Large Mirror Stand

Ornate and tall enough to see all of you, these large mirror stands are perfect for any type of full-length mirror. Mounted on the wall or standing sentry from the floor, they can support any size, any weight of mirror. And the solid construction will not fail, giving your mirror a sturdy resting place for as long as it stands. Check you the large mirror stand collection and pick your large mirror stand.

Best Products

Antique Full Length Floor Mirror

Antique Full Length Floor Mirror
If you’re striving for a perfect piece to finish off one of the rooms in your house with an antique element, you’re going to love this one. This full-length floor mirror which is meant to be placed slanted while being supported by a wall has a gorgeously crafted frame, which is made out of metal to ensure the best possible durability of the piece. The metal frame is then painted in one of the options of your choice, making it easy to match to your room’s décor.

Solid Hardwood Full Length Rectangle Stand Mirror

Solid Hardwood Full Length Rectangle Stand Mirror
With a simple silhouette and a minimalist-style design, this full-length mirror in a rectangular shape with a free-standing structure proves to be a perfect addition to a master bedroom. The frame of the mirror is made out of solid hardwood with additional veneers on the surface, made in a brown color which resembles cherry wood. The mirror is meant to stand on its own and has an adjustable height control on the back.

Rectangular Silver Wall Mirror With Beveled Glass

Rectangular Silver Wall Mirror With Beveled Glass
This one is a true beauty and is bound to be a great fit in a master bedroom above the bed or in a living room to provide a vintage vibe. The mirror has an extra-large, oversized structure which is created with an ornate design, featuring curves and shapes as if taken straight from a gothic church. The frame is made out of resin and has an antique-looking gold leaf finish, which gives it an elegant, provincial element.

Contemporary Full Length Free Standing Mirror

Contemporary Full Length Free Standing Mirror
A contemporary take on a tall, freestanding floor mirror with a frame quite thinner than usual. This one is a great addition to a living room or the master bedroom of your house with its full-length structure, which allows you to easily get dressed without having to jump up or duck the see yourself fully. The frame of the mirror is made out of a combination of solid wood with manufactured wood elements, which assure the stability and durability of the piece.

Solid Wood Cathedral Floor Mirror

Solid Wood Cathedral Floor Mirror
A large, floor mirror made in an antique fashion with a unique shape that resembles the decorative windows of a cathedral. The mirror has a frame made out of a combination of solid wood and manufactured wood, making it sturdy and durable, which is painted in gold with a few brown elements to match it. The mirror itself is quite tall, as its height measures over eighty inches, making it viable for even the tallest of people.

Rustic Walnut Floor Mirror

Rustic Walnut Floor Mirror
Decorate the interior of your home with this rustic style floor mirror with a simple, yet elegant, wooden frame with a unique texture that resembles a wicker weave, further providing the mirror with an unusual element. The mirror comes in dark bronze with a walnut-like finish, making it a perfect contrast to a white wall, and can be used in all kinds of spaces - whether you prefer it in a bedroom or a living room is up to you to decide.

Rectangular Floor Mirror With Wooden Frame

Rectangular Floor Mirror With Wooden Frame
A traditionally-designed floor mirror with a surprisingly large frame, bound to provide a large decorative piece for an empty wall of any room. This gorgeous mirror is fitted with an old-fashioned bronze finish with decals resembling the fleur de lis pattern in similar bronze. The structure of the mirror is finely crafted out of top-quality wood, and the antique accents along the frame are a proof that the manufacturer pays attention to details.

Our advice Buying Guide

A large mirror stand, which is commonly referred to as a full-length mirror or floor mirror, is a mirror that comes with a frame that is constructed to hold the entire piece up without any support. Just like with any purchase, you need to take into consideration certain aspects to ensure you get the best piece for your home and specific needs.

What are the benefits of a large mirror stand?

A floor mirror or large mirror stand allows for versatility in terms of use. You'll be able to move the entire piece from a room to another; it'll just depend on who needs to use the mirror at a given time. Most people choose floor mirrors for their space as they have a classic look. A floor mirror is often angled to create a more flattering reflection compared to a wall mirror. Of course, all of us would want to leave for work looking and feeling slim and tall every morning.

What's the recommended shape and size for a large mirror stand?

A large and plain mirror stand can cover a lot of wall and floor space. It will seem to be a good choice as it will give a large reflection. But, you might not want to see your laundry basket, the bathtub, and everything else that's in the room every single time you check the mirror. If so, then a slightly narrower mirror with an interesting shape will make more sense from a design and style standpoint.

If you'll be furnishing a bathroom, you'll find that large, oval-shaped mirror stands are becoming popular as they reflect everything that you want to be seen. A large mirror stand that has taken the oval shape will also add a point of interest in your bathroom compared to a plain rectangular wall mirror.

When you're choosing between several large decorative floor mirrors, consider the idea of adding several mirrors within a space in different sizes and shapes. This way, you'll be able to make some sort of collage full of mirrors within your space. A collage of mirrors is a good idea for living rooms and bedrooms.

What material and finish should I select for my large mirror stand?

If you're on the lookout for a floor mirror that will make a statement, then your options when it comes to frame materials and finishes are near endless. Some of them include glass, bronze, copper, aluminum, and wood.

As with all home décor pieces or accessories that you add to your space, you must choose the frame of a floor mirror that matches your room's style. Is your room accented warm, dark tones? If so, then a mirror with an aluminum frame will definitely look out of place. However, if you go for an aged wood frame or aged bronze frame, it will look just right within your space.

Now that you know what to look for, go ahead and check out your options! We're sure you'll have fun shopping.


Traditional Beveled Accent Mirror

Traditional Beveled Accent Mirror
This 59” tall accent mirror is perfect for adding character, increasing light and space in your home. This beveled arched silhouette mirror is excellent as a leaning wall accent, and the distressed iron frame comes in three colors, including black, white, or rust, to suit your sense of style.

Pooler Free Standing Full Length Mirror

Pooler Free Standing Full Length Mirror
This mirror masters its design and purpose, exuding quality and practicality. Utilizing a simple self-standing design and outlined with a plastic frame and matching stand, this piece would suit any kind of decor. The frame is available in black, gray, or white, and the lightweight construction gives added maneuverability.

Ayrin Floor Full Length Mirror

Ayrin Floor Full Length Mirror
Create the illusion of space in your home with this full-length archway mirror. Featuring shatter-proof glass, this safety-conscious mirror comes with copper-free backing paint to ensure a long life. Perfect for freestanding or wall-mounting, you have a full range of styling options with this piece.

Percy Farmhouse / Country Full Length Mirror

Percy Farmhouse / Country Full Length Mirror
This 3-way floor mirror is the ultimate statement piece and an homage to vintage glamor and classic style. The three rectangular mirrors are joined, framed with a silver finish, and combine to create a stunning multi-faceted corner mirror. Standing at a statuesque 75”, this mirror has presence and will lend glamorous elegance to any room.

Match Large Rectangular Mirror

Match Large Rectangular Mirror
This large rectangular mirror is the most stunning piece that can grace your household, offering the extra functionality and durability, since the glass is of the highest quality, providing the best image.

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Large mirror stand

This trevi mirror stand shall fit perfectly well into contemporary decors. Its simplistic design, featuring chrome holder embodies well the smooth minimalism of modern furniture.

Larger view 175

Larger View

Large mirror stand

A wonderful and elegant large standing mirror. It has a rectangular wooden frame with wide edges. The frame is padded and has upholstery of quality white leather featuring an intricate button tufting.

Tall mirror stand

standing mirror>>>>>> i so want this for our bedroom. Love it!

TMS® Black Wood Mirrored Jewelry Armoire Cabinet Stand Mirror Necklace Bracelet Ring

Mirror on a stand

Large mirror stand for living room, bedroom and others interiors according to taste and need. It is mounted on gloss finish frame. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Classic form and elegant design.

Floor mirror stand

Thanks to this large mirror stand, you are getting a stylish accessory for contemporary bedrooms that sparkle with old-fashioned accents. The mirror's frame is crafted of hardwood and covered in a distressed espresso finish.

Large mirror stand

With such a magnificent piece your master bedroom will be radiating with vintage loveliness. The floor stand mirror is embedded in a sturdy wood frame, beautifully hand-carved and hand-painted. It should be leaned against a wall for stability.

Large mirror stand

Large and beautifully framed mirror in the impressive frame is a beautiful accent to interior design. Its slim design, nice frame, and versatile form make it perfect for a wardrobe or bedroom.

Large mirror stand

This large mirror stand can be a funky addition to anyone's bedroom. Freestanding, Cheval mirror enchants with its colourful, patchwork motives, which cover the solid, wooden base.

Good idea for a shared girls room

good idea for a shared girls room

Mirror with stand

Emanating with natural elegance and intricate design, this marvelous, standing mirror will transform your bedroom into a magical forest. Its large frame is made of thick pieces of wood, making the whole very appealing and long-lasting.

How to make a floor mirror frame

It is a new fashion - instead of hanging objects on the walls, nonchalantly leave them on the ground. Large mirror will fill your space and add artistic character to your room. With wide, decorated dark wenge wood frame you can look at yourself the whole day!

Rock Island Floor Mirror

Rock Island Floor Mirror

Mirror stands

This element provides style and functionality into the house. Its durable frame is finished in a neutral color and it includes some decorative carvings. This mirror is a large and rectangular element that is functional and decorates indoors.

Head West Easel Espresso Floor Mirror, 18 by 64-Inch

It is an Easel Floor Mirror that has got an espresso finish. It can be moved throughout the home and it is perfect for a dressing mirror. It measures 1 inches by 18 inches by 64 inches.

Mirror stand

The slim frame of this impressive floor mirror makes the whole look exceptional. The large form delights with details and makes the interior take on style and character. Beautiful wooden frame admires.

Stand for large mirror

A blank wall can only take advantage of a large floor standing mirror in a crisp simple frame. There are easy DIY ideas to make such a thick dark brown mirror frame with floor stand at almost no cost.

Large mirror lean against wall

This large wide white frame mirror would suit almost every interior decoration. Mirrors are the timeless and stylish element of home equipment that is not only fashionable addition but must-have item for anyone.

Large mirror stand

I would put this in Penny's bedroom...when we have a mansion of course.

Love the mirror reflecting the tufted sofa great idea on

Love the mirror reflecting the tufted sofa. Great idea on how to use tufted tuxedo sofa under the stairway.

Antiqued huge diy mirror

antiqued huge DIY mirror

Mirror on stand

Put some natural accents into your master bedroom with this amazing floor stand mirror. Its rectangle shape is embedded in a thick wood frame in a distressed finish, giving you a very durable accessory for your country decor.

Diy floor mirror stand

Dark framed wall leaning mirror, particularly large, it can reflect your whole silhouette. Large mirrors are recommended for smaller spaces to make them appear roomier. Black frame represents versatile style.

Large mirror on stand

Expand the space visually with a smart use of large mirror. Here a gold frame floor mirror was used to additionally show off a nice apple green three-legged console table with an artwork displayed on it.

Large arched mirror

Complement your bedroom with this astonishing mirror in shape of an arched window. The slender wood frame divides the whole mirror into smaller panels, creating an illusion of having another room on the other side.

Glam floor mirror traditional mirrors 2

Glam Floor Mirror Traditional Mirrors

Large mirror stand

Love the ornate detail on this grand mirror

Floor mirror ikea

This large and beautifully framed mirror is a stylish detail that help you to change the interior. It allows bringing freshness and optically additional space creating a unique atmosphere. Perfect mirror for a bedroom or dressing room.

Antiqued mirror tiles make an amazing and luxurious statement wall

Antiqued mirror tiles make an amazing and luxurious statement wall in a bathroom. The beautiful tub and chandelier don't hurt either.

Lovin this ornate mirror giant rosaries

Lovin' this ornate mirror & giant rosaries.

Foyer table and mirror set 1

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Large Wall Mirror

Large Wall Mirror

Huge floor mirror

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Mirror floor stand

I love this. I want a closet big enough to have a mirror this large in. Heck! I want a mirror that I can see my entire body reflection in!!!

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