Large Foyer Lighting Fixtures

If you have a home with a foyer, then you know two things belong in there: a table with a plant, and a large lighting fixture to illuminate the space. We have both, but in this collection, we will just touch on the lighting. There are plenty of high-quality and very attractive large lighting fixtures in this collection for you to choose from. Take a look and see what you think.

Best Products

Flatiron 12 Light Extra Large Foyer Pendant

Flatiron 12 Light Extra Large Foyer Pendant
This large pendant in a weathered iron finish features hand-worked, wrought iron construction. The pendant is designed for contemporary foyers, living rooms or dining rooms, and offers 12 lights with an ambient light direction.

Equinox 6 Light Large Foyer Pendant

Equinox 6 Light Large Foyer Pendant
Are you a fan of modern and extraordinary stylish design? Then, this unique and functional light pendant would be a perfect match for you! Check it out and enjoy and original look in your living room or bedroom.

Foyer 1 Light Foyer Pendant

Foyer 1 Light Foyer Pendant
Cool traditional 1-light hanging lamp with a squarish frame of bronze-finished metal. It consists of straight bars curved at the top and joined with a round bowl. It's equipped with an adjustable chain.

Victorian hotel pendant polished nickel traditional chandeliers

Victorian hotel pendant polished nickel traditional chandeliers
Pendant lamp in elegant form. Frame is made of metal and covered with clear glass. It is mounted on adjustable chain. Includes 3 lights. Stylish accent for each room.

Hearthstone Foyer Light Pendant

Hearthstone Foyer Light Pendant
Pretty-looking traditional 1-light hanging lamp with a fixture of bronze-finished metal. It has a simple oval frame with a cap top hanger and a bottom bowl. A cylindrical uplight shade is of beige glass.

Foyer 4 Light Foyer Pendant

Foyer 4 Light Foyer Pendant
Pretty though simple traditional 4-light hanging lamp. Its squarish frame is of bronze-finished metal. It's built of straight bars curved at the top and joined with a round bowl. It has an adjustable chain.

Stanton Foyer Pendant

Stanton Foyer Pendant
A wonderful 3-light foyer pendant that will easily add some elegance to your home, welcoming your guests in an entryway or lighting up a dining nook to create a relaxed, cafe-styled ambiance. The steel construction on the other hand is strong and reliable.

Our advice Buying Guide

When you enter any home, the first thing that you base your impression on is the foyer. If the area is undecorated, drab or plain, that impression usually lingers and it affects how you see the entire house.

Because your home is a reflection of you, you would want it to look the best. So, why don't you fill your entryway with a large foyer lighting fixture? It is the best way for establishing your home's character, plus it creates an inviting entryway.

If we've piqued your interest, read on as we have buying tips listed below!

What types of foyer lighting fixtures are there?

There are different types of large lighting fixtures for entryways and they’re as follows:

  • Pendants - Pendant lighting are suspended from ceilings and they direct light downwards. Pendants are great at enhancing the theme or style of entryways. They are also used to keep the light focused on artworks or decorative features of foyers.
  • Chandeliers - Chandeliers provide the best ambient lighting. They’re not just great for foyers as they’re also perfect for areas where you entertain guests. As they’re the biggest lighting fixtures, they are fit for large entryways. They’re often made of glass pearls but you’ll find other models made of more expensive materials like crystals. The cheap ones are made of plastic. As they add the wow factor that you are looking for, they are your best options, most especially if your entryway is massive. Anywhere in your home that you want to showcase grandeur and luxury can benefit from a chandelier.
  • Ceiling Lighting - Ceiling lighting is the type that is mounted to a ceiling directly. It comprises of a glass or plastic shade that conceals a light bulb. It filters the light so it is diffused. Even when this type of lighting fixture has been used for decades, it doesn’t get outdated as it is a convenient option. If the ceiling in your foyer is quite high, then make sure you let a professional do the installation of a ceiling light for you.

How to get the right size foyer lighting fixture?

An important factor that you need to consider when getting a new large lighting fixture is its size. A hall that is 75 sq. ft. or more can look great with a fixture that is more than 12 inches in diameter. For a chandelier, it should be 18 inches or more in diameter. As for the bottom part of the fixture, it should be 7 ft. from your flooring if your ceiling height is the standard which is 10 feet.

Another thing to remember before you purchase a large lighting fixture for a foyer is its weight. A ceiling outlet box can only hold 50 lbs, so you will need extra components and hardware. It is also an excellent idea to double check the installation instructions of your chosen model as well as the specifications as not all entryways are the same. If your foyer is two-story, make sure you center your lighting fixture so it can be viewed outdoors.


Allura 1 Light Pendant

Allura 1 Light Pendant
Elegant hanging lamp in a modern style. Lampshade is formed on the shiny effect and the combined crystals in various forms. Supports one bulb. Use in any place according to taste.

Fulton 5 Light Foyer Pendant

Fulton 5 Light Foyer Pendant
Beautiful traditional hanging pendant intended for 5 up to 60W candle bulbs. It has a tulip-inspired shade crafted of thin curved black-coated metal rods with scroll ends. It hangs on an adjustable chain.

At-Mesh-Sphere 6 Light Foyer Pendant

At-Mesh-Sphere 6 Light Foyer Pendant
6 light sphere foyer pendant. This innovative light pendant will be a cheerful and functional addition to your decor. The pendant has been hand forget of recycled steel and features 6 lights. It can accommodate medium base bulbs.

Large foyer lighting fixtures

The large and highly efficient foyer lighting fixture is an interesting way to create a stylish interior of your kitchen or living room. Beautiful iron design and subtle crystals in this glittering chandelier delight.

Foyer pendant light fixtures

Drown your entryway, hallway, or foyer in rustic accents by using this weathered pendant lighting. Characterized by a drum design, the pendant emanates with worn appearance, hanging on a matching chain, accommodating a stylish candelabra.

Large entryway chandelier

Phenomenal chandelier mounted on metal frame and finished with crystals. It is fitted with 12 lights. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Elegant design for each room. It is very well appreciated by customers.

Sphere light fixtures

A captivating lighting fixture that emanates with hypnotizing design and flawless silhouette. Created of beautifuly curved steel wires, the chandelier is suspended from a strong chain, accommodating up to 9 bulbs at the same time.

Large hallway lighting

An ideal enlightenment of a large foyer. This hanging lamp enchants with its intricate, complex construction, featuring multiple tiny lights, that create together a magical glittering experience.

Large foyer lighting fixtures 1

Traditional stylization, comfort and aesthetisc. This decor features a solid wooden hall table with mirror, shelves and metal hardware. Its ceiling-mounted lamps are very solid and attractive thanks to their glass walls.

Large light fixtures

The unusual combination of a beautiful pedestal-based coffee table and impressive chairs with stylish upholstery makes the whole look phenomenal. Elegant design adds a large foyer lighting fixture that delights.

Bedroom light fixtures on foyer lighting fixtures iron fence

Bedroom Light Fixtures on Foyer Lighting Fixtures Iron Fence

Large foyer lighting fixtures

A beautiful example of a pendant lighting fixture, ideal if you want to recreate the charm and chic of the Victorian style. Polished nickel finish may not be the cheapest finish, however, it looks fabulous. Measures 18" w x 26" h.

Large foyer lighting

This large foyer lighting fixture constitutes a perfect way to add refinement from the very first seconds in your house. Its atom-shaped construction is a mixture of modern and classic influences.

Siljoy W48" X H108" Large Round Crystal Rain Drop Design LED Lighting

Ideal for a living or dining room, as well as for a stylish hallway or office. This crystal raindrop LED lighting has the following size: Diameter 48" /120cm, Height 108" /270cm. The 28x 3W GU10 Cool White LED Bulbs are included.

Large foyer lighting fixtures 6

The unique large metal wall clock. The base was made using the old flywheel from the windmill. The other details decorating this room suggest fascination of milling industry. Using such a accessories is cheap and also looks impressive.

Abstract lighting fixtures

The interesting chandelier combines many styles and raw materials. The large foyer lighting fixture represents an open wrought iron sphere that is surrounded by 6 lights and they are meant to illuminate space. Here a composition from several small spheres.

Oversized light fixtures

This amazing light fixture enchants with its large globe surface. It creates a perfect contemporary interpretation of the industrial style. Will fit smoothly into lofts or restaurants and cafes, creating a charming glow.

Quoizel VYR5012 Voyager 12 Light 2 Tier 36" Wide Candle Style Chandelier,

Love everything about this picture clean modern but rustic elegance

Love everything about this picture. Clean & modern, but rustic elegance. Want the light fixture. Wall color is Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter.

Greige interior design ideas and inspiration for the transitional home

greige: interior design ideas and inspiration for the transitional home

Get a large light fixture for entryway at new house

Get a large light fixture for entryway at new house- will help take away from the large wall

Huge light fixtures

A stunning foyer pendant light fixture that will ensure not only a little bit of brightness to your interior but also ample amounts of elegant and pure style. It comes with the cage-like structure, making it shine in both traditional and modern settings.

Large light fixture

Love the double front door and large, open hallway.

Entry light fixture

This striking chandelier with ten lights, is an extraordinary addition to the large foyer or dining room. Everyone will tell you how beautiful it looks in your apartment.

Large foyer lighting fixtures 2

Double Sphere Wire Chandelier - Shades of Light (orb, sphere light, chandelier, pendant) *industrial chic, loft, raw materials, factory, farmhouse, rustic, salvage style, vintage, urban, upcycle, recycle, reuse, found items, rust*

Clear globe pendant light fixtures

This simple, modern lantern will add a sophisticated touch to any decor. Steel rings form a globe around a central light. It can be finished in Silver, Gold, White or Black. Measures (18" Diameter). 3' chain. 5" canopy.

Camino round chandelier small finally a chandelier that i wouldnt

Camino Round Chandelier Small - Finally a chandelier that I wouldn't change a thing!

Large foyer lighting fixtures 2

Entry lanterns

Large lighting fixtures

The cage doesn't always have to be associated with something terrible: the designs of this large foyer lighting were inspired by metal cages, hence their finish from the 18th century.Chandeliers are suspended on chains,and in the middle they have 4-arm candles.

Pulley pendant lights kitchen

Pendant lamp with 3 lights. Frame is made of metal with antique finish. Great solution for kitchen island. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Received many positive recommendations from clients.

Clever use of mirrors brings more light into room google

Clever use of MIRRORS, brings MORE LIGHT into room - Google Search. I used Google search here because I needed to review a lot of links all at once. I am hunting down a way to bring natural light into a room with one tiny window (3'x4' is tiny!). I love W

Extra large pendant lighting

Presented large foyer lighting fixture offers us an interesting trim of satin etched, cased glass that creates these little 9 cup-shaped lampshades. Together with iron oval lines, they rise up like flowers and make elegant Edgecomb chandelier.

Large outdoor pendant light 1

Beautiful, Moroccan lamps that will give your room an exotic atmosphere. They were hand crafted by skilful artists, who poured hot wax into each of the lamps and then made hundred of tiny holes to create their enchanting design.

Foyer pendant light fixtures 20

Overhead lighting element that illuminates indoors at night. Its symmetrical layout and simple colors provide high aesthetic level, so the light is able to decorate different bedrooms, living rooms and other indoors at day.

Foyer pendant light fixtures 5

Handcrafted iron pendant lantern with scalloped arches design, clear glass panes, 4 light-candle cluster and style-matching ring finial. Due to size, it's recommended for large foyers and open spaces, not excluding outdoors.

Landmark lighting pendant 1

I've just realized that a landmark lighting pendant similar to this oiled bronze metal pull-down is exactly what I'd want to see in my farmhouse style home. Its antique inspired aesthetics really speaks to me.

Troy Lighting F1288 Sausalito 8 Light Pendant with Fabric Shade,

Large foyer lighting fixtures 1

The Tri-Light Zone: making long hallways or rooms with multiple lighting fixtures more interesting.

Lights over island

These fabulous kitchen lamps are a combination of steel construction and beautiful glass globe lampshades. The whole is presented in a very stylish and contemporary way, bringing to the interior a sense of style.

Vertigo bronze and gold leaf 30 inch w foyer pendant

Vertigo Bronze and Gold Leaf 30-Inch-W Foyer Pendant Light

Spark 48 contemporary bespoke chandelier light fixture

Spark 48 Contemporary Bespoke Chandelier Light Fixture

Huge windows the tub the ceiling that light fixture

huge windows, the tub, the ceiling, & that light fixture!!

Maxim m12207fioi manor large foyer chandelier chandelier oil rubbed bronze

Maxim M12207FIOI Manor Large Foyer Chandelier Chandelier - Oil Rubbed Bronze