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Does your little girl need a dresser but not just any dresser is good enough? Then perhaps it is time to look at our collection of little girls’ dressers. These are perfect for your daughter and her aesthetic choices for her bedroom. They are well made, sturdy, and are just as useful as in the other dresser with the caveat of being more specifically geared toward little girls.

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Updated 01/09/2023
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Six-Drawer Double Dresser

Six-Drawer Double Dresser

Harriet Bee

Perfect For: Traditional and country cottage bedroom aesthetics

What We Like: Ample storage and clean-lined design

Enhance your bedroom with this six-drawer double dresser that offers an ideal blend of style and practical storage. Crafted from manufactured wood in a neutral finish, it suits a variety of tastes and decors. The six smooth-gliding drawers provide ample space for your clothes and accessories, while the spacious top surface is perfect for displaying cherished photographs, a flower vase, or decorative jewelry boxes. This dresser's design adds a touch of sophistication to any bedroom.


Designer Advice:

To complete the look, pair this dresser with a wood-framed mirror and a matching nightstand in a similar finish for a cohesive and organized space that exudes charm and functionality.

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Adorable 3-Drawer Dresser with Crystal-like Knobs

Adorable 3-Drawer Dresser with Crystal-like Knobs

South Shore

Perfect For: Adding a playful touch to a girl's bedroom

What We Like: The charming design and asymmetric top drawer groove

This delightful 3-drawer dresser brings a touch of whimsy to any girl's room, with its graceful curved kickboard and crystal-like knobs. Designed for tight spaces, it features three spacious drawers with detailed metal handles for ample storage of clothing, linens, or other belongings. The metal slides ensure the drawers glide smoothly and quietly, and the laminated particleboard construction provides durability. This dresser is a functional yet stylish addition to your child's bedroom.

Designer Advice:

Pair this dresser with pastel or patterned textiles and coordinating accessories for a cohesive, whimsical atmosphere in the bedroom. Be sure to use the included wall anchor for added safety.

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Wide, Dusky Pink Vintage Style Dresser

Wide, Dusky Pink Vintage Style Dresser


This vintage style piece with delicate wooden motifs is ideal for a larger bedroom. It has great storage and is complete with seven drawers! It has a blush pink pearl finish, crafted from pine. It stands at 54''. 

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Colorful Drawer Dresser for Kids

Colorful Drawer Dresser for Kids

Viv + Rae™

Perfect For: Brightening up a child's bedroom or playroom

What We Like: The customizable colorful drawer fronts

The Colorful Drawer Dresser for Kids boasts a rectangular frame made from engineered wood, designed to enhance your child's space with its vibrant drawer fronts available in your choice of hue. Featuring four spacious drawers, it provides ample room for organizing toys, books, clothes, and linens. The top surface is perfect for displaying collectibles and a table lamp. Plus, this dresser includes wall-mounting hardware for added safety.


Designer Advice:

To complement the dresser, choose matching or contrasting colorful wall décor, bedding, and a cozy rug for a fun and stylish children's space.

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5 Drawer Chest with Rosette Knobs

5 Drawer Chest with Rosette Knobs

Harriet Bee

Perfect For: Creating a dreamy and elegant bedroom for your little princess

What We Like: Beautiful accents and floral felt lined drawers

Invite a touch of elegance and charm into your child's room with this 5 Drawer Chest, featuring clear rosette knobs, tapered legs, and a pearl white tufted headboard. With ample storage space and floral felt lined drawers, this chest is both practical and stylish. Designed to create a timeless and magical atmosphere, this furniture piece is perfect for your little girl's dream bedroom.


Designer Advice:

Pair this chest with soft pastel-colored bedding, decorative pillows, and fairy lights to create a cozy and enchanting space where your little princess can rest and play.

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Industrial Bar Stool with Leather Seat

Industrial Bar Stool with Leather Seat

Zoomie Kids

Perfect For: Adding a touch of chic industrial style to any space

What We Like: Adjustable height feature

This industrial bar stool combines a sleek metal frame with a comfortable leather seat, creating a unique and stylish seating option. The adjustable height feature allows you to customize the seat to the perfect level for your countertop or bar area. Designed with durability in mind, the stool is easy to maintain and adds an elegant touch to any space, such as a kitchen island, breakfast nook, or home bar setup.


Designer Advice:

Enhance the industrial look by pairing it with a reclaimed wood dining table or countertop, and finish the look with metal pendant lights overhead.

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Gemma Violet

Perfect For:

What We Like:

Minimalist Floating Wall Shelves

Organizing and displaying small items or decor in any room

Sleek and versatile design with hidden brackets

These minimalist floating wall shelves offer a stylish and functional solution for displaying photos, books, plants, and small decorative objects. Crafted from durable MDF and available in various colors, these shelves seamlessly blend with any interior style. The hidden brackets give the shelves a clean and streamlined appearance, adding a touch of elegance to your space while keeping your favorite items organized and accessible.


Designer Advice:

Arrange the shelves in a vertical or horizontal pattern on your wall to create a visually compelling focal point, and switch up the displayed items seasonally to keep the look fresh and appealing.

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Solar-Powered LED Garden Lamp Post

Solar-Powered LED Garden Lamp Post


Perfect For: Illuminating outdoor spaces and pathways

What We Like: Eco-friendly and versatile design

This solar-powered LED garden lamp post provides the perfect source of light for outdoor spaces, pathways, and gardens without any hassle of electrical wiring. The eco-friendly design harnesses solar energy to power the lamp, allowing it to charge during the day and automatically turn on at dusk. The classic black design is not only stylish but also weather-resistant and durable against various outdoor elements. Its versatile structure allows it to blend seamlessly into different landscaping styles and outdoor settings.


Designer Advice:

For an enchanting atmosphere, install multiple lamp posts along your garden pathways or the edges of your patio. This will create a well-lit and inviting space for evening gatherings or leisurely strolls.

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Transitional Accent Chest for Kids' Room

Transitional Accent Chest for Kids' Room

Harriet Bee

Perfect For: Organizing and enhancing your child's bedroom

What We Like: Scalloped edges and round knobs with ample storage

This transitional accent chest features scalloped edges and round knobs, beautifully contrasting its clean lines. A crisp white finish completes the look, making it an eye-catching addition to your little one's room. With three safety-stop drawers up top and an open bin with a label plate down below, this USA-made chest is perfect for cutting clutter and keeping things organized. Crafted from manufactured wood, it's backed by a five-year warranty.


Designer Advice:

Pair this accent chest with colorful storage bins or decorative elements to create a fun and vibrant space that sparks your child's imagination.

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Stylish Storage Cabinet with 6 Removable Drawers

Stylish Storage Cabinet with 6 Removable Drawers

Ebern Designs

Perfect For: Organizing wardrobe and linen essentials in any room

What We Like: Classic fabric design and versatile storage options

This stylish storage cabinet features six removable drawers that provide ample space for sorting and organizing clothes, accessories, and linens. The classic fabric exterior effortlessly complements various decors, making it suitable for bedroom closets, laundry areas, or any other storage space within your home. The wood top surface offers a sturdy space for placing lamps, accessories, or decorative items. Ideal for children, teens, and adults alike, this practical chest of drawers is perfect for small urban spaces such as apartments, condos, and dorm rooms.


Designer Advice:

To maximize organization, label each drawer according to its contents, such as hats, shoes, or scarves. Pair it with matching storage bins or baskets for a cohesive and clutter-free space.

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8-Drawer Double Dresser

8-Drawer Double Dresser

Baby Cache

Perfect For: Maximizing storage space in your child's room

What We Like: Luxurious spacious drawers and sturdy construction

This 8-drawer double dresser showcases eight generous drawers, providing an expansive amount of room for clothes and accessories. Crafted from durable poplar wood and veneers, it comes in a choice of pure white or metallic finish to suit your child's room for years to come. The delicate applied molding adds a touch of grandeur throughout, elevating the overall design.


Designer Advice:

Combine this dresser with a matching bed and nightstand, and consider adding a stylish area rug for a cohesive, organized, and sophisticated child's bedroom environment.

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6-Drawer Double Dresser with Acrylic Accents

6-Drawer Double Dresser with Acrylic Accents

Harper Orchard

Perfect For: Enhancing traditional style and storage in bedrooms

What We Like: The combination of soft-close drawers and elegant acrylic accents

This 6-drawer double dresser is crafted from a blend of solid and engineered wood with a crisp white finish, ideal for complementing any bedroom décor. The eye-catching traditional silhouette features a curving apron, crown, and bead molding, while the six soft-close drawers provide ample storage for organizing clothes and accessories. Top drawers are adorned with clear acrylic knobs, and the bottom four feature drop handles with acrylic bead accents, adding an elegant touch to its design.


Designer Advice:

For a cohesive bedroom look, pair the dresser with a white wooden bed frame and enhance the traditional aesthetic with classic, soft-textured linens in subtle hues.

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Industrial Metal Wall Shelf with Hooks

Industrial Metal Wall Shelf with Hooks

Harriet Bee

Perfect For: Enhancing your entryway or hallway

What We Like: Multi-functional design

This industrial metal wall shelf not only adds an eye-catching focal point to your space but serves a practical purpose as well. Its sturdy metal construction, coupled with the wooden shelf, offers a blend of style and durability. Hang your coats or bags on the five hooks beneath, while placing decorative items or everyday essentials on the top shelf. This versatile piece is ideal for entryways, hallways, or smaller living spaces where functionality meets style.


Designer Advice:

Incorporate an industrial-style mirror above the shelf and combine with other metal or wood accents for a cohesive, modern look in your entryway or hallway.

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Savannah 4-Drawer Dresser

Savannah 4-Drawer Dresser

South Shore

Perfect For: Kids' bedrooms in need of functional storage and organizational solutions

What We Like: Timeless design with curved kick plate and round wooden knobs

The Savannah 4-Drawer Dresser offers a classic and neutral country style, seamlessly blending with various decor styles within kids' bedrooms. It includes 4 large, stacked drawers adorned with cute knobs, providing ample storage for clothes, linens, or other necessities. Featured metal slides ensure smooth and quiet access to your belongings. The durable laminated particleboard and adherence to North American safety standards certify quality and peace of mind for this piece.


Designer Advice:

Pair this versatile dresser with other country-inspired decor items, such as a quaint area rug or a rustic wall art, to create a well-coordinated and warm ambiance in your child's bedroom.

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Pink Gradient Three Drawer Girls’ Dresser

Pink Gradient Three Drawer Girls’ Dresser

Little Seeds

This three drawer dresser is cute and stylish. With a pink gradient front, it has three shades of pink. Crafted from laminated particleboard, it has a clean white finish. It is 35'' long and boasts a generous drawer size. It is complete with chrome hardware.

$188.72 $497

Designer Advice:

This cute and sturdy dresser is ideal for an older child’s bedroom. You can play around with its usage. To add some style to this piece, you can add some glitter globes on top, her favorite books and perhaps a pink lamp to unite the look. 

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Marble White 6 Drawer Double Dresser

Marble White 6 Drawer Double Dresser


This classic sleigh-style dresser is crafted from manufactured wood. Its bright white finish is ideal for a little dresser. It has metal roller glides and wooden knobs. It is also 50.89'' wide. Sturdy and stylish. 

$259.99 $379.99

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Pink And Rose Gold Diverse Dresser

Pink And Rose Gold Diverse Dresser


This dresser for girls is ideal for a teenager. It has a thick rose gold frame and pink manufactured wood. The frame is steel, which is strong and sturdy. It is 32.7’’ long and boasts two large drawers and three smaller drawers. Lightweight and great for organization.

Designer Advice:

This dresser’s rose gold element is stunning! It would work well with crisp white walls. You can also add rose gold decorative elements on top such as make-up holders or plant pots. It would look great next to a pink furry pouf or a floral chaise lounge. 

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Dressers For Girls

Buying Guide

Baby & kids dressers are essential equipment for keeping your child’s room neat and clean. Dressers are a handy place for keeping clothing, extra bedding, and all sorts of baby equipment. Some dressers double as a changing table, while others mimic mom or dads mirrored vanity.

Things to look for in dressers that are going to be used in your child's room are:

  • Sturdiness

As children grow, the furniture in their rooms can get a real beating. Even good kids who are not trying to be rough and tough can put extra stress on home furnishings. So, a dresser for a child’s room needs to be well built.

  • Possibility to be secured to the wall

Human children climb. They are exploring their capabilities, frequently without regard to personal safety. Toddlers can manage to get themselves into the most unexpected places, even when well-supervised. Anchoring their dresser means one less potential hazard.

  • Well-made drawers

Drawers are frequently the downfall of dressers for users of any age. Look for drawers that are made of real wood, that have the corners reinforced, and that have extra bracing underneath.

  • No-stress tracks for easy drawer use

Easy glide drawer pulls make it easy to open and close dresser drawers. Look for the kind that has stops at the end of the pull to prevent the drawer from being pulled all the way out.

  • The right height

If you are a small adult, you know exactly what we are talking about here. There is nothing as frustrating as having a drawer for everything, but not being tall enough to look into the drawer. If you want to begin training your child to put things away, have drawers for his or her things that are well within reach.

  • Bright colors

While all kids have individual tastes, bright primary colors are often recommended for children’s rooms.

  • Lead free materials

Legally mandated in many places, all children’s appliances and toys should be lead free. Teething children, and sometimes even older children, have an unfortunate tendency to gnaw on the strangest things – and that can include the corners of dressers.

Dressers come in all sorts of kinds, sizes, and styles. They might be standard wooden dressers, similar to the ones in rooms for older people, but they might also be wooden frames for wicker basket weave.

These wicker drawers are often a little deeper while being more like small boxes placed on a shelf than ordinary dresser drawers.

You can even purchase temporary dressers that are made of cardboard. With care, these cardboard dressers can last quite a long while.

Here are some of the main benefits:

  • An opportunity for children to develop a sense of ownership for their things.

  • Early training for children on how to keep their things neat and safe.

  • A place for clothing, diapers and other baby accouterments.

  • A way to make your child’s room attractive.

Children are not naturally organized or tidy. Those are learned skills. Like most learning, it is easier to acquire if the student has the tools at hand to achieve the goals. A well-made dresser for your child just makes everything go a little bit better. Share the joy of organization with your child!

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Little girls dresser 8

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Little girls dresser

The delicate cream cupboars with the drawers fronts painted in the colorful floral motive. The six big drawers and the additional pop-in baskets guarantees enough place for storage your kid's clothes and toys.

Colorful wall mirrors

A chic French country style vintage dresser made of solid wood with a nice-looking pale greenish finish. Its low paw legs, curved aprons and top edges are adorned with grooving. Each of 6 ample drawers in 3 tiers has 2 ornate C-pulls of brass.

Little girls dresser 7

Love this sweet little dresser and the colors for a kids' room.

Girls dresser

nursery inspiration. This is pretty gold and coral and tan

Girls vanity dresser

Paint drawers bright colour to contrast white dressee @ Home Decor Ideas

Dulce 6 Drawer Dresser

Dulce 6 Drawer Dresser

It is a very practical dresser, which is perfect for girly room. It is white. It has a stylized handles. They are delicate, colorful flowers that add to its charm, grace and a lightness. Thanks to it this chest of drawers also becomes a decorative element.

Riley 3 Drawer Dresser

Riley 3 Drawer Dresser

Dresser featuring appealing modern design, white stipple finish, nickel finished handles and three drawers. The drawer is also a durable, strong and long lasting construction thanks to the use of high quality manufactured wood.

Little girl dressers

Great idea! Old dresser. Can make a dress up closet for kids. Working on it right now. Coming together really nicely. Just need a few more finishing touches and it will be ready to play with!

Toddler canopy

Show me one little baby girl that don't likes toddler canopy beds. Bed in mint color, decorated with plaited like baby braids sticks. It will be perfect for a candy room, full of pastel colors. Bed made of classic wood, painted mint - sweet as peppermint!

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