Carved Room Divider

Open floor plans are all the rage, but sometimes you need a room divider for the separated spaces for the sake of your sanity. Especially, if you have kids and you want them to have their play area. Room dividers come in many sizes and shapes, and styles, but none are as gorgeous as the carved room dividers in this collection. These are quite fetching and will easily accent your home in warmth. If you need a room divider, take a look at our collection of carved room dividers.

Best Products

Carved wood folding screen

Carved wood folding screen
This room divider features a solid wooden construction based on three panels. These panels include some decorative carvings, so this screen not only divides rooms, but also decorates different indoors.

Laser cut wood room divider screen

Laser cut wood room divider screen
Now you can have all the privacy you need, thanks to this beautifully designed room divider with 4 adjustable panels. Laser cut and made of premium metal, the divider is very durable and stylish, perfect for contemporary interiors.

Flower jali 4 panel screen india

Flower jali 4 panel screen india
This panel screen is an elegant and stylish piece of equipment that plays the role of a room divider. Its rustic, natural style fits perfectly into any decor. It is made of wood, so it features the highest level of solidity.

This is so beautiful 4 panel screen room divider paravent


Carved room divider

A magnificent room divider that is going to give you all the privacy you need. Gorgeously hand-carved of sturdy Rosewood, the divider consists of 4 panels with stable legs, allowing you to easily adjust its position.

Moroccan folding screen

The beautifully sculptured room divider made in the Indian style is a glamorous and very stylish interior design element. The whole is very functional and delicious. Easy to use is foldable and easy to store.

Carved wooden screens room dividers

Incredible Moroccan-inspired room divider with a distressed vintage style finish and impeccable sturdy construction. The divider stands on strong and stable legs and also comes with intricate detailing for that beautiful and appealing touch of Moroccan flair.

Our advice Buying Guide

For those who are in the market for a room divider, you may already be aware of the broad selection available. Narrowing your focus on a carved room divider is ideal not only for their beauty but also the high-quality features and styles they have. Because there are many designs to choose from and considerations to make, we've put together this buying guide to help inspire you.

What are the uses of a carved room divider?

In addition to looking good, a carved room divider should serve its purpose effectively. For example, it should work as a:

  • decorative background
  • modesty screen
  • window shade
  • way to partition a room
  • method to define space
  • means for directing traffic
  • form of hiding work areas

How to pick the right design and color for a carved room divider?

The designs and color considerations of the carved room divider should compliment the rest of the room's decor. Because these dividers vary from light to dark shades, they can work in a variety of interiors. For example, lighter colors lend themselves well to casual, formal, and traditional styles. Darker tones work well with form and traditional designs.

When you're looking at the color and designs in combination with each other, things change a bit. For example, the ornate carvings may lend themselves to formal interiors no matter the color tone. Other carvings have a more ethnic style and are optimal with modern and Mid-Century modern designs. You’ll also see beautiful lattice designs with opponent curving details reminiscent of old-world Victorian-era designs.

How to pick the right size divider?

Once you decide on the style of carved room divider that interests you the most, it's time to pick the size. Do you need one with three, four, or more panels? How tall do you need it to be? How much space have you allocated for this room divider? Answering these questions will help you determine the best size.

Under most circumstances, a standard room divider measures at 50" long, 6" wide, and 70" high. However, it isn't uncommon to find a carved room divider that's tall and measure up to 82.5 inches tall. Therefore, it’s essential to measure the space you have available to determine what size will work best. While a tall room divider cannot be retrofitted to accommodate your space limitations, it’s possible to remove panels from a divider that’s too long.

How durable are carved wood room dividers?

Because these room dividers are constructed with solid wood, you’re sure to have a piece of furniture that will last throughout the years. The most common wood you'll find a carved wood room divider constructed from include cherry Rosewood, Honey oak, and walnut. A softer wood, including natural pine, it also utilized because it's easier to create intricate carvings.

Higher-quality room dividers will feature beautiful wood stains or natural finishes featuring durable clear coatings. Extra sturdy room dividers will also feature a kick plate on their bottom. The addition of these pieces helps reinforce each panel's structure and, as foot traffic passes, it prevents the divider from experiencing damage.


Carved screen

With gorgeous carvings and captivating looks, this room divider is as functional as it is decorative. Designed of white-painted metal, it comes with 4 balanced panels that can be adjusted according to your needs.

Moroccan room dividers

Need some privacy in a bedroom? Want to define the living space areas? Crave for some orient inspired accents indoors? This dark wooden mosharabia screen has it all. With some semi-opaque lacework inserts, it lets peek through it in a controlled way.

Moroccan screens room dividers

Well-designed divider with a beautifully meshed screen and caster wheels attached for easy mobility. The divider is finished in a stunning white palette and accentuated with gold-plated hardware for that impeccable stylish look.

Carved wood screen

Define the space with style using an artful wood room divider that designates living space and adds sophisticated feel with natural intonations. A wide array of styles can be boostes with this divider, from casual to high end contemporary interiors.

Carved room divider 6

Openwork design room divider in immaculate white. Intricate lace design has a huge decorating quality to it - this room divider is almost a work of art by itself. Looks stunning juxtaposed to red accent wall...

Indian room divider

A magnificent room divider that allows you to separate your indoor space with vintage sophistication. This beauty is assembled of 3 hand-carved wood panels and splashed with a touch of Morocco design.

Carved wood room dividers

Stunning royal inspired room divider with a curved midcentury look that will blow anyone away. The dividers are finished in dark brown and feature superb art deco detailing for impeccable stylish class. They are great for large high ceiling spaces.

Room divider wooden

I need 2-3 of these for our dining room to block the view of our pantry. Maybe I could make my own??

Carved room divider

Add an oriental touch into your bedroom or living room, with this carved Indian room divider. It is made of three white panels with teak construction. For me, this product is absolutely stunning!

Carved room divider

Carved design of this captivating room divider makes the living room, or bedroom decor will gain a unique atmosphere. The beautiful finish of the wooden structure is impressive and very functional.

Moroccan screen divider

The screen is a somewhat forgotten element of the decor. Although it used to appear in the bedroom of every lady, it rarely decorates our apartments today.Change it with the dark brown carved room divider with wooden cherry parts and ornaments made of iron.

Wooden carved screen

An aesthetic large contemporary room divider crafted of wood with a dark brown finish. The entirety is composed of a dozen or so size-varied openwork rectangular and square panels with thick frames and various geometric designs.

Carved room divider 8

Woodland Imports Wood Wall Panel (Set of 3) | Wayfair

Hand carved wood screen

Amber Wooden Carved Screen OMG I need this in my life

Wooden screen partition

Richly decorated room divider consisting of 3 panels. It is made of MDF and finished with sophisticated ornament. Elegant accent for each place as needed. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Carved room divider 2

This wooden carved room divider will be a great proposition for all classic or traditional decors, providing refinement to the interior. Richly adorned, this foldable accordion divider will be a great accent.

Laser cut decorative metal panels

Separate spaces into your home with the stunning Moroccan screen. It is construct of four panels with black carved wooden structure.It is suitable with white walls and classic design.

Carved wood screen panels

If you want to truly complete the look of your decor then this sublime carved room divider will provide a perfect solution, not only offering you the privacy you're going for but also inviting great style and class.

Room divider screens india

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White carved timber divider

= white carved timber divider

Carved room divider

White Washed Carved Room Screen £250 from Lombok

Carved room divider 2

Indian carved wooden screen with 4 panels with a star design

Panel indian hand carved wooden screen room divider k free


Room decoration using carved wood antique folding screen room dividers

... Room Decoration Using Carved Wood Antique Folding Screen Room Dividers

Carved wood room divider

Room divider made of wood and finished with open work pattern. It is mounted on metal legs. Functional design for each place as needed.

Carved wood room divider screen

Adding a rustic appeal to the space, this wooden room divider screen is actually a richly adorned, mosaic accordion, that will smoothly distinguish any interior. Its elegantly surface will add a refined character to any space.

Bedroom arabian style

Bedroom Arabian Style

Carved room divider 1

Hand Carved Topiary Mango Wood Room Divider Three Panel Screen Accent

Moroccan room divider

Functional and highly-decorative room divider that is going to help you to separate the space in your large room. Hand crafted of espresso-finished wood, it features 4 beautifully designed panels that you can adjust according to your needs.

Indian room dividers

another folding screen

Gorge 1


Hand carved indian screen wooden leaves design screen room divider

... -Hand-Carved-Indian-Screen-Wooden-Leaves-Design-Screen-Room-Divider

Finely Carved 4- Panel Wood Privacy Screen

From the bedroom to the living room - if you dream of Arabic accents in the home interior, hide behind the carved room divider. The Byzantine strong and precise weave gestures or arched ends are made of wood and crowned with black color.

Room divider shoji screen adds instant style to any home

... room divider shoji screen adds instant style to any home decor! Hand

Carved room divider 3

Hand-Carved Adjustable Louver Wood Room Divider Screen

Baroque boiserie panels please like and follow ragdollmagblog priscillacita

Baroque Boiserie panels. Please like and follow @RagDollMagBlog @priscillacita

Details about 4 panel indian hand carved wooden screen room


Fs from bali 3 panel carved wooden room divider

FS: from Bali: 3-panel carved wooden room divider

Carved room divider 9

Bedroom - Bali Decor Headboard divider

Carved wood screens


Handcrafted in india this screens specialty is versatility with intricate

Handcrafted in India, this screen's specialty is versatility. With intricate hand-carved detail, this screen can be whatever you need it to be, $350. A room divider, a clutter disguiser, or décor provider.

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Heavy Carved Wooden Privacy Screen or Room Divider with Crane and Latticework Design - Six Feet High, 80" Wide