Sofa With Storage Underneath

A sofa is a critical component of any home, adding style and functionality to your den, game room, or living room. A sofa with storage adds an extra element of practicality to your space because it helps keep it organized and tidy. If your home lacks square footage or you want to find a more efficient way to store your belongings, consider upgrading to a sofa with storage space underneath. Modern sofas combine style, comfort, and practicality, allowing you to easily convert them into fold-out beds in addition to providing storage.

If you’re in the market for a new sofa, our list includes a range of options, from plush, memory foam pull-out couches to budget-friendly futons with drawers. 

Avah 84” Round Arm Sofa

Avah 84” Round Arm Sofa

What We Like: Transforms into a full bed

What We Don’t Like: Relatively low weight capacity

The Avah round arm sofa offers a contemporary look for your living space. Due to its versatile design, it is a fantastic addition to virtually any room. One of the most useful features of this sofa is that it transforms into a fully functional bed in seconds. However, despite the solid wood frame, it can only safely support 300 lbs., potentially limiting the number of guests that can use the sofa bed.

The piece is crafted from a solid wood frame, foam filling, and easy-to-clean polyester upholstery. The sofa comes with three throw pillows, and they can be accessed by lifting the seat. There is additional couch storage space alongside the pillows, allowing you to store bed linens.

Fairbank 91”

Fairbank 91”

What We Like: Minimalistic design with ample storage

What We Don’t Like: The cushions are too firm for some people to sleep on

The Fairbank fabric sofa with a chaise is designed as a 2-seater but can hold three people comfortably. With a linen-blend upholstery and foam-filled, tufted cushions, it is a firm, supportive sofa. The chaise provides the perfect surface to put your feet up, but it can also offer a stylish sleeping arrangement for guests.

The cushions can be easily pulled out next to the chaise to create a double bed, capable of supporting up to 600 lbs. Simply lift the cushion on the chaise using the convenient tag to find all the storage you need for bedding supplies.

Wooden legs, a clean design, and bright materials give this storage sofa couch a modern and trendy look that’s perfect for living rooms, lofts, or guest bedrooms. 

Live it Cozy Reversible Sleeper Sofa & Chaise

Live it Cozy Reversible Sleeper Sofa & Chaise

What We Like: Can be converted to a queen-sized bed for guests

What We Don’t Like: The basic design may need accessories to add to the visual appeal

This reversible sleeper storage couch may not have a unique design; however, it is available in three colors making it easily adaptable to any room. Adding some floral, patterned, or colored cushions and a throw could completely transform the sofa into a stylish piece.

The sofa can be folded out into a queen-sized bed for hosting guests. Alternatively, the L-shaped chaise and pull-out section provide additional legroom for snuggling up on movie nights.

This sofa is durable and low maintenance with square arms, a manufactured wood frame, and polyester upholstery, making it ideal for family homes. Storage space can be accessed easily by lifting the cushions and offers enough space to keep a range of items, from electronics to DVDs and gaming discs to extra throw pillows. 


Evelina Pillow Top Arm Reclining Sofa

Evelina Pillow Top Arm Reclining Sofa

What We Like: Drink holders, storage space, and USB ports are located in the center console

What We Don’t Like: The storage compartment is relatively small

The Evelina pillow-top arm reclining sofa is one of the most comfortable storage couches on our list. The plush cushions are designed for maximum comfort, and the double recliners ensure you can find the best viewing angle for your TV show binge or sporting event. With drink holders and USB ports in the center of the sofa, you don’t even have to move to enjoy a beverage or charge your phone.

If you’re looking for a lot of sofa storage for bedding or seasonal clothes, this may not be the option for you. However, for sofas with storage compartments, this is an excellent choice. The storage space is located just underneath the middle armrest and is ideal for storing books, remote controls, and other small devices. It also works perfectly as a snack tray. 

Chaliyah Armless Sofa Bed

Chaliyah Armless Sofa Bed

What We Like: A versatile and cost-effective sofa with plenty of storage

What We Don’t Like: The lack of arms compromises the comfort level

If you’re in the market for a small sofa with storage underneath, the Chaliyah armless sofa bed is an affordable option. Its size means that it can’t hold multiple people, but the product engineering allows you to adjust it into several different modes. The Chaliyah can function as a regular chair, a reclinable sofa, a fold-out bed, and a backless and armless storage box.

Despite being relatively lightweight, the Chaliyah has a weight capacity of 450 lbs. Due to its versatility, it can be transported quite easily if you need an extra bed on your travels.

The frame and leg material is metal, ensuring it is durable. 


Fionn Faux Leather Pillow Top Arm Reclining Loveseat

Fionn Faux Leather Pillow Top Arm Reclining Loveseat

What We Like: Unique design and adjustable headrests make this an extremely comfortable storage sofa

What We Don’t Like: It is quite expensive for a 2-seater sofa

The Fionn reclining loveseat is the perfect addition to your modern or classic living room. It is also ideal for a home cinema, game room, or bachelor pad. Although this is one of the more pricey sofas with storage on our list, it is packed full of technology and boasts some cool features.

The reclining and adjustable headrests are controlled electronically by using a set of buttons along the armrest. The buttons are nestled in the frame for the conveniently positioned cup holders, where they can be triggered with ease to find the most comfortable position. Next to the buttons, you’ll find a USB slot to charge your phone or smart device.

This is a classy-looking sofa with a faux leather finish and adds value to a room as a stand-alone piece. There are also 3-seater and single-seater models available if you want a complete sofa set with storage.


Lorca Two Tone Convertible Sofa

Lorca Two Tone Convertible Sofa

What We Like: Very versatile sofa with storage space and additional cubic stools for seating, resting your feet, or holding snacks and drinks

What We Don’t Like: It has multiple components making it tricky to reconfigure your space

When it comes to purchasing a sofa with storage underneath, the Lorca is impressive. Although it may require some assembly, it has several great features, including two ottomans and multiple organizational compartments. The cubic stools fit snugly under one of the armrests, and the L-shape means you can kick your feet up and enjoy a more relaxing time on your couch.

As a modern sofa with storage, this piece is well designed and built. It has comfortable cushions and a sturdy wood frame, so you can expect it to last many years. The 2-tone fabric offers a subtle contrast, ensuring the sofa blends with the aesthetic of the room.

As well as being a sofa with storage compartments, the Lorca doubles as a fold-out bed, making it even more versatile. 

Halley 109” Sectional

Halley 109” Sectional

What We Like: Quality design with genuine leather upholstery and a memory foam mattress

What We Don’t Like: Very high price point

The Halley Sectional sofa is a luxurious piece of furniture built from quality materials. It is an L-shaped couch with a chaise that provides an additional sofa and storage room. The real selling point with this piece is the quality build. It has a solid wood frame, giving it a clean silhouette and plenty of support. The foam cushions and web suspension ensure it can hold up to 900 lbs.

This sofa also doubles as a fold-out bed. While sofa beds are generally reserved for guests, the Halley has a memory foam mattress, so you’ll be tempted to take your naps in the living room. The metal frame underneath the couch has a simple opening mechanism, allowing for an effortless bed setup.

If you’re after a high-quality sofa with storage and don’t mind spending some extra cash, the Halley sectional L-shape couch is hard to beat. What’s more, it comes with a 1-year warranty.

Dereham Flared Arm Sleeper

Dereham Flared Arm Sleeper

What We Like: Classy design makes it a wonderful addition to a fancy living room.

What We Don’t Like: Firm cushions make it a little uncomfortable for sitting and sleeping.

When you think of storage sofas, you likely imagine a rudimentary furniture piece with large removable cushions or a couch with drawers installed underneath the seats. The Dereham Flared Arm Sleeper defies this logic with its stunning tufted upholstery and sleek design. What’s more, it is reasonably priced, making it a great addition to your living room.

The framing is made from solid manufactured wood, and the walnut legs contrast beautifully with the white and brown linen-blend upholstery. The sofa is UV and stain resistant, ensuring it has lasting power. It can be easily folded into a bed with a weight capacity of 1,000 lbs.

The Dereham has two easy-to-access storage compartments beneath the seats, which are ideal for storing extra cushions or bedding. It also comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. 


Debrah Reversible Stationary Sofa & Chaise Sectional

Debrah Reversible Stationary Sofa & Chaise Sectional

What We Like: Lightweight, affordable, and practical sofa that can be folded into a bed

What We Don’t Like: Bland design may not suit certain homes

If you’re looking for a modest but practical settee with storage space, it’s hard to go wrong with the Debrah Reversible. It has all the features you desire in a sofa bed, with enough room to seat three people, ample storage space inside the chaise, and a solid wood frame.

While the sofa won’t blow you away aesthetically, it is available in a range of neutral tones, meaning it can be matched to multiple color schemes. The walnut tapered legs give the piece a stylish finish. Add some contrasting cushions to bring out the best in this sofa. 

Nelda Velvet Round Arm Sleeper

Nelda Velvet Round Arm Sleeper

What We Like: Plush sponge tufted cushioning makes this a very comfortable couch with storage underneath.

What We Don’t Like: Legs are made from PVC, which may be less durable than solid wood.

The Nelda Round Arm Sleeper is one of the most elegant couches with storage on our list, with its velvet upholstery finish. While the legs are made from PVC, the frame and inner components use solid wood and metal to provide sturdiness. It can hold up to 500 lbs.

Although this isn’t a sofa with drawers, it boasts one of the largest storage spaces of any piece on our list. The entire elongated section of the L-shape contains storage space underneath the cushion. It can also be folded out into a 2-person bed. 


Porch and Den Kern Storage Futon

Porch and Den Kern Storage Futon

What We Like: Budget-friendly adjustable sofa with drawer storage.

What We Don’t Like: Can be challenging to assemble and set up without help.

The Kern Futon is an excellent small sofa with storage at an affordable price. It is made from solid wood and includes a full-size frame, giving you excellent support as you sit or lie. The suede mattress is very comfortable, but it comes in various fabric options, giving you a variety of choices.

The clean lines and honey oak finish make the piece very versatile and allow it to be matched with most home decor. If the sofa isn’t stylish enough to be the main feature in your living room, it is an excellent option for a den, porch, or spare room.

You’ll find plenty of storage space in the drawers underneath the futon. These are also made from solid wood and are suitable for holding various items, from bedding to kids’ toys. 

Ashlyn Reversible Sleeper Sofa

Ashlyn Reversible Sleeper Sofa

What We Like: Contains useful modern features, such as USB phone charging ports

What We Don’t Like: Foam-filled seat cushions can make it uncomfortable for sleeping

The Ashlyn Reversible Sleeper is a great option for homes that lack space for a spare bedroom. As well as being a stylish sofa, it can be converted into a double bed and contains storage space to hold all the necessary bedding materials and equipment.

If you don’t plan on having guests very often, the Ashlyn is an excellent couch. The pull-out function can be used to give extra legroom, and the side of the piece contains storage pouches for holding magazines, books, or remote controls.

A cool feature of this sofa is the USB charging ports. You can plug your cable directly into your sofa to charge your phone or tablet, giving you even more comfort as you relax. 

Copper Grove Wels Recliner Sofa

Copper Grove Wels Recliner Sofa

What We Like: Spacious sofa that can fit the whole family

What We Don’t Like: Limited storage space in two center consoles

If you’re part of a large family, many sofa beds with storage are simply not big enough to cater to the household. The Copper Grove Wels Recliner is by far the biggest sofa on our list. As well as seating four people comfortably, each person has access to a center storage console. Although these spaces aren’t too big, they store remote controls, phone chargers, books, and magazines.

The sofa comes in either saddle brown or latte tan in faux leather. The upholstery is stain resistant, making it easy to keep clean. One of the greatest aspects of this sofa is how comfortable it is. Each cushion is filled with a mixture of high-density foam, polyester fiber, and sinuous springs to create a cozy fit.

Compared to similar products of the same size, this sofa is quite reasonably priced. 

Eggers Square Arm

Eggers Square Arm

What We Like: Unique and classy design, suitable for being the centerpiece of any room

What We Don’t Like: High price point for a relatively small sofa

The Eggers Square Arm is truly eye-catching and is the most unique and sleekly designed sofa on our list. It is created with elegance, ensuring it makes a big style statement in your living room.

Not only is this sofa gorgeous, but it is highly practical. The tufted linen upholstery oozes class while providing ample back support. The seats contain hypoallergenic filling for those who are sensitive to certain materials. This filling also makes for a more comfortable night’s sleep if you choose to convert it into a bed. Its sturdy frame supports up to 1,000 lbs.

The Eggers sofa comes with decorative pillows, adding to the stylish nature of the piece.


Rousselle Twin Convertible Sofa

Rousselle Twin Convertible Sofa

What We Like: Durable and easy to clean couch with storage at a relatively low price point

What We Don’t Like: The coil spring foam base means it isn’t the most comfortable sofa

Many people in the market for sofas with storage space are looking for affordable yet functional furniture to double as a bed in a spare room or offer additional seating in the living room. The Rousselle Twin Convertible Sofa is ideal as it combines a modern aesthetic with durability and multifunctionality. It is not only a small couch with storage, but it is also a fold-out bed.

The sofa is finished with Chenille upholstery. This material is easy to clean, meaning you don’t have to worry about accidental messes or spills. It is built using solid wood and contains coil spring foam and metal components, meaning it is a long-lasting furniture piece.

The interior storage compartment is 7" H x 18" W x 72" L, offering ample space to keep guest bedding and linens. Or add low line boxes or baskets to store smaller items.

Our advice Buying Guide

Under-sofa organization can be considered as the ultimate space-saving solution. It doesn’t just provide you with an extra storage room where you can stash your stuff, but it also offers the easiest access to DVDs, magazines, newspapers, and other everyday items that often get lost and mixed up in living room clutter.

Fortunately, there are now sofas that come with storage underneath. To take advantage of this incredible invention, continue reading as we've made a guide on how to choose the best sofa with storage underneath.

How to pick the right size sofa with storage?

The first step in getting the best sofa with storage is by figuring out the amount of space you're willing to let your furniture occupy. Do you want a sofa with storage underneath that's in front of a TV set? Or perhaps you want a new cozy lounge area that's in front a fireplace. Picking the placement of your sofa will help you determine the right sofa size. Just be careful because placing a sofa with storage underneath parallel to a fireplace that's in a long or narrow room can make your entire room look even narrower.

What are the most popular sofa shapes?

There are different sofa sets that you can choose from, and they come in all shapes. A rectangular sofa is the most popular choice among homeowners, but so is an L-shape sofa. Check out a few sets and visualize how they'd look in your living room.

What are the best upholstery materials for a sofa with storage?

It’s important for you to determine what you prioritize when it comes to selecting an upholstery material. If your goal is to make your living room classy and elegant, then you should choose a leather sofa with storage underneath. For a casual look, choose fabric. Your most durable options for fabric would be linen, synthetic microfiber, and cotton. If you have kids or pets, make sure you stay away from the materials that can stain easily.

How to style with a sofa?

A sofa with storage underneath doesn’t have to be ugly. Most people who choose this type of sofa consider themselves as minimalists. If you're one of them, then your sofa must also feature the characteristics of minimalism. Of course, there's nothing wrong with mixing and matching different styles. For example, you can put a camel-back sofa in a Victorian or modern setting.

However, a sofa with storage underneath should NOT have bold colors. If you choose one that's in neon orange or neon pink, you'll find it hard to blend the furniture to a room's aesthetics. Trendy patterns aren't a good idea either. You can seek color and pattern out of throw pillows and other accent elements, but not on the sofa itself.

A sofa with storage underneath is a godsend for those who have limited storage space in their homes. However, choosing one requires the analyzing of a room's layout, design, style, décor, and everything else. It’s important that all these details establish harmony within the room. Keep all the points we've discussed above and you'll be successful in buying the best sofa with storage underneath.


Stratton Daybed

Stratton Daybed
This is a multifunctional piece of furniture available in neutral colours that match any decor. It can play the role of a sofa, bed and storage element. It is made on the basis of a hardwood frame, so the user can be sure that this product is solid.

Phoenix Futon in Espresso Finish with Suede Black Mattress

Phoenix Futon in Espresso Finish with Suede Black Mattress
Ideal for a multi-functional space, the Phoenix Futon Espresso Sofa features adjustable tray style arms and plenty of storage space. Two drawers at the bottom provide room to hide away extra bedding or other items. Available in six different colors, this beautiful suede mattress is plush and comfortable so that the whole sofa can convert into a spare bed.

DHP Sola Convertible Sofa Futon with Space Saving Storage Compartments, Chrome Legs and Upholstered in Rich Black Microfiber

DHP Sola Convertible Sofa Futon with Space Saving Storage Compartments, Chrome Legs and Upholstered in Rich Black Microfiber
This sleek, minimalistic futon fits nicely in a small room while providing additional space for guests to sleep. Two convenient drawers allow for discreet storage underneath the futon, and it is upholstered in breathable microfiber for enhanced comfort. You can use this piece like a couch, lounger, or bed. Great for apartments and dorm rooms.

Brentwood Tray Arm Queen Size Wood Futon Frame and Storage Drawers - Heritage Finish

Brentwood Tray Arm Queen Size Wood Futon Frame and Storage Drawers - Heritage Finish
Enjoy a spacious seating and sleeping space with this stunning queen-size Brentwood futon. Your guests will thank you for this expansive 86” x 37” x 36” eco-friendly frame, with an expertly applied heritage finish and ample drawers for storage. Some assembly is required, and this rustic frame lets you enjoy three positions: sofa, lounger, or bed.

Esright Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch with Ottoman, Sofa Armrest with Storage Function, L-Shaped Sofa with Gray Linen Fabric, for Living Room or Apartment (Left)

Esright Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch with Ottoman, Sofa Armrest with Storage Function, L-Shaped Sofa with Gray Linen Fabric, for Living Room or Apartment (Left)
With extra storage space tactfully hidden in this sectional’s armrest, you can keep your living space neat and tidy. This convertible sectional can hold up to 800 lbs. making it perfect for large family gatherings or movie nights with the kids. Galvanized metal feet and soft grey linen upholstery make this sofa chic and modern.

Napa Convertible Sofa

Napa Convertible Sofa
Casual convertible sofa with two pillows. The sofa features additional storage space under the seat. Additionally, it's very durable piece of furniture thanks to the fact that it features wooden frame.

Sauder premier carver sofa convertible futon dark gray

Sauder premier carver sofa convertible futon dark gray
This fashionable sofa is and element that is able to adjust into multiple positions that assure comfort. This transitional design includes decorative button tufting on back cushions. Solid arms are also very comfortable.

Newman sectional

Newman sectional
This element is a connection of sofa and bed. It provides large and comfortable sitting space during the day and a sleeping space in the night. It is equipped with showcase for bedclothes and other items.

Sophia Convert A Couch Sofa

Sophia Convert A Couch Sofa
It is a very elegant and extremely comfortable sofa, which is also a sofa bed. It's the perfect solution for the living room. And it works in both modern and more classic interior. It is simply universal.

Aspen Convertible Sectional Storage Sofa Bed

Aspen Convertible Sectional Storage Sofa Bed
Sectional sofa which can be converted into bed. Additionally, it has black legs, white upholstery and appealing design. It's a perfect addition to various interiors thanks to classic color and appealing design.

Sofa with storage underneath

Beautiful longitudinal sofa/bed with numerous storage compartments for bedding and trinkets, charming details and functional design elements make the children's room or living become an extremely cozy character.

Couches with storage

An elegant contemporary folding sofa featuring 2 large drawers in a base. A frame of wooden materials has a white finish. Both a thick padded and spring loaded seat and a back are covered in white pleather with delicate button tufting and stitching.

Sofa with storage underneath

An excellent piece for contemporary homes, this sofa bed is not only quite nice to look at, but also very practical. Under the softly filled cushions, you can find spacious drawers, where you can easily store magazines, sheets, blankets, and pillows.

Couch with drawers

Contemporary lounge room with built-in couch - its elevated seat allows to use the space underneath for storage. Not much color here: the coloring scheme is a composition of black, white and beige tones.

Couch with storage

With this multifunctional sofa you are getting not only the sofa, but also a bed, a mini-desk, and a convenient storage. The storage compartments are situated underneath the seat that can be almost effortlessly transformed into the bed. You can find the mini-desk on the top of the sofa's back.

Sofa storage

A very original and functional idea in the house. This storage wall includes a shelf for books and decorations. A very important element of this construction is a pull-down bed that provides sleeping space for two people.

Contemporary 3 seater adjustable sofa with storage in grey microfiber

... Contemporary 3-Seater Adjustable Sofa with Storage in Grey Microfiber

Sofas with storage 2 options

Sofas with storage – 2 options

Storage couch

This large bench with built-in drawers has a nice way of spicing up any interior decor. The cushions are soft, and upholstered in a grayish fabric. The bottom part is equipped with 4 drawers with a plenty of free space for storing sheets, beddings, blankets, etc.

Storage sofa

With this daybed you'll be sleeping like a baby. The mattress is soft, and ensures undisturbed sleep. The entire frame is made of wood and painted black, along with slatted sides and back, and 2 capacious storage drawers.

Couch storage

Very comfortable bench with a soft, cushioned seat in rectangular shape and neutral color. It features a small backrest that is also cushioned, so it provides very good comfort and relaxation. Wooden base includes storage shelves with baskets.

Sofa bed with drawers

Old-fashioned corner bed-sofa without back. Underneath, it has slatted wood base intended to storage bedding. Seat is mate of white mattress with black stripes. It isn't stylish, but it is comfortable and useful during guest visit.

5860164 mia bark futon sofa with storage underneath 1

5860164 Mia Bark Futon Sofa With Storage Underneath

Diy storage couch

A contemporary approach to an elegant four-in-one sleeper sofa with an ottoman and a storage underneath. The sofa also has a fold-out bed with a thin mattress on a metal frame giving it even more functionality.



Couch with storage underneath

A comfortable love seat set with green upholstered cushions. Their plush foam provides the best level of relaxation and softness to all users. Elements of this set can be located on special wooden bases.

Sofa with storage underneath 1

Sofa With Storage Underneath

Bed with sofa underneath

small dine in kitchen idea - round table with benches (floating benches vs. benches w/storage underneath)

Couch with storage underneath 10

Durable and comfortable couch with soft cushions that provide relaxation on a very high level. This element of furniture includes lower compartments for storage baskets. L-shaped construction is ideal for large families.

Hardwood futons

futon with storage underneathPrince Hardwood Sleeper Sofa Futon Frame ...

Kids couch with storage

Space-savvy rental apartment, built in bench seats with underneath storage

Built in sofa

row of cabinets at ceiling, then book shelf underneath that, then bed with drawers underneath

Sofa with storage compartments

This kind of product is a daybed that provides additional sleeping space in any room. It is a twin-sized piece of furniture made of mahogany wood and engineered wood. It has got two storage drawers that are spacious.

Small sofa bench

Teenage Bedroom Ideas: Small Bedroom Inspiration with Perfect Layout and Arrangement Creative Small Bedroom Ideas with Study Room – Furniture Home Idea

Seating bed for one bed for two and two big

... - seating, bed for one, bed for two and two big drawers for storage

DHP Avara Storage Faux Leather Futon

Stylish faux leather futon of solid wood and metal construction with tufted details. Hidden storage space underneath the seat will provide you with comfortable storage possibilities. Split-back allows for multiple positions.

Futon with drawers underneath

An elegant piece for modern interiors, this futon bed can be unfolded pretty quickly, giving you a comfortable place for undisturbed sleep. Its cushions are well-padded, and button-tufted. And the bed itself has a plenty of space for storage, underneath.

Four functions sofa single bed double bed and storage solution

... Four functions - sofa, single bed, double bed and storage solution

7 clever sofas with storage and 3 creative storage ideas

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Adjustable sofa bed futon sleeper flip up under seat

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Microfiber sofa futon with under seat storage black

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Contemporary leather sofa sofa with pull out sliding

Contemporary leather sofa. Sofa with pull out sliding ...

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