Capodimonte Chandelier


This collection of chandeliers is elegant, stylish and incredibly beautiful. There is so much going on, one could stare at them for hours and still not see every single intricate detail. They are crafted by master artisans, made for the finest homes. And we have them available right now for your home and our extensive collection of these breathtaking Capodimonte chandeliers.

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Our Picks

Authentic Capodimonte 6 Light Candle Chandelier

Authentic Capodimonte 6 Light Candle Chandelier

If you're dreaming of an extraordinary design in your living room or bedroom, this amazing chandelier might be a perfect match for you. Check it out and enjoy an intriguing and stylish look in your house!

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Authentic capodimonte porcelain chandelier chandeliers lighting made


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Vintage capodimonte lamp ceiling fixture chandelier porcelain cherub

Vintage capodimonte lamp ceiling fixture chandelier porcelain cherub

This lovely Capodimonte chandelier delights with the beautifully finished porcelain shades. Adorned with vibrantly painted cherubs, it refers to the most refined classic interiors.

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Capodimonte chandelier 14

An extravagant chandelier that will give your room a splendid character. It features a massive, solid construction with plenty of flowery accents in bright, but delicate colors. The chandelier might be a good way to jazz up dark rooms.

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Authentic Capodimonte 3 Light Mini Chandelier

Authentic Capodimonte 3 Light Mini Chandelier

Are you a fan of stylish and intriguing decotations? Then, check out this amazing and unique chandelier and bring some incredible design to your living room or bedroom, no matter what is your preferred style.

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Vintage capodimonte

Extraordinary, sculptural Capodimonte chandelier; definitely not an ordinary light fixture. Its making material is famous Italian Capodimonte paste porcelain. Adorned with intricate flourishes next to precise detail of the flowers and leaves.

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Antique capodimonte chandelier antique3

Antique capodimonte chandelier antique3

A chic antique 3-light chandelier with a frame built of a candlestick-like porcelain stem with a bottom finial and several curved fern leaves-like arms of brass. A bowl shade with a wavy edge and charming roses on arm ends are of porcelain in blues.

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New Capodimonte Chandelier W 18 Arms White Gold Roses Made Italy

New Capodimonte Chandelier W 18 Arms White Gold Roses Made Italy

Very classical design for a chandelier. White with golden details and decorated with tiny pink roses, this eighteen-armed chandelier is a great addition for both a dining room and a cosy, elegant bedroom!

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New capodimonte chandelier w 12 arms mother pearl made italy

New capodimonte chandelier w 12 arms mother pearl made italy

Looking at this marvelously designed chandelier, you can feel the Italian vibe in it. Intricate, ornamental design with multiple subtle details, evoking associations with palaces and courts, will embellish almost all traditional interiors.

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Capodimonte chandeliers 3

Bring class and antique style into your home with this superb chandelier. Constructed from metal, the chandelier is finished in white and accentuated with little touches of pink and blue for stunning classy appeal. You also get superb detailing and outstanding craftsmanship.

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Capodimonte Chandelier

Buying Guide

There are only a few things that can evoke splendor and command a room quite like a Capodimonte chandelier. This incredible creation has served the bellwether of status and wealth. For centuries, it adorned great dining rooms and halls of Europe. As there are lots of Capodimonte chandeliers for you to choose from, which one is the best to add to your home? Don’t decide yet. We've listed buying tips below to help you make the right decision!

There are only a few rules that you need to follow when getting a Capodimonte chandelier including its distance from the floor. Your new lighting fixture should hang around 60 to 66 inches from the floor or 30 to 36 inches from a table.

If a table will be underneath the lighting fixture, consider the table's scale. A classic English dining table will definitely need a different scale of chandelier compared to a table that's heavy and made of carved oak.

There's not one particular size that's great for all foyers, so get your foyer's size. You should also take into account how your staircase is situated as well as the windows that are in the area.

There are lots of things inside your property that you replace every decade including appliances, curtains, sofas, and bed linens. They're all replaced after a couple of years as they wear out or you have changed your taste or preference. A chandelier, however, is one of the fixtures of homes that are permanent. It is, therefore, crucial that you choose with care and consideration

If you get the right Capodimonte chandelier, it is likely that you only have to get one for your entire lifetime. This means this home addition is a wise long-term investment. One common mistake homeowners make when getting chandeliers is getting those that are too small. Never be scared in hanging a large lighting fixture. Of course, you need to let your room's size be your guide.

In terms of quality, we won’t suggest you get the highest one. Instead, you should get the level of design and craftsmanship that you like. If your budget is limited, treat the purchase of a Capodimonte chandelier like any lighting purchase. Of course, don’t expect to get the most luxurious model. What's great about such type of lighting fixture is it still looks incredible even when it’s not the most expensive. With low-quality chandeliers, you will notice that the crystals are not cut too deep or they don’t look sharp.

If you plan to spend more on a Capodimonte chandelier, then beware of a product’s quality. As much as possible, only purchase from a reputable seller or dealer. One thing that you need to look out for with a more expensive chandelier is the cut of the glass. It should be sharp, and it should have a very clean cut.

If there’s visible metal work, then inspect its construction. If it looks substantial, then you got a piece that’s valuable.

Best Ideas

Capodimonte chandelier 29

"Chandelier 3 lights of antique chandelier made in Italy Antique / Capodimonte Rose" ancient and modern times, gently Coconfouato [antique lighting and antique furniture] United Kingdom antique French antique French antique, antique chandeliers, antique f

Capodimonte chandelier 10

Capodimonte Chandelier

Capodimonte chandelier 15

Extra-large chandelier featuring a beautiful art décor design and a sturdy metal construction. The chandelier offers radiant and cozy lighting in large spaces and comes with a royal-inspired white finish with beautiful bold color accents to match. The chandelier is also neatly crafted with intricate detailing clear for all to see.

Italian ceramic chandelier

Capodimonte Chandeliers with Globes

Italian porcelain chandelier

NEW CAPODIMONTE Chandelier w/12 Arms/Lights White & Gold w/3 Angels

Capodimonte chandelier 13

Beautiful chandelier that provides light and decorates indoors thanks to its hand-painted cherub motive on ceramic elements. This element features eight decorative branches in a very attractive brass finish.

To nuova capodimonte porcelain nuova capodimonte porcelain capodimonte

to nuova capodimonte porcelain nuova capodimonte porcelain capodimonte ...

Capodimonte chandelier 7

Capodimonte chandelier

Capodimonte porcelain chandelier


Capodimonte chandelier 39

Petite Vintage Brass Capodimonte style Porcelain Chandelier light 20 Pink Porcelain Roses Gorgeous 10 Gold dust Murano flowers Redo

Capodimonte chandelier 11

This piece truly is class and sophistication in itself - it sports a beautiful, off-white finish with the charming accents coming from the delicate, small roses and will create a sublime and one-of-a-kind atmosphere in any living room.

Capodimonte porcelain 12 lights chandelier image 8

Capodimonte Porcelain 12 Lights Chandelier image 8

Capodimonte chandelier 25

Image detail for -Beautiful Antique Capodimonte Chandelier for sale in Mississauga ...

Capodimonte chandelier 34

di monte superbe bougeoir chandelier porcelaine capo di monte rose ...