Girls Full Length Mirror


A full-length mirror for a girl’s room is a necessary fixture that any girl will appreciate. They are functional and very feminine and will fit into the space very well. If your girl is asking for a full-length mirror that will accent her taste while displaying her beauty, then look no further than our extensive collection of girls full length mirrors and choose the right one that fits the aesthetic of her area. we have plenty to choose from.

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Our Picks

Bouquet Standing Mirror in Pink

Bouquet Standing Mirror in Pink

Fabulous modern standing kid-safe mirror for girls aged 2 or up. Its frame of fibreboard has a charming pink and white varnished finish and delicate carved and painted floral motifs. It has semi-circular feet, posts with finials, an arched top.

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Kidkraft Princess Cheval Mirror

Adorable mirror worthy of the little princess's chambers. Decorated with small lovely golden crown on top, made of safety for children, shatterproof acrylic plastic. Mirror is embedded on wooden pink frame and swivels, so it can be adjusted.

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Coronada full length mirror

Coronada Full-Length Mirror

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New Arrivals New Arrivals White Floor Mirror

Freestanding mirror mounted on wooden frame. Base is reinforced with solid supports. Great addition to the bedroom and others interiors according to taste.

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Girls full length mirror

DIY idea for anyone looking to add a little light to their bedroom with this clever design for a full-length floor mirror. Comes in handy whenever you’re trying on clothes or just dressing up in the morning as the light makes it easier to see when its dark.

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Kids corner bookcase 2

A nice bookcase for your kids' room with the extra cork board on the side and the amazing mirrored side on the other piece, ensuring maximum use of the space and the extreme functionality. It sports a design with five huge shelves.

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Fairies full length mirror

Fairies Full Length Mirror

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Designer Decorative Pink White Chevron Striped Wooden Jewelry Armoire Full Length Mirror Wall Cabinet 55.5"H x 19.25"L

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Vintage full length mirrors

Vintage Full Length Mirrors

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Large full length mirror 1

Rectangular mirror with richly decorated frame. Includes screw holes for easy mounting on the wall. Possibility of horizontal and vertical orientation. Elegant accent for the living room and others interiors according to taste.

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Girls Full Length Mirror

Buying Guide

A full length mirror is a dreamy addition to any little girl’s bedroom, and there’s a few spots you can position it for maximum effect, depending on the layout of the space.

If any walls in the bedroom are windowless, consider placing your girl’s full length mirror in this area to create the illusion of added depth on that side of the room. You can use a large mirror to manipulate the natural daylight in the room as well by positioning it, so it reflects the rays that flood through the window.

A full length mirror is also a great way to enhance a unique feature of the bedroom by reflecting it, so if your little girl has a fancy canopy bed or a tufted headboard, try placing the mirror opposite the bed so you see it in two different places.

When it comes to girls’ full-length mirrors, you can choose between a leaning, traditional, or cheval mirror.

As their name implies, leaning full-length mirrors are designed to lean against a wall. These types of mirrors include intricately carved, mirrored, or simple frames, so the design options are plenty. Basically, they’re a stylish statement piece to have in any girl’s room. That being said, they may not be safe around children when not secured. To secure your girl’s leaning mirror, place a rubber grip surface under it or anchor the top part to the wall with heavy-duty furniture straps.

Traditional full-length mirrors are either free-standing or wall-mounted and comprise an adjustable easel back for stability and support. They’re easy to move around, can be tilted as needed, and usually feature a clean-lined rectangular frame.

Lastly, girls’ cheval mirrors have frames that are often adorned with floral, butterfly, and other girly motifs, rendering them a great choice for little girls. These full-length mirrors are not only safe for younger children, but they can also swivel and be adjusted so your girls can see themselves clearly in the mirror.

Best Ideas

Girls full length mirror

Full length mirror with jewelry storage inside. something every girl ...

Girl bedroom stand mirror mirror mirror cute girl room ideas

... girl bedroom, stand mirror, mirror mirror, cute girl room ideas, girl

Stratford Wall Mirror

Stratford Wall Mirror

Beautiful, very elegant and very practical mirror, which is perfectly suited to any interior. The mirror is very practical, but at the same time also very nice and extremely decorative. It will fit to the different interiors.

Frameless Liana Wall Mirror

Frameless Liana Wall Mirror

It is a large wall mirror. It does not have any special outer frame. Around the perimeter is decorated with a checkerboard made on the same sheet of glass. The whole thing is very practical, aesthetic and classy. Suitable for minimalist interior.

Girls full length mirror

Full length extra large wall-leaning rectangular mirror in a unique white frame, generously carved to match varied styles: rustic, romantic, traditional. Would for sure look lovely in a girl's bedroom.

Vivian Full Length Mirror

Vivian Full Length Mirror

This floor mirror is way bigger than most wall mirrors. Which means that you'll be able to see your entire silhouette effortlessly. What's more, this accessory grabs compliments due to its wooden frame, which features a range of unique carved details.

Magic Garden 51.5" H x 20" W Standing Mirror

Magic Garden 51.5" H x 20" W Standing Mirror

And here is a wrought iron option hmmm can be

And here is a wrought iron option... hmmm can be considered!

Vintage hand carved floral leaner mirror

Vintage Hand-Carved Floral Leaner Mirror

Fantasy Fields - Alphabet Standing Mirror

This full length standing mirror for girls can be a great gift for your young girls. Hand painted and hand carved wooden construction ensures durability and attention to details. Has the following size: 20 x 15 x 47 inches.

Free standing jewelry box 2

Jewelry box with free standing wooden construction finished in white color that looks good in any home design. This element offers some storage compartments for different kinds of jewelry and its front doors include a full length mirror.

Girls full length mirror

Pairing the Christmas lights with a full length mirror would make the room brighter. Bedroom lighting solution!

Cheval mirror in white finish 1

Cheval Mirror in White Finish

Table designs with full length mirror for girls dressing tables

... table designs with full length mirror for girls Dressing tables