Corner Shelf With Hooks


The corner is such a difficult place to put things. With the odd 90 degree angle most items aren't designed to fit into the corner much less be efficient. That is one of the things that makes these corner shelves with hooks so fantastic. They are well made and will fit into any 90-degree corner. And the hooks are great for scarves.

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Tall, Triangular Corner Shelf  

Tall, Triangular Corner Shelf  

17 Stories

Tall and rustic, these shelves boast an industrial feel. There are 3-tier wooden shelves for minimal storage and hooks for coats. The deep tone of this piece is stylish and it's crafted from manufactured wood. The black metal frame unites the finish. 

$259.99 $349.99

Designer Advice:

This corner shelving is an ideal accompaniment to a home foyer, and it would look stunning against a white wall to enhance its rustic element. The shelving boasts space for decorative pieces, so we would suggest adding small cactus or house plants for a sophisticated finish.

Vintage Corner Shelf With Hooks 

Vintage Corner Shelf With Hooks 


This wall-mounted shelf with four hooks is simple yet warm in style. The gray tone of this piece gives an air of shabby chic, and the hooks are ideal for storing keys or hats. It fits snugly into the corner of your wall, which is perfect for a smaller living room. It is composed of manufactured wood and is 17.3" long.

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Rustic Square Corner Shelving 

Rustic Square Corner Shelving 

This paneled hall tree statement piece is ideal for a country-themed home. Ideal for a corner position, it boasts four hooks and a lower shelf, which doubles as a seat. It is crafted from manufactured wood in a smokey gray finish. It is 73" wide.

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Decorative Wooden Corner Stand  

Decorative Wooden Corner Stand  


This shelving set has a unique design with five shelves and hooks, including a mesh square. The style is country-chic with an element of industrialism. It's made from engineered wood and metal in a black finish. The shelf stand is 17.7" high.

Designer Advice:

The detail of this piece makes it intriguing to look at, so be sure to play it up with decorative elements. This tone of wood looks great against deeper-toned walls. If you opt for a darker tone, play it up with gold framed artwork, as this will help this piece shine.

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Modern Silver Corner Shelf With Hooks 

Modern Silver Corner Shelf With Hooks 

Ideal for a bathroom, this corner shelf features modern elements. Made from Space Aluminum, it also has six hooks and is incredibly durable as it is scratch-proof. Modernize your space with this 24.3" wide shelf.  

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Corner Shelf With Hooks

Buying Guide

You can decorate a corner shelf with hooks in a way to add great functionality to that area. For example, instead of just being able to use the top of the shelf for storage, you’ll find that you can hang purses, sweaters and jackets from the underside.

A few tips to help you make sure that this is a practical and beautiful choice for you: Make sure that you install the hooks so that they’re about three inches away from each other, make sure that they’re evenly spaced, and don’t put hooks more than six inches away from the corner itself so that things you hang on them don’t bump into each other.

One of the most common places for a corner shelf with hooks is in the hallway or utility room to hang up coats, bags, keys, scarves, hats, and dog leads, amongst other things. Another good location for a corner shelf with hooks is in the bathroom to hang towels and store other bathroom accessories.

Best Ideas

6 spoon hooks coat rack with corner

6 spoon hooks coat rack with corner

This simple, but stylish and very useful element is must-have in every corridor, but you can use it in every type of interior. There is classic wooden corner shelf with carved metal coat hangers, which will be good to hang helmet, coat or towel.

Corner shelf with hooks

Corner coat rack designed for mounting on the wall. It is made of wood. Includes 6 double hooks and open shelf for storing needed items. Handy addition for each home.

Corner shelf with hooks

Corner coat rack consisting of open shelf and 4 double hooks. It is made of wood and metal. Designed for mounting on the wall. Functional accent for the lobby, hallway and others interiors as needed.

Corner shelf with hooks 1

An aesthetic traditional wall-mounted corner shelf of wooden materials finished in white. It has an L-shaped shelf and a same shape backplate with a ledge and attached 5 double hooks (with ovalish finials) of black coated metal.

Vancouver petite oak wall shelf large corner with coat rack

Vancouver Petite Oak Wall Shelf - Large Corner with Coat Rack

Corner bench and shelf

Mud room. Bench, hooks & shelf.

French country coat rack primitive coat

French country coat rack primitive coat

The lovely French style coat rack with the iron hooks. Made of reclaimed wood covered with aged paint. Equipped with additional shelf, which could be used to store caps and gloves. Mounted directly on the wall.

Corner shelf with hooks 17

6 Spoon Hooks Coat Rack with Corner Shelf in Brown by jjevensen

Tetbury ivory corner shelf and hooks e411 with free delivery

Tetbury Ivory Corner Shelf and Hooks (E411) with Free Delivery | The Cotswold Company

Hey i found this really awesome etsy listing at 925

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

Corner shelf with hooks

Instant Mudroom --

Fashion a mudroom near a main entry point -- the garage, back door, or front entrance -- by pairing a bench with decorative hooks. Take advantage of stock cabinetry drawers to create a storage-packed bench base. Top with cushions to c

Corner shelf with hooks 20

Coffee or Tea Corners. create a tea or coffee corner! Hang up and display your cutest mugs …. display your teapots …. and hide your Splenda and creamer in the cubbies!

Wicker basket wall shelf

Make shelving with JoAnn's crates, paint them. (Could be cute for mini mudroom setup in garage, kids could paint their own crates...)

Corner shelf with hooks

Want to recreate this since we have a small entryway space...can hang--umbrellas, keys, hats, scarfs, etc.

Tips for using pallet shelves with hooks pallet hooks shelf

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Corner shelf with hooks 21

Wouldn't put this above the tub but I do want this set up with shelf and hooks

6 spoon hooks coat rack with 16 inch corner shelf

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4 spoon hooks coat rack with corner shelf in any

4 Spoon Hooks Coat Rack with Corner Shelf in any color finish

Millais petite corner wall shelf with hooks wayfair uk

Millais Petite Corner Wall Shelf with Hooks | Wayfair UK

Bremermann r bamboo and stainless steel kitchen shelf

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