Tiffany Turtle Lamps


If you’re looking for a charming turtle- or tortoise-themed lamp for your living room, bedroom, or patio, the Tiffany turtle lamp style is a perfect choice. These lamps feature a stained-glass design in numerous colors, creating a welcoming and quirky aesthetic for your home or garden. The stained glass design complements the turtle shell shape, and the number of color options ensures you’re always able to find the best combination to match your décor.

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Green Tiffany Turtle Lamp
Turtle Tiffany 4" Lighted Art Glass Novelty Light

Green Tiffany Turtle Lamp

Meyda Tiffany

What we like: Green mottled glass and hand-blown glass pieces

What we don’t like: No bulb included

Not so great for: Warm-toned wallpapers or colors

Perfect for: Pools, bathrooms, hot tubs

This Tiffany-style turtle lamp has a green stained glass shade with green. The lamp features hand-blown glass pieces for an artistic touch, and the base is cast metal.

Featuring cooler tones, this Tiffany tortoise lamp is perfect for your bathroom, shower, or pool deck. The green color adds a lagune-like atmosphere to an outdoor area. Add some houseplants or flowers to create a more natural look, contrasting against concrete or ceramic tiles. Alternatively, you can place this in your living room or office as an accent lamp. 


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Orange Turtle Tiffany Lamp

Orange Turtle Tiffany Lamp

Red Barrel Studio®

What we like: Warm and cozy color tones

What we don’t like: Hard to find light bulbs that fit

Not so great for: Brightly colored or high-lumen bulbs for reading or task lighting

Perfect for: Creating a comfortable atmosphere; using as a night light

Featuring a golden orange mottled glass shade, this Tiffany-style turtle lamp has a cast metal base, which is durable and adds weight. The sturdy construction will last for years, and the unit uses a replaceable incandescent bulb activated by a rocker switch.

This is the perfect addition to a home with orange, yellow, or other warm-toned colors. Pair this lamp with an orange- or cream-colored sofa or chairs for an attractive and color-coordinated look. The warm tones are perfect for the bedroom, allowing you to drift off to sleep under the orange glow. When the bulb burns out, simply replace it for a long life of service. 

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Warehouse of tiffany amber turtle accent table lamps set of

Warehouse of tiffany amber turtle accent table lamps set of

Interesting animal accent on a night table that gives warm and subtle light. A tortoise-shaped tiffany lamp slowly distributes light in your bedroom. Both turtles and this turtle lamp are very long-lived.

Turtle lamp 1

We do not have to mention the quality of glass used by Tiffany's craftsmen. However, it is worth mentioning the large imagination that created the tiffany lamp in the form of a turtle. This turtle lamp is kept in blue and green shades of stained glass.

Cast iron turtle lamp tiffany style

Cast iron turtle lamp tiffany style

Feel like having an extraordinary lighting fixture around? A Tiffany turtle lamp can only be classified to one-of-a-kind interior lights. This vintage table piece features a heavy cast iron base and stained glass shade.

Tiffany Style Stained Glass Tortoise Turtle Lamp Lighting Art Deco Nouveau

Tiffany Style Stained Glass Tortoise Turtle Lamp Lighting Art Deco Nouveau

Thank you R.L. Tiffany's for such a great idea to put the bulb inside a stained glass tortoise lamp.A reference to art deco style sorrounds this tiffany turtle lamp with many shades of pink, purple and red colors, and bronze finish on legs and the turtle head.

Tiffany turtle lamp 2

Even something useful as a lamp can be little masterpiece. This original and very beautiful table lamp in Tiffany style looks like little turtle. It has metal base, but turtle shell is made of colorful stained glass-work.

Cute Mosaic Amber Glass Sea Turtle Accent Lamp

Home lamps table lamps accent lamps paul sahlin tiffany 526ag

Home > Lamps > Table Lamps > Accent Lamps > Paul Sahlin Tiffany 526AG

Amber art glass tiffany style turtle lamp light

Amber Art Glass Tiffany Style Turtle Lamp Light

Tiffany turtle lamp 15

Turtle Stained Glass Lamp - Tiffany Style

Meyda Lighting 18004 4"H Turtle Art Glass Accent Lamp

Turtle table lamp

Meyda Tiffany Turtle Art Glass Animals Accent Table Lamp | Wayfair

Tiffany turtle lamp 7


Turtle tiffany lamp

Carmona Turtle Tiffany Table Lamp

Tiffany turtle lamp 10

Warehouse of Tiffany Green Turtle Accent Table Lamp

Pretty Millifleur Glass Turtle Table Lamp-1246

About stained glass tiffany style turtle table desk lamp night

... about Stained Glass Tiffany Style Turtle Table Desk Lamp Night Light

Tiffany turtle lamp 19

Dale Tiffany Mica Green Turtle Table Lamp

Glass turtle lamp

Meyda Tiffany 1800 Glass Turtle Accent Table Lamp Part of the Meyda Gifts Turtles Collection.Land turtles transform into charming accent lamps featuring

Turtle shell lamp

Dale Tiffany TT12472 Amber Turtle Table Lamp With Night Light

Tortoise tiffany lamp

Tiffany's lamps are known around the world-but this turtle lamp is unique thanks to the tortoise shape. The tortoise-shaped lamp in 3D-it is stacked with many hand-cut small stained glass. Legs and head are finished in bronze,creating an improbable impression.

Grateful dead turtle lamp

Dale Tiffany Turtle Turtle Accent Lamp in Antique Bronze Finish Antique Bronze

Tiffany turtle lamp 4


Embossed and Hand Painted Glass and Metal Turtle with Flower 15.2" H Table Lamp

Tiffany style turtle lamp stunning glass globe awesome when lit

Tiffany Style Turtle Lamp Stunning Glass Globe Awesome When Lit Art Deco