Wagon Wheel Lamp


To punctuate your western motif, you already have the sagebrush and cactus in the yard and plenty of cowboy memorabilia within the home. What you're missing is the appropriate lamp to bring the whole thing together. For this need we offer you wagon wheel lamps. Ladies are very attractive and very well-made resemblance of the original wagon wheels the settlers used to tame the frontier. See collection for details

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Wagon wheel lamp

A cool rustic style ceiling chandelier created from an authentic wooden waggon wheel with a coppery finish. It hangs on durable chains. Five pear-like milk glass lampshades with clear glass chimneys have decorative holders and wide caps of copper.

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E27 Living Room Wagon Wheel Chandelier Industrial Chandeliers

E27 Living Room Wagon Wheel Chandelier Industrial Chandeliers

Recycled vintage chandelier. This lamp is made of old wagon wheel, which is hung on filamentary cord and iron chain. Little bulbs light quite brightly. It can be decor's element of old-fashioned village tavern.

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Wagon wheel lamp 7

An antique, stunning chandelier made of an authentic wagon wheel. It's a solid wooden construction suspended on cords to a ceiling. It features several candle-like bulbs. The piece will be ideal for rustic interiors with high ceilings.

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Wagon wheel lamp 8

This wagon wheel lamp embodies the best features of the industrial design. It features 6 lights, all resembling the style of 19th-century kerosene lamps. Finished with a wrough iron chain, it will add rustic climate to every interior.

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Wagon wheel chandelier old western america 18th cen lc725

Wagon Wheel Chandelier - Old Western America 18th Cen - LC725

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Wagon wheel lamp 24

horse shoe wagon wheel chandelier

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Wagon wheel hub lamp 1

A stunning, antique chandelier that features a base made of an old, wooden wagon wheel. Three old-fashioned lamp shades are attached to it and the whole unit is joined by a bronze chain. It will give your room warm light and a vintage look.

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Steel wagon wheel chandelier

Steel wagon wheel chandelier

Unique and very simply style of this wagon wheel lamp - is not so seen recently. Presented chandelier is made of wrought iron, painted in black - without any useless elements, only with delicate hanging jars, that play the role of little lampshades.

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Upcycled antique buggy wheel 5 light

Upcycled antique buggy wheel 5 light

Beautiful wagon wheel lamp. Wheels and edison bulbs are what makes it look super cool. I love this modern loft design. It would ideally fit tall ceiling rooms, or would be perfect as kitchen chandelier over kitchen island.

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How to make a wagon wheel chandelier

A stunning, DIY lighting fixture that will suit rustic interiors with high ceilings. An old, wooden wagon wheel serves as a base while transparent glass jars that dangle loosely from it act as shades.

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Wagon wheel light fixture

Hanging lantern made of wagon wheel - cool idea for a chandelier. The wheel is made from rusted iron, super heavy but looks very decorative when you turn it into your new chandelier. Beautigul small lanterns attached look cool.

How to make a mason jar wagon wheel chandelier

A rare antique example of wagon wheel lamp. A wagon wheel was mixed with lanterns made of bronze. It is like a trip to the 19 th century of American western. The wrought iron, that is the base here was hand forged.Ideal for patio, but also for indoor space.

Wagon wheel chandelier 2

Wagon Wheel Chandelier

Amberwood Black Lanterns 24" Wagon Wheel Chandelier

Wagon wheel lamp 25

Double wagon wheel chandelier

Ships wheel lamp 3

Similar design for a ship wheel chandelier with a rustic twist in it. This one is made from an old-school steering wheel with a distressed coat of white paint, giving it a vintage detail, and a few lamps sticking out from the top.

Wagon wheel mason jar hanging lamp

Wagon wheel, mason jar hanging lamp

Ships wheel lamp 1

Unusual, fresh take on a gorgeous, oversized chandelier made to resemble a ship steering wheel. The whole piece is made out of light wood, giving it a nautical appearance, with lights built in the bottom of the wheel.

Small wagon wheel chandelier with lanterns wwssl

Small Wagon Wheel Chandelier with Lanterns WWSSL

Wagon wheel hub light rustic table lamp

Wagon Wheel hub light rustic table lamp

Wooden wagonwheel wagon wheel chandelier ceiling light fixture

Wooden Wagonwheel Wagon Wheel Chandelier Ceiling Light Fixture

Antiques atlas antique wagon wheel hub lamp

Antiques Atlas - Antique Wagon Wheel Hub Lamp

19th century wagon wheel hub lamps pair for sale at

19th Century Wagon Wheel Hub Lamps, Pair For Sale at 1stdibs

Antiques atlas antique wagon wheel hub lamp 1

Antiques Atlas - Antique Wagon Wheel Hub Lamp