Bombay Chests With Marble Top

Having a Bombay chest in her home is magnificent because they're beautiful and ornate but take the concept of the Bombay chest and add a marble top to it and you were going above and beyond in beauty and style. If you want to see what we mean take a look at this collection.

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Harrington Bombe Chest

Harrington Bombe Chest
Every French house had once such a majestic bombe chest. It has a very decorative, serpent-like decoration and has been constructed of hardwood and veneer. The top of this chest has been made of parquet marble.

3 Drawer Bombe Chest

3 Drawer Bombe Chest
Chest of drawers with decorative rounding and carefully executed pattern. It is equipped with 3 wide drawers arranged vertically. It is made from wood and covered with a protective layer of lacquer. Elegant accents and antique style.

2 Drawer Accent Chest

2 Drawer Accent Chest
An antique-looking and exclusive chest that includes two spacious drawers. It is mainly constructed of manufactured wood. It is fully assembled. The carved portion of the chest is detailed and gives a rich and unique look.

Chevron 3 Drawer Bombe Chest

Chevron 3 Drawer Bombe Chest
If you dream of interior fairytale Alice in Wonderland, this beautiful 3 drawer chest bomber in a fancy striped pattern will be the perfect decorative and functional detail for you.

Bombe 2 Drawer Chest

Bombe 2 Drawer Chest
A tremendous and antique-looking chest that features two spacious drawers. It is based on four slightly curved legs that provide stability. This piece of art perfectly matches antique interiors with old yet elegant furniture.

Villiford 3 Drawer Chest

Villiford 3 Drawer Chest
A glossy, black finish and the spacious, three drawers is what will make this chest look stunning in your home, while taking perfect care of the functionality with ample space options. It will easily add style to any space.

Windsor 5 Drawer Bombay Chest

Windsor 5 Drawer Bombay Chest
Alluring Oriental style chest made of wood with a distressed white finish. It has a vase-like body, 5 size-varied drawers having front panels decorated with delicate floral motifs in top right corners, a moulding top and a rectangular curved base.

Our advice Buying Guide

At first, you might not think this sounds like something that would suit your home. However, once you consider the different designs and styles which are available to you, ideas may change and you could see something which is perfect for you.

What is a Bombay chest?

A Bombay chest, also known as a bombe chest, is a set of drawers that bulges outward in the front and on the sides. These French chests of drawers have a distinctive curvy form and are often adorned with hand-painted designs, such as flowers, birds, or Asian motifs. Queen Anne style feet and decorative hardware are also characteristic for these elegant pieces.

What designs of Bombay chests are there?

Here are some of the Bombay chest designs that you may find:

Curved Bombay design

This typical style is elegant and welcoming, and suits any bedroom perfectly. Normally carved from a solid oak such as cedar or oak, the chest bulges outwards slightly towards the middle to create the curved effect. This means that the two section and the bottom section are slightly slimmer than the middle and therefore any drawers will be slightly smaller. The marble top is aligned with the top part of the chest for a sleek and beautiful finish.

Side cabinet

Not all Bombay chests are large pieces of furniture. If you love the style but don't have enough room for a large 5ft piece, consider the smaller versions which are approximately 2ft wide and 3ft tall. These will fit comfortably in the hallway or in a corner of the living room. They are almost a miniature version of the full-sized Bombay chest, but are generally not as curved and rounded. With space for just one small cupboard and a drawer, or two medium-sized drawers, this design provides some storage and is suitable for apartments and small houses.

Matte black chest

A far cry from the traditional brown wooden oak furniture which can often be seen when shopping for Bombay chests of drawers, the matte or glossy black style is a good choice for contemporary rooms. With detailed edges along the bottom to add some character, the curvy shape is enough to make this a feature piece for the living room. Three or four spacious drawers are able to contain paperwork, clothes, toys and anything else you need to stow away.

Bombay box style

If you want something a little different than the traditional Bombay chest with a marble top, have a look at the box style chest. This is available is various sizes, from around 2ft to as large as 6ft. It almost looks like a suitable, with sturdy panels and copper or metal ring handles to open the drawers. Criss-crossed or straight legs finished off the look, and some of these chests are foldable and portable, making them even more convenient. The boxes are normally made from wood and varnished throughout, although a shabby chic look involves leaving the wood painted but unvarnished.

Ornate feature piece

Some of the very traditional Bombay chests almost resemble statues, thanks to the detailed and unique designs. You are more likely to find such a chest at an auction or in an antique shop. The main feature on the chest will be at the front, and could be in between surrounding drawers or cupboards. Popular items featured on Bombay chests are animals such as lions, human figures or angels.


Melange Couture 2 Drawer Bombe Chest

Melange Couture 2 Drawer Bombe Chest
Elegant large chest with a recatngular top and gently curved lines of a body and S-shaped tapered legs. It's made of wood finished in black. It has 2 drawers with decorative dark metal handles. A chest features bulgy both a front and sides centre.

Rainforest Marble Spoonrest

Rainforest Marble Spoonrest
Decorative marble spoon, which refers to its appearance of the rainforest will be a great addition to the kitchen. Of course, the decorative uzupełenieniem. Spoon does not make much practical application, only decorative. The impression, however, is doing amazing.

Sorrento Spoon Rest

Sorrento Spoon Rest
Aesthetic useful spoon rest for laying spoons or other cutlery to prevent spilling soup or sauce on tabletops. It has a large bowl and an L-shaped handle with crinckle-cut edges. It's crafted of durable red plastic.

Bombay Box

Bombay Box
This Bombay Box in Black & Distressed Honey Finish is characterized by solid wood construction, with brass corners and brass pull rings. Also includes a pull out shelf, lift top, and crisscrossed legs.

Bombay chests with marble top

Antique stylization for anyone who prefers Bombay elements of home decor. This Bombay chest with marble top includes many decorative patterns and accents. It also provides storage space in its two drawers.

Bombay chest with marble top

Emanating with lovely curvature and beautiful hand-carvings, this chest of drawers will fill your room with Bombay elegance. It comes with a marble top and hardwood construction, holding 3 drawers with decorative metal pulls.

Bombay chests with marble top

Expand your storage options in the bedroom with this neatly designed Bombay chest. Featuring an ultra-modern marble top, the chest sits on four extra thick legs. It also offers up to four rows of drawers, each accentuated with two brass coated metal pulls for outstanding appeal.

Bombay dresser furniture

Beautiful light wood Bombay chest with 3 large drawers has a solid wood construction, dovetailed drawers with brass antique handles and some distinguish brass carvings on the bottom and on the top, where we can notice dark marble top.

Bombe chest with marble top

Is there something more chic than the old mahogany wood, combined with the marble top? This is what bombay chests contains. Drawers, they keep on carved legs. Very stylish are also antiqued metal drawer pulls.The burgundy color adds the flair to the interior.

Bombay chests

Very custom shape is emphasized by the spiral carving. Made of wood, combined with green marble top bombay chest is a fantastic example for an elegant lingerie, with two large drawers.It also contains delicate sculptures made of iron.

Bombay furniture company chest of drawers


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Bombe chest with marble top

This Bombay commode with a marble top constitutes a piece of ornamental furniture, enchanting with its curvy, adorned silhouette. Features 6 small drawers, which can create a good storage space for your bits and pieces.

Bombay chests with marble top 2

A fine piece of vintage furniture that will keep your living room properly decorated. The chest of drawers comes with hardwood construction and distressed finish, including 6 drawers with metal pull-knobs, 2 one-door cabinets, and a well-polished black marble top.

Bombay style chest

Louis XV style bombay chest with marble top. Typical squat form is reminiscent of historical furnishing findings, and detailed, gilded hardware pleases eyes. Genuine marble top has green & gray tones to it, with a net of white streaks.

Marble top bombe chest

Bombay Chest and Mirror. Features Genuine Marble Veneer With Four ...

Marble spoon rest 2

Decorative, durable and stylish spoon rest with a marble construction. Gold signs look very interesting on a neutral black background. This decoration is suitable for kitchen indoors and for standard types of spoons.

Harrington Bombe 5 Drawer Chest

Harrington Bombe 5 Drawer Chest

Secretary bombe chest

Secretary Bombe Chest

Design Toscano AE6576 Voltaire Bombe Chest

Cheap bombay chest

Chest – Faux Marble Top Chest with black faux marble top, from Bombay & Co. 4 drawer, 38″w x 18″d x 34″h Location: Oakville Categories: Everything Else $357.35 + tax Item #: 15674

French bombay chest marble top

French Bombay Chest Marble Top

Bombay chests with marble top 1

Make a grand impression in your apartment with this amazing Bombay French commode chest. It features the two drawers, marble top, beautiful details and stunning look.

Coaster Bombe Chest in Antique Cherry with Black Marble Top - 950053

It is an accent cabinet that has got a rich cherry finish, black marble top and beautiful three storage doors. Everyone will be impressed how amazing this accent cabinet is.

Bedroom chest of drawers pulaski furniture del corto bed chest

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Bombay chest with marble top 1

Bombay® Harrington Side Chest in Pecan - Show off your exquisite taste. Offering deep-drawer storage that comes in handy for bulky sweaters, blankets or bedding, this barreled side chest features a marble top, carved legs and side trim. Finished in pecan

Bombay chests for sale 1

Hand-painted chestnut Bombay chest

Inlaid italian bombay chest

Inlaid Italian Bombay Chest

Bombe bombay chest with marble top foyer hand painted roses

Bombe Bombay Chest with Marble Top Foyer Hand Painted Roses

Marble top bombay chest in walnut finish this beautifully design

Marble Top Bombay Chest In Walnut Finish. This Beautifully Design ...

Marble top bombe chest

The efficient and very chic Bombay chest with marble top is a perfect fit for the original interiors. Beautiful shimmering finish, attractive decorative details and lovely composition of handles delight.

Marble spoon rest

Being a stylish accent in any kitchen, this black marble spoon rest will be a convenient companion, helping to keep work surfaces clean. It is easy to clean, simply wipe with damp cloth. It has the length 171 x width 111 x height 15 mm.

Large bombe chest

Bombay 3 drawer chest with marble top. Found at Design with Consignment in Austin, Tx.

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Most Products Leave our warehouse within one to two Business Days. We ...

Bombay chests with marble top 2

Monarch - Light Brown Traditional One Drawer Bombay Cabinet - Take a ...

Bombay chest 24

bombay chest

Medley bombe chest traditional dressers chests and bedroom armoires

Medley" Bombe Chest traditional-dressers-chests-and-bedroom-armoires

Bombay chest

Orient characteristics make this storage dresses whisk you immediately away to Bombay. Dark colored chest features contoured front, sleek marble top and, best of all, striking carvings framing its edges.

Trivet - Round Rainforest Marble

This beautifully made kitchen is the perfect base made of marble. This is a unique and very effective detail perfect for every kitchen. Stylish performance makes it an interesting element of decorative and functional.

Marble spoon rest 6

Plate made of ceramic and finished with pastel colors. Ideal as spoon rest. Handy gadget for any kitchen.

Marble spoon rest 17

This marble spoon rest is a perfect option of completing your modern-styled interior with its immensely durable structure and the easy to clean surface, making it sure to last for years to come in your home.

Collection maison 2 drawer carved bombe chest 3k648

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