Tall Linen Cabinets For Bathroom

Until you've forgotten to grab a towel or needed an extra roll of toilet paper, you can not truly appreciate the brilliance of these tall linen cabinets for the bathroom. Load it up with everything you might have in a typical linen closet, and never have an embarrassing experience again. And they come in many styles and colors to match your existing decor.

Best Products

Grimm 16" W x 72" H x 13.5 D Free-Standing Linen Cabinet

Grimm 16" W x 72" H x 13.5 D Free-Standing Linen Cabinet
If you’re a fan of a clean minimal style, you’ll love this white free-standing linen cabinet. You get plenty of space for your essentials with the seven shelf layout, and with both exposed and protected shelving, you get style combined with practicality. This space-saving unit will complement any bathroom.

Railey 11.8" W x 72.6" H x 11.22" D Linen Cabinet

Railey 11.8" W x 72.6" H x 11.22" D Linen Cabinet
For homes with tiny bathrooms, this compact linen cabinet tower is the storage solution you need. With three built-in drawers and four individual shelves, you get ample storage and decorative space. With an exposed metal frame and cool bronze accents, this cabinet lends a timeless industrial feel to your bathroom.

Masvingo 17.5" W x 71" H Linen Storage Tower

Masvingo 17.5" W x 71" H Linen Storage Tower
Keep your linen protected from dust and out of sight with the smart storage design of this linen tower. Doubling as a full-length mirror, you’d never guess at the abundant storage features on the other side. With 360° rotation, you have access to anything you need. There’s a lot of practicality packed into this compact unit.

Stack Side 15.75" W x 71.65" H Linen Tower

Stack Side 15.75" W x 71.65" H Linen Tower
Style your modern home with this premium storage tower. Not only do you have three fixed shelves and two drawers, you also get internal door storage to optimize space in your bathroom or living area. Everything is neatly protected and tucked out of sight for a minimal uncluttered space.


Natural wood cabinets bathroom assembly with dark marble top and oval white sink (which could be a bit bigger as for my taste). With wood grain cabinets, the bathroom gains this close-to-nature traditional look it would otherwise lack.

16" x 67" Bathroom Linen Cabinet

16" x 67" Bathroom Linen Cabinet
The tall linen cabinet for the bathroom is a stylish detail that allows you to accommodate all the little things toilet in your bathroom. Impressively it is made of sturdy and perfect for everyday use.

Oxford 14" x 68" Bathroom Linen Cabinet

Oxford 14" x 68" Bathroom Linen Cabinet
Bathroom cabinet with four inner shelves and featuring traditional design. The shelves are hidden behind two doors. The furniture is made of solid wood, a durable and solid material which should last for years.

Our advice Buying Guide

Tall cabinets provide needed storage in tiny spaces. Bathrooms are notorious for having limited options for towels and personal items. With the onset of baths becoming a design statement, tall linen cabinets for bathroom storage are right on time to offer function and stylish updates.

Versatility and function at an inexpensive price can be the answer to your bathroom space problems without compromising great style with freestanding linen cabinets.

What are the qualities of different linen cabinet materials?

  • Solid Wood/Veneers - Wood provides stability for longevity and holding finishes. Veneers add needed cosmetics to open areas
  • MDF - Medium-density fiberboard is less resistant to humidity than wood but also less expensive.
  • Plastic - Resin will not peel, rust or dent. Streamlined for modern decors.
  • Tempered Glass - For cabinet fronts and interior shelves, glass adds a modern look.
  • Metal Hardware - A variety of sturdy metal fittings, like stainless steel, brass and wrought iron keep hinges working well.
  • Finishes - Stains and varnishes for wood protect wood from warping. Oil-based paint in popular colors provides a clean sheen.

How to measure for tall linen cabinets?

Open spaces in bathrooms have prompted manufacturers to add many different sizes. Everything from tower cabinets to skinny and sleek pieces can take up little room against a wall or tucked into a corner. For instance, a tiny bathroom with only a space between the vanity and toilet can benefit from a cabinet that uses only 13" of wall space. Different heights are available to correspond to the height of a vanity mirror or cabinet for an aesthetic appearance. Corner units and above the toilet models also come in a variety of sizes for tight spots. Keep the surrounding perimeters in mind for proportion. For example, if you have tall ceilings, a tower linen cabinet can add a pleasing accent to a wall. However, if your bathroom is small and already crowded with the basic fixtures, consider a slim corner unit that does not exceed 60" in height.

How to match a linen cabinet with bathroom style?

Modern bathrooms with mosaics and glass will accept a full front glass model with sweeping metal highlights engrained in the glass. On the other hand, a country style will feel the warmth of salt oak with louvered doors. Rich cherry wood enriches a traditional bath when a faux granite shelf separates bottom storage and top open shelving. There are no limits to the finishes, colors or front panels and designs available to accent your room in a particular style. A simple light gray or white tall cabinet will work well if you are unsure as to which model to choose.

How to maintain bathroom linen cabinets?

Tall linen cabinets for bathroom spaces are made to endure the moisture of the enclosed area. Cleaning is simple by using only a damp cloth. Use glass cleaner on any glass surface. MDF is not as resilient to steam as wood or plastic. Keep this material as dry as possible to avoid moisture damage.


Traditional homes traditional bathroom phoenix

Traditional homes traditional bathroom phoenix
I really like this bathroom setup. Very elegant and traditional with a gorgeous, long sink with golden faucets and a classical, tall mirror above. All of the above is placed on a beautiful, wooden cabinet.

Bathroom pendant lighting

Bathroom pendant lighting
A stunning bathroom with an elegant set of furniture and beautiful lighting fixture. The sink base features a lot of storage space in several drawers. Classy mirrors in silver, glossy frames also add to the atmosphere.

15.75" x 58" Bathroom Linen Cabinet

15.75" x 58" Bathroom Linen Cabinet
A freestanding linen tower/bathroom cabinet. Modern style, dark espresso finish. Three open shelves, one drawer and one compartment with doors. Good quality and very functional piece of furniture for your bathroom.

Linen cabinet with hamper

Such a nice set of furniture, perfect for a master bathroom. Beautiful, tall cabinet to store all your towels and cosmetics in, with a built-in laundry basket. Simplistic, modern design, goes great with a ceramic bathtub.

Tall linen cabinets for bathroom

An elegant shelving unit for a bathroom. It features plenty of cabinets for linen and cosmetics. It's in a pretty, bluish color with classy, silver knobs. The sink unit has a marble top, which perfectly matches here.

Tall bathroom storage cabinet with laundry bin

Being a great storage solution for your bathroom, this tall white cabinet will not cover all your accessories or linens, but also save precious floor space. Smoothly designed, it simply merges into the background.

Tall linen cabinets for bathroom

An aesthetic traditional standing bathroom unit made of white-finished wooden materials. It has a recessed base and a moulding crown top. Each of 2 cabinets has 2 doors with small round metal knobs. Cabinets are equipped with adjustable shelves.

Bathroom linen tower

This cabinet'll help you keeping order in bathroom. Spacious shelves inside and on the closet's door will contain every important stuff. The hamper for towels or loundry can be discretly hidden by pushing inside.

Bathroom linen closets

This tall linen cabinet adds a touch of elegance to your bathroom. It features an impressive storage space divided between 4 shelves and 3 drawers. Note also how marvellous it corresponds with the mosaic tiles behind it.

Tall linen cabinets for bathroom 5

Choice of good cabinet intended to bathroom is a very difficult task. This tall cupboard will fit perfectly to this role. It is composed of three spacious closets - you can used them to storage towels and cosmetics.

Bathroom linen cabinets white

Martha Stewart Cabinet for bathroom reno? (comes in gray also).

Design House 539700 84-Inch by 21-Inch Wyndham Ready-To-Assemble 2 Door Linen Cabinet, White

Tall bathroom linen cabinet

Using every inch of space by putting a tall utility cabinet in the bathroom for linens & such

Tall linen cabinet

This tall linen cabinet makes a perfect addition to your kitchen or bathroom space. Creates a great space to store your supplies, from towels to cutlery. Its mutton doors and frosted glass give practicality, as well as charm.

Bathroom tall cabinets

this is what i want for the master bathroom

Tall linen cabinets for bathroom 6

Much different look, but something like tall, almost to ceiling, cabinet on far right... For general bath in corner near door?

Design House 533661 78-Inch by 18-Inch Concord Ready-To-Assemble 6 Door Linen Cabinet, White

Antique white tall bathroom linen cabinet 3

Antique White Tall Bathroom Linen Cabinet |

4D Concepts Bathroom Tower with Pull-Out Hamper

Hampton bay 6 door tall cabinet storage for upstairs bathroom

Hampton Bay 6-Door Tall Cabinet- storage for upstairs bathroom

Bathroom utility cabinets

Beautiful and practical triple larder cupboards in the Kew Shaker Kitchen by deVOL

Tall linen cabinets for bathroom 4

tall linen cabinets for bathroom

Tall linen cabinets for bathroom 7

Contemporary Laundry Room by Wow Great Place - A full wall of functional storage now occupies the space. On the far end is a tall cabinet for winter coats and boots. In the middle are deep drawers with baskets for lightbulbs and batteries. A linen closet

Linen cabinets bathroom linen cabinet corner linen cabinet

Linen Cabinets – Bathroom Linen Cabinet – Corner Linen Cabinet

Tall linen cabinets for bathroom 3

tall linen cabinets for bathroom

Bathroom linen storage cabinet

Bathroom cabinet for storing towels, cosmetics, toiletries and others needed stuff. Construction is made of wood. It consists of 2 open shelves, cabinet and 3 drawers. Simple form and functional design.

Bathroom linen shelves 27

Practical closet with durable wooden shelves that provide storage space for many items, clothes and accessories. Solid wooden frame is finished in neutral white color, so it looks very nice in any decor.

Tall narrow linen cabinet

Often there's not much free floor space left in bathrooms. A cabinet that is narrow but tall, like used in this apple green accented bathroom, and multitiered boosts therefore the storage capacity, creating a neat place to store bathroom essentials.

Towel cabinets for bathroom

I made this cabinet from 2 thrift store kitchen cabinets. I built a simple box from 3/4" mdf (just tall enough for toilet paper) to put in between the cabinets. The feet are round wooden drapery finials.

Maximizes the storage space height wise tall bathroom storage cabinet

maximizes the storage space height wise tall bathroom storage cabinet

Tall linen cabinets for bathroom 1

Tall Linen Cabinets For Bathroom

Elegant Home Fashions 7800 Savannah Wall Cabinet Dark Espresso

Sporting the two, spacious glass shelves and two mirrored doors to match and to not only organize your bathroom a little better but also provide a boost of functional use, this medicine cabinet will work like a charm in your bathroom.

Bathroom linen storage cabinet 1

Clever idea for repurposing your old linen cabinet that is no longer in use – turns out that a linen cabinet makes a perfectly fine dining room storage with a plenty of space for both storing and displaying your cutlery.

Storage for every room window pane one door tall linen

Storage for Every Room Window Pane One Door Tall Linen Cabinet - Antique White

Bathroom linen shelves 26

Space-efficient and effective solution for an organizational piece of furniture in a bedroom or a laundry room with a set of shelves fitted with wicker baskets of different sizes, used for placing the laundry of all the household members.

San remo series 24x84 inch tall linen cabinet

San Remo Series 24x84-inch Tall Linen Cabinet

Bathroom 15.75" x 58" Linen Cabinet

Bathroom 15.75" x 58" Linen Cabinet

Home depot craftsman 14 1 2 in ash wood macintosh

Home Depot – Craftsman 14-1/2 in. Ash Wood Macintosh Oak Finish

Tall linen closet

Color obsession of the week: Turquoise! Check out the cabinet.

Linen shelves

Vanity Area with Furniture-Style Cabinets

Kensington recessed medicine cabinet

Contemporary medicine cabinet for use in a modern bathroom. On the outside of the door there is a handy mirror with a dark, wooden frame, and behind it is a handy set of glass shelves for cosmetics storage.

Bathroom linen shelves 31

Practical laundry room organization. It features washing machines and durable shelves in neutral white finish. These corner shelves include practical and spacious storage baskets. They are also very solid.

Tall linen cabinet white

Love the floor to ceiling shoe shelf and the built in dresser- great for undergarments, workout clothes, etc