Large Pouf Ottoman


Looking similar to a knitted item made by a relative, these large pouf ottomans aren't your typical ottoman. Their exterior is almost like a crocheted work of art. They come in a whole myriad of colors and sizes, although the sizes are still rather large. And did we tell you have comfy they are on the feet, or as a seat. For your home, it might be time to get a large pouf ottoman.

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Our Picks

Bubble knit pouf

Bubble knit pouf

These unique, pretty and comfortable poufs are high quality elements with the size of 24"sq x 13"h. They are made of hand-knit wool in 100% and they are filled with recycled polystyrene. They provide the maximum comfort.

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Large pouf ottoman

Round ottoman covered with soft cotton. Ideal as extra seating or footstool in all kinds of interiors as needed. Handy gadget for each home. Simple form and functional design.

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Large pouf ottoman

A new idea for a meditation room? This loft would otherwise look like an empty industrial space, but the large pouf ottomans with knitted covers make the place instantly feel like home! Take notice at the modern minimalist floor lamp too.

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Hand Crafted Morocco Trellis 24 Inch Large Square Pouf

Hand Crafted Morocco Trellis 24 Inch Large Square Pouf

It is a pouf created for people who are looking for the highest level of comofrt in their houses. It is a product hand-made of 100% wool that is soft, warm and comfortable. This kind of pouf is 13 inches high x 24 inches wide x 24 inches long.

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Oversized pouf

Nothing says comfort quite like knitting or a large pouf. Perfect for added seating or for just putting your feet up, this giant ball adds cozy texture to nearly any room. Select colors to complement the rest of your décor.

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Large square chevron 24 inch pouf

Large square chevron 24 inch pouf

Toss these 24-ich beauties around to emphasize the playful aspect of your decor style. These colorful ottomans are wrapped in 100% wool cover with fashionable chevron pattern, available in a couple of colors.

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Extra large pouf

Large pouf ottomans finished in gray or orange color. These knitted ottomans can be used indoors and outdoors, but they are not suitable for permanent leaving outdoors. Each pouf of this kind provides comfort and softness.

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Zig-Zag Flower Pouf Ottoman

Zig-Zag Flower Pouf Ottoman

Adorable turquoise ottoman sporting unique, playful style that adds a splash of colour to your interior! Perfect for dorms, study rooms, or in any place where you'd wish to have an extra seating that is easy to move around!

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Large floor pouf

Uniquely designed ottoman with a rounded design and a poufy construction that should provide enhanced comfort. The piece features a perfect Mediterranean finesse with its light gray upholstery and touches of white on top and along the sides.

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Large pouf ottoman 9

Welcome to our well-designed living room furniture, and lounge coffee tables. You’ll find a large range of styles and colours, at prices that are as relaxing as an afternoon nap on one of our chaise lounges at MysuiteHome. You can take almost all of ou

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Large Pouf Ottoman

Buying Guide

There are plenty of ways to use a pouf, making it a useful and flexible piece of furniture to have in the home. However, since they can be quite costly, it's important to think about a few different factors before committing to anything.

Ideally, the pouf ottoman will fit with your existing furniture if you already have a suite in the living room. To avoid your home looking like it doesn't match, choose a pouf which is in the same color scheme as the sofas and chairs you already have. If you're purchasing it as part of a new suite, you should be able to choose the colors and items individually, which means there won't be any issues with mismatching.

Since many people buy poufs with the idea of putting their feet up or using it as an extra seat, it's important that you consider the height that you need. You should buy a pouf which is a similar height, if not exactly the same, as your sofa. This will not only make your living room look more balanced and coordinated, but it also means that you can enjoy your new piece of furniture in ultimate comfort. When people sit on the pouf and it's being used as an extra seat, they will be at the same height as everybody else in the room.

You should also measure up the space that you have before going out shopping for any piece of living room furniture. A large pouf ottoman can take up a lot of space, and while you may have the space to put it, you should also consider whether you will have any extra space left. If you think the room will look crowded and busy with a pouf, you should either rearrange the existing furniture or find a different room for the pouf ottoman to live.

Most pouf ottomans are made from soft fabric and cloth, but this doesn't apply to all of them. There are many you can buy which are made from wicker or metal and covered with a cushion, making them ideal for outdoors or conservatories and summer houses. You can buy poufs which are made from plastic too, making them very easy to clean and difficult to damage or blemish.

Leather is another popular material for poufs, and is easy to clean but more difficult to look after in terms of maintaining the quality and condition of this material. You should always use the correct products on your leather furniture, and this is a cost and effort which you should take into consideration before making a purchase.

Best Ideas

Large round storage ottoman

A perfect element that is able to play the role of decorative and functional product. This wide, round ottoman matches any decor in the living room, bedroom and other types of indoors. The frame is made of wood, the filling material is 100% foam and it is covered with 70% polyester and 30% rayon.

Large pouf ottoman 10

Safavieh Large Pouf Ottoman

Patchwork ottomans 1

An impressive ottoman that is highly-decorative and vry comfortable; great to use as an extra seat, a footstool, a cocktail table, or as a nice decoration. The ottoman boasts of lovely floral patchwork, stylish tifting and generous filling.

Nuloom Handmade Casual Living Leather Moroccan Ottoman Pouf

Nuloom Handmade Casual Living Leather Moroccan Ottoman Pouf

A product ideal for casual indoors. This ottoman pouf is a handmade product that is filled with soft materials. They are covered with a stylish and strong leather. This ottoman provides an additional sitting space or serves as a footrest.

Extra large moroccan pouf

Thick yarn and large needles make short work of creating covers for any footstool or floor cushion into poufs. The coarse knit creates a rugged texture that will contrast in a pleasant way with almost any décor, especially against wood floors.

Large pouf ottoman 1

Eye-catching though simple size-varied modern ottomans and bean bag chairs. They're upholstered in quality wool in grey or white shades with whitish and greyish venation, respectively. They're looking like large ovalish waterworn glacial blocks.

Large pouf ottoman 4

pouf, drapes, sofa, outdoor living

Large pouf ottoman 14

Restoration Hardware - Knit Cotton Pouf $89-$149... So funny, I just pinned a free pattern to my Yarn board that is the exact same as these… Can’t wait to make a few!

Flower pouf ottoman

Stylish pouf ottoman covered with fake flowers and finished in nice colors. It is suitable for kids rooms or romantic living rooms. Its soft surface provides good comfort. It can also decorate indoors.

Large pouf ottoman 7

Now we're talkin'. The woman who knits these uses needles that look like broomsticks.

Huge ottomans

We love functional ideas for small spaces! The ottoman can be used as a coffee table and extra seating in the drawing room. Nail heads and round shape creates the stylish product, that fits perfectly to any style and decor.

Large pouf ottoman 2

The Moroccan Leather Ottoman in white is decoratively stitched and makes the perfect coffee table or ottoman.

Extra extra large knit pouf footrest home decor mary marie

Extra Extra Large Knit Pouf Footrest | Home Decor | Mary Marie Knits | Scoutmob Shoppe | Product Detail

Large pouf ottoman 11

Ivory Furlicious Faux Fur Beanbags. I know it's PB Teen, but I'd still have it in my living room/bedroom