Antique Trunks


Antique trunks, also known as steamer trunks, were used to haul a large quantity of personal items safely and securely across large bodies of water. The "steamer" in the name has to do with the type of ship people used to travel when these trunks were common for luggage. Now, you can own some antique trunks for your very own transatlantic adventure.

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Our Picks

Turquoise green reclaimed salvaged

Turquoise green reclaimed salvaged

This trunk coffee table makes inspires with its inimitable style and storage space. Made from reclaimed salvaged wood, painted in turquoise green, shall delight all rustic fans. The fact that it's a trunk creates considerable storage possibilities.

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Antique Wooden Trunk

Antique Wooden Trunk

Unique trunk with antique finish. It is made of wood and reinforced with metal supports. Great for stroing beddings and others needed items. Provides space saving in all kinds of interiors.

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Vintage Trunk Bench Seat

Vintage Trunk Bench Seat

A perfect combination of comfort and vintage looks, that you can compliment your living room with. This old chest is characterized by wood construction, holding a stylish seat and back - button-tufted and upholstered in an off-white fabric.

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Vintage Antique Upholstered Trunk (Set of 3)

Vintage Antique Upholstered Trunk (Set of 3)

This set includes three vintage antique upholstered trunks with wood frame and ivory finish. The set includes one large, medium and small decorative trunk. It is a very good choice for your home.

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Antique victorian steamer trunk 1890 antique furniture antique chests

antique victorian steamer trunk 1890 antique furniture antique chests ...

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Victorian trunks

Get more storage into your home with these amazing antique trunks. Made from wood, the pieces are stained with a distressed light brown shade and accentuated with metallic touches, including two sturdy locks and hinges. They are ideal for the bedroom or outdoor shed.

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Antique storage trunk

An antique steamer trunk makes interesting storage for all sorts of things, particularly bedding or special collectibles. The tough material, intended for traveling, makes a protective shell around your fine fabrics or other sorts of items that need protection.

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Flat top antique trunk 282

Flat Top Antique Trunk - #282

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Antique trunk 253

Antique Trunk #253

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Antique storage bench

Old wooden trunks do not belong in the basement alone. You can as well turn them into fashionable furniture. This one here has been turned into a charming bench – the addition of grey, cosy pillows was a great decision.

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Antique Trunks

Buying Guide

The easiest way to tell if a trunk is antique is to check when it was made: in fact, antique trunks must be at least a hundred years old and, if we want to get technical, they shouldn’t have been restored. Check with the seller the trunk’s origin and look for labels inside the trunk for its authenticity.

However, well-restored antique trunks are still a prestigious and valuable choice.

When it comes to lining antique trunks, you've got two options. The first uses wallpaper, which is a common choice but needs to be replaced sooner than the second option, which is fabric.

Fabric is recommended as it looks good and is also more durable than paper and easy to clean. When it comes to choosing a type of fabric, you can either opt for upholstery fabric that is stiff and prevents sagging and wrinkling over time or use cotton fabric with sheets of poster board attached to give the lining a crisp look around the edges.

The best way to maintain an antique trunk is by cleaning it regularly. You can start by vacuuming the inside and outside of the trunk and using a brush attachment to vacuum along the inner walls and corners of the trunk.

Vacuuming the exterior of the trunk is also recommended to get rid of hair, dust, and loose dirt. Before washing the inside of the trunk, use saddle soap in a bucket and warm water. However, if the inside of the trunk is lined with paper or other paper decorations, avoid using the warm water and saddle soap solution on it.

If you have an antique metal trunk, clean it using a mixture of one part water and one part vinegar in a spray bottle. If the interior of the trunk is lined with paper, gently clean it by spraying the water and vinegar solution on a clean cloth and wipe down gently.

Once you've cleaned, allow it to air dry completely to combat musty odors, and as the last step, leave a bowl of baking soda inside the truck trunk once it has dried and close the lid. The baking soda will sit inside the antique trunk overnight and eliminate any unpleasant odors.

The last step is optional, but you may choose to oil the wooden parts of the antique trunk with lemon oil.

Best Ideas

Victorian trunks 1

Limited edition reproduction. This trunk was designed after a trunk in the late 1870’s that supposedly took its name from a ship called “The Monitor” If you turned it upside down and looked at the hull, the rounded front and rear corners formed

Flat top low profile foot locker antique steamer trunk 275

Flat Top Low Profile "Foot Locker" Antique Steamer Trunk - #275

Victorian trunks 2

I want an old trunk like this.

Oak trunks

A magnificent trunk that will keepyour precious treasures well-hidden and properly secured. Designed using a steam bending wood method, the trunk oozes with antique accents, crafted of sawn white oak and equipped with a supple ostrich leather top.

Storage coffee tables 3

Wooden coffee table that also plays the role of a storage trunk. This element of living room decor offers a rectangular top and durable wooden construction with some metal elements. It looks very original in any design.

Old World Map Wooden Trunk

This big wooden trunk in an old world map pattern will easily fit everything you want to store in it - from accessories to letters and jewellery. It is handcrafted and extremely durable, making it a permanent addition to your household.

Antique trunk collectible9

Antique Trunk Collectible9

Blue trunks 3

One my favorite things, a vintage metal tool box. I LOVE the color

Trunk fully restored all wood 19th century antique theatrical trunk

Trunk Fully Restored All Wood 19th Century Antique Theatrical Trunk ...

Old World Map Wooden Small Trunk

This small trunk is a beautiful accent to your living room or entryway, especially with the old fashioned old world map pattern that contrasts perfectly with the dark wood finish. It will make for a wonderful keepsake box.

Plutus Brands Timeless Designed Wood Leather Trunk, Set of 3

Enjoy the nice, warm look these three trunks give to your interior with their timeless design and the high quality wood construction, making sure they stay with your for years to come, complimenting any traditional and modern decor.

Unusual trunks the steamer trunk worldwide authority on antique steamer

unusual trunks | THE STEAMER TRUNK Worldwide Authority on Antique Steamer Trunks and ...

Trunks antique trunk antique chest wooden boxes jackpot

Trunks Antique: Trunk Antique Chest Wooden Boxes-Jackpot!

Chest type coffee tables

Antique Steamer Trunk Turned Coffee Table :: Hometalk Great place to store extra blankets, pillows and sheets for company.