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Hanging panel room dividers are useful when making a big space into many smaller areas. In an open floor plan home or an open floor plan office, these lovely fixtures will give the illusion of division, and when they are no longer needed, many of them slide out of the way, opening up the room again. In a variety of styles and materials, explore your possibilities in dividers and see what we mean.

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Shanickers blossoms hanging room divider

Shanickers blossoms hanging room divider

With this room divider you will be able to catch more privacy in your master bedroom. The divider is easy to install, and it comes with three separate parts, decorated with a lovely theme of white branches with blooming flowers.

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Dean 70" x 69" 4 Panel Room Divider

Dean 70" x 69" 4 Panel Room Divider

A very functional and stylish item in the house. It is a room divider that includes four panels made on the basis of wooden frames. This useful product is a combination of black and white colors, so it looks nice in different indoors.

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Hanging panel room divider

If you looking for something to divide your room with, this separator panel would be a very good choice. Each of those two dividers has a sturdy wood frame, in which is embedded a blurry panel that keeps your privacy properly protected.

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Hanging room dividers ikea 1

Spectacular laser cut hanging room divider in white effortlessly transforms a contemporary room to a high-end designer's interior, and it divides the area into sections that define the indoor living space.

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Room divider room divider panels ikea

Room Divider - room divider panels ikea

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Diy hanging room divider

This room divider is a very attractive hanging panel made of solid and attractive material. Its simple appearance is especially good in commercial indoors. Of course the product is resistant to wear and damage.

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Hanging screen divider

This room divider includes three hanging panels finished in attractive colors that look perfectly in any decor. These panels are suitable for dividing living rooms and dining areas. They are functional and decorative.

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Hanging room divider panels

Trying to find the perfect, nicely finished and high quality hanging panel room divider? We suggest you to choose this one! It's made of Macrame technique, which creates the products by weaving or knitting.

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Hanging room divider panel screen

Hanging Room Divider Panel Screen

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Hanging room divider 1

Are you in the need of dividing your room into smaller spaces? If so, you can always check this impressive room divider. All pieces are sliding on two rails - one is mounted on the ceiling, and the other one on the floor. Feel free to turn the panels as you please, to achieve the position that fits your needs.

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Hanging Panel Room Divider

Buying Guide

With micro apartments becoming the norm these days, hanging room dividers have gone from a rarely used décor piece to a functional and practical addition that can serve many purposes. It demarcates the living space in an open floor plan, adds aesthetic value and brings privacy to a designated area, be it an apartment, a dorm or a commercial establishment. However, selecting one is far from a cakewalk.

Hanging panel room dividers are available in a mind-boggling number of styles, materials, sizes and price points. If this is the first time you are shopping for one, you have your task cut out for sure.

That’s where we step in.

We will help you with the selection process by comparing some of the variables that you should consider before swiping that card. We will show you what matters and what doesn’t. By the end of this guide, you will be armed with enough information to pick the right hanging panel divider.

Hanging panel dividers can be made of paper, fabric, faux leather, lacquer, wood, canvas or woven fiber. Your choice depends on the money that you are willing to spend and also taking into consideration the décor of the room. Materials like rice paper and fabric blend in with almost any décor theme, whereas the solid ones like wood and leather are more design specific. You should also consider the purpose of the partition before selecting the material. If you seek privacy, pick an opaque material, whereas if you want to diffuse the light that flows into the room, pick a sheer material instead.

There have been some excellent space-saving additions to the vast world of hanging divider panels in recent times. The mobile partition, for example, is an excellent choice for smaller spaces that need a dividing panel temporarily. It expands or rolls out to create a partition when needed. When not in use, it can be folded or rolled up and tucks neatly into a corner. An acoustic panel cuts out ambient noise creating a sound-proof chamber in the room.

The length of the hanging panel room divider depends on the height of the ceiling, whereas the ideal width depends on multiple factors. You might want to delineate a small section of your study. In this case, a divider that’s two or three panels wide should suffice. Whereas if you want a divider to create a separate partition in the room, it needs to be as wide as the space itself. The bigger the panel, the more expensive it gets mind you.

Hanging panel dividers can be installed using a high-tension wire, a ceiling mount rod or track systems. The wire works best for a temporary set up, like a rented apartment where the cost and effort needed for more elaborate installations wouldn’t be justified. Also, it works only for lightweight materials like plant fiber, canvas, and lightweight curtains. For the rest, you need to install a rod or a track system. There’s no way around it.

Maintaining the divider panel is an often overlooked aspect of the selection process. If you choose a curtain, fabric or blinds, it will involve some amount of periodic upkeep. Solid panels are easier to maintain. The caveat is that they are more expensive than the others.

Best Ideas

Curtain wall room divider

This room divider is based on hanging panels with a convenient sliding function, so it can also serve as doors. White color of these panels looks good in any interior stylization. The central panel includes a functional and stylish mirror.

One panel room divider 3

Contemporary setup for a modern storage area with a set of two-panel room divider made out of cherry wood with matte glass panels and steel base and top, hiding a set of metals shelves with a lot of space behind them.

Hanging panel room divider

Attractive curtains that play decorative roles in house indoors. They are made of durable and ecologic materials that are good for health of people. Their raw colors without additional decorations look very stylish.

Hanging screens

If you live in cramped flat or you have spacious area for a lot of people and you need a little bit of privacy, this room divider is dedicated for you. It is translucent and white. Separator is made of plaiting.

Hanging room divider panel 3

hanging room divider panel

Hanging panels room divider

Hanging Panels Room Divider

Hanging wall dividers

I did a lot of searching for hanging panels room dividers before I bought this one. It has the lovely, white, floral pattern, which fits perfectly with any style and decor.

Hanging wall partition

A fancy hanging panel room divider modeled on Mid-century style and time. Retro elegance has been obtained thanks to veneered geometrical shapes in a shade of brown, which are clearly characteristic of retro 60's. Veneer panels hang on metal chains.

Hanging room dividers are simply great in regard to protecting

Hanging Room Dividers are Simply Great in Regard to Protecting Privacy

Hanging room divider screen

A stylish solution for dividing rooms in any house – a set of hanging panel room dividers made out of woven rattan wood. The sliding panels offer a modern alternative to standard doorways and give a unique vibe to the room.

Room dividers ideas hanging room divider hanging room divider panels

Room Dividers Ideas Hanging Room Divider Hanging Room Divider Panels ...

Room divider it was the peoples choice winner in the

... room divider. It was the People's Choice winner in the 2008 Ample

Hanging room partitions

Deco Flower Pots--Treille is a unique system of cylindrical vases, horizontally aligned and connected by nylon belts and adjustable suspenders. The pre-assembled set hangs from ceilings, edges, woodworks, etc (hanging brackets included). The plants find e

Screen curtain room divider

Screen Curtain room divider