Modular Sleeper Sofa

A tremendous addition to any home, the modular sleeper sofa is designed with you in mind.. It has a similar feature as a trundle bed, where the sofa stays as is, and a sleeping area telescopes from below the primary structure. Pretty nifty idea and great for folks who have guest every so often. Comfortable to sit on, comfortable to lay on, you will love these sleeper sofas.

Best Products

Burton Modular Sleeper Loveseat

Burton Modular Sleeper Loveseat
This modular sleeper loveseat is perfect for living room and guest room. It is very comfortable and everyone will be surprised how amazing it is. This is the coolest sleeper loveseat you have ever seen.

25 pc modular pool luxury seating landscape luigi colani

25 pc modular pool luxury seating landscape luigi colani
A stunning piece that will not only catch everyone's attention thanks to its one-of-a-kind look but will also provide utmost comfort for when your friends come over to visit, since it is spacious and huge.

Tillary sofa

Tillary sofa
A modern modular sofa that will enhance your living room and give you all the comfort you need to kick back with your favorite book. It rests on espresso-finished wood tapered legs, holding a medium-firm seat and two removable pillows.


An interesting, modern solution is modular sleeper sofa, that is composed of independent elements - modules. Large, upholstered in classic gray for modernity are like large lego blocks, only soft and allow for a pleasant nap.

Modular sleeper sofa 1

Thanks to this modular piece of furniture, you are getting both a modern sofa and a comfortable bed. It's easy to convert, upholstered in plush navy blue material, and has 3 over-padded, removable back cushions.

Modular sofa beds

Sleeper sofa for living room, teenager room and more. It is mounted on metal legs with gloss finish and upholstered with soft fabric. Includes extra pillows for added comfort. Classic form and modern design.

Modular sleeper sofa

Massive and large modular sleeper sofa is a great solution for living room or entertaining room. The whole can accommodate a lot of people, which makes it perfect for spending time in the nearest circle.

Our advice Buying Guide

A modular sleeper sofa is an excellent idea for any home. Not only is the sofa comfortable and versatile, but it also transforms into a bed. A sleeper sofa is an elegant solution if you don't have a guest room, or you just want an extra bed in case you need it for unforeseen reasons.

The modular sleeper sofa industry has blossomed into different types and styles. The abundance of options is always a good thing, but it can also be a source of confusion. To help clear things a bit for you, this article is going to be a modular sleeper sofa buying guide.

What are the pros and cons of different bed styles?

These days, there are plenty of bed style options. Each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. When it comes to the bed style, the common options are innerspring, latex foam, and memory foam.

  • The innerspring is perhaps the most common bed style. The setup makes use of coiled springs to provide comfort and support. Generally, the more springs it has, the better. On the downside, it will also get costlier. The innerspring offers ample support, which makes it great if the user is a bit heavier than the average. Innerspring is also a good option if you want the seat to stay cool. It's typical for foams to retain the heat produced by the body.
  • Latex foam is either produced by a synthetic source or sap of a rubber tree. It's known for providing bouncy and firm support. Because of the nature of how it provides support, latex foam is often an excellent choice for stomach sleepers and back pain sufferers.
  • Memory foam is made of a visco-elastic material. It also comes in varying degrees of density. The denser and firmer the foam, the more durable it will be. Memory foam is an excellent choice for users with chronic fatigue or pain. If you are a slide sleeper, a memory foam also works very well.

How to get the right size sleeper sofa?

Another important factor you need to consider is the size. Remember, you are not just trying to determine the right size of the sofa, you also need to make sure that the room has enough space when the sofa is fully extended. Hence, it's better to take some measurements of the room where you are planning to place the sleeper sofa and ensure everything fits comfortably. A sleeper sofa comes in many sizes. The most common formats are twin, queen, and king.

What are the most common materials used for a sofa frame?

The bed frame plays a critical role in how the bed performs in the long run. The most common materials used for a bed frame are metal and wood.

  • Wood is the traditional material for a bed frame. It's a material that's not as "stiff" compared to metal, which makes it the more comfortable option.
  • A metal frame can be made from iron, steel or aluminum. Typically, a metal frame will last longer than wood. Thus, it offers greater value for the money.

So, that's it for now. Keep in mind that the points mentioned above are just the basics. Feel free to add more personalized factors to help you further narrow down your choices.


Sofa bed modular

Monochrome gray modular corner sofa combined with sleeper looks so on-fleek when you put a bunch of colorful (here: purple) pillows on it. It's consequently a space-saving, but style-boosting couch bed.

Corner loveseat small

A great piece for accommodating smaller spaces, the modular sleeper sofa works perfectly with modern interiors. It has a strong metal frame and rich orange upholstery, allowing you to convert it into a functional bunk bed.

Modular sofabed

With its smooth, minimalistic appeal, this modular sofa sleeper constitutes a perfect proposition for contemporary interiors. Finished in light grey, it will fit into most of the surrounding decors.

Sofa bed modular 1

So many arrangement options, tons of them! This fun modular convertible sofa escapes the boring design and lets you unleash your creativity on a daily basis - do whatever you want with this extraordinary sleeper sofa and discover all its functions!

Cheap sofa bed 1

Provide that one extra sleeping space for your guests for when they need to stay overnight with this amazing sofa bed that comes with an elegant, chocolate finish and can be set up to offer plenty of comfortable space.

Modular settee

Davis Armless Sectional Full Sleeper Sofa in Sectional Sofas

Modular sleeper sofa

A fashionable addition for modern interiors that can be used as a large 2-piece sofa or a comfortable bed. Its gray upholstery beautifully fits white interiors and it comes with 2 matching throw pillows.

Ludus modular sofa by patricia hopfer

Ludus Modular Sofa by Patricia Hopfer

Supermax Sleek Excess Lounger Sleeper Sofa

Supermax Sleek Excess Lounger Sleeper Sofa

Revolve is based on a very simple idea for a

Revolve is based on a very simple idea for a multifunctional piece of furniture. As a sofa bed, it is just as comfortable for sitting as for sleeping // I designed & prototyped a sofa almost exactly the same as this, as a student in 2008...! Five years on

Modular sofa bed

Modular Sofa Bed |

Square sleeper chair

This modular sectional sleeper sofa is a great interior design idea! Adding two of its parts together creates one, big, oval king size bed. It's greyish with lighter inside of the bed. Additionally the inside space creates some storage opportunity.

Colorful modern modular sectional sofas

Colorful Modern Modular Sectional Sofas ~

Sofa bed for the spare room or office

sofa bed for the spare room or office

Jaxx Zipline Modular Loveseat with Nesting Ottomans / Fold Out Sleeper, Black

Modular sofa bed with storage

An aesthetic contemporary U-shaped sectional sofa. All pieces have rectilinear wooden frames and low dark angular legs. Upholstery is of plain grey fabric with delicate button tufting on an arm side, backrests and back pillows.

Modular couch bed

An aesthetic practical modern daybed easily convertible to a large bed. It has a rectilinear wooden frame with low block legs. It's foam-padded and covered in plain grey polyester fabric easy to dry cleaning. It's equipped with a roll headrest.

Modular sleeper sofa 10

Stylish and practical - this modular sleeping sofa embodies well the character of contemporary design. Wheeled, metal base holds firmly a dark grey sofa with a chaise, which can be extended to a king size bed.

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Cheap modular sofa

great DIY for making a sectional sofa double up as guest bed

Modular sleeper sofa 4

sleeper sofa

Modular sofa bed

Denim cover can bring casual feel to a space without losing fashion from sight. That's the way this sofa sleeper set is. Fitting room corner, its low-lying seat fills the bill as seating space and daybed.

Modular sleeper sofa 7

Minimalist contemporary sleeper sofa with low back - wherever some room for one more guest is necessary. The styling brings the 1950s modern style vibes somehow. Wrapped in white leather, on dowel feet.

Small sleeper loveseat

This modular sleeper sofa provides many postures that assure comfort to its users. Its simple lines and contemporary design match different room. This sofa is very soft, so it provides comfort on the highest level.

Old School Chesterfield Sleeper Sofa

Old School Chesterfield Sleeper Sofa

Twillo Twin Sleeper Sofa

Twillo Twin Sleeper Sofa

Pullout couch

A multi-functional element of furniture. This blue sofa offers a soft sitting space with a solid backrest and padded arms. This sofa is also able to convert into a bed with thick, ergonomic mattress and metal legs.

Modular lounge sofa bed

Big 3 piece sectional sofa will be a main furniture in big living room. The U-shape allows to but it in the corner or place it in the middle of the room. It can be easily folded out to provide enormous sleeping space.

Modular sleeper sofa

Natuzzi Leather Sofa

Furniture seating sleepers sleeper sofa dublexo 2

Furniture | Seating | Sleepers | Sleeper Sofa Dublexo

Green sleeper sofa

Green Sleeper Sofa

White sectional sofa with chaise

The intriguing combination of white and gray colors in this leather modular sectional sofa makes the interior very modern and attractive. The whole in combination with ottoman creates an interesting composition.

Wooden sofa bench 1

Scandinavian hand-touched this sofa bench and made it full of elegant and simple gray color. The minimalist form makes such an important piece of furniture doesn't overwehlm the interior.Composed of rectangles itself is a wonderful background for live addons.

Carlton Storage Bench

This functional and fashionable storage bench has a beautiful lid that works like a charm, revealing a hidden storage compartment. The bench rests on 4 sturdy cabriole legs and is beautified by a stylish nailhead trim.

Modern empire sofa visit

Modern Empire Sofa. Visit

Folding sofa bed

Folding Sofa Bed

Diy sleeper chair

Zipline Modular Sleeper Chair with Otoman-- smart design

HomCom 41" Modern Linen Armed Sofa Seat / Shoe Bench - Signature Print

With this modern shoe bench you will now enjoy the fabulous functionality and offer your guests with extra comfort, when they visit you. It comes in elegant cursive pattern on the linen upholstery and is thick padded with a strong, durable frame.

Modular sleeper sofa 3

Modular sleeper sofas are a bit of fun in old wooden blocks, you can arrange them as you like, depending on the destination. By switching poufs, they become chaise longues or sofas for the whole family. In this case, with velvety graphite-gray upholstery.

Modular sleeper sofa 1

Clarke Fabric Sectional Sofa Sleeper, 2 Piece 93

Makonnen Queen Sleeper Sofa

Makonnen Queen Sleeper Sofa

Bench behind sofa

Modern sofa bench just for modern apartments. Can be used as bench for two people or as ottoman to rest. Removable cover allows you to easily change and adjust a style of the bench to current room decor.

Sf03 shiraz sofa philipp mainzer and farah ebrahimi for e15

SF03 Shiraz sofa , Philipp Mainzer and Farah Ebrahimi for e15