Hanging Room Dividers

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Hanging room dividers provide a fulfilling addition to a room, with the function of both design and separation. These dividers hang from the ceiling or from an invisible panel, which bring a defining line between two spaces and appear “floating” which retains a visual illusion. There are many styles and materials used for hanging room dividers. You will find a vast array of textures, from bamboo to stone or fabric. Let’s delve deeper into the specific elements you can find for the home.

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Updated 17/04/2022
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Dark Grey Fibreglass Mesh Divider

Dark Grey Fibreglass Mesh Divider

Symple Stuff

This dark grey fibreglass mesh divider uses magnets to silently close and is bug and dirt repellent. It keeps out anything unwanted, whilst allowing a little light through. The frame is made from plastic and acrylic and is 39'' wide. This would be perfect for indoor to outdoor use to allow security and a little privacy.

Designer Advice:

This divider has a dense mesh grid, which traps or eliminates bugs from entering. In order to clean this well and remove collected grime, we would advise using white distilled vinegar to clean and let it air dry. This divider does not fully block light, therefore it is best used in an area where you do not completely want definition from space to space.

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Light Grey Versatile Curtain Divider

Light Grey Versatile Curtain Divider

Wayfair Basics®

Working with the same basic concept as a curtain, this hanging divider is crafted from polyester in a solid hue. It is available in pearl, charcoal and more. It is 100'' in diameter and would be ideal for a bedroom due to its softness and style. It is simply attached via a curtain rod.

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Lightweight See Through White Room Divider

Lightweight See Through White Room Divider

House of Hampton®

Delicate and soft, this fabric divider is composed of woven yarn and glittering silver wire. It adds a little light and is perfect for a little added privacy for a conservatory or even dining areas. The frame is made from plastic and acrylic and it is 39.37'' wide. 

$27.99 $29.99

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Patterned Panel Divider

Patterned Panel Divider

Orren Ellis

This transparent patterned white panel hanging room divider is modern and simple. The design is complete with 12 decorative panels which are multi-purpose. You can add your own photos if you desire, which would be ideal for a child’s room. It is 15.7'' in width and is crafted from plastic and acrylic. 

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Black And Red Square Hanging Divider

Black And Red Square Hanging Divider

Red Barrel Studio®

Colourful and creative, this eight square divider boasts a pretty pattern, ideal for a living space. It has a floral motif throughout and is crafted from plastic and acrylic. Although this is a translucent design it offers a separation whilst allowing light through. It is 15.7’’.

Designer Advice:

This hanging room divider is simply crafted from plastic and acrylic, so maintaining its look is a simple task. Warm soapy water will suffice and to add a little extra shine, you can use baking soda gently for added shine. It assembles simply and is best suited to a bedroom or living space. 

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Light Coffee Toned Woven Divider

Light Coffee Toned Woven Divider

Ebern Designs

This environmentally-friendly colour woven yarn and glittering silver wire has a brown finish. It is available in blue and green also, which is perfect for a playroom. It’s made from plastic and acrylic also, and offers a semi-transparent finish but separates spaces well. The width is 39.37''. 

$15.99 $21.99

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Rainbow Doorway Divider

Rainbow Doorway Divider

Good Banana

A solid kids’ favourite, this doorway divider is a mural of rainbow colours, with split fabric for easy access and is made from plastic and acrylic. The design is bright and bold, and has a width of 76''. 

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Traditional Floral Divider

Traditional Floral Divider

Bay Isle Home™

Made entirely from durable and easy to clean anti-bacterial vinyl or designer materials, this traditional patterned hanging screen divider, is a country-house favourite. Not only is it a muted colour palette, but it blocks out light. It is 27'' from side to side.

Designer Advice:

Vinyl is a great choice for the home; mostly because it is often stainfree and easy to maintain. This divider would be ideal for any part of the home, due to its durability. Therefore, to ensure it always looks at its optimum, we would recommend a light clean with vinegar, warm water & Murphy Oil Soap. This divider can be placed in a doorway or elsewhere depending on needs; it’s a firm family favourite. 

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Black Geometric Woven Divider

Black Geometric Woven Divider


Simple and chic, this blakc geometric patterned room divider can be used to block out unwanted light and add separation. Made from eco-friendly hardened fibre, it is gentle and stylish. It would be perfect for an office space or to dull bright light. 

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Coffee Polyester Room Divider

Coffee Polyester Room Divider


With a width of 39", this string curtain with sequins and sparkling oyster twine is a pretty home addition. It has a boho vibe for those who adore this look, made from eco-friendly polyester and the colour finish is in the shade coffee. 

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Hanging Room Dividers

Buying Guide

With micro apartments becoming the norm these days, hanging room dividers have gone from a rarely used décor piece to a functional and practical addition that can serve many purposes. It demarcates the living space in an open floor plan, adds aesthetic value and brings privacy to a designated area, be it an apartment, a dorm or a commercial establishment. However, selecting one is far from a cakewalk.

Hanging panel room dividers are available in a mind-boggling number of styles, materials, sizes and price points. If this is the first time you are shopping for one, you have your task cut out for sure.

That’s where we step in.

We will help you with the selection process by comparing some of the variables that you should consider before swiping that card. We will show you what matters and what doesn’t. By the end of this guide, you will be armed with enough information to pick the right hanging panel divider.

Hanging panel dividers can be made of paper, fabric, faux leather, lacquer, wood, canvas or woven fiber. Your choice depends on the money that you are willing to spend and also taking into consideration the décor of the room. Materials like rice paper and fabric blend in with almost any décor theme, whereas the solid ones like wood and leather are more design specific. You should also consider the purpose of the partition before selecting the material. If you seek privacy, pick an opaque material, whereas if you want to diffuse the light that flows into the room, pick a sheer material instead.

There have been some excellent space-saving additions to the vast world of hanging divider panels in recent times. The mobile partition, for example, is an excellent choice for smaller spaces that need a dividing panel temporarily. It expands or rolls out to create a partition when needed. When not in use, it can be folded or rolled up and tucks neatly into a corner. An acoustic panel cuts out ambient noise creating a sound-proof chamber in the room.

The length of the hanging panel room divider depends on the height of the ceiling, whereas the ideal width depends on multiple factors. You might want to delineate a small section of your study. In this case, a divider that’s two or three panels wide should suffice. Whereas if you want a divider to create a separate partition in the room, it needs to be as wide as the space itself. The bigger the panel, the more expensive it gets mind you.

Hanging panel dividers can be installed using a high-tension wire, a ceiling mount rod or track systems. The wire works best for a temporary set up, like a rented apartment where the cost and effort needed for more elaborate installations wouldn’t be justified. Also, it works only for lightweight materials like plant fiber, canvas, and lightweight curtains. For the rest, you need to install a rod or a track system. There’s no way around it.

Maintaining the divider panel is an often overlooked aspect of the selection process. If you choose a curtain, fabric or blinds, it will involve some amount of periodic upkeep. Solid panels are easier to maintain. The caveat is that they are more expensive than the others.

Best Ideas

Hanging room divider 1

Are you in the need of dividing your room into smaller spaces? If so, you can always check this impressive room divider. All pieces are sliding on two rails - one is mounted on the ceiling, and the other one on the floor. Feel free to turn the panels as you please, to achieve the position that fits your needs.

Shanickers blossoms hanging room divider

Shanickers blossoms hanging room divider

With this room divider you will be able to catch more privacy in your master bedroom. The divider is easy to install, and it comes with three separate parts, decorated with a lovely theme of white branches with blooming flowers.

Hanging panel room divider

If you looking for something to divide your room with, this separator panel would be a very good choice. Each of those two dividers has a sturdy wood frame, in which is embedded a blurry panel that keeps your privacy properly protected.

Hanging room divider panel screen

Hanging Room Divider Panel Screen

Room divider room divider panels ikea

Room Divider - room divider panels ikea

Hanging room divider panel 3

hanging room divider panel

Curtain wall room divider

This room divider is based on hanging panels with a convenient sliding function, so it can also serve as doors. White color of these panels looks good in any interior stylization. The central panel includes a functional and stylish mirror.

Hanging screens

If you live in cramped flat or you have spacious area for a lot of people and you need a little bit of privacy, this room divider is dedicated for you. It is translucent and white. Separator is made of plaiting.

Hanging room divider panels

Trying to find the perfect, nicely finished and high quality hanging panel room divider? We suggest you to choose this one! It's made of Macrame technique, which creates the products by weaving or knitting.

Hanging panels

A very solid and attractive room divider. This hanging panel construction includes multi-color patterns that look stylish in many interior stylizations. This room divider is also resistant to excessive wear.

One panel room divider 3

Contemporary setup for a modern storage area with a set of two-panel room divider made out of cherry wood with matte glass panels and steel base and top, hiding a set of metals shelves with a lot of space behind them.

Hanging wall partition

A fancy hanging panel room divider modeled on Mid-century style and time. Retro elegance has been obtained thanks to veneered geometrical shapes in a shade of brown, which are clearly characteristic of retro 60's. Veneer panels hang on metal chains.

Hanging room dividers hanging room divider decoration

hanging room dividers Hanging Room Divider decoration

Room dividers ideas hanging room divider hanging room divider panels

Room Dividers Ideas Hanging Room Divider Hanging Room Divider Panels ...

Screens loftwall hanging room divider panels modern room dividers and

... screens LOFTwall Hanging Room Divider Panels Modern Room Dividers and

Screen curtain room divider

Screen Curtain room divider

Sliding haning room divider

sliding haning room divider

Hanging sound proof room dividers

hanging sound proof room dividers

Three basic models of dividers a folding tents flat and

... three basic models of dividers – a folding, tents flat and pendants

Hanging room dividers

Dorm rooms are often places where you can't count on privacy. That's why this room divider will be perfect, if you want to have a moment of peace and quiet. It is made of curtain panels with fashionable patterns, making the whole easy to install, to use, and to clean.

Hanging room dividers are simply great in regard to protecting

Hanging Room Dividers are Simply Great in Regard to Protecting Privacy

Ikea anno stra panel curtain room divider hanging room divider

ikea anno strå panel curtain room divider Hanging Room Divider Panels ...

Hanging room dividers from china diy hanging room dividers aliexpress

... Hanging Room Dividers from China Diy Hanging Room Dividers Aliexpress

Hanging screen room divider

Hanging room divider for all kinds of interiors as needed. It is decorated with openwork pattern. Simple form and contemporary design.