Wood Storage Cabinet With Drawers


Whether you need a few drawers, or a few dozen, you are sure to find it here with our collection of versatile and sturdy wood storage cabinets with drawers. In many colors, many styles, many drawer configurations and numbers and sizes, you are sure to find just the right wood storage cabinet with drawers for your desired use. Great for craft projects.

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Our Picks

Multi drawer desk organizer from

Multi drawer desk organizer from

An extraordinary, DIY chest of drawers made from old, repurposed cheese boxes. The wood features all the natural imperfections, nailheads and original labels. It offers plenty of storage space and a vintage look.

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Wood storage cabinet with drawers

This project constitutes a great example of upcycling. Transformation of old, library wardrobe, used to store cards and catalogs, into a beautiful, vintage chest of drawers. It's unique climate will enhance both bedroom or living room spaces.

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Wood storage drawers

The eco cabinet is a design that uses elements that could be done with used pallets. Cool idea as your new wood storage space with quite large drawers. It's made from ecological chest wood. Very stylish.

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ADEPTUS 6 Drawer Roll Cart, Medium Pine

A simple storage cabinet with rolls which makes it an ideal choice for an office or a working space at home. It's a wooden piece in a natural color that includes six small drawers. There are no knobs or handles, just holes you use to pull the drawers.

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Vintage rustic solid wooden filing 12 drawer storage cabinet cupboard

... Vintage Rustic Solid Wooden Filing 12 Drawer Storage Cabinet Cupboard

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Reclaimed wood low media console with

Reclaimed wood low media console with

Made with the vintage appeal in mind, this media console sports a look that will work like a charm in your interior, especially thanks to its green distressed finish in a slightly faded tone that gives it a more unique vibe.

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Antique wooden 23 drawer storage cabinet home lilys design ideas

... Antique Wooden 23 Drawer Storage Cabinet | Home Lilys design ideas

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Available in ebony mahogany walnut or cherry satin finish shown

Available in Ebony, Mahogany, Walnut or Cherry Satin finish. Shown ...

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HangUps 6' H x 5' W x 1.33' D 4 Piece Storage Cabinet F Set

HangUps 6' H x 5' W x 1.33' D 4 Piece Storage Cabinet F Set

A cabinet set that will accommodate lots of items. Multiple drawers are equipped with conveniently wide, horizontally oriented silvery pulls. The set comprises of four cabinets (two upper, two base) in laminate gray finish.

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Wood storage cabinet with drawers

A DIY cabinet that every man will just love. It consists of sliding shelves that will help you to keep order in your tools. It's made of wood in a natural shade and it has wheels so you can quickly move it wherever you need it.

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Wood Storage Cabinet With Drawers

Buying Guide

Getting new cabinets like wooden storage cabinets with drawers can be a huge expense. As a matter of fact, the purchase of these furniture pieces takes more than 40% of most homeowners’ renovation budget. This isn’t really bad as they can set a room’s design and style. However, it is crucial for you to make the right decision. To help you pick the best storage solution for your space, here are tips you need to keep in mind:

A unit that’s tall and narrow is good if you want to maximize the storage of a room where there’s limited floor space. A wide and short one, on the other hand, allows you to have more surface space not just for storing items but for the display of decorative items like table lamps. Get the measurements of your floor space so you select the cabinets that do not impede doors from opening. List the items that you plan on storing inside the drawers, too.

Wooden storage cabinets can have deep, massive drawers that are great for the storage of bulky items. If you will be adding them to your bedroom, they’re great for storing sweaters and blankets. In the kitchen, they can hide trash bins and kitchen appliances. Tall, narrow cabinets with smaller drawers are great for housing small items like hosiery, jewelry, and cosmetics. If you get a mix of drawer depths and sizes, you’ll have a more versatile solution for storage.

The drawers must sit on metal or wooden gliders so opening and closing movements are smooth and easy. There’s also the need for a stopping mechanism so the drawers don’t fall out as they’re pulled open. This mechanism prevents the furniture from getting damaged (including your feet).

Tall, narrow storage cabinets made of wood can vary in the number of drawers they provide. There are those that only have two drawers, but some can offer as many as ten or more.

Whether you’re furnishing a contemporary or traditional style room, there are wooden storage cabinets with drawers that can suit your existing décor. Wooden furniture that has a cherry or oak finish will make your space look more classic and comforting. Espresso-colored cabinets, on the other hand, lend a more modern edge, especially when they have silver accents. If you want a cabinet that’s safe and capable of blending with any type of décor or color scheme, opt for one with a neutral wood finish.

The material and style of your cabinet’s hardware also have an impact on the overall look of the furniture. Round wooden knobs, classic shoe-cap handles made of metal and sleek nickel pulls are some of your most common options, and each of them has a different impact to a space. We suggest you choose the one that can blend with the room’s existing decor to achieve a unified look.

Best Ideas

HangUps 6' H x 10' W x 1.33' D 6 Piece Storage Cabinet I Set

HangUps 6' H x 10' W x 1.33' D 6 Piece Storage Cabinet I Set

This is a rack for the garage, basement or workshop. It is very practical, ingenious and extremely useful. It allows you to bury handheld tools and appliances, and to the practical organization of space.

Antique wooden 23 drawer storage cabinet

Antique Wooden 23 Drawer Storage Cabinet

Wood storage cabinet with drawers 6

Metal shelves can look cold and factory like on their own but mix them with something traditional, like these lovely dovetail boxes/drawers, and you have a stand out piece of furniture to be proud of.

Multi drawer wooden cabinet

Wooden storage cabinet with dozens of drawers. There are compartments of all sizes and shapes, so we’re sure that you won’t have any troubles with storage in your house anymore. The wooden construction is also stylish and durable.

Drawer cabinets wood

Don't know where I'd put it or what I'd fill it with but I think I need to build one...

Wood storage cabinet with drawers 2

Expand the storage in your home massively with this multi-tier storage cabinet. Featuring a distressed vintage look and a sturdy wooden design, the cabinet offers dozens of pull out drawers for all your stuff. You also get beautiful metal hardware all over for accents.

32 drawer wooden collectors cabinet storage unit for coins watches

32 Drawer Wooden Collectors Cabinet Storage Unit for coins watches ...

Alex drawer unit with 9 drawers ikea high unit with

ALEX Drawer unit with 9 drawers IKEA High unit with many drawers means ...

Fridge in pantry

A fantastic wooden pantry, which looks like an armoire built in a wall. It offers a lot of storage space with open shelves and three drawers that feature old-fashioned labels. A nice and unusual accent of the cabinet is a wine rack at the top.

Turning dresser into bookshelf

An old-fashioned chest of drawers that emanates with vintage beauty and weathered appearance. Crafted of sturdy Pine wood and covered in a distressed finish, the chest offers 7 storage drawers with metal pulls, 4 small drawers with metal pull-knobs, and 1 door cabinet on the right side.

Wood storage cabinet with drawers 1

... Cabinet Ideas: Antique Wooden With Squared Drawers Cd Storage Cabinet

Wooden drawer storage unit

weathered--and I like the asymmetrical drawers

Pallet wood furniture

pallet wood furniture

Storage benches with drawers

Beautiful storage benches with shelves and drawers make this wooden cabinet a great piece of interior decor in the hallway or entryway. The beautiful wooden tops and the white design of the whole blend beautifully in the decor.