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In need of attractive, useful hallway coat storage? Whether you have an older home that just doesn’t have enough coat closets or you’re trying to use a smaller space in the most efficient way possible, having a place to hang your jackets and bags can make a huge difference in the way your home feels.

However, some coat cupboards can feel bulky or out of place. Others simply won’t match your style. That’s where we’ve got you covered! These coat storage ideas are just what you need to solve your storage and organization problems while strengthening your home’s aesthetic. Let’s dive in! 

The industrial, open concept hallway coat storage

The industrial, open concept hallway coat storage

Hallways can be cramped, and sometimes you don’t have room for an entire cupboard. Yet you still want a place to sit down while you take off your shoes! Solve this problem with an attractive bench-and-hook coat-storage solution.

If black-and-white industrial aesthetics are your vibe, you’ll love a bench that has built-in drawers, lots of open space, and reclaimed wood for texture and style. These types of pieces add functionality and beauty to small spaces. 

A coastal coat cupboard

A coastal coat cupboard

With muted blue-grey tones and just enough carving to keep things interesting, a cupboard with closed storage and soothing features is perfect for hallway storage. A large one, in particular, can be a great strategy to keep home clutter corralled.

We love a solid cabinet with stately accessories and an overall neutral feel. Trust us: Even though these types of cabinets may feel big, you’ll be thankful for every square inch. 

A wall mounted mini hallway coat storage cupboard

A wall mounted mini hallway coat storage cupboard

On the other hand, maybe you don’t have a square inch to spare.

When this is the case, it’s time to take advantage of vertical space. Hang a miniature coat storage cabinet on your wall, with little cubbies for keys, accessories, and even plants or other small types of decor.

Then, hang your coat beneath. It’ll become part of your muscle memory to take coats on and off these hooks because they’re so easily accessible! 

The minimalist modern hallway coat rack of your dreams

The minimalist modern hallway coat rack of your dreams

Perhaps you don’t want anything remotely bulky taking up space in your hallway. Even hooks might take up too much room, or become a safety hazard when they’re not being used.

Enter: A coat rack that could easily be confused with a piece of modern art. Individual pieces of wood pull out on this coat rack to form extendable hooks. When not in use, it just looks like a modern, carved art piece. Definitely a win-win in our book! 

A rustic hallway coat cupboard

A rustic hallway coat cupboard

If a traditional, vintage look is more your vibe, select an armoire made out of heavy, beautiful wood. Get one with a drawer for shoe storage, and your hallway will rarely be cluttered ever again!

We love the minimal, comforting type of hardware that lets the beauty of the stained wood speak for itself, but the nice thing about coat cupboards like these is that you can switch up the hardware or even paint the wood to give this storage solution a fresh look. 


A beautiful mixed materials hallway wardrobe for coats and shoes

A beautiful mixed materials hallway wardrobe for coats and shoes

In need of a narrow solution for coat storage at home? Perhaps you need to fit your coat cabinet between two doorways or in an awkward corner.

Enter: A type of piece that’s slim, but full of functionality. An open-concept design will make your hallway appear larger, not smaller; and close-set hooks will allow you to hang more coats in a smaller space. 

Versatile coat storage with a hallway bench

Versatile coat storage with a hallway bench

If you want the flexibility of separate but coordinating pieces and all of the utility of a hallway coat rack with bench, you’re in luck: You can find wall-mounted coat cabinets that come with benches that go perfectly together!

We love a grey-toned wood as well for cupboards and benches in a modern style. Pro tip: If you opt for the type of hook that has two hooks in one fixture, you’ll double your storage potential! 

A minimal open coat storage cabinet

A minimal open coat storage cabinet

Want to hang up more than just coats? If you’re hoping for a hallway storage unit that has options for long items, shelving, drawers, a shoe bench and more, you’re in luck. Selecting a modular, completely-open type of coat storage can be aesthetic and allow you to store beautiful items in unconventional corners.

We’d recommend selecting coat hangers that are the same color as the rack, if you’re going for an overall cohesive look. 

A traditional wood carved hall coat cupboard

A traditional wood carved hall coat cupboard

If you like the all-wood aesthetic but don’t quite have the room for a full, closed-door cabinet, try a bench that has a built-in (e.g., not wall-mounted) coat hanger component. With a backdrop of the same carved wood that decorates the sides of the bench, this type of cabinet is clearly one piece—but not one that will make your hallway feel closed-in.

This is an excellent option for farmhouse styles and smaller spaces. 

A mid century modern slatted coat and shoe storage cabinet

A mid century modern slatted coat and shoe storage cabinet

On the other hand, maybe you want something with lots of parallel lines and ‘50s flair. In that case, check out a cabinet with beautiful slatted wood, a smaller bench, and metal accents to keep things interesting.

With a raised body, this type of shoe and coat storage cabinet will even feel lighter and airier than alternatives that sit flush to the ground. This can add utility without weighing down your space.

Our advice Buying Guide

A hallway coat storage provides a place where you can shed your outdoor gear and quickly put it away. Whether you are shucking off snow boots and a heavy winter coat or you are scrambling out of dirty garden shoes, a spot to put your outdoor things makes it easy to keep from tracking damp or muck across carpets or floors.

What are the benefits of proper hallway coat storage?

Hallway storage is handy for coats, outdoor footwear, and even for garden implements (depending upon the door). It puts an end to outerwear that is draped over a chair and to stumbling over footwear.

If your entry storage space also includes a place for umbrellas, boots and shoes as well as coats – and a handy place to sit down to pull them off – you have a head start on taming clutter. Organizing your home isn’t necessarily about sitting down with three boxes and doing a Keep, Donate, and Throwaway sort on your possessions. In fact, if you are a thrifty prepper, a lot more is going to land in the Keep pile than in the other two, especially if you’ve been judicious in where you spend your cash in the first place.

What are the most popular types of hallway coat storage?

Simple Metal Rod Rack

One of the simplest hallway storage units is a metal rack with four hooks for coats, an overhead shelf for hats, a seat and a shoe rack underneath the seat. It takes up approximately a two-foot by three-foot space in your general layout, and it around five feet tall. It might be essentially free-standing, but should be secured to the wall if possible. This prevents a heavy winter coat from toppling the unit.

Coat Tree

If your space is severely limited, a coat tree can take care of part of your hall storage problem. Coat trees are often a single rod with a four-limbed support base, and four double hooks at the top for hanging both coats and hats. The lower hook is for the coat, the upper for the hat. Add a wall-mounted shoe rack and a one-step stool, and you have the equivalent of the metal rod rack.

Floating Shelf and Bench

For those who want something a little more elegant, but still practical, a storage bench with shoe cubbies topped by a floating shelf with coat hooks underneath it. The floating shelf can include cubbies for personal belongings or for mail – something that can accrue into major clutter if given the chance. This is a lovely choice for a front entry arrangement.

The Garden Prepper Closet

Not every door needs something elegant. Garden shoes and equipment tend to clomp mud and garden dirt all over the kitchen – to say nothing of those garden tools that accumulate by the back door. Tame it all with a side-by-side equipment closet and coat hanger, along with a bench boot and shoe rack. With this setup, you will always know where your gardening shears, light garden shirt and hat are located.

A hallway coat storage keeps your coats and so much more neatly organized and ready for use.


Coat Rack

Coat Rack
A freestanding coat rack, made of rubber wood and finished in dark brown. Four legs and twelve hooks make it a great space saving storage place. It's a solid coat rack that doesn't tip over when something heavier is on one side.

Our home contemporary entry seattle

Our home contemporary entry seattle
First impressions are lasting impressions, and which room is the first when you go home? Beautiful wooden construction- hallway storage, offers compartments with coat hangers and all necessary accessories.

Hallway coat storage

A great blend of functionality and style, this coat storage fits contemporary hallways, entryways, and foyers. Crafted of white-finished wood and veneers, the unit comes with a sturdy seat, 6 black metal coat hooks, and 2 cabinets concealed with sliding doors.

Home hall coat shoe storage cupboard 1

Home / Hall Coat & Shoe Storage Cupboard

Shoe and coat storage ideas

A wonderful closet idea for a small entryway. It doesn't require a lot of place, but it provides a lot of storage space. It features a pretty bench with drawers underneath, racks for coats or bags, and four open shelves at the top.

Home hall coat shoe storage cupboard 4

Home / Hall Coat & Shoe Storage Cupboard

Hallway cupboard for coats

This entryway storage is balance between functionality and style. Four large drawers for shoes or small items, and large space of cabinets behind the door will help you hide your family's and your guests coats.

Hallway coat storage

The white finish of this stylish hallway coat storage makes the interior of the hallway or entryway gain functionality and exceptional style. Practical shelves, drawers and a seating area create an excellent composition.

Home 3 door hall coat shoe storage cupboard 1

Home / 3 Door Hall Coat & Shoe Storage Cupboard

Shoe and coat storage solutions

Prepac White Entryway Organizer Coat Rack Storage

Storage for shoes in hallway

Rustic White Painted Hall Storage Unit and Bench

Coat rack ideas for small spaces

A clever idea for storage unit that is hidden under the stairs. It features two sliding shelving units where you can keep your shoes and jackets. It's a wonderful solutions for small apartments or hallways.

Expressions hall tidy with bench shoe storage coat rack and

... Expressions / Hall Tidy with Bench, Shoe Storage, Coat Rack and Mirror

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Shoe cupboard for hallway

Hallway shoe storage

A functional hallway furniture unit that provides a lot of storage space. It features open shelves which can be filled with decorative baskets and space for coats and shoes. It comes in wood painted white, which will give a rustic touch.

Hall coat and shoe storage

11 Storage Solutions That Keep Clutter Away - Circle of Moms: This would make the front closets work better. All the materials are available at Target too.

Hall bench with coat storage cushion seat and low storage

... Hall Bench with Coat Storage, Cushion Seat and Low Storage Drawers

Under stair shoe storage

simple, functional mudroom // Paul Bangay Stonefields Home // Photo Lucas Allen

Details about white indoor entryway coat rack and storage benches

Details About White Indoor Entryway Coat Rack And Storage Benches

Wood Hall Tree Coat Rack Entry Way Bench

With this contemporary bench you don't have to worry about the appearance and functionality of your entryway or hallway. Made of MDF and particle board, the bench is able to withstand 200 lbs. of load, and offers 4 double coat hooks and a convenient, open storage space.

Coat organizer

A cool space-saving hallway storage unit (of wooden materials in white) under stairs. It consists of several size-varied pull out cabinets and drawers with slanted top parts and dangling metal pulls. Cabinets are equipped with shelves and hooks.

Hall tidy with bench 3 drw shoe storage 4 hook

Hall Tidy with Bench, 3 Drw, Shoe Storage, 4 Hook Coat Rack and Mirror ...

Woodworking entryway storage bench coat rack plans pdf free download

Woodworking entryway storage bench coat rack plans PDF Free Download