Moroccan Living Room Furniture

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Take a stroll through a bazaar in Casablanca, and this beautiful furniture is what you'd see. A taste of the beautiful desert lands, you will love the look and feel of these Moroccan furniture pieces. Floor cushions for taking afternoon tea, and a sectional couch that will add plenty of color to your humbly abode, you will feel like a prince when adorning your castle with Moroccan living room furniture.

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Carved Wood Coffee Table

Carved Wood Coffee Table

This is an artistic, decorative element that can also play the role of a functional product. It is crafted of mango wood that features solidity and durability. The hand-carved rosette pattern makes each table unique.

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Carved Wood Coffee Table

Carved Wood Coffee Table

An interesting element ideal for stylish interior designs. This elegant coffee table will make any living room more attractive. It is made of solid mango wood that provides stability. A hand-made pattern makes this piece of furniture unique.

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Lillian Living Room Collection

Lillian Living Room Collection

Living room set including a loveseat and a sofa designed to provide comfort and durable support. Each item features generously padded cushioning in soft microfiber, solid wooden frame, and stylish looks.

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Muse Living Room Collection

Muse Living Room Collection

Set of of lounge furniture mounted on massive wooden legs. Made in the USA. It is upholstered pleasant to the touch plush material. It has much the highest ratings from delighted customers.

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Makonnen Living Room Collection

Makonnen Living Room Collection

Stylish set of lounge furniture mounted on a stable construction and upholstered nice touch duraplush material. Rolled arms add style and elegance. It has been highly praised by customers.

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Serta Upholstery Living Room Collection

Serta Upholstery Living Room Collection

A whole living room collection that includes one sofa and a loveseat. They both feature some additional pillows and seat cushions that provide comfort. The base consists of four small, wooden legs.

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Moroccan living room furniture

Set of living room furniture in Moroccan style. Sectional sofa is upholstered with pleasant to the touch fabric and decorated with interesting pattern. Includes extra pillows for added comfort.

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Purple patio cushions

This colorful living room set creates not only a comfortable leisure area, but also a vibrant addition to your interiors. This set is recommended especially for spacious interiors, where they can smoothly play the role and accommodate at least 10 people.

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Moroccan living room furniture 23

Create yourself an exotic, Moroccan living room in only a few steps! If you are a fan of the oriental decor and like DIY projects, this homemade lounging sofa shall appeal to you!

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Moroccan living room furniture 3

Bring a dash of Moroccan royal elegance into your living room with this beautiful living room set. The piece features two heavily padded sofas, each with support pillows and fluffy accents around the edges. Perfect for cozy small spaces.

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Moroccan Living Room Furniture

Buying Guide

Moroccan living room furniture makes use of bold colors, bright prints, and intricate abstract designs. If the word “Moroccan” instantly brings to mind minarets, spires, and panels of gingerbread carving, you would not be wrong. Add colorful tiles, luxurious footstools and thick floor pillows, and you have a good beginning grasp of the style. The Moors brought the styles to Spain, and it can be found in several locations around the Mediterranean. The strong balance of color, comfort and ornate decoration creates a style of many layers.

What's the selection of Moroccan living room furniture?

Moroccan Couches

As you might expect, a large couch can be a featured item in a Moroccan style living room. It can be a modern couch, with plain fabric and jewel tone throw pillows, but can just as easily be more traditionally styled. Traditional styles might include a round-backed couch with wood trim and floral upholstery, or perhaps even a “fainting couch.” The latter are designed more like a chaise lounge or an extremely deep armchair. Seating can also be narrow, padded benches that are strewn with pillows.

Moroccan Pillows

Square pillows, both in small, throw pillow size and large floor pillow sizes are almost de rigueur for a Moroccan style living room. They are often in solid, jewel colors that work well against print floral backgrounds or on the more somber benches or modern style couches. They can be used to make a couch more comfortable or to allow seating on the floor.

Moroccan Rugs

Beautiful, woven rugs with a thick pile go well with the pillows, inviting sitting or nesting among pillows on the floor. They make an excellent place for children to play or even for adults to sit at a low table. They can range from intricate floral designs to bold solids or even understated colors with small floral trim.

Moroccan Footstools and Ottomans

Beautiful, dome-topped footstools make a comfortable place to sit or a place to prop up tired feet at the end of the day. They are often velvet with a traditional design that almost makes you think of a small drum, but that is much more cushioned. They can be all sorts of colors, from white leather through the shades and tints of primary colors, right on up through metallic shades and into black.

Moroccan Side Tables, Coffee Tables and Storage

Baroque carving and tile are characteristic of Moroccan tables, side tables, and storage units. Saying that is like saying “Water is wet,” and expecting the listener to understand the vastness of the ocean. The tile tops can be geometric designs or historical scenes.

Moroccan Room Dividers and Window Treatment

Carved room dividers with intricate designs can provide privacy while still allowing air circulation. They can also be positioned in front of the windows. Swags of gauzy material can cover windows, flanked by rich, velvet curtains in strong colors. The windows are often topped and framed with a frieze of carved wood. The combination is a rich, colorful and even majestic. It is the perfect way to keep curious eyes out and let the breezes in.

Best Ideas

Extra large floor pillows

This living room set, inspired by Moroccan style embodies comfort and style. Square floor pillows constitute an ingenuine way to enhance your living room with an exotic character. Besides, they can encourage you to sit straightly, therefore playing a beneficial role for your back.

Moroccan decor living room

Colorful Moroccan-inspired living room furniture featuring an L-shaped sofa with a pull out sofa bed. The piece is matched with a square table, with equally vibrant colors and enough storage underneath. You also get three accent pillows to complete the design.

Moroccan sitting room

This Moroccan inspired living room set will appeal to all, who want to add some unique oriental vibe to the space. Truly bohemian spirit is visible here in the corner lounging sofa, as well as the large ottoman and the enormous centrally located mirror.

Moroccan living room furniture

Stunning Moroccan-inspired living room furniture featuring a large five-seater sofa/lounger with plum cushioning and dozens of accent pillows. There’s also an Arabian carpet in there, several floor cushions, and low-profile stools with rounded tops for outstanding elegance.

Moroccan living room furniture 21

Traditional Moroccan living room furniture with a combination of neutral and vibrant colors. The piece is also multipurpose in nature thanks to its three-seater couch and additional accents that will transform your entire space. It’s also very durable as well.

A moroccan style platform majlis sitting room

A Moroccan style platform majlis (sitting room).

Moroccan living room furniture 1

A wonderful combination of contrasts! A light, pure white room is highlighted by a floor sofa in a Moroccan style. It features vivid and bright palette of colors that will create an exotic feel in the room.

Moroccan living room design

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Moroccan living room furniture 10

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