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We have all seen the card catalogs at the library, and how efficient they can be with organization. Now you can have that organizational medium in your home or office with card file cabinets, So many drawers to fill with all your research cards, your file cards, or even your baseball cards if you like. And these furniture pieces are very attractive and well-constructed.

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Our Picks

Amazing antique industrial wood 23 drawer library card catalog cabinet

Amazing antique industrial wood 23 drawer library card catalog cabinet

Unique dark brown storage cabinet repurposed from an old library card catalog cabinet. The result raises eyebrows in a positive sense. 23 wooden drawers await to organize all kinds of stuff. One of them even serves as a plant pot stand.

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Antique card file cabinet

Large card file cabinet with a superb vintage-inspired look from the 90s. Constructed from wood, the cabinet offers a floor to ceiling design, giving you dozens of filing compartments for your needs. You will also enjoy the beautiful brass coated metal hardware in each of the pull-out drawers.

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Library card file cabinet 1

High-quality low-profile card cabinet constructed from wood and finished in a beautiful light brown stain. The cabinet offers six pull out drawers, each accentuated with stunning silver-coated pulls for impeccable beauty. You will also get a huge countertop for more décor accessories and other storage needs.

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Tennsco Card Cabinet With Lock - 28" x 15" x 52" - Steel - 8 Drawer(s) - Security Lock, Heavy Duty, Ball-bearing Suspension - Black

Standing sleek and tall, this 8-Drawer File Cabinet For 3x5 & 4x6 Cards in Black Finish offers a durable steel construction consisted of center dividers, a follower block and a thumb latch. The cabinet is able to hold up to 43,400 cards!

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Card cabinet

Vintage library card catalog cabinet with a raised design. The cabinet sits atop four wooden legs, leaving enough space at the bottom for additional storage. It also has enough filing storage too and beautiful metal pulls that add to its design.

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Index card filing cabinet

High quality card file cabinet made from wood and featuring over a dozen smaller drawers and a single large one at the top. The cabinet is finished in a glossy black tone for that stunning industrial look and its large countertop should also offer additional storage for your home.

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Card file cabinets

A space-saving and vintage addition for smaller interiors such as entryways, hallways, dens, and offices. This card file cabinet is wood-made and bathed in a distressed finish, offering 48 drawers with metal pulls.

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Best mid century modern file card cabinet 72 drawers for


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5146 jpg 2 file cabinets eight drawer index card size

5146.JPG - 2 file cabinets , Eight drawer , Index card size Wood six ...

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Card File, 7-Drawer, for 5" x 8" Cards, Light Gray TNNCF758LGY

Card file cabinet. Made of heavy duty steel in light gray color. Seven drawers, each of them lockable and with double label holder at the front. Very solid construction. Perfect for storing magnetic cards or other media.

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Card File Cabinets

Buying Guide

If you have a lot of file cards, you need something to keep them in. Shoe boxes might due, but card file cabinets are more durable.

Some libraries, organizations, and individuals use them for storage because their cards have important information on them. What is on them is sometimes a part of history. Card file cabinets are also insurance in case of loss, meaning that going digital does not have to be the ultimate storage solution. In 2015, Concordia College in Bronxville, New York received from the Online Computer Center the shipment of cards it had ordered as a backup to its card catalog. Other reasons to use card file cabinets are that they offer:

  • Stylish storage
  • Top-flight organization because each drawer can be labeled
  • Satisfaction for people who prefer to work with paper

On file cards you can catalog collections of recipes, phonograph records, newspaper clippings or whatever you started collecting before the digital age. If you have a small space and a relatively small number of cards, choose from one of two 1-drawer card cabinets with a capacity of 1,500 3x5 or 4x6 cards. You might also choose a two-drawer file cabinet. One is in gray with top-on-top boxes and another is mahogany-colored with side-by-side boxes.

  • If you have a lot of cards (or checks), one possible selection is a cabinet made of gray steel that has seven drawers. If you want to protect your cards from fire, choose the 6-drawer, beige-colored cabinet that is 1-hour UL fire rated. It can also survive impact from 30 feet and withstand a 2000 degree explosion. Another choice is a 7-drawer steel cabinet in gray that has the added protection of having drawers that can be locked.
  • If you have a large collection but not much space, try a slim-Jim solution in dark wood with a distressed finish. It hugs your wall while giving you 49 drawers of storage space. The look of it is comparable to the card files you find in older historical societies and libraries that have retained their physical card files.
  • If you really want to have a replica of one of the old card cabinets in your home or office, then get the 90-drawer file that has pulls. It also has a self-contained, pull-out table for ease in removing drawers and fingering through their contents.
  • If the colors gray or brown do not appeal to you, how about a card file cabinet in green-colored metal? It has 27 drawers and a door. One 30-drawer card file cabinet has four metal legs to give it a more contemporary look. To store large, flat materials such as blueprints and maps, choose a 9-drawer cabinet with a cobalt blue finish. It has two pulls on each drawer.

You do not have to use the latest technology to get organized. Choose from one of the large variety of card file cabinets available.

Best Ideas

Vintage oak library index filing card cabinet

Vintage Oak Library Index Filing Card Cabinet

Mayline Steel Flat File - 5-Drawer - 46-3/4 X35-3/8 X15-3/8" - Blue - Blue

File cabinets tend to be terribly practical and all but nice-looking, but this adorable blue piece is different. It offers multiple drawers and it looks a treat thanks to rather unusual cobalt blue finish.

Buddy Products 2 Drawer Card File, Steel, 5 x 8 Inches, Black (1658-4)

Durable and functional card file cabinet with two drawers. It provides space for necessary documents. Solid steel construction is wear resistant and it also includes no-mar rubber feet. Each drawer includes a label holder handle.

Details about 72 drawer library index card catalog file wood

Details about 72 Drawer Library Index Card Catalog File Wood Cabinet

Card file cabinets 1

Beautifully crafted with a stylish design, the card file cabinets are astonishing in every décor in traditional style. The whole is beautifully combined with every decor, and the beautiful shade of warm wood brings to the interior coziness.

Details about 72 drawer library index card catalog file wood

Details about 72 Drawer Library Index Card Catalog File Wood Cabinet

Home retro style wooden multimedia library file cabinets

Home : Retro-Style Wooden Multimedia Library File Cabinets

Gray catalog in a white craft room

Gray catalog in a white craft room |

Vintage library card file cabinet

Leslie Dame Library Card File Media Cabinet by OJ Commerce$199.95 - $ ...

Library index card drawers

Details about Antique Metal Card File Cabinet

Card filing cabinet

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Room media storage library card file multimedia cabinet walnut


Trendy filing cabinet

Capacious, sturdy, and crafted of natural wood; this file cabinet is stylish, functional, and suitable for both homes and offices. The cabinet stands flat on the ground, offering 4 file drawers - each equipped with a cutout handle.

SteelMaster Drawer Card Cabinet Holds 4,500 3 x 5 cards, 19 7/8 x 18 1/8 x 7

Black card cabinet. Made of heavy duty steel in black finish. Three, side by side, drawers and each of them has a capacity of 1500 index cards. The drawers have label holders at the front for easy identification.