Sectional Sofas With Storage

Sectional sofas are terrific, but under those cushions is often a lot of wasted space. Not so with our line of sectional sofas with storage. The entire underside of the cushion are that doesn't recline or fold out to a bed is available space to store anything you want, like extra throw pillows, quilts, or maybe just some yoga mats for a sunrise session of yoga.

Best Products

Lakeland sectional sofa with storage chocolate

Lakeland sectional sofa with storage chocolate
This sectional sofa with storage distinguishes itself with the beautiful dark chocolate color. It's stylish and practical at the same time. Universal click clack mechanism provides good usability.

New spec inc sofabed sectional with storage

New spec inc sofabed sectional with storage
A pretty L-shaped traditional convertible sofa having a wooden frame with storage compartments. It has very low flat square black feet, rather thin seat cushions, simple full panel arms and a pillowed back. Upholstery is of plain light grey fabric.

Stylish living room updates amul microfiber convertible sectional in tan

Stylish living room updates amul microfiber convertible sectional in tan
Sectional sofa with capacious compartment for storing beddings, pillows and others needed items. It is mounted on wooden frame and covered with soft fabric. Modern accent for the living room and others interiors as needed.

Della Left Hand Facing Sectional

Della Left Hand Facing Sectional
This set includes sofa and ottoman. It is very elegant and glamorous. Everyone will tell you how beautiful it looks in your living room area. You can choose one of four colors: black, brown, red and brown.

Doris 3 Piece Smoke Sectional Sofa With Storage Ottoman

Doris 3 Piece Smoke Sectional Sofa With Storage Ottoman
Sectional sofa with storage makes the interior becomes cozy and very stylish. The Beautiful upholstery of soft seats impresses sweet and elegant. The cushions add a whole new style and are very comfortable.

Made To Order Doris 3 Piece Smoke Sectional Sofa With Storage Ottoman

Made To Order Doris 3 Piece Smoke Sectional Sofa With Storage Ottoman
Classical sofa in smoke color will be great for big living rooms. The ottoman is included to the set. Soft material cushions provide comfort and the big space for sleep will be perfect for your guest staying on night.

Modern Brown Leather Reclining Sectional Sofa Chaise Recliner Storage Contemporary Sectional Sofas Los Angeles

Modern Brown Leather Reclining Sectional Sofa Chaise Recliner Storage Contemporary Sectional Sofas Los Angeles
The sofa that covers the entire living area - the most important part of it - is a great idea for large spaces. Classic edition, deep cushions - all finished in Italian dark leather, espresso. Sectional sofa contains also a storage space. 2 in 1.

Our advice Buying Guide

Sectionals are so much more than the ‘sizeable seating alternatives to conventional sofas’, that they are often described as. They are more versatile for one and can be custom-arranged to fit even awkward shaped rooms.

L-shaped, U-shaped, symmetrical, reverse chaises, name it and you have it. They can fit the entire family or your entire crew if you love to host a crowd. And they can go everywhere from the capacious living room to the compact study.

Sectionals can float to create a sense of openness or be packed tightly to maximize square footage. All said and done, here’s a small guide to help you while you shop for one of these.

How to select the right size sectional sofa?

Measure the length and the width of the room. Measure the height of the window as well if you intend to place the sofa next to it. Use painters tape and mask the entire area that will be accommodated by the sofa. This will help you understand the proportion and scale of the sectional as compared to the other furniture pieces in the room.

A sectional sofa can be a great conversation piece. But if the room feels cramped, then you might have to remove some other furniture pieces or rearrange them to make the design cohesive.

What styles and designs of sectional sofas with storage are there?

You can pick from L-shaped, U-Shaped, Curved, Modular, stationary, reclining or ones with a sleeper bed. Sectionals are available in traditional, contemporary and modern styles. Pick one that reflects your personality and blends with the existing décor.

How many people can be seated on a sectional sofa?

While a conventional sofa can seat 4 people at best, a sectional can easily accommodate 6 to 8 people. Oh don’t forget that when you are all alone, you can just put your feet up and lounge. Having said that, you do not always need to buy the biggest one that can fit in the room. Consider the number of people who will be using the sofa regularly.

If you love to host a shindig every now and then, you can look for modular styled sectionals with different pieces that can be wheeled away and used as standalone seating options if need be.

The corner seat is often advertised as a seating option for a full sized adult. But that’s not usually the case, especially when the other seats are accommodated. An adult might find that it’s boxed or cramped, especially if in L- and U-shape sectionals. If that’s not what you are looking for, then pick a design that’s rounder. There’s no dearth of choices.

What are the most common types of upholstery for sectional sofas?

Sectionals are mainly available in three types of materials. That’s leather, faux leather, and fabric.

  • In a busy household with kids, you need a material that’s forgiving on stains and spills. Microfiber fits the bill perfectly. It’s made of polyester and nylon and is easy to maintain.
  • But if it’s a man cave or empty nesters then you can opt for that suave and sophisticated leather sofa.
  • PU leather is a cheaper alternative that mimics the look of leather but can be surprisingly low on maintenance.

There are, of course, a gamut of other options in fabrics that can be matched with the rest of the décor.

What type of storage do sectional sofas come with?

Depending on the design, the sectional can have integrated pull out drawers that can tuck in your linen or other essentials. Or the storage compartments can be accessed by lifting up the cushions.

In case of pull out drawers, consider the additional room that you will need to extend them fully. If it’s the latter, a hydraulic hinge based system will make it easier to access.


Lakeland Sectional Sofa With Storage Chocolate

Lakeland Sectional Sofa With Storage Chocolate
Beautiful and neat lakeland style sectional sofa with extra space for storage underneath. Chocolate and darker brown colors ideally fit the comfortable and chilling style of the sofa. Great with same or different colored pillows.

Della Left Chaise Sectional with Storage Ottoman II

Della Left Chaise Sectional with Storage Ottoman II
Stylish sectional sofa with ottoman. This set is a complete solution for your living room. The furnitures have microsuede and faux leather upholstery and are very comfortable to sit in. The ottoman offers a convenient storage area.

Sectional sofas with storage 13

This L-shaped Oxford storage sofa with chaise constitutes a good example of the contemporary design. Finished in timeless grey, this universal sofa will work out well in most of the decors, providing a lounging spot for the whole family.

Sectional sofas with storage

A lovely blend of comfort and elegance; this sectional sofa can be easily converted into a full size bed. It offers a medium-firm padding, stylish tufting, quality gray fabric upholstery, and capacious storage compartment.

Sectional couch with storage

Very casual décor for a traditional, cozy living room. This one has a really unique look given by the twin wicker beds which very successfully replace a sofa sectional and give this room a country, rustic appearance.

Sectional sofas with storage 11

Modern five-seater sectional with a pullout sofa bed and immense storage for your living room. The piece features plum seating and a stunning black leather upholstery for that beautiful dash of modern charm. It also offers a few accent pillows to complete the design.

Sectional with storage

This white leather sofa is both functional and cosy. It has a large seating for at least three people. It also features neckrests for greater comfort. A huge plus of the piece is extra storage space. The material is easy to clean.

Sectional sofas with storage 6

Stunning sectional sofa designed to deliver impeccable practicality and function. First, the sofa is super comfortable thanks to its heavy padding and plum cushions. But you also get dozens of storage shelves on the sides for all your living room stuff. The piece is finished in white with little touches of black as well.

Milan corner sofa bed with storage right hand grey

Milan corner sofa bed with storage right hand grey

Sectional sofas with storage 14

High-quality sectional sofa featuring plum cushions and padding for comfort. The sofa is finished in neutral dark brown upholstery for outstanding visual appeal. It’s also fitted with storage bins below each cushion for magazines, throw pillows, and other living room stuff.

Sectional sofas with storage 10

Modern L-shaped sectional featuring plum cushions for extra comfort. The sectional is finished in neutral light blue upholstery as well for that amazing visual appeal. It also features several storage compartments to give you extreme versatility.

Wonderful sectional sleeper sofa for your furniture fabio sectional sleeper

Wonderful Sectional Sleeper Sofa For Your Furniture: Fabio Sectional Sleeper Sofa With Storage

Convertible sectional sofa

The white leather sectional sofa bonded with small shelf for a cup or tea or just-read book. Ideal for industrial living room. This piece of furniture is really huge, so it presents better in the specious area.

Sectional sofa with storage

A comfy practical L-shaped sofa with a wooden frame and low round metal legs. A frame and wide flat arms are black. Thick-padded flip up backrests and seats hide ample compartments and have light green microfibre covers with single button tufting.

Sectional sofas with storage 5

Futuristic composition of furniture in a spacious living room with a u-shaped sofa sectional with a chaise on the side and a detachable ottoman. The sectional also has additional bookshelf storage on the side, inside of its arm.

Sectional couch with storage

A huge, sectional sofa which will easily sit around ten people. It features dark upholstering and white storage space at the bottom. It looks great in the centre of a big room with a bench coffee table in front of it.

Sectional sofas with storage 4

vintage newport chesterfield sectional with storage | 16 awesome vintage sofas from readers' houses - Retro Renovation

Sofa bed with storage convertible sofa bed convertible sofa

... sofa bed with storage convertible sofa bed convertible sofa

Sectional sofas with storage

Furniture, Multi Purposes Sleeper Sectional Sofa With Storage Space Underneath Idea Feat Comfy Living Room Area Rug ~ Live with Style, Lay in Elegant Sleeper Sectional Sofa

Sectional couch with storage 1

This sectional couch with chaise lounge is incredible, because you can use it on so many ways! It can be good as a sofa to chill with friend, as a place to lounge or as a bed for you guests. It has container to storage bedding.

Convertible sectional with sleeper and storage 980

Convertible sectional with sleeper and storage $980

Sectional sofas with storage 9

White corner sectional sofa with storage hidden beneath its seats. Its high end contemporary design goes along with practical advantages - how nice! White upholstery looks fabulous, but I'd be concerned about cleaning issues...

Modern sectional sofa bed with storage chaise couch sleeper futon

Modern Sectional Sofa Bed with Storage Chaise Couch Sleeper Futon Pull ...

Sectional sofas with storage

Mariner Marine Sectional

Sectional storage sofa

Sectional Sofa with Storage Item - like the reclining end and storage but not fond of the fabric or style

Sectional couch with storage

If a room is spacey enough, no need to set a couch close to wall. Instead, a sectional can be wrapped in low bookcases - they make for end tables all at once. Anywhere you turn, you have a convenient surface to lay a book, magazine or coffee mug.

Sectional sofas with storage 7

Made To Order Doris 3-piece Smoke Sectional Sofa with Storage Ottoman

Sectional couch with storage 1

This sectional couch with extra storage offers so much space that your entire family is sure to fit there without any trouble, making it just the perfect spot for various parties and gatherings and working like a charm in your log cabin.

Storage sectional

These sectional sofas with storage offers great dark brown color and quilted uphlostery. The matte, chocolate-coated finish adds a luxurious touch to this salon. What is great that it has also a storage place on the base.

Small Spaces Sectional Chaise Sofa

Small Spaces Sectional Chaise Sofa

Sectional sofas with storage 3

Southern Motion Jolson Reclining Sectional Sofa with Storage Console at J & J Furniture

Sectional sofas with storage 2

Sectional sofas can turn room layouts into an almost impossible puzzle. However, with these tips, each piece can be beautifully put together.

Sectionals with storage

This sectional sofa amazes with its space and functionality. You will be delighted, discovering its arrangement possibilities. Along with chaise lounge, it offers wide sleeping surface and big storage space.

Sectional sofas with storage 16

Fabio Sectional Sleeper Sofa With Storage

Sectional sofas with storage 4

Curved Sectional Sofa with 2 storage ottomans

Sectional sofa storage

A great sectional sofa with storage space. It features a deep chocolate color that will make a beautiful contrast with a white background. The fabric of the sofa is soft with a smooth feel. It has a chaise lounge and an ottoman.

Storage sectional sofa

There will be a place for plenty of guest to sit if you have this sofa in your living room. Great accessory to the sofa is ottoman with storage place, where you can hide additional blankets or pillows.

Fabio sectional sleeper sofa with storage

Fabio Sectional Sleeper Sofa With Storage

Pc hide away tan storage sofa set by true contemporary

PC Hide-away Tan Storage Sofa Set by True Contemporary - DC

Grey sectional sofa sets with colorful cushions and white table

Grey Sectional Sofa Sets With Colorful Cushions And White Table Furniture

Sectional sofas with storage 1

Queen Sleeper Sectional Sofa with Storage

Sectional sofas with storage 8

Family room with dark gray linen sectional sofa paired with gray velvet ottoman accented with orange lacquer tray. Family room features white media cabinet.

Adrian Sectional

Adrian Sectional