and george chicken coop

"The Daisy Coop" Chicken Coop Design - Download Easy Backyard Chicken Coop and Hen House Plans or Designs

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Chicken run in traditional form. Construction is made of wood and covered with mesh. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions.

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Extreme Hen Chicken Run

Extreme Hen Chicken Run

This extreme hen chicken coop has got a nesting box, ramp and roosting bar. It is made for protect your chickens. It measures 30.12 inches high by 55.12 inches wide by 37.99 inches deep.

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Chicken houses for sale

I have never thought that there will come such times when I would like to live in chicken coop. Really it is strange. It is imitating the human's home shape. Additiionally it is on wheels, so could be easy moved where you would like.

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Chicken tractor for sale 6

Small Barn Plans - Build a little barn as your studio, backyard office, tractor garage, animal shelter or, whatever. Plans for dozens of designs are on sale at

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Chicken house for sale


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Chicken house for sale 1

A huge, very spacious chicken pen, made out of light wood with a fence that ensures the security of your chickens, as not only will they not be able to run away, it also makes sure that no wildlife tries to eat your birds.

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Chicken house with run

Chicken house for any outdoor place as needed. Construction is made of wood and covered with mesh. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Received many positive recommendations from clients.

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Cape Cod Chicken Coop

Cape Cod Chicken Coop

This chicken coop offers all the amenities a chicken could need, making life easier for you as well. The chicken run lets your hens roam freely with an outdoor feel, while at the same time keeping them protected from predators and the nesting box provides peace and comfort.

Chicken pens ebay

If you’re having troubles with your dog running over your neighbour’s lawn, take a look at this creative idea for a huge dog house with a fenced area, so your dog doesn’t run away! Of course, you can always use it like it was meant to be used – as a chicken pen.

Chickens houses for sale

This handmade chicken coop constitutes a cheap, simple, yet solid construction. Made from natural light wooden panels, embellished with side lodges, constitutes a smooth addition to one's garden.

Chicken tractors for sale

An outdoor house for your chickens, that will keep them all in one place, while also protecting them against predators. It's wood-made, with a lattice wire enclosure, a high-pitched roof, a front door, windows and compartments.

Chicken pens for sale

Goat+pen | ... Coops For Sale | Chicken House Goat Pen Combination | Myamishgoods

Chook pens for sale

HGTV Gardens offers tips on feeding, sheltering and caring for your ducks.

Aylesford plus a moveable easy to clean well designed chicken

Aylesford Plus - a moveable easy to clean, well designed chicken house. Available for sale from Southmead Poultry, in Leatherhead, Surrey

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I LOVE the unique style of this... I don't see it for sale, but this looks like it would be easy to make. Above table--x2

Little chicken house view 1

little chicken house -view #1

Clifton Run for Churchill Chicken Coop

Clifton Run for Churchill Chicken Coop

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Large Chicken House 4 1/2 feet wide - 4 3/4 feet tall -9 3/4 feet long: up to 8 - 12 large grown chickens

Affordable chicken coops for sale

affordable chicken coops for sale

Chicken house for sale

Large Chicken Coop For Sale Jumbo chicken house coop for

Chicken house for sale 1

Delft chicken house