Designer Dog Beds For Large Dogs

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It has been proven the dogs are in a better place psychologically if they have a bed to go lay down in when they're getting overwhelmed. These designer dog beds for larger dogs will give your pooch an amazingly comfortable place to sleep as well as somewhere to retreat to when they are feeling like there is too much going on. See collection for your dogs next bed.

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Our Picks

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Wood pallet dog bed handcrafted custom

Wood pallet dog bed handcrafted custom

You choose whether this designer dog bed fits in better with industrial or shabby chic style - this dark stained reclaimed wood construction can easily complement both. Anyway, your dog should be delighted with the comfy, thick mattress cushion.

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Comfy Pooch Dog Bed

Comfy Pooch Dog Bed

Cool comfy contemporary dog bed. It's low-profiled and rectangular. A quilted cushion and a bolster on 3 sides are foam-padded. Its cover is of beige polyester with a diamond design and black edging. It's removable and machine washable.

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The most convenient large safe secure

The most convenient large safe secure

This 4' x 4' large dog kennel for indoor use, is crafted of durable Red Oak hardwoo, with top-to-bottom vertical dowel side panels. The bottom is covered with a waterproof mat, with the whole also providing a good visibility of your pet and proper airflow.

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Dogs cats articles how to select the best dog beds

Dogs & Cats ⇒ Articles ⇒ How to select the best dog beds for large ...

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Large dog furniture

A cool and comforatble contemporary bed for large dogs. This round bed has a quite high semi-circular backrest. The bed is thickly padded and upholstered in beige fabric with a delicate square pattern.

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Fancy dog crates furniture

A creative idea to keep your beloved dog close to you, while sleeping. This dog bed is built-in underneath the real bed, and has its own lighting system, and a steel frame with square door for easy access.

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Fancy dog beds for large dogs

You have your own house, why your dog shouldn't? A big house for large dogs, perfect for garden. Dogs like bones, so they like the pool in their shape.Enough to experience a bath surrounded by wooden boards.

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Adirondack dog bed

When one thinks of dog beds, an ultra-fashionable contemporary sofa design like this one is for sure not the first option that comes to mind. No more ugly, shaggy dogs beds! This designer piece is appropriate for large dogs.

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Designer dog beds for large dogs

If you have got a large dog, you need a dog bed or kennel with the large size. We suggest you to choose this one, it provides the fantastic sleeping comfort.

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Designer dog beds for large dogs 12

Combining microfiber and fleece, this comfy, soft-in-touch bolster dog bed will offer a great spot to rest and relax for your furry friend. Filled with 3” of premium non-allergenic virgin polyester fiber pad in base that will not flatten, it measures 40" x 29".

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Designer Dog Beds For Large Dogs

Buying Guide

Pet owners living with plus sized dogs often have to make do with a heavy bundle of fur gatecrashing into their beds. Or on to the plush leather upholstered luxury IKEA sofa, with their supersized paws.

Can’t help it. Dogs spend almost 14 hours of the day in slumber. Senior dogs might spend more. Nothing attracts them more than a comfy couch. The only way to keep your furniture safe from prying eyes and sharp nails is to give your dog their own designer bed.

Designer beds for large dogs have become incredibly popular in recent times. They give your dogs a comfortable and luxurious sleeping space without compromising on the aesthetics.

If this is the first time you are shopping for one, then here are some of the factors that you need to consider.

There’s no dearth of styles to choose from. From barebones cushions with a rustic metal frame to specialized elevated beds with stairs, there are tons of options to choose from.

Multifunctional designs are quite popular. These integrate the dog bed into normal furniture pieces, which can be put to use when Fido isn’t catching some shuteye.

For example, a dog bed can be integrated into a designer center table in a way that it remains hidden from view. Caster wheels allow the table to be moved around the home if need be. A glass top allows you to park your snacks and drinks when you are hosting a party.

If it’s a puppy, then you might want to consider a bed with rails that help keep them contained in one part of the room.

If you have an outdoor dog cage, then look for a bed that’s waterproof.

If the dog bed will be used indoors, always ensure that you double check the dimensions. Many beds come dismantled and need to be installed on site and pictures can be deceiving. The last thing you need is a bed that too big for the space. There needs to be some space around the bed for the dog to comfortably get in and out of it.

The dog bed needs to be able to withstand the weight of a boisterous large dog jumping into it in excitement. Wooden frames are aesthetic and extremely durable. But, they tend to be pricey. Metal frames are cheaper. They look rustic and can last forever.

If it’s just a large cushion, then check the quality of the fill. The mattress needs to be at least 6-inches thick to provide comfort to a large dog. Anything thinner than that and it will start to wear out within weeks.

If you have an older dog with joint problems, then an orthopedic memory foam mattress is your best bet. Some mattresses have an elevated pillow that gives your dog some much-needed neck support.

Most dog beds have a cotton or microsuede cover which is removable and machine washable. Darker colors are forgiving on stains and drool. Older pets might have incontinence problems. In this case, look for an inner waterproof cover that protects the mattress from spills and urine.

Best Ideas

Designer dog beds for large dogs 2

If you really love your dog mate you should think about its comfort too. This fancy looking large dog bed is perfect for placing both indoor and outdoor. It will make not only your pet happy but any your visitor would be excited.

Designer pet bed 19

This sublime plywood structured dog house sports a design that will fit and elevate the look of your contemporary styled interior thanks to the sleek and clean look it offers, while your pet can enjoy a new-found level of comfort.

Designer dog beds for large dogs 1

A practical solution for your entryway and a cozy place to sleep for your beloved dog. The unit is made of wood and it consists of 9 open cubic compartments with a large enough dog bed with an open front for easy access.

Designer dog beds for large dogs 27

Designer dog bed with a raised design and a slightly padded micro-suede mattress. The piece is designed for large breeds. It comes in a strong and sturdy wooden frame too, finished in a dark stain, for an impeccable balance of different shades and tones.

Unique dog beds for large dogs

A cute bed for your cute critter, which will make him feel safe, cozy and comfortable. The whole unit is made of wood in two-tone turquoise and bright yellow finish, including 3 drawers with decorative brass pulls.

Dog bed designer 6

Dog bed designed under the stairs. Frame is made of wood. Suitable for large and medium sized pets. Functional design for each home.

Dog bed designer 1

This designed dog bed shows how ingenuine DIY projects can be. Combining grey painted crate with wheels and soft cushioning created a comfortable and very practical spot for one's furry friends.

Designer dog beds for large dogs 1

Designer Dog Beds For Large Dogs

Designer dog beds for large dogs 16

When choosing a designer dog bed, its dimensions should be taken into account. But also convenience and a good place for dog privacy. This one has its own lair built into a black nightstand, subtly carved. Soft pillow - and the company of your human friend.

Dog kennel under stairs

Large dog bed with stairs for larger dogs is a great solution for the pet. The whole made of excellent quality materials and in attractive colors creates a nice whole. The perfect solution for any decor.

Designer dog beds for large dogs

Designer dog beds

Offer your four legged friend a cozy resting spot with

Offer your four-legged friend a cozy resting spot with this chic pet bed, showcasing a stylish shag design in a vibrant bay blue hue.

P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle and You Lounge Beds for Dogs

Designer dog beds for large dogs 13

Don't give up a stylish piece of furniture only because it is not for you. The designer dog bed for large ( and smaller) dogs were made of fine quality leather in honey brown shades, with strong seams in grey color. A tiny sofa with wooden structure.