Free Standing Jewelry Armoire With Mirror

Jewelry needs to be organized and kept in a proper place. Otherwise it gets tangled and you end up with a shapeless unusable mess which takes hours to untie. Check out the free standing jewelry armoire with a mirror. It's a smart idea to get the bling-bling in order.

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White wooden cheval mirror with jewelry armoire cabinet

White wooden cheval mirror with jewelry armoire cabinet
Now you can have your jewelry well-organized, thanks to this functional, free-standing armoire. When the door is closed, you are getting an adjustable mirror, and when wide open, you have at your dispostition compact shelves, small drawers and tiny hooks for your rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, etc.

Jewelry Armoire

Jewelry Armoire
Elegant take on a tall jewelry armoire with an antique design and a vibrant, purple color which gives it a unique look. Perfect piece of furniture if you’re looking for a contrasting element to a traditional bedroom.

Standing Jewelry Armoire with Mirror

Standing Jewelry Armoire with Mirror
A jewerly armoire that is great for anyone loving their jewelry and looking for a way to display it beautifully and in a classy way. It will make it easier for you to choose what to wear in the morning without hassle and frustration.

Murphy Jewelry Armoire with Mirror

Murphy Jewelry Armoire with Mirror
This stylish jewelry armoire with mirror would be a perfect choice for every kind of bedroom, no matter if you prefer traditional or modern style. It will bring a huge dose of comfort and unique design.

Artiva Usa 63 Inch Walnut Floor Standing Mirror And Jewelry Armoire With Led Light

Artiva Usa 63 Inch Walnut Floor Standing Mirror And Jewelry Armoire With Led Light
This is a very interesting solution for people who are looking for attractive decorations and useful storage spaces. This mirror also plays the role of a jewlery storage. It is made of metal, glass and MDF.

Mckenna jewelry armoire

Mckenna jewelry armoire
It is a very useful piece of equipment ideal for people who own large collections of jewelry. This armoire has got a large divider drawer and sections for different pieces of jewelry. The overall size of this product is 16.5" wide x 10.5" deep x 10" high.

Sauder Harbor View Multimedia Storage Cabinet Antiqued White

Sauder Harbor View Multimedia Storage Cabinet Antiqued White
This multimedia storage cabinet is a product created for owners of large movie or music collections. It is a useful and decorative element that brings the simple style into the house. Its engineered wood construction is durable and solid.

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Rings and earrings can get lost if they are not organized. Necklaces can get so tangled up that you’ll be late for a social engagement trying to untangle them. That’s where a free standing jewelry armoire with mirror can help. Whether it’s in your bedroom or your powder room, you can get organized and get a good look at yourself wearing the jewelry using one. They are an excellent way of keeping every piece of jewelry you own because they come with hanging space and drawers.

What feature to look for in a jewelry armoire?

Features that jewelry armoires offer include one or more of the following:

  • Ring slots
  • Ring rolls
  • Earring slots
  • Earring holes
  • Necklace hooks
  • Bracelet hooks

What types of mirrors can be found in jewelry armoires?

These armoires are of two types. One kind has a full-length mirror so you can get a good look at yourself as you are wearing your clothes and the jewelry. The second type has a smaller flip-top mirror that allows you to view your bejeweled torso. A free standing jewelry armoire with mirror could have a mirror that swivels, giving you extra assistance in looking at yourself from several angles. The mirrored door opens to reveal sides for hanging necklaces.

What are free standing jewelry armoires typically made of?

A free standing jewelry armoire could be made of solid wood or medium-density fiberboard with veneers. Some units have locks.

How to style with a free standing jewelry armoire?

Some of these units look like a chest of drawers rather than an armoire for jewelry. Since the mirror in armoires of this type is a flip-top one, it’s not obvious what this piece of furniture contains. Choose this option if you like subtlety or want your jewelry cabinetry to fit the decor of the room.

The pulls, handles, and knobs on a free standing jewelry armoire with mirror can be shiny or bronzed, helping to give the entire package an elegant look. Many of the finishes on the pieces that have the look of cabinetry are dark, coming in colors like walnut or espresso.

Other colors are available too, particularly if the armoire is in a less formal style. They may be gray, white, pink, turquoise or any of a number of colors. Pastels and lighter colors are often fitting for contemporary decor.

How to organize your jewelry in an armoire?

Buying a jewelry armoire gives you an excellent opportunity to evaluate your collection. Lay each piece on a flat surface for untangling and sorting: necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, brooches, bangles and watches.

Decide which pieces you want to throw away or give away. Clean or have cleaned the pieces that need attention. Remove broken pieces to repair or discard them.

Drawers, often lined with felt or another soft material, sit just behind the door. In them you can store rings, brooches, and watches. These drawers can prevent niches and scratches. They can also halt the tarnishing of silver if your silver pieces do not touch each other.


Shelby Accessory Tower Dresser

Shelby Accessory Tower Dresser
This piece of furniture allows for better organization of jewlery and other items. It has got ten drawers that are ideal for the storage of small items. This piece of furniture measures 24.5" wide x 15" deep x 43" high.

Floor standing mirror jewelry armoire

For those who have extensive collections of jewelry, this full-length wall cabinet is concealed behind a mirror. You could look for a long time without finding a better accessory to enable the very quickest power-dressing with your finest ornaments.

Free standing jewelry armoire with mirror

Freestanding jewelry armoire with mirror. Frame is made of wood and reinforced with solid supports. It has a lot of compartments for storing all kinds of jewelry. Application in in any interior according to taste.

Free standing jewelry mirror

best mirrored jewelry armoire with discount price

Organizedlife White Mirror Jewelry Armoire Free Standing Storage Cabinet Wood Cheval

Free standing jewelry armoire with mirrored doors. Frame is made of wood. It is fitted with a lot of compartments for all kinds of jewelry. Received a lot of very good recommendations from clients.

Full length mirror with jewelry storage inside white

Free standing, attractive and practical jewelry armoire with mirror. This rectangular element of furniture features a storage compartment that provides space for different elements of jewelry. This item includes a full-sized adjustable mirror.

Finley Home Modern Jewelry Armoire Cheval Mirror -, Oak, MDF

A great mix of class and functionality. This lovely jewelry armoire has a movable panel that allows you to adjust the mirror's positions. The inside is well-organized, with enough space to store your rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc.

Hooker furniture rhapsody floor jewelry armoire with mirror

Hooker Furniture Rhapsody Floor Jewelry Armoire with Mirror

Contemporary jewelry armoire

Make sure your jewelry is displayed with style and elegance by choosing this sublime armoire with the quilted pullout storage and the charming espresso finish. It offers an abundance of space and will become a useful addition to your home.

Mirror jewelry armoire to be placed in your bedroom

Mirror Jewelry Armoire to be Placed in Your Bedroom

Buy jewelry armoire 1

Representing style and chic that will impress every woman, this functional jewellery armoire has 7 drawers, 2 side doors and one outer hole and the top. All, equipped with hacks, cubby holes and compartments, enabling you to organize your collections.

Free standing jewelry armoire

Rectangular, free standing mirror with a solid wooden frame and rectangular doors that hide a practical storage compartment for jewelry. White, cherry and light brown finish looks very good in any home design.

Standing mirror jewelry cabinet

Wooden Jewelry Armoire , Jewelry Armoire …

Full mirror jewelry storage

The slim design of this freestanding jewelry armoire with mirror is a great solution for keeping jewelry and an attractive piece of bedroom or wardrobe decor. Beautiful finish in dark brown is fantastic.

Free standing jewelry armoire 1

Jewelry armoire with a free standing wooden construction. It features two bottom drawers and a rectangular doors with large mirror. Practical storage compartment offers plenty of space for different elements of jewelry.

Marks Jewelry Armoire with Mirror

Marks Jewelry Armoire with Mirror

Standing mirror jewelry armoire 1

standing mirror jewelry armoire

Free standing full length mirror with jewelry storage inside

Cute Looking Cherry Colored Armoire with Lift Top Mirror - Go online and check out what options are available. Talk to your interior decorator to know whether a free standing, a desk/dresser -top or a built-in wall unit will be the best for you.

Free standing jewelry armoire 4

Jewelry armoire with a fee standing wooden construction. It includes eight drawers of different size. These drawers include metal hardware and they provide practical storage space for different types of jewelry.

Black cheval mirror floor standing jewelry armoire

Black Cheval Mirror Floor Standing Jewelry Armoire

Jewelry armoire cheval standing mirror

Jewelry Armoire & Cheval Standing Mirror

Bernards Cherry Jewelry Armoire / Mirror

Free standing jewelry armoire 5

An 8 drawer, solid wood jewelry armoire cabinet with a Louis XVI style and a plenty of drawers to store all your jewelry in. The armoire has a handy mirror hidden in the top and two doors on each side with racks.

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Wapato Jewelry Armoire with Mirror

Wapato Jewelry Armoire with Mirror

Free standing jewelry armoire with mirror


Standing jewelry mirror armoire

A discrete and functional jewelry armoire with mirror, characterized by a free-standing design, and an espresso-finished wood frame that allows you to adjust mirror's angles. The front opens, revealing a well-organized compartment for storing your earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc.

Free standing jewelry armoire 1

A chic traditional jewellery stand of wood in mid browns. It has a tall rectilinear frame, a cutout base, low angle legs. It's adorned with ledges. It has flip up mirrored top, 2 side cabinets, 5 large and 7 small drawers with metal mushroom pulls.

Collette Jewelry Armoire with Mirror

Collette Jewelry Armoire with Mirror

Standing mirror jewellery cabinet

Adding brightness and warmth to the space, this shabby chic jewellery armoire with mirror will add style and functionality to women's bedrooms. Behind the glass surface, it conceals a considerable storage space, divided into several compartments.

Jewelry armoire mirror free standing

Organizedlife White Mirror Armoire Mirrored Full Length Bedroom Jewelry Storage Cabinet Chest. Stores all of your jewelry safely with lock and in a organized manner. Lock and key. 6 Wooden shelf for glass, perfume, tie, watch. 2 Bottom drawers for the sma

Free standing jewelry armoire

This free standing armoire may be a perfect spot to store your jewellery. 8 variously-sized drawers with ornamental, brass pulls, conceal a considerable storage space for your rings, earrings and more.

Homegear Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet with Stand Black

Combining functionality with modern style, this sleek mirrored jewelery cabinet with stand back helps to make the most of every space. It features large mirror that can be tilted to different heights, road, shelves, drawers, hooks and ring and earring holders.

Free standing jewelry armoire with mirror 2

The espresso finish on this casual wooden free standing cheval dressing mirror, looks elegant and stylish. I like the jewelry armoire cabinet which is behind the mirror.

Jewelry cabinet mirror free standing

The stand-alone armoire for jewelry is an eye-catching combination of functionality and style. The ingenious combination of cabinets with mirror is very original and works well on a daily basis.

Jewelry Armoire with Mirror II

Mirror stand with jewellery compartment

Crafted of solid Oakwood and bathed in a two-tone walnut and oak finish, the jewelry armoire is sturdy, well-organized, and elegant. Includes 1 flip-up top with a hidden mirror, 8 small drawers, 2 side cabinets with black fabric padding, and lovely curved legs.

Free standing mirror jewelry cabinet

This crystal jewelry armoire storage organizer stand has a top drawer that flips open revealing a handy mirror. Lined compartments ensure your pieces are cradled in a scratch-free environment. The armoire itself, is almost as pretty as the jewelry within.

Free standing jewelry armoire mirror

Free standing jewelry armoire padded with velvet material. Frame is made of wood and fitted with mirrored doors. Includes many compartments for all kinds of jewelry. Classic form and neutral design.

Organizedlife White Mirror Jewelry Armoire Floor Standing Cabinet Necklace Case Gift for Valentine Day

Organizedlife Black Free Standing Wall/Door-Mount Mirror Jewelry Armoire Cabinet For Dressing Room

Jewelry Armoire with Mirror

Jewelry Armoire with Mirror

Linon Linon Paulina Dark Cherry Jewelry Armoire