Modular Sofas For Small Spaces

If you have ever had a modular sofa in the past, then you know how amazing they can be in the home. But for smaller spaces like apartments or single-wide mobile homes, the usual modular sofa just won't fit. For those, we offer modular sofas for small spaces. They fit in the space you have, and have all the features you have always loved.

Best Products

Modular Sofa Bed Loveseat with Cotton Upholstery

Modular Sofa Bed Loveseat with Cotton Upholstery
This modular sofa bed has soft cotton upholstery and is designed to save as much space as possible. Its foam padding makes it one of the most comfortable sofas you will ever sit or lay down on. Many people purchase this sofa bed for their guest rooms. It has a stylish aesthetic that can definitely add some elegance to the interior of your home.

6-Piece Manufactured Wood and Leather Modular Sofa

6-Piece Manufactured Wood and Leather Modular Sofa
This modular sofa has a manufactured wood construction that makes it very durable and sturdy. The leather upholstery is soft and comfortable, so you can sit or lay down for a long time without any issues. The modular design of this sofa makes it perfect for those who like to rearrange furniture once in a while. It has a stylish design that looks good in any home.

Modular Armless Sofa with Pearl Velvet Upholstery

Modular Armless Sofa with Pearl Velvet Upholstery
This sofa has a modular design that allows you to break it up however you want. The wood frame of this sofa is very strong and guaranteed to stand the test of time. The thick foam material behind the upholstery offers lots of support for comfortable sitting. The upholstery is a polyester blend that is very soft and will look great in almost any home.

Black Modular 100% Linen Loveseat with Cushion Back

Black Modular 100% Linen Loveseat with Cushion Back
The 100% linen material that this loveseat uses is what really makes it so comfortable and soft. The modular design means that you can break the loveseat down if you feel like having two separate seats in different places of your living room. It comes in black with a cushion back, making it very stylish and attractive for those who love modern décor.

Modular Solid Wood 100% Cotton Two-Seat Unarmed Loveseat

Modular Solid Wood 100% Cotton Two-Seat Unarmed Loveseat
The solid wood construction of this modular loveseat makes it extremely sturdy and tough, so you can count on it to last for many years after you get it. The 100% cotton upholstery material makes it very soft and comfortable for everyone. It has a powder-coated steel base with adjustable glides to make relaxing at home even easier.

Light Grey Polyester Blend Modern Wood Sofa

Light Grey Polyester Blend Modern Wood Sofa
This modern sofa has a nice neutral light gray color that will look good in almost any living room. Its solid wood frame makes it very durable and long-lasting, so you can count on it to hold up well for many years. There are also the tapered solid wood legs with a walnut finish, which are also very strong and stylish. This sofa is both beautiful and functional.

Green Steel-Framed Polyester Modular Sleeper Sofa

Green Steel-Framed Polyester Modular Sleeper Sofa
The steel frame of this modular sleeper sofa offers some incredible durability that will hold up exceptionally well over the years. The 100% polyester upholstery material means that you won’t ever have to worry about being uncomfortable when sitting or lying down. The modular design makes it possible for you to fold this loveseat down into a comfy bed for when guests stay over.

Our advice Buying Guide

The modular sofas trend has become quite popular today in the world of interior design. This is because of the versatility and economy of space modular sofas provide. Also known as sectional pieces of furniture, modular sofas allow you to change the configuration of your living room furniture depending on your personal style, mood, or even the amount of space available. With numerous designs of modular sofas for small spaces on the furniture market today, you can create endless styles and combinations to create more space in your small apartment or studio.

What are the benefits of modular sofas?

This useful adaptability of modular sofas makes them the ideal choice for living quarters with limited space. They come in a wide range of styles and fabrics including leather, nylon, vinyl, and microfiber. They also cost much less than traditional sofas. You can even find matching slipcovers for the sofas to make them blend better with your décor. The best thing about these modular sofas for small spaces is their economy of space and the freedom they give you from being tied down to one style of sofa design for years. You can always alter the sofas for a change whenever you want to.

What to look for in the best modular sofas?

Before you invest in modular sofas, it is important to first determine the amount of seating you need, how much space you have available, and how the modular furniture will match with your existing style and décor. The last thing you want is mismatched pieces of furniture scattered in your living room.

What are the most common styles of modular sofas on the market?

There is a wide range of sectional sofa designs on the market today but the three most common styles include the following:

The three-piece sectional sofa

This type of modular sofa provides ample seating for up to five adults. It comes with a chaise or chair and a loveseat. The three-piece set gives you sufficient seating without taking up too much of your small space.

The reversible sectional sofa

This style is quite versatile because of its ability to change configurations easily. You can rearrange the furniture in many ways to create space and customize your small home appropriately. For example, the sofa’s lounge can be switched from one end to the other and create more seating space.

The sleeper

This style of modular sofas allows your furniture to do double duty. It comes with a bed that opens from the sofa cushions. You can use it as a couch during the day and a bed when night falls. It is a great option for those who live in studios where there is hardly enough space for a bed and a couch at the same time.

There are other designs with a couch that can easily be converted into a recliner chair or multiple reclining chairs with a footstool. Other designs provide extra storage room underneath the cushions.

Sectional sofas are perfect for anyone who wants to have more living space and comfortable seating in a small house. It comes with a sectional couch that can be broken into different seating segments. Modular sofas provide better organization and a more airy interior in your living room.


Zipline Modular Denim Sofa & Ottomans

Zipline Modular Denim Sofa & Ottomans
It is a reclining set, which consists of sofas and Ottomans. The shape of the furniture is very simple, modest, minimalist. However, they are very convenient and extremely comfortable. They will fit perfectly in the minimalist interior or in the loft.

Emerald Home Furnishings Clayton Ii Sectional

Emerald Home Furnishings Clayton Ii Sectional
This contemporary sectional is characterized by a solid wood frame and 100% polyester textured Chenille cover. Includes blind-stitching and tapered feet. To use the ottoman as a chaise, simply, turn it sideways against the sectional.

Istikbal Kubo Modular Sectional

Istikbal Kubo Modular Sectional
This kind of product is a comfortable sofa with attached chaise longue. It provides plenty of sitting space and it is able to convert into a bed. The sofa assures a very high level of comfort and day and night.

Modular sectional sofas for small spaces

Suitable for modern and contemporary homes, this modular sofa can be set in few different ways - as a corner sofa, or a comfy bed for two, with a convenient tray. Features gray fabric upholstery and low-profile, steel feet.

Small modular sectional sofa

Modular sofas suitable for small indoors. They include multi-color sections with different, attractive patterns. They are thickly cushioned for comfort and button tufted for additional aesthetics. This sofa is an L-shaped element.

Modular sofas for small spaces

This great modular sofa is a perfect solution for many occasions. The simple design allows you to create many variations of arrangements with table and puffs from it. Warm beige combined with dark brown are universal for many interiors.

Corner modular lounge

Unique sectional sofa in a shape of curved letter L in mirror image. It is covered of delicate, red cloth. If you love modern, elegant design this sophisticated piece of furniture will be ideal to your interior.

Sofa small space

Funky design for a unique and unusual weird sofa made up of two armchairs joined together to be a long piece of cloth. The pictures on the image show off a view of the possible arrangements for this quirky couch.

Front view of modular small sofa that can converted into

front view of Modular Small Sofa that Can Converted Into Funny Sets

Modular sofas for small spaces 1

Not so big, this small scale modular sofa promotes space saving, but you can stretch your legs pretty far on its lounge. Simple white textile upholstery and block wooden feet comprise a minimalist contemporary style.

Com small sectional sofas leather sectional sofas l sofas

... .com: Small Sectional Sofas Leather Sectional Sofas L Sofas

Modular furniture sofa

If you are opting for a timeless design of your not too large living room, then, this sectional sofa can be a good solution to achieve it. It's upholstered in off-white material, has a bunch of softly-padded pillows, and wooden / steel legs.

Cheap small couches for small spaces

Try those modular sofas for your modern decor. They can be put together in various ways, giving you several different types of furniture to use. You can make almost anything - from couches and tables to ottomans and beds.

Sectional sofas for small spaces axis armless sectional full sleeper

sectional sofas for small spaces Axis Armless Sectional Full Sleeper ...

Small corner sofas for small rooms from darlings of chelsea

Small Corner Sofas for Small Rooms from Darlings of Chelsea

Ingenious sofa by ebola pretty sweet how you can change

Ingenious Sofa by Ebola...pretty sweet how you can change it for what you want. I hope its not expensive!

Angled couch

While deciding on this modular 1 sofa and 2 chairs system, you are getting a compact set that allows you to slide both chairs onto the sofa, gaining this way even a bigger sofa. It, especially, works well in smaller interiors.

Modern sectionals for small spaces

-sofa-modular-sofa-for-small-space-white-modular-sectional-sofa ...

Small sofa designs

The Freetown sofa lets you be the designer. An amazingly modular system: There are infinite sofa combinations possible from a small two seat to the largest U shaped sofa. The Freetown is a flexible and modern seating solution for every space. Create your

Small modular couch

An interesting space-saving contemporary modular sofa easily convertible to 2 twin beds. It has a recessed base, a quite thick seat, a curved pillowed backrest, a storage container. It's upholstered in patternless white material.

Modular sofas for small spaces toronto small space plus toronto

Modular Sofas For Small Spaces Toronto: Small Space Plus - Toronto ...

Modular couches

A creative way of enhancing interiors with smaller spaces, this modular sofa can be easily set according to your needs. You can transform it into e.g. a large seating pit, a 4-person bed, a couch with a table, a large table, etc.

Corner sofas for small spaces

An excellent solution for accommodating smaller spaces, this modular sofa is comfy, functional, and easy to set. Includes a wood frame with mobile caster wheels, upholstered cushions, and different ways of assembling all the segments.

Sofa set for small space

The angled sofa makes smart use of this diminutive outdoor nook. By not chopping up the patio, it makes the space feel larger than it really is and provides ample seating for a cozy gathering of two or three friends (or more, if no one has personal space

Sofa on wheels

Use modular furniture that you can customize to fit your space. Casey Marie's sectional sofa, for instance, splits up into chairs or a loveseat. If her next apartment doesn't have room for a full sectional, she can still use it.

Modular sofas and seatings

Modular Sofas and Seatings

Modular couch

A space-saving modern modular sofa with wooden frames and round metal legs. It has wide flat arms on thin round metal rods and a pillowed back. It features lifting seats which hide roomy storage compartments. Upholstery is of plain red fabric.

Modular furniture multi purpose for small space room 2

Modular Furniture Multi Purpose For Small Space Room

Top 10 compact sofas for small living spaces

TOP 10: Compact sofas for small living spaces

For small space cozy sofa with cushion modular sofas for

for-small-space-cozy-sofa-with-cushion-modular-sofas-for-small-spaces ...

Compact cabinet for small space

Compact Cabinet For Small Space

Sectional sofa stylist design sofa modular sofas for small spaces

-sectional-sofa-stylist-design-sofa-modular-sofas-for-small-spaces ...

Merritt 5 pc sectional this modular collections versatile design offers

Merritt 5-pc Sectional - This modular collection’s versatile design offers many different size configurations perfect for both small and large spaces. Stocked in a 100% polyester

Curve sofa

A modular sofa for smaller rooms allows you to use a comfy piece and still have enough of free space. This one is L-shaped and upholstered in a dark gray fabric, with 4 back pillows, 2 rectangle seat cushions, and wooden legs.

Lidt kedeligt men god ide smart pieces of convertible furniture

Lidt kedeligt, men god ide! Smart Pieces of Convertible Furniture for Small Spaces

9 awesome space saving furniture designs tico tina

9+ Awesome Space-Saving Furniture Designs - Tico ♥ Tina

Dorel asia small spaces sectional sofa grey

Dorel Asia | Small Spaces Sectional Sofa - Grey

698 karlstad in dark gray 4 packages largest dimensions width

$698 KARLSTAD in dark gray 4 packages largest dimensions Width 36 5/8" Height 20 1/2 Length 62 5/8"

Modular sofas for small spaces

Convertible sofa designed for small spaces. It consists of coffee table and 4 ottomans. Frame is made of wood and mounted on metal legs. Provides saving space in all kinds of interiors.

Small modular sofas

In a sense, this modular sofa for small spaces is a set of LEGO bricks - because you can experiment with its laying modules and play in Bob the Builder. It has a beautiful cobalt upholstery color and a contemporary shape.

White modular sectional sofa living room furniture

White Modular Sectional Sofa Living Room Furniture

Small modular sectional sofas for small spaces

Small Modular Sectional Sofas For Small Spaces