Bedroom Furniture Drawer Pulls

It is time to change something in your home that won't be too huge, or too expensive. It is time to swap out those drawer pulls. They are small but a new set of drawer pulls can make a big impact, even if it is super subtle. Take off the wood or brass pulls and replace them with polished steel or brushed copper. The impact is small but after a bit, you will definitely feel the change.

Best Products

French provincial drawer pull upcycled

French provincial drawer pull upcycled
You wish your house had a charming, rustic look, but you don't have money to buy new furniture? If yes, start with changing your accessories. These colorful, curved pull handles will give your old chest of drawers a new life.

French Antique Pendant Pull

French Antique Pendant Pull
Add something original to your home décor and greet your guests from the very beginning by choosing this amazing pull in antique finish that sports not only stylish looks but also extremely durable structure, making it easy to withstand the weather.

Dresser pull knobs drawer knob pulls

Dresser pull knobs drawer knob pulls
Simple drawer ring knob / drop pull, colored gold; a decent choice of other finishes (from silver plated to black) is available as well. It's cast in zinc alloy. Suits both modern and traditional furniture.

Beslagsboden Cup Pull

Beslagsboden Cup Pull
If you want to find a quality cup pull, you may want to check this fine piece characterized by durable metal construction. The Cup Pull in Antique Brass Finish ensures easy mounting and durable usage.

Round drawer

Small, but very useful and important item that can be paired with different pieces of furniture. This round drawer pull is made of metal with nice satin brass finish. It allows for pulling drawers and decorates indoors.

Grey bedroom furniture 2

Give your bedroom furniture a touch of modern elegance with these stunning metal pulls. Made from metal and featuring a unique brass finish, the pulls are designed to complement any drawer but work best if combined with natural tones or colors.

Bedroom furniture drawer pulls 4

Durable dresser with six drawers that provide quite large and functional storage space. These drawers include practical and aesthetic metal handles. This wooden element of furniture is finished in light blue color. It is suitable for bedroom applications.

Our advice Buying Guide

Do drawer pulls come in one size?

Drawer pulls come in a wide variety of shapes, styles, and sizes, and the length of pull you choose should depend upon the width of the cabinet or cabinet. Standard dresser drawers range between 14-30”, while drawers used kitchen cabinets have a wider range from 9-48”.

If you’re looking for a pull for a wide drawer, you should get one that’s just over ⅓ of the length of the drawer. If you pick a pull that’s too short, it’ll look inappropriate on your wide drawer: it’s also more physically challenging to open a wider drawer with a short pull than with a long pull.

Bedroom furniture drawer pulls that are 5” long are easy to grip, yet they’re not too long that they look out of place on a smaller drawer or cabinet. Whichever size you choose, try to be consistent. For example, if you choose a 3.5”-long pull for one drawer but then choose to use 4”-long pulls for some other drawers in the cabinet, the furniture can look haphazard.

If you’re adding drawer pulls to modern or contemporary-style cabinetry, consider using full-length options to lend the drawers or compartments a minimal but functional look.

Are bedroom furniture drawer pulls easy to install?

Yes, bedroom furniture drawer pulls are easy to install with the right equipment. All you’ll need is a screwdriver, one or two screws per handle, a drill, wood putty, and sandpaper.

Start by removing the old hardware with the screwdriver. If there’s no screw, there’s likely a nut and washer, which you’ll have to unscrew and then pull the knob or handle out of the front side of the furniture piece. If the new drawer pull isn’t the exact size of the old one, place the handle where you want it and then mark the location to secure it with screws—drill holes at these locations. Fill in the old holes with wood putty.

When the putty dries, sand it down to be level with the furniture’s surface and repaint the drawer or door. Insert your new drawer pull into the pre-drilled holes, and secure it with screws.

What is the best material for bedroom furniture drawer pulls?

The best material for bedroom furniture drawer pulls depends on the décor style of your room and the piece of furniture to which it will be attached.

The most common material used for drawer pulls is metal. Metals such as wrought iron, powder-coated steel, antique brass, brushed nickel, and galvanized aluminum with a chrome finish are all durable and stylish options.

However, for a unique look, try ceramic or tempered glass pulls in different colors. These pulls let you customize your bedroom furniture and coordinate with the hues found in your bedding, curtains, or wall colors.

Wooden drawer pulls are suitable for wooden bedroom furniture made from the same wood type and featuring the same finish.


Bedroom drawer pulls

Unique bedroom drawer chest and matching mirror. The chest sits atop for legs, each fitted with caster wheels for easy mobility. It’s made from wood and its dark espresso finish will add the perfect balance of texture into your home. The piece is then matched by a large oval mirror for outstanding elegance.

Bedroom furniture drawer pulls 9

Give your bedroom a new touch of elegance with this brass based metallic pulls. The pulls are a perfect accent for chest of drawers and bedroom nightstands. They are easy to install and would work in a wide variety of backgrounds, including vibrant pink furniture.


A pretty vintage woody drawer chest with a bit worn pale blue finish. It has a top with a curved front edge, low angular curved legs, wavy aprons. It's equipped with a sliding tray and 3 drawers with gently convex panels and dark metal ring pulls.

Bedroom furniture drawer pulls

Apparently, a distressed finish is not contrary to elegance. This wide bedside nighstand (a small dresser with three drawers?) was painted white with gray staining, but warm brass handles lend a new feel to an otherwise shabby chic look.

Bedroom furniture drawer handles

Farmhouse inspired bedroom drawer pools made from rope. The pulls are incredibly sturdy and feature a neutral finish that will add outstanding accent value to any drawer chest. Their antique touch of elegance combines perfectly with antique based chest designs.

Gold drawer pulls

This pull hardware sports an original design that is sure to become a fitting option for your drawers to both ensure that you can open and close then securely and still oozing extra charm with its brass finish and star-like shape.

Gold drawer pulls 1

A ceramic, gold polka dot drawer knob with a sophisticated, elegant look – perfect for a knob replacement in a classy bedroom. Sure to spice up the look of any room with its rich appearance.

Bedroom furniture drawer pulls 2

Stunning and easy to install pipe drawer pulls with a chrome-plated shiny metal finish. The pulls are functional and decorative at the same time. While they easily make it possible for you to pull out drawers, they provide an embellishing accent for chests and nightstands of all types.

Grey bedroom furniture 3

A stunning chest of drawers in an elegant design. It features a grey, curved structure with decorative legs and three drawers in a light grey color. Shiny silver handles are a chic accent of the piece.

Bedroom furniture drawer pulls 12

Wooden dresser with seven drawers that provide quite large storage space. These drawers include practical and attractive knobs finished in different colors. The whole wooden surface is finished in neutral white color.

Coastal bedroom decor

Here's a tutorial on how to add an edge to an ordinary bedroom dresser - a shabby chic edge, to be precise! This pale blue (almost white) dresser with wood top is welcome in coastal homes, as long as you like distressed furnishings.

Bedroom furniture drawer pulls

So many different ways to perk up dressers! I could have pinned at least half of them! | 99 Clever Ways To Transform A Boring Dresser

Gold drawer pulls 7

Available in custom lucite sizes and brass finishes, this traditional plain ring lucite pull with gold elements is an exquisitely stylish accent for one's decor. The brass piece is approximately 1-3/8 inches high.

Bedroom furniture drawer pulls

Industrial design for a rustic file cabinet with a plenty of different sized drawers which provide a lot of storage space. The unusual decorations on top of the cabinet provide the piece with a cozy and adorable look.

Light blue nightstand

a DIY project ~ taking an old wood-stained small chest of drawers and turning it into this heavenly pale pearly turquoise bedside table with new wonderful acrylic hardware...looks like it would go well in the New and Last Home!

Round drawer pulls 1

Rectangular, solid brass drawer pull with a rounded interior face for a smooth feel in the hand. Its construction based on clean lines is able to update any decor. This handcrafted element is practical and attractive.

Round drawer pulls 10

Ever looked for a small detail that doesn’t require any space but gives your room a unique appearance? These glass knobs for drawers and compartment doors are great to spice up the look of your home in a very simple way!

My love affair with yellow petticoat junktion

My Love Affair With Yellow - Petticoat Junktion

Classic 2 1/2" Center Cup/Bin Pull (Set of 10)

Classic 2 1/2" Center Cup/Bin Pull (Set of 10)

Round drawer pulls

Drawer pulls might be the highlight of the chest. This round pull drawer is in the shape of a ring with a silver, glossy finish, which will give every piece of furniture a touch of elegance. A great accent of every chest of drawers.

Stain on regular paint makes the coolest effect that color

Stain On Regular Paint Makes The Coolest Effect! That color is AMAZING ...

Bedroom furniture drawer pulls 1

In smaller or older homes storage space is at a premium. I love the idea of creating a bed that also incorporates storage units and even a pull out shelf-table!

Bedroom furniture drawer pulls 10

DIY::Craigslist Dresser Gets a Colorful Makeover. Love The Color ! (Full Tutorial)

Pewter bedroom furniture 5

This incredible furniture is totally repainted mint bedroom dresser! Our mothers or grandmothers grew up with the exact one! It perfectly suits girl's bedroom as well. Made from renewed wood, nicely painted and decorated with white handles.

Bedroom furniture drawer pulls 2

An elegant chest of drawers that offers plenty of storage space in six spacious drawers. It's a wooden piece that was covered with a layer of wax, which gives it a subtle, glossy finish. Golden knobs ideally match.

Bedroom furniture drawer pulls 11

I love these pulls. I need to find out where to get them and make my own Mickey furniture for less $

Bedroom furniture drawer pulls 7

Create these unique drawer pulls for only $8 for the entire project! (That's $1 each) Use rope and hex nuts to create a super cool look for cheap!

Little girls dresser

The delicate cream cupboars with the drawers fronts painted in the colorful floral motive. The six big drawers and the additional pop-in baskets guarantees enough place for storage your kid's clothes and toys.

Flower Drawer Pulls Customize Furniture, Kitchen Cabinets, Dresser Drawers. This 12 Piece Colorful Hand Painted Resin Knob Set Features a Flower Bunch Design. Update with These Cabinet Floral Handles. Pretty up Your Hardware. Girl's Bedroom Too!

Bedroom furniture drawer pulls

Very useful, utilitarian DIY project, with a very simple, easy to reproduce the design. A dumpster dresser with a set of compartments for storing bins makes recycling and segregating your waste really easy.

White cottage dresser

The captivating nautical style is an excellent way to add lightness and subtlety to the decor. This beautifully made night cabinet combines a lovely wooden design, beautiful drawers with rope holds and simplicity. Perfect for the bedroom.

Bedroom furniture pulls

AMAZING ! Easy to Follow tutorial on how to create a "Restoration Hardware" stain on wood ! I love this!!!

White dresser stained top

Beautiful and tasteful chest of drawers is a great solution for the room of girls. The stylish composition of various drawers, it is perfect for storing clothes, trinkets and more. The whole is made in white is universal.

Ceramic door bedroom furniture handles and knobs pulls antique white

Ceramic Door Bedroom Furniture Handles And Knobs Pulls Antique White ...

Country style dresser

Dresser for kids' rooms and other interior applications. This stylish built-in closet is stylish and functional. It offers plenty of compartments and drawers that provide space for clothes and other items.

Decorative storage furniture

Compact and space-efficient design for a large, king-sized bed with a hidden storage underneath. The top of the bed can be lifted to reveal a spacious compartment, perfect for storing linen or even assorted items.

Kentworth 5" Center Bar Pull

Kentworth 5" Center Bar Pull

Brass bedroom furniture 8

Dark plum colored dresser....yes please. To match my purple tones bedroom.

Floating dresser

Draw the best of a corner with floating shelves that are superb for display purposes. The lower shelf features a pull out drawer, so it doubles as a small, space-saving desk. The shelves are fiber wood with lacquer coating.

Bedroom furniture drawer pulls 2015 2

Bedroom Furniture Drawer Pulls 2015

Enitial Lab Laurelle 2-Drawer Nightstand, Dark Oak

Enitial Lab Laurelle 2-Drawer Nightstand, Dark Oak

Amy crawleys tutorial for covering wooden drawer pulls and cabinet

Amy Crawley's tutorial for covering wooden drawer pulls and cabinet knobs

Storage chests 5

Chest of Drawers TO Bedroom Bin #upcycled #diy