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A pendant lamp by itself is a wonderful way to light the home, but for something a little more eclectic in the world of pendant lamps we offer you our ice cube pendant lamp. They are attractive and give off plenty of light, are made of the highest quality material and these lamps will fit just about any standard bulb. Take a look at this extensive collection and save an ice cube pendant lamp will fit well in your home.

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Updated 18/08/2022
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Versatile ice cube light fixture

Versatile ice cube light fixture

This pendant looks just as if its four candles were frozen in ice! This creates a stylish but cozy and charming vibe. Handcrafted and measuring 10” in height, this ice cube pendant light consists of seeded glass and a frame in a bronze finish. 

Designer Advice:

To ensure a balanced result, look for ice cube pendants that can be hung at the right height for your room. A handy starting point is to aim for 6’ off the floor. If, on the contrary, you’ll be placing your pendant above a table or countertop, 3’ from its surface will do.  

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Long ice cube ceiling light

Long ice cube ceiling light

Showcasing eight lights, this pendant reaches a whopping 78” in length. This makes it an excellent choice for long countertops and, especially, dining tables for eight or more. Basically, it’s guaranteed to create the right ambiance for your dinner parties!

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Statement cube pendant light

Statement cube pendant light

While it’s sold individually, you can decide to have a single pendant or create a combination of two or more. Their length is adjustable, so you could even inspire an ascending feel by letting them dangle at different levels. 

Designer Advice:

Unlike more polished models, such an irregular pendant can emphasize the ice-like appearance of its design. So, it’d be an extremely fitting choice in nature-inspired interiors (for example, Scandinavian homes). It’d also look gorgeous in bohemian and eclectic rooms.

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Main glass cube pendant light

Main glass cube pendant light

This curated design adds a more sophisticated and stylish feel to traditional ice cube pendants. Its rod comes in two different finishes (gold and silver) and is height-adjustable. Ranging from 18” to 54”, it can work in any setting, from tall rooms to countertops.

Designer Advice:

Scout for an ice cube pendant light that complements the rest of your room. Of course, these models are a natural match in settings with an abundance of white. At the same time, you could also use the actual rod to mirror your existing metal finishes or accents. 

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Ice cube chandelier

Ice cube chandelier

If you were hoping for a showstopping conversation starter, look no further. This chandelier relies on 24 lights and three tiers to create a balanced, sophisticated effect. The metal rods add to its luxurious vibe, and you can achieve the right ambiance thanks to its dimmable feature.

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3 Lights Modern Ice Cube Rock Light Pendant Lamp Ceiling Hanging Chandelier

3 Lights Modern Ice Cube Rock Light Pendant Lamp Ceiling Hanging Chandelier

What a creative solution for a ceiling lamp shade! These shades are semi-transparent and resemble huge ice rocks. Truly a unique, unusual design, bound to spice up your dining room or a living room with its modern vibe.

Ice Cube II 3 Light Pendant

Ice Cube II 3 Light Pendant

If you're looking for stylish and charming decorations for your bedroom or living room, this unique light pendant may be more than enjoyable for you. Check it out and bring some incredible design to your house!

Kalmar ice cube 2 tiered chandelier

Kalmar ice cube 2 tiered chandelier

With the mid-century modern design made in Austria in the 1960s this amazing 2-tiered chandelier will make for a sublime addition to your home decor, while the ice cube structure allows for a look of utter class and elegance.

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Simple and nice looking, this ice cube one-light pendant lamp makes for a perfect piece to light up your modern, contemporary living room with. The minimalistic design matched with the unique shape creates a unique look.

Chandelier made up of multiple pendant lamps made from fused

Chandelier made up of multiple pendant lamps made from fused glass. They remind me of elongated ice cubes.

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Lite Source LS-14633CLR Ice Cube 3-Lite Pendant Lamp, Polished Steel with Clear Glass Cube

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LS An attractive 5 light pendant with a satin silver finish with glass cubes - see photo for close up of glass. Measurements of each glass cube is 70mm x 70mm x 70mm Adjustable at time of installation. Would look great in most rooms, suitable for hig

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