Ottoman Dog Bed


Elevate your favorite pooch sleeping quarters with an ottoman dog bed. Now your dog will be able to sleep and relax at the same level as you when you're lying on the couch. These ottoman dog beds will fit many sizes of ottomans and are a very comfortable place to lay.

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Our Picks

Astro Sofa Dog Bed

Astro Sofa Dog Bed

If you feel that ordinary dog beds are definitely NOT enough for your demanding dog, try this exquisitely elegant sofa shaped piece. It will for sure match your living room furnishing. It is even equipped with a toss pillow!

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Essex Upholstered Ottoman

Essex Upholstered Ottoman

This is an ottoman that provides an additional seat in the living room. What is more, this product plays the role of a coffee table. It features solid and stable wooden legs and it is filled with a double layer of foam.

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Pet bed ottoman

The beautiful combination of Ottoman and dog bed is a fun and very stylish combination that will fit into any stylish interior. Beautiful upholstery and a solid base of small dog beds are delightfully presented and very charming.

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Ottoman dog bed 1

What do you think about this ottoman dog bed? For me, it's a perfect multi-functional piece of furniture. It can be used as an ottoman, coffee table, dog bed and more. It features the padded button tufted round seat, and elegant design.

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Ottoman dog bed 7

These lovely designed ottomans combine functionality and unique style. Ornamental in their shape, they feature a practical bottom space for your pet. The top is upholstered with a plush, comfy material.

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Ottoman dog bed 5

Any small dogs owners here? Have you guys ever thought of combining an ordinary ottoman, or cocktail table, with a dog bed? Apparently it's possible at no cost to furniture style - see these brown leather ottomans on bun feet. Cool!

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Ottoman dog bed

Creative and original idea for an ottoman. It features a soft upper area that can serve as a footrest. The lower part includes a pet bed for small dogs or cats and attractive nailhead finish for better aesthetics.

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Ottoman dog bed 6

Stylish ottoman dog bed designed for outstanding practicality. The piece comes in a stunning rounded construction and heavily padded bottom and upper compartments to cater for two dogs. There’s also a large dog door for the lower compartment and incredible tuft button accents too.

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Ottoman dog bed 1

Dog bed in the form of ottoman. It is upholstered with faux leather and reinforced with nail heads. Perfect as foot stool or additional seating. Dedicated to medium sized pets.

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Ottoman dog bed 2

Cubic pet bed with carpet floor and arched entrance, entirely padded with black bonded leather for a luxurious feel. The top is cushioned. Therefore, the piece doubles as ottoman and is practical both for a dog and its owner.

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Ottoman Dog Bed

Buying Guide

More people nowadays are opting to raise pet animals instead of kids, making the demand for excellent dog furniture rise. This is good news for dog owners as there are now various types of furniture available not just for little Fido, but for your home as well! One of those is an ottoman dog bed, which serves two purposes: a bed for your dog and a seating option for your living room.

Ottoman dog beds are both functional and fashionable, so it can be easy for you to make the mistake of getting the unit that may coordinate with your sofa but doesn’t offer comfort to your dog. So, to ensure you cover all aspects that are to be considered to get the best ottoman dog bed for your home and your precious pet, check out our buying guide below!

The length of the animal will give you an idea of the right bed dimensions that will allow your pet to be comfortable when completely stretched. There’s no use in having an ottoman dog bed that your dog can’t fit into. The most common mistake people make whenever they’re getting this type of dog furniture is guessing the right size. Avoid going through the hassle of returning the product you’ve ordered by measuring the length of your pet before you make a buying decision.

To determine the right shape for your ottoman dog bed, analyze how your dog sleeps and lounges. Does it curl in a ball? If not, maybe it stretches its body out. A lot of dogs sleep in various positions, so observe your pet’s behavior. This will inform you of the shape of the bed that it will enjoy the most. Round ottoman dog beds are for dogs that like curling up. For animals that stretch out, large rectangular ottoman dog beds are the better options.

There are various styles of beds for dogs. There’s the traditional stuffed style, which is the most common. Flat mat style and donut dog beds are common as well. However, if you have an older dog who’s suffering from muscle or joint pain, consider getting the animal an Orthopedic bed so it gets extra comfort and support.

As far as texture is concerned, just like people, animals have their own preferences. There are dogs that like nappy textures, but others prefer smooth fabrics. Check the spot that your pet likes to flop, so you know the type of fabric that will work best for the bed of your pet.

As your ottoman dog bed is your space’s new seating option, you should at least check the type of fabric that you will be sitting on. The fabric can be embroidered or plain with just one color. The most common fabric choices you have are leather, velvet, and ruxton. These fabrics bring about a unique aesthetic. Leather looks sleek and it evokes class. As for velvet, it’s bold and flamboyant with its strong color. Linen blends are for a clean and simple look.

Best Ideas

Option arent these fabulous photo credit in the company of

... option. Aren't these fabulous? (Photo Credit: In the Company of Dogs

Dog ottoman

A comfortable pair of dog beds for indoors, that will keep your beloved pup happy and relaxed. Each bed is upholstered in a quality fabric that covers a sturdy wood frame, also offering a square seat, a low-profile back and rolled arms.

Ottoman dog bed 3

I wonder if this two tier cat bed might be transformed into wicker ottoman or rattan cocktail table? Maybe the top is flat after removing the cushion. Still the bottom fits well for a cat's retreat, or small dog bed.

Premier pet ottomans gustavo pet ottomans gustavo pet ottomans isadora

premier pet ottomans gustavo pet ottomans gustavo pet ottomans isadora

Dog bed ottoman

Functional combination of an ottoman and a dog bed. Its neutral color looks very attractive in any interior stylization. This dog bed includes a soft top and it also includes large nailheads for additional decorative value.

19thc french dog bed ottoman

19thc French Dog Bed/ottoman

Via arlette rush

Via Arlette Rush

Stonegate Designs Furniture 4 in 1 Pet Center Dog Chair

The leather ottoman with the folding dog bed. It allows you to relax with the animal friend nearby. Sit there and relax and flatter your doggy. The drawer with animal's bed could be easy to change and clean.

Ottoman dog bed

A cute house for indoor use, that will be a perfect oasis of coziness for your beloved pup. This ottoman is upholstered in durable linen, beautified by nail head trim, and has a comfortable inside with a large hole on one side for easy access.

15" Contemporary Pawhut Pet Ottoman Dog House Bed Cat Home Kennel PU w/ Cushion

A fine combination of a space-saving ottoman and a comfy dog house. The inside of the ottoman is hollowed, with a cut-out door for easy access and a super-soft pillow. The 15'' ottoman is upholstered in a black leather and has a button-tufted round seat.

Ottoman dog bed 6

10 DIY Beds For Your Loving Pet Friends

Ottoman dog bed 9

... ottoman is sized just wooden ottoman beds guest twin

Top 10 interesting design ideas for pet spaces no sure

Top 10 Interesting Design Ideas for Pet Spaces - no sure if I can adjust this for Sebastian.

St petersburg ottoman from haute house as a dog bed

St. Petersburg Ottoman from HAUTE-HOUSE as a dog bed wow!