Shabby Chic Trunks


Shabby chic has grown in popularity because of its eclectic style, and you can see that exemplified in these shabby chic trunks. They are eccentrically attractive and will definitely turn a head or two when you have guests. They will go well with the rest of your shabby chic furniture, and we have plenty of these available for your selection pleasure. They are well made and fun to look at. See collection for details.

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Our Picks

White shabby chic trunk in a decorative design

White shabby chic trunk in a decorative design

This trunk is available in gray and walnut too, but the white option is perfect for shabby chic decors. 48” x 24”, it can be showcased as an accent against the wall, placed at the bottom of the bed, or used as a coffee table with storage.

Designer Advice:

White trunks are the most obvious choice in shabby chic homes, but you should also look for ornamental designs. For example, this could include wood carvings, harmonious lines, or cabriole legs. Sticking to white will also help you inspire an airy feel in your room, especially if it already includes a few items in that color.

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Painted trunk for shabby chic homes

Painted trunk for shabby chic homes

This shabby chic trunk comes in three distressed finishes: green, blue, and white. They’re all complemented by a versatile wooden surface and legs. Measuring 48” x 17.7”, it’s a handy solution in long but narrow spaces. Because it’s hand-carved, each piece is one of a kind.

Designer Advice:

Choosing a colorful shabby chic trunk can help it stand out against white walls or bedframes. You should especially consider introducing one as an accent if your room mainly relies on white… and you’re starting to feel a little overwhelmed! However, bright and saturated designs aren’t very shabby chic. Instead, stick to pastels as well as discolored and delicate tones.

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Simple shabby chic storage trunk

Simple shabby chic storage trunk

The white finish of this trunk is particularly indicated for more nuanced shabby chic interiors. For example, you could use this model with clean lines to balance an extremely ornate sofa and seating area. It measures 31.5” x 15.75”, which translates into plenty of storage.

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Wooden shabby chic storage trunk

Wooden shabby chic storage trunk

This shabby chic chest comes in two sizes. The space-saving 19” x 11” option will even allow you to use it as an end table, whereas the 24.75” x 16.25” is ideal if you need a little extra storage. 

Designer Advice:

Natural wood finishes are another popular shabby chic staple. However, not every wooden design will do. Try and avoid warmer or darker finishes, as they’d run the risk of looking out of place. It’s much safer to stick to lighter designs in a distressed, aged, or weathered style.

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Distressed painted trunk ideas

Distressed painted trunk ideas

This set consists of three shabby chic trunks in a 12”, 15.5”, and 19” height. The white and distressed wood sections are a divine match for this decor style. You can use the light-blue areas to complement your palette or introduce a delicate accent.

Designer Advice:

These sets really allow you to get creative! You can pile up your shabby chic trunks in a decreasing order to inspire a sense of verticality. Alternatively, if you’re after some additional surface space, consider piling up only two of them, placing the third in a different area. This will also maintain a cohesive feel in your room.

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Nostalgic shabby chic trunks

Nostalgic shabby chic trunks

These small, medium, and large shabby chic trunks are guaranteed to steal the scene. Designed to look like old wine cases, this set reinforces this decor style’s vintage vibes. We only recommend introducing it in rooms that already include at least one of its finishes. 

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Shabby Chic Trunks

Buying Guide

A shabby chic trunk can certainly match other styles apart from the most obvious shabby chic, and it mainly depends on what design and color you opt for.

Shabby chic trunks that feature a distressed look are perfect for French country décor too, and you could even look for a model that includes some vintage writing or engravings in French to add to that provincial feel.

When opting for shabby chick trunks that rely on a wooden design, you can easily pair them up with a more rustic décor, too.

Overall, these trunks work really well with retro and vintage interiors, especially when they’re white and slightly discolored.

Just be sure to keep your room’s palette in mind to smoothen this transition and help your shabby chic trunk match your interior style more consistently.

A shabby chic trunk is a versatile piece that can be placed in several different spots depending on your preferences and availability:

  • In your living room, you could place it by the window, next to your seating area, or even use it as a coffee table or a surface to showcase a few decorative elements
  • As a room divider in an open plan living room with a dining area
  • In your bedroom, a shabby chic trunk would look beautiful at the bottom of your bed. Or how about using it as a night stand?

If you’re in love with shabby chic interiors, then making your trunk look old will reinforce the worn-out feeling that characterizes this decorative style.

For example, you can do so by painting it in a white color or a lighter wood stain and giving it a distressed feel by using sandpaper.

However, the simplest thing is obviously to choose a shabby chic trunk that was literally designed to look that way!

Best Ideas

Shabby chic trunks

This beautifully crafted box is an excellent combination of French design and solid construction. Beautiful details captivate, and the whole can be used as a coffee table, bench or storage area. Stylish detail to any interior.

Shabby Bench Chest

Shabby Bench Chest

This astonishing bench chest can be use as an extra storage space or as extra seat. It was made of wood with grey/blue hand painting and distressed finish. On a top there is an upholstery in matching color.

Starfish crab crate side table treasure chest by castawayshall

Starfish Crab Crate Side Table Treasure Chest by CastawaysHall

Painting a steamer trunk

A beautiful, white trunk. It provides you with plenty of storage space, plus adds a cosy, old-fashioned look to your interior. It's sturdy and durable and will serve you for many years. It serves as a great coffee table!

Painting a metal trunk

What a lovely bedroom, special for girls! It features the antique cedar nighstands, shabby chic storage trunk, which can be used as a bench, and full size bed. Everything is in the sugar pink color. Wow! So stunning!

Studio apartment 1

Studio apartment

Shabby chic hope chest

A beautiful example of a DIY refurbishing. This repainted trunk constitutes now a smooth, shabby chic masterpiece. Its celadon finishing and ornate accents, such as the tooling on the front, shall enchant all fans of antique furniture.

Steamer trunk decorating ideas

Timeworn elements bring in instant character and charm to the space. The beautiful vintage trunk not only enchants with its appeal, being a fabulous focal point, but also a functional storage spot.

Shabby chic trunks 4

Why not simply re-purpose your old toiletries case and turn it into something a lot more appealing and utterly charming? This shabby chic trunk sports the charming, pink finish and flowery patterns for a more adorable look.

Debi coules shabby french chic art

Debi Coules Shabby French Chic Art

Painting an old trunk

Opt for a cottage chic shabby decor choice for your living room with this stunning steamer trunk. It comes with the vintage, painted structure and will provide you with some much needed extra space.

Shabby chic steamer trunk

Shabby chic steamer trunk

Shabby chic trunks 2

The shabby chic style combines modernity with a vintage atmosphere, evidently evidenced by this wooden shabby chic trunk chest. It seduces every scratch in light beige and brown colors, also visible in the form of painted numbers.

Bridal memory train case handpainted whites and creams vintage bride

Bridal Memory Train Case - Handpainted - whites and creams - Vintage - Bride | eBay

Shabby blue steamer trunk chest chic

Shabby Blue Steamer Trunk / Chest - Chic

How to paint an old trunk

Accommodate your indoor or outdoor area with this old trunk that despite its weathered look can be a charming and practical decoration. You can successfully use it as a coffee table, and thanks to a movable lid, you will also have a spacious storage compartment.

Steamer trunk ideas

Distressed finish define the shabby chic of this multicolor trunk coffee table. To make the design more unique, a double glass top on hinges is added. Storage compartment inside is therefore easily accessible.

Shabby chic suitcase

vintage suitcase for wedding cards | Vintage Suitcase Wedding Card Holder Shabby Chic Wedding Rustic ...

Ideas for old trunks

A lovely setting for any master suite - this shabby chic trunk in pink finish will easily allow you to complete the look of your interior and make for just the most fitting option for hiding your extra covers and blankets.

Painted trunk

This stylishly made shabby chic coffee table is a beautiful combination of rich details and a raw, unfinished finish. The resembles a chest or suitcase and beautifully in harmony with the bright interior.

Shabby chic trunks

A set of vintage trunks that can be used as a lovely and functional decoration. Each trunk is hand-painted with pastel colors, featuring stylish, pink bows, convenient handles, and enough storage space for various belongings.

Shabby chic wooden box

i love the idea of using vintage suitcases as a night table or coffee table

Hand painted trunk

Oh my gosh, I know what to do with my old trunk!! What a lovely way to display old lace cards and patterns and yummy soft things.

Shabby chic floral decorated wooden trunk chest kist