Cedar Storage Chests

Cedar is a great wood for simple furniture, and it smells amazing. Many storage chests are made of cedar because it passes that wonderful smell onto the items within, giving them a hint of the chest's charm and loving construction. For all your storage needs when trying to hide blankets or other fabric items, try a cedar storage chest. You'll be glad you did.

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Antique cedar roos sweetheart chest ca

Antique cedar roos sweetheart chest ca
This stunning storage chest was crafted probably circa 1940s... Unfortunately it didn't retain a perfect condition, the cedar wood has some cracks and scratches on it, but after some refurbishment it's sure to marvel again!

Bella Antique Mercury Entry Chest

Bella Antique Mercury Entry Chest
It is a bella antique mercury entry chest that has got an elm wood construction, beautiful design and it is a perfect addition for bedroom or living room with romantic and classic style and décor.

Bamboo Chests (Set of 3)

Bamboo Chests (Set of 3)
Spice up your home with this unique Set of 3 Asian-Style Chests, crafted from durable Bamboo and reinforced with antique brass hardware. Each trunk includes a lifting top, safety hinge, and toggle latch. Wipe clean with a dry cloth.

Furniture of america viellen vintage style antique storage chest

Furniture of america viellen vintage style antique storage chest
Now you can accent any wall or entryway with this charming, vintage styled antique storage chest. It offers to be a beautiful focal point of your foyer and gives plenty of storage space options for your home.

Cedar blanket chest plans this free woodworking plans list features

Cedar blanket chest plans This free woodworking plans list features a collection of chest projects for building various blanket boxes like storage and blanket chests They can also be used Build a family heirloom with free chest plans for hope chests cedar

Hope chest design plans

A great rustic accent to your interiors. This cedar storage chest will enchant not only the fans of vintage or retro style. Its capacious, functional and stylish, offfering a considerable storage space for your precious treasures.

Cedar storage chests 1

Build Your Own Cedar Storage Chest DIY PLANS HOPE BLANKET TOY BOX STORAGE PATTERNS; So Easy, Beginners Look Like Experts; PDF Download Version so you can get it NOW! | Wood Working for the Average Guy

Our advice Buying Guide

What can I store in a cedar storage chest?

Cedar storage chests are traditionally built to store thick woolen fabrics. Why? Cedar wood naturally repels moths, and moths like to chew holes in woolen fabrics. As thick woolen blankets and sweaters are an investment, it’s worth to protect that investment from moths by putting those pieces in a place where they’re unlikely to be exposed to moth activity.

That said, if you have a beautiful and traditional piece like a cedar chest, fill it with whatever you have in your home that needs to be stored! Blankets and sweaters are traditional, but games or books would also be a good idea.

What size cedar storage chest to get as a bed foot bench?

The key to the perfect sized cedar storage chest to be used as a bed foot bench, is for it to be three quarters of the total length of the bed. For example, if you have a king size bed that is 76 inches wide, the storage chest should be around 57 to 60 inches long. In terms of the height, it should be a couple of inches shorter than the bed or footboard.


Preview hickory and ash blanket chest fine woodworking article

Preview - Hickory and Ash Blanket Chest - Fine Woodworking Article

Cedar storage chests 2

Expand storage into your home with this large storage chest. The piece is constructed from cedar and comes with a nice lid attached that can double up as a bench when closed. The box is finished in a glossed light brown stain and is a great choice for the bedroom or the garage.

37" Natural Cedar Log-Style Storage 2-in-1 Quilt Chest or Bench

A strong and durable quilt chest that also doubles as a bench. It’s made of cedar wood with smooth sanding. It provides ample storage space and is resistant to decay, insects, and weather damage but only for indoor use. Also, comes fully assembled.

Our cedar chests are made of eastern red ceader sawed

Our cedar chests are made of Eastern Red Ceader, sawed on our band mill and thoroughly dried. Our joinery is unique. All boards are joined

Cedar storage chests 2

Capacious trunk for storing beedings and others needed stuff. It is made of wood with antique finish. Perfect solution for space saving in all kinds of interiors as needed.

Cedar storage chest 4

This element is a nice storage chest that features a durable wooden construction with cedar finish. It offers plenty of storage space, high durability and attractive appearance in different stylizations.

Seated storage chest

Rugged and sturdy storage cabinet. The cabinet is made from hardwood and has a polished finish. It has flat end stands. It was built for durability and will definitely stand the test of time.

Cedar storage chests 34

Murphy cedar chest | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Cedar storage chests 1

Cedar Storage Chest

Cedar storage chests 10

An aesthetic renovated vintage storage chest made of cedar wood. Now, it has a white finish but a quite thick rectangular top in nice warm brown tones. Its base has low angled legs. A front panel is decorated with a large stamp in grey.

Cedar storage chests 17

Cedar Storage Chest

Sherwood creations hope chest plan article

Sherwood Creations: Hope Chest Plan Article!

Cedar wood basic small hope chest amish handcrafted cedar chest

... Cedar-Wood-Basic-Small-Hope-Chest-Amish-Handcrafted-Cedar-Chest-30.jpg

Cedar storage chests 33

mission style blanket chest

Cedar storage chests 14

Hope Chest Plans

Cedar storage chests 9

Custom Color Hope Chest / Toy Box Reclaimed Wood

Cedar storage chests 2

Free Plans to Make a Wooden Chest. Preferably personalized.Like with our names or initials "K & L" maybe in hearts or something. I don't know, I will take what I can get. Preferably for Valentines Day. *hint hint*

Cedar storage chests 3

... Cedar Chests for Sale . Furniture!save an article that Old Cedar

Cedar storage chests 7

Cherry Cedar Storage Chest

Cedar storage chests 30

This is EXACTLY how im doing my new dresser!!

Cedar storage chests 5

toy box storage bench chest seating hope chesr cedar chest on Etsy, $125.00

Antique storage chests 1

An oversized, antique apothecary storage cabinet with an abundance of drawers, which ensures you will never run out of storage space with this one. The polished, oak finish paired with the glass door provides a traditional vibe.

Wooden hope chest plans

add bottom to it ... Repaired Lane Cedar Chest

Antique storage chests 2

This chest is an element that offers a solid construction and attractive style. It includes plenty of storage space in many drawers for small and large elements. Frame of this chest is resistant to wear.

Cedar storage chests 35

Cedar Storage Chest $299.99

Cedar storage chests 24

hope chest painted

Antique storage chests

Tasteful chest made of wood with antique finish. It consists of a lot of drawers for storing needed items. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need. Simple form and elegant design.

Cedar storage chests 13

{createinspire}: Vintage Cedar Chest

Solid wooden storage box or toy chest finished in our

Solid wooden storage box or toy chest finished in our abbeywax finish

Oriental Furniture Japanese and Chinese Furnishings, 28-Inch Red Lacquer Five Drawer Hexagon Chest

Asian style storage chest in red, with a huge golden print inspired by traditional oriental findings. The chest features hexagonal form, five drawers with decorous hardware, and a flat top that can serve as a shelf.

Antique storage chests

If you are a fan of vintage design, this antique wardrobe shall appeal to you. Equipped with large front doors, accompanied by 5 drawers, placed next to it, along with a small countertop and a mirror in the upper part.

Oriental Furniture Asian Style Furnishings, 28-Inch Black Lacquer Five Drawer Hexagon Chest

Elegant hexagonal storage chest for oriental style-oriented interiors. Store and organize your odds and ends in five capacious drawers and enjoy the black lacquer outward form with meticulous Asian pattern.

Cedar storage chests 12

This is amazing how they remake this into something spectacular

Asian Kobako Chest 4 Drawers with Teak Finish

A wonderful chest with four drawers in a stunning teak finish and the subtly decorative metal handles. The construction is primarily of Kiri wood, prized for its strength, being lightweight and reliable.

Antique storage chests 6

The Doug Towle Shaker Collection Catalog. Many drawers for storing your clothes, socks, lingerie, jewelry and everything what you want! Fabulous and high quality furnish.

Cedar storage chests 3

Painted cedar chest with stained lid.

Cedar storage chests

A great way to keep your laundry organized! If only my husband's clothes could make their way into the baskets by themselves

Antique storage chests 9

Unique chest consisting of a lot of drawers in various sizes. Construction is made of wood with antique finish. It can be used as room divider. Great solution for small spaces.

Cedar storage chests 28

Vintage chests - I have several, including a sea trunk, an old wood tool box and a cedar hope chest... get to figure out what to do with them all.

Oriental Furniture Unique Art Decor Look Chest, 29-Inch Painted Gold Leaf Two Drawer Cabinet

With the heavy gold painted lacquered finish and the cut glass door knobs this piece will surely let your home shine. It sports two spacious drawers that will make you keep the household organized and tidy.

Cedar storage chests 29

Folk Art Trunk need to refinish an old cedar chest this would be perfect

Cedar chest plan no 572

Cedar Chest, Plan No. 572

Heritage cedar chest indiana amish cedar chest custom

Heritage Cedar Chest | Indiana Amish Cedar Chest | Custom ...