Tall Narrow Storage Cabinet

Tall , narrow, storage cabinets are perfect for those little spaces where it be nice to have some extra storage, but a traditional cabinet just won't fit. They can be placed in a corner, be on a glide track and disappear between existing tall cabinets, or stand sentry in the bathroom. An easy storage option to give a good home, that won't crowd your home.

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Tall narrow storage cabinet

High cabinet with antique finish. It consists of cabinet and drawer. It is completely made of wood. Suitable for storing clothes and other items needed. Application in all kinds of interiors.

Narrow cabinet

If you can't find a bookcase that would be as tall and narrow as you'd like to fit your current furnishing, you can do a multi-shelf open compartment bookcase on your own with some pine boards. When ready, the bookcase can store DVDs and other stuff.

Going up vertical storage holds more kitchen stuff

Going Up Vertical Storage Holds More Kitchen Stuff
If you've got a problem with storing cleaning supplies, you need to try the broom closet for brooms, mops and cleaning supplies. It is in the narrow pullout, so it doesn't need a lot of space.

Slim storage cabinet

Elegant traditional cabinet with a tall rectangular space-saving frame of wooden materials finished in white. It has a moulding top and low truncated legs. It's equipped with 4 drawers and a sliding tray (under the top) with small metal pulls.

Simple Tall Storage Cabinet

Simple Tall Storage Cabinet
It is a tall storage cabinet that has got five colors: glossy white, grey oak, natural oak, teak and wenge. It is a great addition to your bathroom, living room, bedroom and other.

Narrow storage cabinet

Ordering at home is important, so this super practical compartment for brushes, brooms and other gadgets to keep you clean at home will be a perfect choice. Robust construction, solid bulkheads, and large interior.

Tall Storage Cabinet

Tall Storage Cabinet
A touch of simplicity and functionality in the house. This piece of furniture is a high quality, tall storage cabinet that has got a white wooden frame. It offers two compartments hidden behind wooden doors made of horizontal slats.

Our advice Buying Guide

There are countless cabinet sizes, designs, and styles, but our long-time favorite is a tall, narrow storage cabinet. Cabinetry is a key element in any room- even in offices! Custom-made tall, narrow storage cabinets come in any style and size. But, if you want to find out first what your options are when it comes to tall, narrow storage cabinets, keep on reading as we'll give you all the info you need that can enhance your cabinet shopping experience.

What are the most common types of storage cabinets?

  • Stock cabinets, some of the most common units you'll find as you search for a tall, narrow storage cabinet, are the most affordable. They're excellent if your budget is tight. They're also available in all home improvement stores both online and offline. Although they're affordable, you'll find that they can be hard to blend into a home's aesthetics. That’s not the case, of course, if there's a unit readily available that's made to be perfect for your specific needs.
  • Semi-custom cabinets are the ones that are built as soon as you make an order. Tall, narrow storage cabinets that are semi-customized come in all styles. The flexibility they offer makes it easier for homeowners to design rooms that fit their particular requirements. Although they're incredibly pleasing to look at and work with, their delivery time is longer and they're more expensive compared to stock tall, narrow storage cabinets.
  • Custom cabinets are considered by interior designers as a godsend for a good reason: they're built by hand to fit any standard required by the buyer. You may have an available space inside your home or office that's oddly-sized or irregularly shaped. With custom cabinets, that won't be a problem! A custom tall, narrow storage cabinet is made from scratch. But, it's also the most expensive. Also, the time it will take for you to make use of your new cabinet will depend on the schedule of the cabinetmaker that you hire.

What are the pros and cons of Ready-to-Assemble and Fully Assembled Cabinets?

There are pros and cons to both kinds of tall, narrow storage cabinets. Below are the general considerations you need to take into account:

  • RTA or Ready-to-Assemble cabinets are the ones packed in space-saving boxes. They are easier to transport and ship. Also, they cost less compared to fully assembled tall, narrow storage cabinetry. The downside of buying an RTA is the fact that you'll be assembling and installing the fixture yourself.
  • Fully Assembled Cabinets are units that can be installed the instant they arrive on your doorstep. They also require less effort and time, but they are more expensive. Preassembled tall, narrow storage cabinets are available in almost all home improvement stores, but you need large vehicle/s to accommodate them. You can also have them delivered, but that will entail another expense on your end.

These are just some of the important aspects you need to consider when choosing between tall, narrow storage cabinets. Now that you know the considerations you need to take into account, you're already a step closer to finding the right cabinetry for your space. What are you waiting for? Head to the stores now!


Built in linen cabinet

Storage cabinet with a narrow construction suitable for bathroom indoors. These cabinets are made of wood and they include practical compartments and storage drawers. They are finished in dark brown and white colors.

Cabinet tall narrow bathroom cabinet bathroom storage bathroom cabinet

... Cabinet Tall Narrow Bathroom Cabinet Bathroom Storage Bathroom Cabinet

Broom cupboard ideas

Outstanding, old-fashioned wooden cabinet with doors. You can used it to storage clothes, documents or frippery, but it will be best to bedding and towels. Case is very tall and capacious, so it will be useful in every home!

Shallow cabinet with doors

Tall solid hardwood cabinet with four drawers and multiple shelves exposed behind translucent glass door. The design, inspired by 18th century furniture from France of post-Rococo period, sports many lovable details, such as carved feet and rectangular form.

Tall storage cabinet with shutter door fronts by coaster

Tall Storage Cabinet with Shutter Door Fronts by Coaster

Tall narrow wooden bathroom small room storage cabinet in three

Tall Narrow Wooden Bathroom/Small Room Storage Cabinet in Three Colors

Prepac Elite Collection 16-Inch Broom Cabinet

It is a broom cabinet that has got two adjustable shelves and deep storage. It is a fantastic and fun ctional addition for your hall, kitchen and other room. You will be impressed how cool this product is.

White cabinets tall narrow storage cupboard jpg


Ameriwood Single Door Pantry

It is a closed one door wardrobe. It was made of wood. It is very interesting and original. It has a brown color. Particularly well it will look like in a place that resembles a rustic. It is also a rustic wardrobe.

Tall narrow cabinet

For everyone, who would love to decorate a small-spacious bathroom with fashionable and useful pieces, this linen cabinet would surely be a great solution. The cabinet offers 2 closed and 2 open storage compartments, able to accommodate many smaller necessities.

Broom closet cabinet

Solid and functional elements that are very useful in bathrooms and toilets. This white wooden cabinet includes many shelves in different sizes. They are suitable for storing different bathroom accessories.

Cheap tall cabinets

This tasteful cabinet is a subtle combination of functionality and attractive color scheme. Numerous shelves, a drawer and a cabinet based on small legs, charm with the details of the decor and handles. Perfect for the bathroom.

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Broom storage cabinet

The organization of a small kitchen is a challenge. Each of us also has some secrets, and one of them can be a tall narrow storage cabinet that will fit all spices. It is narrowly enclosed by an oblong wooden panel and extends from behind the refrigerator.

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Narrow broom cupboard

cabinet break detail

Tall kitchen storage cabinet

A simple, yet also quite useful open shelf, crafted from wood, that is going to work out in smaller laundry rooms. You can mount it right above your washing machines, and use as a place to put your laundry baskets, detergents, and so on.

Adept 22.68" Narrow Storage Cabinet

Adept 22.68" Narrow Storage Cabinet
Cool contemporary standing cabinet with a sleek rectangular frame of fibreboard finished in light grey. It has a moulding top and low angle truncated legs. There are 3 adjustable shelves behind a versatile door having an oval metallic handle.

Black high gloss cabinet also browse gloss white filing cabinet

black high gloss cabinet also browse gloss white filing cabinet

Tall bathroom storage cabinets with drawers maine narrow tall

Tall Bathroom Storage Cabinets With Drawers ~ Maine Narrow tall ...

Tall narrow bathroom storage cabinet e

Tall Narrow Bathroom Storage Cabinet e

Tall bathroom cabinet freestanding w espresso finish


Tall Cabinet Black White Storage Kitchen Pantry Clutter Free Space Saving Dishes

Narrow tall cabinet


Lacava plaza bathroom storage cabinet modern bathroom storage

Lacava Plaza Bathroom Storage Cabinet modern-bathroom-storage

Tall Cabinet

Tall Cabinet
Tall and capacious cabinet with panel glass doors, bottom drawer with double knobs and three shelves inside. Pastel blue finish lends a romantic vibe to its classically shaped silhouette. Pretty lovely, in fact!

65 slim bathroom storage cabinets wood tall home cabinet w

65" Slim Bathroom Storage Cabinets Wood Tall Home Cabinet w/Shelves ...

Tall narrow bathroom storage cabinets pictured

Tall narrow bathroom storage cabinets pictured:

Nantucket Cottage White Tall Storage Cabinet Shelf Unit

Storage cabinet finished in white and featuring versatile design. It features closed as well as open storage compartments. Thanks to its small dimensions the cabinet can be used in empty corners or rooms.

Tall bedroom storage cabinets tall narrow cabinets linen curio

Tall Bedroom Storage Cabinets ~ Tall Narrow Cabinets Linen Curio ...

Tall white storage cabinet shelves narrow bathroom kitchen armoire

Tall-White-Storage-Cabinet-Shelves-Narrow-Bathroom-Kitchen-Armoire ...

Narrow pantry cabinet

... :: 65" Slim Storage Cabinets Bathroom Kitchen Laundry Space Saver

Tall thin cabinet

A tall and high display cabinet made in a contemporary fashion with aluminum legs and white-painted wooden frame. The cabinet has four glass shelves on top with a sizable cupboard on the bottom for additional storage.

Valencia tall narrow cabinet with operable louvers

Valencia Tall Narrow Cabinet with Operable Louvers

Adept 22.68" Narrow Storage Cabinet in Craftsman Oak

Adept 22.68" Narrow Storage Cabinet in Craftsman Oak

Space saving storage cabinet white wood slim storage organizer shelf

... Space Saving Storage Cabinet White Wood Slim Storage Organizer Shelf

Tall skinny cabinet with doors

Clever Slivers...Bathrooms often have small footprints but plenty of unused vertical space. A tall but narrow cabinet can be used to store toilet paper, towels, and toothbrushes. Look for a model that has both closed storage (such as cabinets and drawers)

Email me when available 7784660410

Email Me When Available 7784660410

Tall narrow cabinet with doors

Versatile and simply fun for decorating your interior, this home bar is designed for bachelor apartment and a family home, bringing plenty of space for wine and your glasses to serve to your guests' needs instantly.

Got six inches of dead space in your cabinet wall

Got six inches of dead space in your cabinet wall? Put in a filler pullout organizer. This one has a pegboard panel for hanging pots & pans, above several shelves.

Wyatt 1 Door Tall Cabinet

Wyatt 1 Door Tall Cabinet

Tall closet cabinet

A great idea for homeowners with small kitchens - 8 Fine Wine Storage Ideas for Your Kitchen (Cultivate.com)