Locked Bar Cabinet

Liquor is tabo to many children because it is only legal for adults to consume, so they want to know what all the fuss is about. Keep those curious kids out of your liquor with a locked bar cabinet. WIth one of these, you will never come home to find your kids have sneaked a taste of your hard alcohol, possibly ruining their developing brains for life. Protect them from themselves.

Best Products

Damarus Locking Bar Cabinet

Damarus Locking Bar Cabinet
There is no better way to display your wine collection than with a Damarus Locking Bar Cabinet. This refined piece has a beautiful chestnut finish and is ideal for a traditional home. With ample and well-designed space for wine, glasses, and fine liquor, you can quickly find what you’re looking for and spend more time enjoying your cocktail and company.

Callao Bar Cabinet

Callao Bar Cabinet
Designed with extreme precision, this truly unique bar cabinet will be a point of conversation at any cocktail hour or dinner party. With ample space for all your finest wines, liquors, and glasses, this piece is a functional and quirky addition to any modern living space or den.

Tackett Buffet Locker Bar Cabinet

Tackett Buffet Locker Bar Cabinet
This truly refined design is ideal for wine collectors. With the combination of natural wood and touch black metal finishes, this piece can easily fit into any home setting from classic to modern to rustic and showcase both the style and function of this lockable unit.

Jimmy Bar Cabinet

Jimmy Bar Cabinet
Add a sense of nostalgia to your home with this cabinet’s beautifully crafted wood and mirror design. This piece stylishly stores your best stemware in the built-in rack and offers a tray-style countertop for cocktail mixing essentials. Enjoy this chic cabinet not only as a piece of furniture, but as a statement piece.

Industrial steel cabinet with casters

Industrial steel cabinet with casters
Do not be afraid - this is not a cabinet with tools of torture! It's an industrial piece of furniture, with a metal grid - all finished in steel and metal, blacksmith bolt. Black locked bar cabinet is also portable. Would be great as a kithcen or rolling kart.

Ludlow Trunk Bar Cabinet

Ludlow Trunk Bar Cabinet
A high quality piece of furniture that plays the role of a bar cabinet. It is made of durable hardwood and it features a removable wine rack and drawer. The product measures 45.5" w x 23.5" d x 36.5" h.

Black sydney cabinet

Black sydney cabinet
A chic traditional style drink cabinet of black-finished wooden materials. It has a rectangular top and an open base with low angled canted legs. A cabinet with shelves and racks has 2 mirrored doors with circular and diamond-like wooden inlays.

Our advice Buying Guide

When you love entertaining guests, you'd find a locked bar cabinet that's well-stocked to be imperative in ensuring your success when you're hosting. A party can get rowdy and you'll find it difficult to corral your garnishes, glassware, and bottles. What's more, keeping things organized without ruining the fun can be a challenge. This is where you seek the help of a lockable bar cabinet that's built to ensure you effortlessly facilitate any festivity. This furniture can also match your style and storage needs.

Before you make the mistake of buying the first bar cabinet that you see, read our buying guide first so you get the unit that best suits your needs. Let's get right into it.

How to select the right size bar cabinet?

A hanging or wall-mounted bar cabinet should be 30 inches tall, 23 inches wide, and 5 inches deep at the very least. The size can hold as much as 20 liquor bottles with a versatile middle shelf. For stationary or buffet-style cabinets, they work well in the size 36 x 34 x 18 inches. The size can afford a generous storage for bottles, napkins, glasses, and other incidentals. A rolling cabinet, on the other hand, needs adequate storage but it should not be bulky so you can still move it around. For easy maneuvering, the size should be 24 x 28 x 28 inches.

In a cabinet's interior, leave a foot between the shelves. If you can go higher than 1 ft, the better. Most 750 ml bottles are 11 inches tall. You'd want to allow a bit of clearance, so you can access your liquor. For larger bottles, there has to be 18 inches of clearance in between the shelves.

Locked bar cabinets are like partygoers; they come in all sizes and shapes! They even have their own party tricks. There are bar cabinets that you can mount on walls, while others can be used as console tables or sideboards. If you want to combine a cart and a liquor cabinet into one, that's possible as well.

What are the best materials for a locked bar cabinet?

If you plan on customizing your locked bar cabinet, a custom cabinet maker will fashion a unit out of anything under the sun! If you will be starting from scratch to design a versatile and durable furniture piece, you will find dense woods like oak, maple, and cherry to be your best options. Mahogany and walnut are your more traditional choices. You can also opt for other materials aside from wood like blackened metal grating and sheets of steel.

How much are locked bar cabinets?

In determining the price of a bar cabinet, size will play a massive role. This means the larger your cabinet is, the more you'll have to spend. A large unit that has a beefed-up storage made of prime materials will easily cost you thousands of dollars. Prices range from $200 for small wood wall mounted units to $10,000 for full metal or wood shelving. You have plenty of options, so you'll be satisfied with your choice. Before you start the buying process, set a budget that's comfortable for you.


Ludlow Trunk Bar Cabinet

Ludlow Trunk Bar Cabinet
The solid trunk bar cabinet, which brings into mine a connotation with a wrought suitcase. It could store a lot of wine bottles. Features latches with key locks on both doors. The magnets keep doors closed when not in use.

Bar Cabinet with Wine Storage

Bar Cabinet with Wine Storage
Bar cabinet with wine storage as well as featuring cappuccino finish and construction made of solid wood. Additionally, the furniture features appealing contemporary design. It's a perfect addition to almost any living room.

Boswell Bar Cabinet with Wine Storage

Boswell Bar Cabinet with Wine Storage
Functional bar cabinet made of solid MDF, featuring two drawers, two shelf spaces in center and six cubby spaces and top shelf to provide ample storage space. Fantastic looking and very functional item with refined style.

Bar Cabinet with Wine Storage

Bar Cabinet with Wine Storage
It is a bar cabinet that has got a wine storage, simple design, three shelves and eight cubes for storing bottles of wine and liquor and natural brown finish. You will be impressed how great this bar cabinet is.

Lockable liquor cabinet

This large wooden locked liquor cabinet will perfectly suit your living room. The possibility of locking the cabinets' doors is perfect to safeguard your collection. Locked cabinet is so stunning because of its simplicity.

Locked bar cabinet 4

Tresanti Curio Wine Cabinet | Wayfair Locked Liquor Cabinet

Liquor bar cabinet

The simple design of this liquor bar cabinet is a perfect combination that is beautifully presented in every living room decor. Robust wooden construction, spacious shelves for liquors, glasses and bar accessories create an incredibly functional piece of furniture.

Diy liquor cabinet ideas

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Locked bar cabinet

This locked bar cabinet will add splendour and class to your living room. You'll be amazed by the multiplicity of shelves, hangers and tiny cubbies, which makes this solid wooden construction a very functional proposition.

Lockable bar cabinet

repurposed locker into bar

Locked bar cabinet 5

LaFayette Expandable Bar Cabinet in Classic Cherry $429.00

Hide a bar liquor cabinet 1

SAVE Howard Miller Sonoma Hide A Bar Liquor Cabinet

Liquor cabinet locking

One of the best man cave ideas I have ever seen... Love this #interior #homeimprovement #design

Locking bar liquor storage cabinet 1

locking bar liquor storage cabinet

Locked liquor cabinet

A traditional, slightly old-fashioned cabinet can be used as a home cocktail bar. The one in the picture is supported on tall legs and it features a glass door, which will let you display the glasses and bottles better. It's in a classy black color.

Liquor cabinet locks

Bourbon/beer barrel bar

Locking wine cabinet

This totally crazy repurposed old school suitcase is perfect as furtinure or little storage. Low cost bar cabinet that can be handmade as well, is such a great idea to keep your alcohol or glasses in it. It can be locked with a key.

Bolton Bar Cabinet

Bolton Bar Cabinet

Bar with refrigerator

This practical cabinet wine fridge is a great piece of furniture for connoisseurs of this great drink. Numerous compartments for bottles, a place for glasses and accessories, and a beautiful and solid wood construction create a unique living room or office furniture.

Home liquor cabinet with lock

This listing is for the Ash Burl Raised Panel Locking Bar Cabinet

Locked bar cabinet

Liquor Cabinet w/ Lock and Key..Vintage..Furniture..Hide.. A..Bar for ...

Locked bar cabinet 2

Pottery Barn Ludlow Trunk Bar Cabinet

Clive bar cabinet

A practical solution to equip your kitchen with a functional compartment for storing bottles of liqour. The 2-door cabinet hides 1 drawer for storing bar utensils, and 1 large drawer with partings to prevent the bottles from tipping.

Wine cabinet with lock

Sounds like Bobby's parental units need a better lock on the liquor cabinet!

Small locking liquor cabinet

small locking liquor cabinet

Metal corner wine rack

A dignified piece of vintage furniture that will keep your glassware and wine bottles properly stored and displayed. Crafted of hardwood, the cabinet includes a corner design, 2 open shelves, 1 glassware rack, a built-in lighting system, a metal wine rack for 13 bottles and height-adjustable floor levelers.

Ikea fan favorite ikea ps cabinet a pop of color

IKEA Fan Favorite: IKEA PS cabinet. A pop of color, lockable doors and a cord outlet make this product a favorite among IKEA fans.

Locked bar cabinet 2

A wonderful bar and liquor cabinet. It is characterized by a lot of storage space as there is a special place for bottles, glasses or other things. There is also a functional table on the top of it. It comes in a standard, black color.

Locking liquor bar cabinet

locking liquor bar cabinet

Locked bar cabinet 1

Locking Bar For File Cabinet

Bar cabinet with lock

A n z u: Repurposed suitcases drink cabinet or medicine cabinet made from vintage suitcases.

Home bar liquor cabinet

SAVE Howard Miller Piedmont Home Bar Liquor Cabinet

Crosley alexandria expandable bar cabinet would just need to install

Crosley Alexandria Expandable Bar Cabinet - Would just need to install a lock on it so that it's child/teenager proof.

Locking liquor cabinets

liquor cabinet. Old school.

Locked bar cabinet 7

In home bar

Whisky cabinet ikea

Would like to try this with 2 bookcases and casters, piano hinge. It might work.

Locked bar cabinet

Four Unfinished Storage Cabinet Makeovers: Change an Unfinished Armoire into a Personalized Storage Cabinet

Bar cupboard

Thanks to this space-saving accessory, you can have your own bar inside of your small kitchen. The bar is hidden inside of the bench's back and can be easily pulled out using only one smooth move. Includes 3 properly secured shelves for bottles of liquor, glassware, and bar utensils.

Locked liquor cabinets

Wet bar hidden behind cabinet doors - add a lock and key

My next furniture purchase steamer bar cabinet from crate and

My next furniture purchase. Steamer Bar Cabinet from Crate and Barrel.

Basement wet bar like the wood counter top

Basement wet bar - like the wood counter top

Small locking liquor cabinet home furniture design

Small Locking Liquor Cabinet - Home Furniture Design