Seagrass Ottomans

Who knew that seagrass could be turned into furniture? And that the furniture would be so fetching? These seagrass ottomans are a nice addition to any seaside home, or any home with a more coastal motif. They are lightweight but can support a person using them for a foot rest, or even a simple seat. Take a look at this collection for details.

Best Products

Seagrass Round Coffee Table

Seagrass Round Coffee Table
This natural seagrass table is a beautiful combination of unique style and functionality. The beautiful coffee table creates a unique atmosphere in the interior and delights in detail. Warm and pleasant to the eye.

Seagrass x cross stool

Seagrass x cross stool
This simple stool/ottoman is a combination of solid construction and finishes with seagrass. The whole will be checked as a seat, footrest or small table. Beautiful lacework charms the details and gives the decor a cozy warm atmosphere.


The grasscloth walls and seagrass ottomans create together a smooth, contemporary combination, being a soft touch of elegance to the space. Ideal for a studio or loft apartment.

Seagrass side table ottoman

Seagrass side table ottoman
It is a small, but multi-functional piece of furniture. This ottoman is covered with a seagrass-styled material. Its legs and frame are made of hardwood. The overall size of this piece of furniture is 46.25" w x 29" d x 17" h.

Seagrass Ottoman

Seagrass Ottoman
This hand woven ottoman is simple, but it will give your space a natural look. Made of seagrass and abaca, it's extremely durable. The frame is high quality solid wood. The rich shade of the piece is a natural color of the plant fibres.

Seagrass Ottoman

Seagrass Ottoman
Seagrass is a fantastic alternative to wicker and rattan. Ideally suited for weaving such solar ottomans, where the frame was made of dried solid wood. Rounded braids are seagrass bring a marine character to the interior.

Seagrass Wingback Armchair

Seagrass Wingback Armchair
This piece of furniture is perfect for people who love natural accents in their flats or houses. It is an armchair that is made of natural plant fibers. It is very durable and resistant to weather conditions so there is a possibility of an outdoor use.

Our advice Buying Guide

Once you've committed to the rest of your living room or outdoor furnishings, it isn't uncommon to want to incorporate an ottoman as an additional table piece or footrest. The addition of a seagrass ottoman not only brings functionality into the space, but it does so uniquely and creatively. Not only are you bringing texture into your area, but you're also bringing in a neutral piece that you can tailor any way you'd like. Because there are many options to consider, we're going to help narrow you're options.

Is seagrass a durable material?

When seagrass is made into furniture, it's woven while the reeds are still green, so it becomes tough and rigid upon drying. In doing so, the exterior becomes shiny and sturdy, so it's resistant to staining and maintenance is easy. However, because it's made from a plant, it doesn't hold up well when left outside in heavy rains. Unfortunately, this will result in rot.

How to maintain seagrass ottomans?

Day to day cleaning includes using a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to remove dust and dirt that may have accumulated in the weave. You can also use a soft cloth to wipe the furniture down. It's important to keep the furniture away from direct sunlight because this will cause the reeds to fade. You can prevent this from occurring by varnishing the seagrass's reeds.

What's the recommended height for an ottoman?

Make sure that, when you're shopping for seagrass ottomans, you measure the exact height of your sofa before you head to the store. Look for an ottoman that's the same height or one inch shorter than your couch. If you select one that's above the height of your couch, then it won't be a comfortable footrest or occasional table option.

What designs of seagrass ottomans are there to choose from?

There are many different designs of seagrass ottomans from which to choose depending on your taste and needs. For example:

  • Round seagrass coffee table: these are optimal if you'd like to use the ottoman as a multi-purpose piece that doubles as a coffee table.
  • Rectangle or square storage seagrass ottoman: in addition to looking like a coffee table, this ottoman also features storage inside.
  • Cushioned ottoman: this kind of ottoman is an excellent choice for those who are looking for additional seating options.
  • Ottomans with wooden tops: utilization of these ottomans are an excellent choice if you’d like to add a piece that doubles as an occasional table in your space.

How to decorate with ottomans?

When making your selections, it’s critical that you look at the size of the seagrass ottoman in relationship to the rest of your furniture. If you choose one that’s too big not only in height but its overall size as well, you’ll be tripping over it, and it won’t look balanced in the rest of the room. If you choose one that’s too small, it’ll become lost and out of place. While there are no measurement rules, the best advice is to see how the ottoman looks in the room visually when making your purchasing decisions.


Canvas print beach ocean blue abstract

Canvas print beach ocean blue abstract
The perfect set for the marine style living room. All the furniture was made of seagrass and decorated with the colors of the sea: sandy beiges and many shades of blue. Such a delicate stylization will be perfect for my living room.

Seagrass Round Pouf Ottoman

Seagrass Round Pouf Ottoman
Phenomenal barrel-shaped ottoman. Seagrass woven around its construction gives this traditional furniture a new unique look. Suitable as an accent piece or as a stand for a plant pot. Easy to clean with a soft cloth. Weight capacity of 50 Pounds.

Seagrass Wingback Armchair

Seagrass Wingback Armchair
We bought this sea grass wing back armchair for grandma. She's so happy of that. The ottoman is available with this product. The natural plant fibers are used for construction.

Household Essentials Rolling Seagrass Wicker Storage Seat Ottoman

Household Essentials Rolling Seagrass Wicker Storage Seat Ottoman
This ottoman is a product that has got a functional character and natural look. It has got a durable frame and a tray top ideal for coffee, drinks and snacks. The whole ottoman is made of wicker that looks stylish.

Seagrass coffee table

A beautiful driftwood coffee table with the woven seagrass texture and glass round top. Without the glass top it can be used as an ottoman. Everyone will tell you how cool this piece of furniture is.

Seagrass pouf ottoman

A cool contemporary ottoman having a sturdy cylindrical wooden frame and low tapered block legs with a natural lacquered finish. Its cover is hand-woven of seagrass with a checked pattern. It's sealed with clear lacquer for moisture resistance.

Seagrass ottoman round

Used as an ottoman, a footstool or an extra seating a small living space, this seagrass chair can be an eye-catching accent in your interiors, adding a bit of the oriental, Arabic style to the decor.

Seagrass ottomans 1

This awesome pair of cubic ottomans looks like it's been wrapped in a knitwork; definitely this textured woven rope pattern, created smartly from seagrass, suits any sea- and sailing-inspired interior.

Pottery barn seagrass coffee table

Seagrass takes many forms, sometimes it resembles more wicker, sometimes very different texture which can be seen in the example of seagrass ottoman in the rectangular form of a little bench, brown color and storage inside.

Woven ottoman

In the corner of a Moroccan restaurant, eating tagine - we can find a comfortable seat in the form of such a seagrass ottoman, made of seagrass, beautifully woven into circles creating a flattened circle to sit, on the wooden dark legs.

Seagrass ottoman storage 1

Foldable seagrass counter stool by Pottery Barn. Seagrass weaving covering the whole seat and the entire X shaped base delivers a bold natural touch that could perfectly blend with coastal interior layout.

16 1 assorted ottomans 17 1 silver framed painting of

16 1 Assorted Ottomans 17 1 Silver Framed Painting of Mona Lisa 18 1 ...

Seagrass ottoman 2

Rich in tonal variation, seagrass and abaca are both ideals for the relaxed interior - where such a seagrass ottoman will be a key to the comfort. There is no wooden frame - it is a free-standing body, which softness encourages you to put it instead of chairs.

Seagrass ottomans 2

Add comfort, style, beauty and unique look to your apartment, and choose this ottoman. It can be used as a coffee table and bench, and it is made of seagrass. It fits to any style and decor.

Seagrass coffee table round

Want a bit wood, just for an accent in your family room? Round coffee table crafted out of dark wood gets even more charm when it's wrapped in hand woven seagrass, like this pretty piece standing on thick tapered wooden feet. My choice!

Seagrass ottoman or bench section

Seagrass ottoman. (or bench section...)

Seagrass ottomans

The seagrass ottoman on the square base. The curved backs makes it looking more comfortable and cozy. Maybe it isn't the best piece of furniture for sitting, but could play its role perfectly during guest's visit.

Seagrass ottoman love it

Seagrass it

Seagrass ottoman 12

Seagrass ottoman.

Seagrass coffee table tangiers 1

Seagrass Coffee Table - Tangiers

Seagrass Ottoman - Tangiers

Characterized by a beautiful design, this ottoman is very fashionable and suitable for almost any decor. Wrapped in neatly-woven seagrass, the ottoman holds 1 soft seat cushion upholstered in a white fabric and has 4 wooden feet for stability.

Square seagrass coffee table ottoman

Square Seagrass Coffee Table Ottoman

Oval ottomans 3

An elegant ottoman in a contemporary design. It features a unique oval shape and pure white upholstery. It's supported on low, wooden legs in a dark color. It can serve as an extra seat or a coffee table.

Seagrass ottoman 5


Seagrass ottoman lawson fenning

Seagrass Ottoman - lawson fenning

Leathercraft 183 Oval Ottoman, Milan Raven

Most ottomans are cubic or round, but this one is oval, and it is somehow outstanding just because the mere form. But the leather upholstery and double stitching only help it to pull off the fine look.

Tangiers Seagrass Furniture Set of 4

It is a 4-piece furniture set that is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. These furniture are made of seagrass and have got a beautiful design. This set is a very good addition for your patio, living room and other.

Seagrass storage cube fits beneath a window sill and artfully

Seagrass storage cube--fits beneath a window sill and artfully hides bed linens. Also gives guests a place to sit a bag in a guest room.

Natual fiber poufs not just for footstools

Natual Fiber Poufs, Not Just for Footstools

Oval ottomans 2

Who said that dots or chest pattern can not goes together with stripes. It look very tastefully on this oval ottoman. Quilted ottoman presents upholstery in black&white thin stripes and the wooden base in a black&white chestboard decoration.

Pottery barn ottoman coffee table

This four legged ottoman is made of only the highest quality woven seagrass and sports an utterly beautiful structure and design, making sure to fit any country styled interior without any issues and to accentuate it.

Oval ottomans 2

Oval ottoman on the metal feets, without container is an unusual proposition for children's room or as a seat in the corridor. This neat piece of furniture is reminiscent of the retro style of the 1960s, thanks to the vibrant orange color.

Round seagrass ottoman this is perfect except the price 629

Round Seagrass Ottoman - this is perfect, except the price ($629 ...

Been eyeing this a while now for a new coffee

been eyeing this a while now for a new coffee table in the living room

Oval ottomans 10

The little oval ottoman with the wide cappuccino pillow on the sitting. The base was made of the dark painted wood. It will look the best in Victorian style living room. There also also the same style chairs available.

Inspired by the sea

inspired by the sea

Seagrass ottoman on white mohair carpet

Seagrass ottoman on white mohair carpet

7-303 Coffee Ottoman

Octagonal ottoman on cabriole feet, with honeycomb shaped shelf between them (the base is entirely solid wood). Coffee brown leather upholstery with symmetrical stitching adds to its traditional refined styling.

Bamboo living room furniture

Eclectic cottage living room - light over bookcase

Leathercraft 183 Oval Ottoman, Infinity Ivory

Oval ottoman covered with leather finished in white color. It features a solid hardwood frame and double needle stitching. This ottoman also includes a fully padded seat and side rails. It matches any living room design.



Birdrock home woven seagrass storage ottoman with safety

Birdrock Home Woven Seagrass Storage Ottoman With Safety ...

Seagrass ottoman ebth

Seagrass Ottoman | EBTH