Lodge Living Room Furniture


Lodge living room furniture is a simple yet attractive way to decorate your living room in furniture you will love to see for years and years. It is rugged but still perfectly capable of bringing a warmth and coziness into your living space. If you don't know what lodge living room furniture looks like, it is time you take a gander at all the lodge living room furniture we have collected in this showcase.

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Our Picks

Family Room

Family Room

This stunning log house will make for a nice conversation place with its charm and warmth that it oozes. It fits well in a mountain setting and will simpl shine thanks to the natural appeal of the wooden boards and warm, honey tones.

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Lodge living room furniture

A little too manly for my taste, but I love the window and the beadboard! This cool lodge/ living room sofa looks fantastic. I love the farm wooden style of this spacious house. Beautiful thick wooden floor makes it look even cooler.

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Lodge living room furniture 16

Western Decor- loooove the big stone fire place and yes I want either an Elk or Moose hanging there .. possibly one I shot ;-)

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Wild Horses Lodge Living Room Collection

Wild Horses Lodge Living Room Collection

Choose one of the furniture or the whole collection, which consist of comfortable sofa, loveseat and armchair. All of them have seat and back cushions filled with high density foam and are upholstered in microfiber. Nailheads along the bottom and armrests for decoration.

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Mission living room furniture 3

Living room furniture set that includes two sofas and many tables with constructions based on vertical slats. The central element is a coffee table with rectangular top. Sofas include soft cushions in seat, arms and backrest areas.

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Lakehouse living room kathryn greeley designs

lakehouse living room Kathryn Greeley designs

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Lodge living room furniture 12

Awesome rustic studio apartment with wooden rafters, stone fireplace and all... With stylish lodge living room furniture. Though the décor uses mostly browns and grays (wood, stone) some pops of colours (serene blue) were smuggled with decorations.

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Log cabin living room furniture

Which season do you associate with this salon? With the autumn, right? Heavy wooden tables, hand-carved, solid white couches with massive armchairs - with interesting patterns in classic, elegant colors - that is a lodge living room style of furnitures.

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Lodge living room furniture 9

Coffee table in rustic style. Construction is made of wood. Base is fitted with drawers for storing needed stuff. Classic form and elegant design for each room as needed.

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Lodge style living room

Locati Home - Interior Design - Quiet Waters Residence

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Lodge Living Room Furniture

Buying Guide

Lodge living room furniture is designed to be completely comfortable; to support lodgers and tourists after days full of hiking and sight-seeing. It’s important that they’re not only incredibly comfortable, but that they last for multiple years of hosting—and that they fit the style of your lodge.

We love to see hardwood and leather pieces used for lodges; not only do they look luxurious and high-end, which can drive up the quality of your property, but they age well and will last for several years, particularly with a simple maintenance routine. With the addition of cozy throws and pillows, these leather and wood pieces (which can have a harsh vibe) can easily be softened. If there isn’t room in the budget for true leather or hardwood, then an overstuffed canvas can be similarly durable.

When it comes to choosing living room furniture pieces for your lodge, it all boils down to the size of your cabin living room as well as the purpose of the space. Some of the questions to ask yourself include, how much seating do I need, how much space is available, what activities will people be doing in the living room, and do I need to add storage?

A cabin lodge needs a sofa or two depending on how many people will be in the living area at any given point. The sofas should also be arranged to give everyone a clear view of the scenery outside. You may choose to add an armchair or two to set up a seating arrangement conducive to conversation.

A coffee table in the center of the room will hold drinks, books, and decor. If space allows, feel free to add a side table or two. A large rustic mirror will fit perfectly into the cabin theme and when placed opposite a window will give the illusion of a brighter and larger space.

So as you can see, you only need pieces of furniture that serve a purpose inside the living room, while still giving it a cozy and warm look and feel. 

Best Ideas

Lodge living room furniture 26

Pearson Design Group | Rustic Living Room

There is pretty much nothing that i do not like

There is pretty much nothing that I do not like about this room.

Lodge living room furniture 14

Interior Design Inspiration For Your Living Room -

Lodge living room furniture 21

In the traditional American country homes using raw bricks and logs play the really important role. The wooden entresol in the high interior could perfectly share the space for day and night use in a perfect way.

Lodge living room furniture

A lavish, but cozy arrangement of a living room. What makes the room look special is a high, wooden ceiling and an impressive, stone fireplace. Old-fashioned carpets and warm lighting create a pleasant and welcoming feeling.

Lodge living room furniture 17

Living room for my mountain lodge. Minus the white couches. Can you believe the size of the fireplace? I could turn that into another room!

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