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The master architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, designed homes that broke boundaries and stretched imaginations. We have a small part of that in these eclectic Frank Lloyd Wright chandeliers. Beautiful, intricate, and ingenious, if you are looking for a lighting concept that no one you know has, then you have come to the perfect collection.

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Frank lloyd wright chandelier 3

Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater home, this awesome chandelier comes from the so-called Planar Family. The geometric interplay of lit, glowing planes and steel surfaces provide a magical lighting experience.

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Frank lloyd wright chandelier 1

Based on by Frank Lloyd Wright's Butterfly Chandelier from 1902, this chandelier copies it faithfully. Built from hundreds of precision cut iridescent and clear glass pieces, this handmade brass and glass construction will serve its role for years.

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Frank lloyd wright style chandeliers

Representing the characteristic Frank Lloyd's style, this designer-looking chandelier combines quality with style. Very geometrical, with clear, sharp lines, shall appeal to all, who like minimalistic, modern design.

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86 frank lloyd wright furniture style lighting products

86 frank lloyd wright furniture style Lighting Products

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Frank lloyd wright chandelier 26

Characteristic for the Frank Lloyd Wright, this fantastic chandelier constitutes a great example of the mid-century design. Simplistic, yet designer-looking, organic wooden construction.

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Prairie style chandelier

Modern chandelier as the main or additional source of light. Frame is made of wood and metal. Traditional form and contemporary design for each place. Great solution for the living room, dining room and more.

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Frank lloyd wright chandelier 7

An iconic design by Frank Lloyd: a geometric chandelier composed of wooden cubes, horizontal layers and vertical frames. Apart from a stunning appearance, the fixture provides conveniently diffused indirect lighting without the use of glass.

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Frank lloyd wright chandelier 8

A contemporary-looking chandelier placed underneath a ceiling in a spacious living room. The base of the chandelier is made out of solid oak wood, and the actual light is hanged by thick links made out of steel.

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Frank lloyd wright chandelier

Being a perfect choice for adding a touch of elegance to your home, this Frank Lloyd style chandelier is available in a variety of designs and wood frame colors. The frame measures 39" x 24", while the ceiling Board Size: 34" x 19".

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Frank lloyd wright lighting 3

frank lloyd wright lighting

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Frank Lloyd Wright Chandelier

Buying Guide

A Frank Lloyd Wright chandelier best matches homes, furniture, and art in the mid-century modern style. Wright’s works often depend on the simple beauty of geometry in order to attain their brilliance, and the chandeliers are no different!

If you have a Frank Lloyd Wright chandelier in your home, you’re going to want it to be the star of the show. All of the other furniture in the room needs to be a good supporting player. Make sure that you work with neutral colors of furniture that have straight, parallel lines in their legs and backs. That way, your beautiful chandelier will be the focal point of your room.

To determine the right size for your Frank Lloyd Wright chandelier, measure the width and length of the room in feet. Take the sum of these two numbers as inches to get the diameter of the right chandelier size. To calculate the appropriate length, measure the height of the room in feet. Consider that number in inches and multiply it by 2.5. For example, a living room 15 feet wide, 17 feet long, and 8 feet high, would suit a chandelier with a diameter of 32 inches and a length of 20 inches.

For multiple chandeliers to be hung over a focal point, such as a dining table, calculate the diameter of the table in inches, and divide it by the number of chandeliers, plus 1. For example, to hang two chandeliers above a 54-inch dining table, the right diameter would be 18 inches, hung 18 inches apart.

Best Ideas

Frank Lloyd Wright® Barrel Floor Globe

Frank Lloyd Wright® Barrel Floor Globe

Unique globe designed for awesome looks and durability. Offers solid wooden half-barrel frame in elegant walnut finish and detailed world globe with durable brass support to enhance this already refined design.

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Frank lloyd wright chandelier 3

Embodying the typical features of the designer-looking Frank Lloyd Wright projects, this chandelier constitutes a timeless proposition, that shall embellish both modern and more classic interiors.

Arts and Crafts 4 Light Chandelier

Arts and Crafts 4 Light Chandelier

Frank lloyd wright chandelier 1

The industrial chandelier made of metal and glass. The construction was built of two parts. The first is a classic glass lampshade in orange color. There is also the metal stillage on it, what creates the modern feeling of this lamp.

Frank lloyd wright chandelier 14

Stunning and super modern chandeliers influenced by the brilliant mind of American architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The piece is designed to deliver beautiful ambient light and comes with a unique geometrical shape, neatly finished in a series of bold colors that add impeccable vibrant appeal into any space.

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Frank Lloyd Wright lamps

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Frank lloyd wright chandelier 7

Frank Lloyd Wright

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Frank lloyd wright light fixture

Frank Lloyd Wright Light fixture

Frank lloyd wright styles

Frank Lloyd Wright Styles

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Detail Photo 2