Corner Wall Lamp


There is no reason you have to have a lamp in the middle of the room, or on an end table. Especially if you have the option to put one of these interesting corner wall lamps in that tricky corner area. Now you can light a limited space with an eclectic lamp, with a corner wall lamp. See our collection for more options and details in enhancing your home.

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Corner wall lamp

if you are looking for contemporary lighting solutions, this great swinging wall light may appeal to you. It measures h 205cm x l 90cm, being a proposition for rather big interiors.

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Reclaimed wood corner wall lamp

Reclaimed wood corner wall lamp

Two wall lamps suitable for corner placement. Their frames are made of reclaimed wood in brown color and rectangular shape. These lamps decorate different indoors and they also provide good illumination of small areas.

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Stiegel corner wall light kolarz lighting

Stiegel Corner Wall Light - Kolarz Lighting

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Wall corner light

If you have not heard of integrated home lighting yet, you've lost the unique peel wall light effect. Lighting that is part of the house's architecture is, for example, light in the corner wall lamp of the house, supported by fabric diffuser and steel bracket.

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Corner wall lamp

Unique look for a natural corner wall lamp made with iron vines which provides it with an unusual appearance. The lights are made to resemble flowers with a plenty of green leaves around, giving it a rustic vibe.

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Corner wall lamp 1

Contemporary and modern design for an interesting and creative lighting solution for a bedroom – a corner wall lamp with adjustable, soft illumination and a slick design that is perfect for small, less spacious bedrooms.

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Corner wall lamp 2

Interesting wall decoration of the modern house. Make your friends, who are sleeping in your house very interested in curious with this lamp, which looks like the wall is peeling in the corner and there is light behind it.

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Errol Swing Arm Wall Lamp

Errol Swing Arm Wall Lamp

This practical and very tasteful wall lamp has a practical movable handle Someone can set it according to your needs. Well made and durable at the same time gives a warm and pleasant light.

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Square Swing Arm Wall Lamp

Square Swing Arm Wall Lamp

Contemporary, modern style and subtlety is the perfect combination mapped in this delicate lamp. Fixed to the wall, the handle is adjustable settings, making it easy to adjust as desired. Pleasant shade complements the whole.

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Corner wall lamp 6

This Peeling Wall Lamp Is The Coolest, makes it look as if your wall is folded over like a piece of paper.

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Corner Wall Lamp

Buying Guide

When you’re looking to brighten up a dark corner with a corner wall lamp, it’s a good idea to think about what you plan on doing in that corner. If you’re in need of a reading light, for example, you’re going to need to have a lamp that casts a lot of light in a downward direction. If you’re interested in brightening up your entire room with this light, then you’ll want something that has more of an ambient focus.

Fortunately, with a corner wall lamp, you often have the option to have the best of both strategies. Opt for a two-bulb, bi-directional lamp - perhaps one with a dimmer switch, as well. Then, you’ll be able to use one practical lamp to light up the area in exactly the way you wish.

Considering whether to opt for warm or cool light for your corner wall lamp? Well, that depends on where your lamps are going.

Warm lighting closely resembles candlelight and creates a calming and relaxing ambience. Warm lighting is therefore suitable for bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, and entries and hallways. So if you plan on installing your corner wall lamp in any of these rooms, warm lighting is the way to go.

On the other hand, cool lighting is suitable for areas where you want more brightness and a livelier space. For this reason, cool lighting is used in bathrooms, kitchens, garages and studies. So if you plan on placing your corner wall lamp in any of these rooms, then cool lighting is what you need.

Best Ideas

Augustus 31 2012

augustus 31, 2012

Corner wall lamp 19

La Lampe Gras - le modèle 214 In love. Wonder if I can affix it to my bookshelves?

Crafted storage

Crafted Storage

Kreon onn corner positive wall lamp 70w

Kreon - Onn-Corner Positive - Wall Lamp - 70W

Corner wall lamp 1

Lamp & Light

Corner wall lamp 24

Upcycled Industrial/Vintage Well Pulley Hanging Pendant Cage Light

Corner wall lamp 3

Love the idea of an accent wallpaper wall. Dotted Self Adhesive Vinyl Wallpaper D007

Led wall corner lamp

LED Wall Corner Lamp

Corner wall lamp 30

chinoiserie paper in subtle tones, unusual lamp (though I might try a different shade)

Corner wall lamp 18

How to style a Bookshelf 6 lessons in design for creating a stunning bookshelf in your home

Focal point lighting seem 4 recessed wall to ceiling corner

Focal Point lighting - Seem 4 Recessed Wall to Ceiling Corner

Corner wall lamp 10

‘The Big Bubble’ Light by Dutch Designer Alex de Witte

Corner wall lamp 31

source: Lisa Sherry Interieurs Beautiful tufted velvet builtin seating. Pale jade green velvet with beige and taupe colored pillows. Cool glass droplet floor lamp with gold stand. Acrylic coffee table, hide rug and natural fiber area rug.

Corner wall lamp 2

Bij origami denk je al snel aan de eeuwenoude Japanse papiervouwkunst.