Bamboo Wall Divider

To split a space, like the area between the living and dining room in an open floor plan or small apartment, you need a good divider. And nothing's quite as stylish and hypoallergenic as a bamboo wall divider. Bamboo is versatile, and clean, and can give a very calming feeling when used in room accenting. Take a look at this collection of bamboo wall dividers.

Best Products

63" x 50" Natual Bamboo Flexible Room Divider

63" x 50" Natual Bamboo Flexible Room Divider
A piece of equipment that is decorative and functional in different indoors. It is a room divider that has got a durable construction based on solid and stylish natural bamboo. This room divider is flexible and simple in use.

Bamboo partition design

If you are not interested in bamboo trees in your home, you can use great birch piles.Nature can be easily invited home, thanks birch. Creating tall doubled wall divider it is like resting in the fresh air.

Bamboo divider

The bedroom is a very intimate, delicate sphere of the house. It is worthwhile to separate from the rest of the world with natural elements. Wooden drift branches were attached to a shiny white plate. They create a beautiful screen.

Bamboo wall divider 2

A great addition for modern interiors that you want to separate to smaller rooms. Made of durable bamboo, the wall divider is characterized by floor-to-ceiling design, giving you all the privacy you need.

Bamboo wall divider 3

This bamboo wall divider constitutes a charming proposition for one's decor, especially if you like to add a bit of orient or exoticism to your living or dining room. Fully natural, easily catches everyone 's attention.

Bamboo wall divider 3

An interesting ceiling-height room divider also suitable as a stair side rail. It's constructed of natural bamboo rods. They're vertically arranged and there are quite large spaces between them. A divider has top and bottom edges of wooden slats.

Bamboo wall divider

Interesting combination of bamboo material and stylish wall divider allows you to create a unique space ideal for your living room or office. Made of rope wall captivates and brings a unique atmosphere to the decor.

Our advice Buying Guide

With a distinctive but casual look that blends into any setting, bamboo wall dividers are a versatile choice irrespective of whether are looking to define the space, direct traffic or divide it.

What are the qualities of bamboo?

  • Bamboo is an all-natural, sustainable grass that looks rustic. But it can easily be paneled with solid wood which gives it a classy appearance.
  • It can be painted or stained to match contemporary décor. It comes in a variety of sizes (length and thickness).
  • It can be tightly packed together to create an opaque wall divider. Or can be stacked a few inches apart to allow the light to pass through.
  • It’s lightweight but incredibly durable.

If you are shopping for wall dividers, then Bamboo should definitely be on your wish list. Here’s a little buying guide to help you with the details of what factors to consider.

How to select the right size wall divider?

You will have to pick a wall divider panel size depending on the intended use. If you are looking to create a partition for privacy, then the panel needs to extend from the floor to the ceiling and across the room. How tall are the ceilings? If you have high ceilings, then you might have to get it custom made because most manufacturers conform to standard ceiling sizes.

Similarly, the width of the room will determine how many panels you need. Bamboo wall dividers can be as small as a single panel or extend to six or even eight panels. If space is limited, then look for accordion styled folding panels which can be extended fully to cover the entire room or left partially open to divide it.

What types of wall dividers are there?

Wall dividers come in a variety of shapes and designs with interconnecting options that can accommodate even curved and angled walls.

  • Freestanding bamboo wall dividers are a portable option which can be moved to any part of the house or commercial space. These usually have casters that make it easy to move them around and can be dismantled for storage.
  • Wall mounted ones are a more permanent option that attaches to the wall using brackets. It can either be a folding one or a stationary one and are usually used in rooms that frequently need partitioning. Like a conference room or a balcony for example.

If you are looking for an acoustic wall divider, then, unfortunately, bamboo might not fit the bill.

What style of bamboo wall divider should you choose?

From a vertically stacked mesh of thin bamboo ropes to horizontally arranged, thicker bamboo stalks permanently attached to solid wooden frames, you have an endless array of styles to choose from. Most designers will even offer a custom one tailor-made to match your décor and size requirements. If it will be mounted on a frame, then select the material and finish for the frame as well.

  • Solid wooden frames blend well with bamboo and it can be stained to match the finish of the wood.
  • Metal frames can be used for the patio or the balcony.
  • Accordion styled folding dividers can even be frameless. That’s one of the best things about bamboo. It’s so durable and flexible that it doesn’t require a frame per se.


Bamboo partition walls

A cool rectangular contemporary divider intended for bathrooms. It's constructed of vertically arranged natural bamboo rods in beige and brownish tones. It has a showy thick rectangular foot and a frame of dark brown-finished wood.

Bamboo room divider screen

With this amazing bamboo wall divider you will give your interior a more unique look and will allow you to actually make it stand out a lot more with style and visual appeal coming from the various shapes and colors of the realistic bamboo.

Bamboo curtains outdoor

Aesthetic contemporary fence panels for outdoor use. A rectangular panel has a frame of metal with a rust-resistant black finish, filling of vertically arranged weatherproof natural bamboo rods and is easy to install.

Bamboo partition divider

Partition made of Bamboo Poles - From Turkcell Maltepe Plaza by mimaristudio | #InteriorDesign #BambooPartition #OfficeDesign |

Room dividers bamboo

If you want to create a privacy screen, check out this bamboo wall dividers. Can be used smoothly both indoors and outdoors. Depending on the planters, they can create an oriental or modern urban appeal.

Outdoor privacy screens for hot tubs

The wall divider screen is a somewhat forgotten element of the decor. It works as a privacy guard on the patio - marvelously adding an exotic character, because it was made of bamboo, finished in a dark brown color.

Bamboo room divider bamboo room divider

bamboo room divider Bamboo Room Divider

Bamboo partition

It's like going to a tropical beach and taking some beautiful wood from there. In a bright house, these bamboo piles has built a huge screen, and actually a natural wall divider. Trendy look of a tropical beach house.

Bamboo planter room divider bare wall accent

Bamboo planter, room divider, bare wall accent

Bamboo wall divider 15

Natural exotic bamboo wood made it possible to create such a delicate, though spacious, design of a bamboo wall divider that divide the space between the stairs and the room. Instead of a massive wall, translucent bamboo piles let the light into the house.

Bamboo wall divider 5

Modern bamboo wall divider - a finding of contemporary architecture. Bamboo, as being a natural material that grows fast, is all-the-time popular in updated interior styles. To define space, separate some parts of the room, or to summon a cozy niche.

Separator wall

There are many more interesting solutions than separating the rooms with another wall. One of them are the strong branches of the pine. Supported on the platform, end up under the celling. Bring amazing nature style in the middle of ordinary interior.

79" x 43" Marissa Room Divider

79" x 43" Marissa Room Divider

Bamboo wall divider 1

If you like minimalistic style and natural solutions, this divider will be perfect for you. It has base made of beautiful wooden flower pot and top made of bamboo. It give you more privacy and make your interior more unique.

Bamboo dividers

If you value your privacy. You can separate from others with bamboo wood. Here the bamboo piles are aligned and held with stones. They make a great bamboo wall. A privacy screen is important part of outdoor space.

90" x 39" Awie Room Divider

90" x 39" Awie Room Divider

Bamboo divider screen

An easy way to divide your space, creating at the same a warm, coastal or tropical appeal. An inexpensive, easy to perform on one's own, project, which will distinguish your interiors.

Bamboo separator

Bamboo is the king of houses in Vietnam, although not yet very common is the trend of recent years. Interior filled with bamboo. Chairs, table made of the same wood. A characteristic bamboo wall divider will let the sun set in the original way.

Bamboo wall divider 16

Indoor/Outdoor Bamboo Curtain Panel | Versailles | SKU: BRP12-4084-93 | Outdoor Curtains | Factory Direct Curtains

Your modern living room divider divider walldivider wall ideas bamboo

your modern living room divider divider walldivider wall ideas Bamboo ...

70.25" x 52" Serenity Bamboo 3 Panel Room Divider

70.25" x 52" Serenity Bamboo 3 Panel Room Divider

Room divider bamboo

Large bamboo divider (two sections) - a boon when you want some privacy for your garden party. Bamboo design is fully opaque and very stylish, bringing some tropical island vibes or Asia / orient inspirations.

Natural wall divider this would be a great decider that

natural wall divider! This would be a great decider that can be used to desperate a safe place and u can still see through it !!!

Floor to ceiling room dividers

Linen room dividers are great for giving you privacy when you need it. Eco-friendly, durable and quite cheap, they are an awesome addition to every minimalistic house. They come in various colours, to meet all kinds of tastes. Easy to install and take down, they are true life-savers when you have to divide a difficult kind of interior.

Bamboo wall divider 4

Bamboo is a perennial plant with a characteristic, woody stalk. It occurs mainly in tropical and subtropical parts of Asia. It was created here instead of a wall in the form of a large wall divider of bamboo boards, spread over the entire surface.

Bamboo wall design ideas

We do not need expensive paintings or sculptures to give a unique look to your interior. You can use delicate bamboo tree stem. Supported, stuck in a stone path - create a natural image, in a solid dark frame made of wood.

Eighth graders did this i need to get my high

Eighth graders did this....I need to get my high school students to do something this cool!

Bamboo wall divider 14

4" PVC pipe (black or white) or rain gutter, cut to size, glue on end caps, spray paint (Krylon for plastics), for hanging - copper tubing,hemp cording, chain links...

Outdoor bamboo curtains

Made of outdoor bamboo panels is a great combination of functionality and unique style. The whole is climatic and very universal, giving the interior a unique atmosphere subtly passing the light.

Garden fence decorating ideas

An excellent addition for outdoor areas that need to be separated into smaller ones. This divider is made of durable bamboo, while standing on flat feet for stability. The bottom part is hollow, allowing you to decorate it with pot plants.

Partition wall consist of bamboo ten 150 x 90cm

Partition wall consist of bamboo, „TEN“ 150 x 90cm

Bamboo wall divider 11

ANH House by Sanuki + Nishizawa //concrete slab with wowen bamboo patterned formwork

Awie Room Divider

Awie Room Divider

Bamboo partition wall

Bamboo Partition Wall

Bamboo walls ideas

The bamboo wall divider allow you to keep some privacy even if you have to spend time in the big open interior and you have nosy neighbours. Decorate the bamboo with small plants to feel like being in your private garden.

Bamboo partitions

tree branch privacy screen 40 Rustic Home Decor Ideas You Can Build Yourself

Bamboo room dividers hanging room dividers and cubicle partitions

bamboo room dividers , hanging room dividers , and cubicle partitions ...

Divider burnt grey 6 panel contemporary screens and wall dividers

... Divider - Burnt Grey - 6 Panel contemporary-screens-and-wall-dividers

Macrame hanging planters scream 70s this hanging planter available at

Macrame hanging planters scream 70's. This hanging planter, available at Made in Design, does not. Part planter, part room divider, part mutable art piece (than

Bamboo bbc boracay says fast growing native material for construction

Bamboo - BBC Boracay says:" Fast growing native material for construction interior and exterior. Room divider or whole wall indirect light, ceiling, coffee table..."

Bamboo wall divider 2

Bamboo Screen -screens-and-wall-dividers

Bamboo Window Blind with Printing- 30" X 72"

Partition wall systems partition systems bamboo screen check it on

Partition wall systems | Partition systems | Bamboo screen. Check it on Architonic