Jewelry Boxes For Necklaces

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Jewelry boxes can be more than just a place you store your jewelry. Of course, they protect the jewelry, but they also help cut down on the chances you’ll misplace the pieces. They let you better organize your rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. A great jewelry box has a designated spot for everything. It doesn’t matter how many necklaces you own; if you can’t see them easily, they might as well have fallen behind the dresser. A separate hanger for each necklace keeps the chains from twisting and knotting together.

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Updated 22/12/2022
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Solid Wood Jewelry Box For Necklaces

Solid Wood Jewelry Box For Necklaces


At 39.8” tall by 16.9” wide and 11.8” deep, this solid wood jewelry box has 16 hooks on two tiers for hanging necklaces. In addition, three of the eight drawers are free from dividing compartments. At 9.4” square and just over five inches high, each of these drawers can house several necklaces without them getting tangled. 

Designer Advice:

The rich antique walnut finish on this wooden jewelry box with necklace hooks is applied in a multiple-step process giving it extra richness and sheen. The necklace hooks are hidden in panels that look like the sides of the box but open up on concealed hinges. Each drawer and panel is lined with silk and padded. 

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Classic Jewelry Box For Necklaces

Classic Jewelry Box For Necklaces

Red Barrel Studio®

This jewelry box is crafted from solid wood and finished in the darkest of browns. The two sides flare open to let you access four necklace hooks on either side, while the lid flips up to reveal a small mirror. All six drawers are hand-lined with ivory suede fabric.

$259.99 $299

Designer Advice:

We love the subtle hourglass silhouette and curved feet on this classic jewelry box, reminiscent of Madame de Garderobe’s shape from Beauty and the Beast. It measures just 14.75'' high by 11'' wide and 7'' deep, making it fit easily on a dresser or a bathroom vanity. The brushed pewter tassel key lock on the top drawer rounds out the design with a decorative touch.

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Traveling Jewelry Box With Necklace Hooks

Traveling Jewelry Box With Necklace Hooks


Featuring a suitcase design, this jewelry box has 13 necklace hooks inset in its lid. An elasticized velvet pocket sits below the lid to let the necklaces stay in place and remain organized whether you use the case at home or on the road. 

Designer Advice:

While this jewelry box is designed for traveling, the royal blue color and vintage suitcase design make it more than perfect for displaying in your bedroom. However, if you do have enough jewelry to take on a trip, you’ll be pleased with the craftsmanship, deluxe leather, durable zipper head and claimed lines velvet interior. No lock is included with this jewelry box. 

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Wooden Jewelry Box With Necklace Hooks

Wooden Jewelry Box With Necklace Hooks


This wooden jewelry box comes with a mirror inset into its lid. The mirror measures almost the entire top of the box at 8” deep by 11.25” wide. The box itself is 9.5” tall and includes four removable drawers, and two swing-out cabinets, with 17 compartments and six necklace hooks. 

Designer Advice:

Available in white or a cherry stain, this wooden jewelry box is made of durable and high-quality engineered wood. A wooden floral applique decorates the top of the box, and the top panel features a gold keyhole and key with a white tassel. This one lock locks all four drawers as well as the top and side panels that store necklaces. 

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Glass Jewelry Box For Necklaces

Glass Jewelry Box For Necklaces

Rosdorf Park

This elegant jewelry box contains four drawers on the left side. Each of the drawers has a different-sized compartment to house all types of jewelry. A drawer to the right of the box is dedicated to hanging necklaces and has a velvet jewelry display tray on the bottom. 

$88.99 $149.99

Designer Advice:

A laced steel frame and tempered glass make up this 7.5'' high by 9.25'' wide by 5.25'' deep jewelry box for necklaces and other jewelry. The steel frame is finished in three color options: gold, silver or antique gold. Five clear acrylic knobs are intentionally shaped into an antique form and sit against the gray velvet jewelry display trays. Keep out of moisture or direct contact with water. Clean with a soft cloth only.

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White Jewelry Box With Necklace Hooks

White Jewelry Box With Necklace Hooks

Three Posts™

Crafted from wood in a white (or dark brown) finish, this jewelry box is dotted with sleek silver-finished hardware for an updated look. Two side doors and four felt-lined drawers have convenient compartments to lay more necklaces on. A hinged top lifts to reveal a built-in mirror. This jewelry box is 11.4'' high by 13.5'' wide by 7'' deep and weighs 8.42 lbs.


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Jewelry Boxes For Necklaces

Buying Guide

As small or big as you need it to be! It all depends on how many pieces of jewelry you already own and whether you plan on buying many more (be honest!). Making an inventory is also useful to determine how many of each type of items you own:

  • Lots of rings? Make sure you look for one that includes many ring slots, or else it'll be just as messy as not having a dedicated box for them;
  • Lots of bracelets and bangles? Then you need many small drawers, a compartmentalized tray or a box that offers plenty of room in its main compartment for stiffer pieces that don't fold (e.g. wooden or metal cuffs);
  • Lots of necklaces? Look for a large box where you can hang them or place them without damaging them or getting them tangled; if you have many long necklaces, you might want to consider a jewelry armoire instead.

In the unfortunate event of a burglary, a lock won't stop your box from being picked up and stolen, so your content insurance will be more useful for that matter. However, if you have kids or live with a few housemates, you might want to be on the safe side and choose a jewelry box with a lock.

Let's go over the most important things to consider in order to choose a jewelry box that is both stylish and functional:

  • Run an inventory of how many precious pieces you own and what type: choose size and compartments accordingly;
  • Pick a material that's durable and keeps the moisture away from your jewels (wood is the best!);
  • Make sure that the inner lining is soft and delicate;
  • Identify the color palette of your bedroom and pick one of the three main tones;
  • Choose a style that matches the décor that you're going for in your bedroom.

Best Ideas

Handcrafted wood jewelry box cherry and

Handcrafted wood jewelry box cherry and

If you have a lot of jewelery, you will love this huge jewelry box. It features four spacious drawers and a special place with hooks for earrings and necklaces. It was handmade of high quality cherry wood.

Jewelry Box

Jewelry Box

It is a multifunctional box for jewelry. It is perfect for many elements of your jewelry. Here, you can hide both rings, earrings, and bracelets and chains. Everything organized and categorized. It guarantee a harmony.

Jewelry Box

Jewelry Box

Elegant traditional English style jewellery box of brown-finished wood. It has a rectangular frame, low legs, a lockable compartment with a mirrored lift top, 2 side doors with hooks. All drawers have velvet lining and 4 of them have dividers.

Jewelry box necklace hooks 4

Combining Shaker style with organization this jewelry box is the finest choice for your ample collection, letting it be elevated by the solid oak structure and cherry wood finish that provide this piece with a look full of traditional appeal.

Upcycled jewelry box wood french graphic

Upcycled jewelry box wood french graphic

Wooden jewelry box with French graphic on its white background. It includes four drawers that are spacious and it also features side panels equipped with necklace hooks, so the whole construction is very useful.

Necklace hooks for jewelry box

Jewelry box made of wood and mounted on swivel base. Front is covered with mirror. Includes a lot of compartments for storing all kinds of jewelry. Received many very good ratings from customers.

Jewelry box for necklaces only

A charming jewelry box for your little girl that will make her feel like a princess or her mum, creating a perfect place for her to organize her entire collection of necklaces and rings. It offers the beautiful ivory finish and cute design with diamond knobs.

Jewelry box necklace hooks

Jewelry armoire designed for mounting on the wall. It is made of wood and finished with pastel colors. It has a lot of hooks and compartments for storing all kinds of jewelry. Great addition to the bedroom and others interiors as needed.

Armoire jewelry stand necklace hooks jewelry box mirror 41 cabinet

... Armoire Jewelry Stand Necklace Hooks Jewelry Box Mirror 41 Cabinet

Jewelry box necklace hooks 3

Lavender Delight Jewelry Organizer

Beautiful Well Designed Wood Wall Mounted Jewelry Holder

Beautiful Well Designed Wood Wall Mounted Jewelry Holder

Jewelry box to hang necklaces

The plain shadow box turned into the stylish jewelery holder. The screwed-in hooks allows to hang your earrings and bracelets in order inside the box. The bigger hooks below are dedicated to the necklaces.

Petrus Big Bear Upright Jewelry Box - Espresso (MSRP:$149)

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