Distressed Trunk Coffee Table


Another in our catalog of distressed wood items, these distressed trunk coffee tables are a nice addition to any home with a rugged mystic in the décor. They are well made and built to last, every one entirely formed of wood that has a history. Put one of these in your home and let it tell you a story. We imagine it will be a wild tale of long days and crazy nights. See collection for more.

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Our Picks

Coffee Table with Lift Top

Coffee Table with Lift Top

This amazing coffee table is gonna bring you not only an amazing design, but also the highest functionality! Use it for storing your stuff and enjoy this intriguing and practical solution together with a perfect look.

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Distressed trunk coffee table

Enchanting with its rustic, distressed appeal, this trunk coffee table will be a fabulous addition to any retro designed living room. Catching the attention of your guests, this small wooden masterpiece will create a great focal point.

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The Collector's Loft Savannah Jane Cocktail Table

The Collector's Loft Savannah Jane Cocktail Table

This massive wooden chest, intentionally stained with turquoise paint - brings a colonial style to the interior of the house, combined with a retro variation but above all the usefulness of the opened top of distressed trunk coffee table.

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Steamer trunk ideas

Distressed finish define the shabby chic of this multicolor trunk coffee table. To make the design more unique, a double glass top on hinges is added. Storage compartment inside is therefore easily accessible.

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Distressed trunk coffee table

White painted old chest used as a coffee table is a great idea to add an intriguing piece of furniture to your living-room. It has all the original hinges and ornaments but all painted and a little bit stylised for even older.

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Distressed turquoise coffee table

Handcrafted of wood, this stained coffee table enchants with its vintage and oriental appeal. It originates from India, created several decades ago. Each of these items has its own, unique character.

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Chatham Coffee Table

Chatham Coffee Table

It is a coffee table that has got a vintage casual style, distressed finish and storage. It is perfect for your everyday coffee and it fits to any style and décor. You will be impressed how amazing this table is.

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Free shipping distressed turquoise blue

Free shipping distressed turquoise blue

With the distressed front in the stunning turquoise blue finish this antique wedding trunk will make for a really nice coffee table and comes with the lock brass strapped teak and iron design for a more unique look.

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Wood trunk coffee table

This beautifully made coffee table is a beautiful old trunk, which can also serve as a storage facility. Beautiful design and raw finish will be checked in modern minimalist interiors. Nice styling solution for every decor.

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Large trunk coffee table

An aesthetic large traditional trunk coffee table crafted of solid wood with a natural finish. It has edges, decorative slats, closings and handles (on shorter walls) of black coated metal adorned with black nails.

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Distressed Trunk Coffee Table

Buying Guide

A wooden, four-legged coffee table can be boring for most homeowners. After all, they're present in all homes around the country. If you’re on the lookout for a great alternative to boring, traditional tables, consider getting a distressed trunk coffee table. It's your best choice as it’s not just unique, but it also enhances a room’s style and brings about a new storage option. It can even work as a conversation piece!

Distressed trunk coffee tables are available in square and rectangular shapes. The shape that’s the best fit for your home will depend on the room’s shape; therefore, you have to pay close attention to the seating configuration of the room where the table will be placed.

  • Square Trunk Tables - If your family is quite large, the perfect choice for you is a square table as it’s excellently paired with a large sectional, sofa, or loveseat.
  • Rectangular Trunk Tables - The rectangle shape is best for rooms with the luxury of space. However, you need to ensure your coffee table isn’t as large as all the other furniture pieces in the room or else the space will look like it’s been furnished by an amateur decorator. Also, you need to leave at least 30” between your coffee table and the TV console to create a pathway in between the two furniture pieces.

Apart from the shape of the coffee table, you should also decide on the table’s size. Height is the most important as it shouldn’t be taller than your sofa’s seat. Also, it shouldn’t be lower than 2 inches from the couch’s seat. A common height for trunk coffee tables is 16 inches, which is best paired with typical-sized couches.

If you have a sofa set that’s higher, opt for the taller distressed trunk coffee table. It can be anywhere between 20 and 22 inches (height). A taller coffee table is convenient for people who entertain a lot because it is easier for guests and visitors to set down plates and glasses on the table.

When it comes to coffee tables, regardless of the design, it is important to get actual measurements of the space available in your home. It's easy to get the unit that’s too small or large for your home. So, before you make the final decision, you must know how the unit will look and feel when it’s added to your space. You can do this by outlining the size of your chosen unit on your flooring.

Your coffee table, obviously, needs to be able to withstand daily use. Distressed trunk coffee tables are made of wood, but there are different types of wood which have different levels of strength and durability.

Oak and Indian rosewood are your best choices. Oak is the type that looks even better as the material ages. It's tough, and it adds a timeless beauty to a living space. As for Indian rosewood or Sheesham, it will give your home an exotic touch. However, it’s not the best option for a distressed finish. Still, it’s used by manufacturers in creating trunk coffee tables because its dark good looks sit well in traditional and contemporary settings alike.

Best Ideas

Shabby chic trunk coffee table

I think that this stylization is great for family living rooms. It includes a coffee table with a rectangular trunk stylization. This solid element offers some black metal elements for support and decoration.

Josefa distressed trunk use as a coffee table

Josefa Distressed Trunk Use as a coffee table

Hooker Furniture Melange Bondurant Cocktail Trunk

This wonderfully finished cocktail trunk will be a perfect coffee table for all, who look for rustic accents to their interiors. It features a glass top, towering over the hardwood construction with leather and silver leaf

Check it out at entirely eventful day

Check it out at Entirely Eventful Day .

White distressed side table

With the weathered wood structure and the sublime design with two spacious drawers this barnwood coffee table sports a design sure to astonish all and perfect for a refined looking household with much style to give.

Antique wooden trunk coffee table

A cool contemporary coffee table featuring 2 pairs of X-crossed legs of bowed metal rods with a bronze finish. Its rectangular top with 2 drawers underneath and bottom shelf are of wood with a distressed natural finish. Drawers have metal T-pulls.

Distressed chest coffee table

Cottage Chic living room with antique trunk as coffee table. These Trunks were used for luggage in the early 1900's.

Coastal coffee table

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