Large Globe Pendant Light

if you are looking for a different style of light source in your home, then look no further than this collection of large glow pendant lights. they are an interesting way to illuminate a space, they are relatively attractive, and can complement a certain decorative style. if you are ready to give something new a try in your home lighting, take a look in this extensive collection for details.

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Globe Pendant

Globe Pendant
This clear glass lamp shade is a perfect idea for the original decor of any contemporary interior. Beautiful artistry and a beautiful chrome plated fitting create an elegant bulb for the kitchen or dining room.

Clear glass globe pendan light modern

Clear glass globe pendan light modern
The pendants can change everything in the kitchen. This one features the clear glass globe shade and modern design. Add three of them under the kitchen island and enjoy unique look.

Large modern chandelier lamp pendant

Large modern chandelier lamp pendant
This globe pendant lamp constitutes a great modern proposition for stylish interiors. Ideal for weddings, banquets or other glorious occasions, this contemporary chandelier will be a glamorous lighting fixture.

Clift seeded glass pendant

Clift seeded glass pendant
This large globe pendant light would be a great lighting fixture for the kitchen, i.e. towering above the island. Its cool and clean design and pure form will fit into all contemporary spaces.


This large globe pendant light will beautifully complete your kitchen or dining area with the perfect spin on a traditional design that makes it into a more modern-looking and yet still breathtaking piece.

Capiz Orb Pendants

Capiz Orb Pendants
These pendants add light and style into the room. They look very interesting so, they are useful and decorative. These are hand-made products, so they are ideal for people who are interested in having original products.

Schoolhouse pendant light large white

Schoolhouse pendant light large white
A nice addition for schools, halls and entryways, this stylish pendant light is beautifully hand-finished in oil rubbed bronze. It has a large globe designed of milk glass and produces very bright light.

Our advice Buying Guide

A large globe pendant light can be a beautiful addition to your spaces and can have a variety of shapes, size, and appearance. It is an easy solution to dark corners or to a ceiling that is too high for a central light fixture to be effective. The globe can be clear, frosted or translucent. It can be crystalline, tear-drop shaped, or round. It could even have an organic rather than geometric shape. Its only requirement is that is pendant and that it is more or less global in aspect.

What are the most popular designs of large globe pendant lights?

Clear Crystal or Clear Round Globes

A clear crystal pendant globe has the advantage of not obstructing the light. The bulb is visible through the globe making it ideal for using a decorative bulb or a bulb that emulates a flickering flame. Another interesting effect is to use colored bulbs in the clear globe – you can even mix and match the globes in one room.

“Open” Globes

These are open-air arrangements of wood or metal that encircle the light source but do not act as a shade or an obstruction to the light. Loaded with a bulb fashioned in the style of an antique Edison bulb, the visual effect is charming and unique. The bulb is framed, placing an emphasis on its unique shape and style.

Another type of open globe conceals more standardized candle lamp bulbs within the spokes of the globe. The illumination source is concealed, but with four of them they cast an efficient light.

Finally, in the open globe style, is the candelabra globe. A cluster of lights in candelabra style are in the center of the globe and the enclosing bands form an openwork globe. The bands can be made of thin strips of metal or they can be more rounded like rods or heavy-duty wires. The effect is airy and delicate.

Frosted or Colored Globes

As you might expect, these translucent globes soften the light from the naked bulb, gentling it to a more romantic or slow-down for the evening kind of light. Their gentle illumination is perfect for night lights, romantic balcony lights or even for general illumination.

Cut-Out Globes

Resembling Japanese lanterns, these light covers are made of metal that has been cut. One model has slots in it, another looks like one of those amazing paper-cut projects that children bring home from art class – but it isn’t made of paper, it is created from thin metal. A third lamp looks as if someone was playing with a set of magnets. The ends of metal pieces are stuck together like a wild nest of jackstraws, in an oddly charming sort of way.

Globes can be a way to display unique light bulbs or to hide ordinary ones. They can be decorative in and of themselves, or they can enhance other aspects of your décor. They can be used in almost any sort of decorating scheme – just select the globe that goes with your other furnishings. Large globe pendant lights need no excuse – they are beautiful and useful.


Af lighting

Af lighting
A beautifully crafted, outdoor chandelier. Nothing beats different light sources when it comes to creating a magical ambiance in your outdoor lounging area. Multiplicity of small elements will intensify the wonderful, glittering effect.

Lights over island

These fabulous kitchen lamps are a combination of steel construction and beautiful glass globe lampshades. The whole is presented in a very stylish and contemporary way, bringing to the interior a sense of style.

Large globe pendant light

These metal barstools recreate popular mid century design and exude industrial vibe. Colored white, they provide a light visual accent that is neutral by the way. Large globe lights above the kitchen counter add unique attitude.

Large globe pendant light

West Elm Globe Pendant in Milk Finish ($99-$129) - Love the "milk finish" with the brass base. Affordable version of a classic design.

Large clear glass pendant light

Now you will be able to illuminate your kitchen island with very bright light. Those 3 pendant lights hang on strong chains and have large, clear glass globes, excellent for brightening up spacious interiors.

Oversized pendant light

The enormous globe of pendant light is a great way to create a spectacular interior finish. The beautiful composition made a fantastic impression and combined with a bit of dark decor, it fits perfectly.

Oversized glass pendant

A chic modern kitchen set finished in white but warm brown tops and open shelves against a white backsplash. A large island has a built-in oven and a sink, lots of drawers with large horizontal metal grips. Glass globe pendant lights give it charm.

White globe pendant light

You can easily change all design with large globe pendant light above the kitchen island or working table. Add two of them, and enjoy the exclusive and contemporary accent.

Industrial kitchen tolix chairs and large globe pendants

industrial kitchen. Tolix chairs, and large globe pendants.

Metal globe pendant light

This large globe pendant lighting fixture will work out well in large, high interiors, adding a fabulous, luxury appeal to any living room. A combination of contemporary design and classic elegance.

Glass sphere light fixture

Elegant L-shaped kitchen set of wooden materials featuring white-finished fronts but grey countertops. Wall cabinets have moulding tops. A hood and refrigerator doors are of stainless steel. Two globe pendants over the island are of clear glass.

Large globe pendant light 6

Large Globe Pendant Light

Globe pendant 10

Globe Pendant

Large globe pendant light 7

The most productive nations in the world - Asian, coped with the surplus rice creating rice paper and with it beautiful noble lamps. Already in 1951, the form of this round paper large globe pendant light lamp was created, and it accompanies us to this day.

Large light globes

The most popular is, without doubt, a glass large globe pendant light made of frosted glass in a shade of white. Together with a simple form and a brass ceiling mount, they create a classic illumination of the illuminated house.

Large glass globe pendant

Beautiful and trendy globe ceiling lamps for candelabra bulbs. A pendant has an outer metal frame, a showy shade holder and an adjustable chain with a nickel finish. A horizontal band features an openwork geometric design. Shades are of clear glass.

Large glass globes

A glass lamp can be an element that perfectly complements the home interior. The most fashionable model is glass large globe pendant light. They are not often found hanging in the kitchen above the kitchen island - and this is a really elegant solution.

Globe glass pendant light

Globe Pendants over kitchen bar to replace 3 can lights - Milk Finish from west elm - 11" $100 each 14" $129 each 5-7 business days

Large globe pendant light 13

Interior,Fabulous Lighting Idea Hula Hoop Chandelier Love Maegan With Round Dining Table Inspirations,Stylish Round Pendant Lighting For Modern Home Interior

Diy lighting 1

DIY Lighting

Uptown 3 light clear globe cluster pendant today 140 99

Uptown 3-light Clear Globe Cluster Pendant Today: $140.99 $213.99 Save ...

Glass sphere pendant light

who needs landscaping when you have an archway like this?

Large glass globe pendant light

Solid, dark wood cabinets, white marble counters and these caviar pendant lights...Altogether it creates a very warm, yet elegant and spacious kitchen. Large globe pendant lights will be a trendy accent in any interior.

Hood pendant rejuvenation item a1445 dims 12 bulb 300w maximum

Hood Pendant- Rejuvenation. Item #A1445 Dims: 12" Bulb: 300W maximum. Clear Glass Diffuser $420.

Large globe pendant light 4

Pin by Sheila Earnest on LED lights | Pinterest

Recreate with large wine jugs and one of those cool

recreate with large wine jugs and one of those cool bulbs from home depot

Home with classic blue and white interiors

Home with Classic Blue and White Interiors

Noir blanc un style a paris rue st honore un

NOIR BLANC un style: A Paris, rue St Honoré, un appartement actuel et chic!

Glass globe pendant lighting

Biddeford. Clear Globe PENDANT Light

Globe pendant 4

Globe Pendant

All products kitchen kitchen cabinet lighting pendant lighting 16

All Products / Kitchen / Kitchen & Cabinet Lighting / Pendant Lighting

Contemporary bar sets

Triple pendant lamp in modern form. Lampshade is made of clear glass and gives warm tone of light. Great solution for the kitchen island, dining room, living room and others interiors according to taste.

Capital lighting axis 4 light globe pendant

Capital Lighting Axis 4 Light Globe Pendant

Please please go on clearance you would look phenomenal in

please, please go on clearance. you would look PHENOMENAL in my entryway.

Clear glass globe pendant

An excellent addition for contemporary homes that are lacking a proper shine. This 10'' globe shade is made of clear glass attached to a natural brass pendant with a matching rod, illuminating interiors with warm, bright light.

White glass globe pendant light

light pendant - diy w/string.

Clear globe pendant light fixtures

This simple, modern lantern will add a sophisticated touch to any decor. Steel rings form a globe around a central light. It can be finished in Silver, Gold, White or Black. Measures (18" Diameter). 3' chain. 5" canopy.

Large globe pendant light 11

Designed by Tia Zoldan, this set of extra large hichs pendant will help you achieve a contemporary, yet very cosy ambiance in your kitchen or dining room. They feature antique brass, smoothly fitted into black and white, creating a refined accent.

Large glass globe

Eye-catching contemporary hanging lights having forms of seamed balls made of clear cast glass featuring inner bubbles and other imperfections so each ball is unique. A ball has a frosted cylindrical void inside containing a LED.

Glass globe pendant lights

Regina Andrew large globe pendant

Bayliss large globe pendant light

Bayliss Large Globe Pendant Light

Large globe light

From the metal strips like a streamer, wonderful lighting was created in a modern but industrial style. Black, aged metal strips form a ball of iron with elegant three candles inside, that all together makes this large globe pendant light lantern.

Large glass pendant

The efficient kitchen makes spending time in it a pleasure. Beautiful globe lamps, stools impressive with mesh seat and backrest, beautiful cabinets in the shade of mint and a large marble top captivate.