Tall Wine Cabinet

Wine is a wonderful thing to have on hand if you are prone to unexpected visits from friends or family. But you need somewhere to put it where it can stay safe. If you have lots of wine, but no cellar, a tall wine cabinet is a good place to store those important vintages. These come in many styles and colors, along with several wood types to choose from.

Best Products

Coventry 1 Drawer Tall Wine Cabinet

Coventry 1 Drawer Tall Wine Cabinet
If you're a fan of stylish and practical solutions, you should check out this charming wine cabinet. It's gonna bring you not only a huge dose of functionality, but also an intriguing and original look!

Modular bar tower

Modular bar tower
This piece of furniture is a durable, high quality modular bar that features storage compartments and a special wooden grid designed for holding wine bottles. The whole construction is made of hardwood and mahogany wood.

Modular bar cabinet tower

Modular bar cabinet tower
This kind of product is a perfect piece of furniture created for use in a dining room. This modular bar has got a cabinet tower. It is made of hardwood and mahogany wood for enhanced stability and resistance to wear.

Berkeley 20 Bottle Tall Wine Cabinet

Berkeley 20 Bottle Tall Wine Cabinet
This intriguing and stylish wine cabinet is gonna be the perfect option for every kind of living room. Check it out and enjoy not only the perfect way to store all of your wine bottles, but also an incredible design!

Arianna black stain home bar wine cabinet corner server

Arianna black stain home bar wine cabinet corner server
Wine cabinet made of wood and fitted with mirrored back. Includes open shelves in various sizes, glasses holders and shelves for bottles of wine. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Floor Wine Cabinet

Floor Wine Cabinet
Rustic wine cabinet that comes in an antique-inspired distressed look. The cabinet is also super tall, giving you space for your vintage wine collection. It’s constructed from metal so it should last for years plus you also get beautiful crown moldings at the top for excellent style.

Wine Server Cabinet

Wine Server Cabinet
Maybe this wine server cabinet is small scaled, but it might be an advantage sometimes, huh? Fitting for narrow spaces, it's still able to house many wine bottles and accommodate some glass on its racks.

Our advice Buying Guide

A tall wine cabinet can be a spacious place to store your favorite vintages, but it can also be an attractive piece of furniture. You don’t have to store wine in it if there is some other sort of bottled drink you would prefer. However, the rationale behind a wine cabinet or wine rack is to keep the corks in the bottles wet so that they do not shrink and fall out. Other sorts of beverages, such a bottled soft drink, do not share that need. Not all wine comes in bottles with corks, but a large enough percentage do that it is an aspect of wine storage.

Who can benefit from a wine cabinet?

Tall cabinets take up less floor space and utilize vertical space. If your wine storage needs to be in a den or other space-challenged location this can be a consideration. If it is in a space that will be viewed often, appearance is certainly part of the package. You don’t want something that will clash with your other furnishings.

On the other hand, if your wine storage lives in the back of your pantry or in a quiet part of your basement, then fancy cabinets are not needed. A simple open-faced wine rack that keeps the bottles stable and allows a chance to check on the corks is sufficient.

What are some of the best designs of tall wine cabinets?

Crestview Coventry One-Drawer Cabinet

A classic white one-drawer wine cabinet from Crestview Coventry typifies a well-planned storage unit. The bottom half of the cabinet is shelving that will nicely accommodate wine bottles that are lain on their sides. The top end rests on neatly cut divots in a trim brace at the front of the shelves. This makes it easy to check the state of the corks and to make sure nothing has gotten loose. The single drawer is a handy place to store the corkscrew, notes, or any other accouterment you might want. The top half sports hanging storage for stemware. With the foot and delicate stem slid into holders, the glass is suspended with the cup portion pointed down so no dust will collect inside.

Pulaski Inspirational Wine Cabinet

Not quite so well arranged for wine, but certainly a lot of fun, is the Pulaski inspirational wine cabinet. The shelves are sturdy and would be handy for any sort of drink or even other kinds of storage and the small, internally placed drawers are perfect for storing bottle openers, stirrers, and similar items. No refrigeration involved, so expect the stored items to be at room temperature. The inspiration part comes from the message painted on the front, which begins with, “Laugh a Lot, believe in yourself,” and ends with “Dream Big.” It could be the perfect cabinet to reside in the corner of an artists studio or writer’s office. It could even be part of a family room because one of the front legends reads, “give lots of hugs, love one another, practice patience.”


Royce Leather Suede Lined Double Wine Carrying Case in Genuine Leather

Royce Leather Suede Lined Double Wine Carrying Case in Genuine Leather
Royce Leather Suede Lined Double Wine Carrying Case in Genuine Leather
Carry your bottles of wine in the safest way with this case. It has a genuine leather interior and there are a stainless steel corkscrew and bottle opener included in the package. It comes in the following colors: black, burgundy, coco and tan.

Renard Sideboard & Wine Rack

Renard Sideboard & Wine Rack
This interesting looking sideboard is also a handy wine rack. Drawers, cupboard and compartments for bottles make it a very versatile and practical piece of furniture for the living room or dining room.

Wine Sideboard

Wine Sideboard
Attractive antique cabinet for storage 78 standard wine bottles. Its rectangular wooden frame has a black finish including a back. It has a moulding top, grooved front pillars, round tapered legs, 1 larger and 2 smaller side drawers, 2 shelves.

Tall narrow cabinet with doors

Versatile and simply fun for decorating your interior, this home bar is designed for bachelor apartment and a family home, bringing plenty of space for wine and your glasses to serve to your guests' needs instantly.

Tall wine cabinet 4

This tall wooden cabinet constitutes a well-designed wine cabinet. Due to its carefully designed space, it will be a good organizer, offering space for your bottles and glass collections.

Cabinet with fridge

Bar units like this one make your kitchen much more practical. In this bar you will find 1 storage drawer, 1 two-door cabinet with adjustable shelves, and 1 large enough top to make your favorite drinks.

Tall wine cabinet

A very tall wine cabinet with all the accessories wine lover needs. It includes the wine rack for 24 bottles, folded shelf for preparing drinks and two shelves with reversed stand, where you can place the glass.

Tall wine rack

Tall Wine Rack

Tall wine cabinet 3

This wine cabinet gives that antique and elegant feel to your home. It’s made from hardwood and is bathed with a polished finish. It has iron doorknobs to further contribute to its ancient look.

Black Server With Cottage Oak Wood Top And Two Door Hutch Small

A large server with wood top made of hardwood with an elegant black finish. It has a natural wood top, three utility drawers, two framed cabinets with an adjustable shelf, two framed plexiglass doors with brushed steel hardware, and removable center wine storage.

Modular bar with cabinet tower

Tall wine cabinet for the living room, dining room and more. It is completely made of wood. It has glasses holders, cabinets, drawers and a lot of shelves for bottles of wine. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Tall wine cabinet 18

Right Buy - LivingGood Tall Wine Cabinet, $499.00

Tall wine cabinet 2

Tall cabinet for good organization of wine glasses. This wooden element is finished in neutral black color, so it looks good in any interior design. Its shelves and storage areas are able to hold large amounts of wine glasses and accessories.

Coventry 1 drawer tall wine cabinet wall decor and more

Coventry 1 Drawer Tall Wine Cabinet | Wall Decor and More

Tall wine cabinet 9

MyHome Tall Wine Cabinet

Janie wine cabinet tall wine cabinet 1200 00

Janie Wine Cabinet -- Tall Wine Cabinet $1200.00

Tall wine cabinet 16

Stately glass and metal cabinet puts collectibles, serving pieces or books in full view in this tall, architectural cabinet. Minimalist black metal frame rises high from its framed base accentuated by its small footprint, taking up less than four feet of

Tall slim wine rack

Open kitchen cabinets in dark wood. by Poliform

Tall wine cabinet 4

I also like that the interior is tall enough for tall bottles, and that it can close up to look tidy.

Tall wine cabinet 3


Wine server cabinet 12

Pull out cabinet for wine storage and serving. It provides quite large space for many wine bottles. Its construction is solid and practical. This cabinet is a part of large server with other compartments and wooden construction.

Berkeley 3 tall wine cabinet 1

Berkeley 3 Tall Wine Cabinet

Tall wine cabinet

Pulaski Furniture Wine Cabinet - You dont have to live in Washington Square to appreciate a vibrant, modern, eclectic vibe in your space. Our hand-painted wine cabinet provides a contemporary focal point and anchor for a room  and with a very small foot

Bar server cabinet

Not only is that cabinet for your wine packed with space for you to actually organize your collection, it also comes equipped with a fridge, making it just the perfect choice for all those, who are real wine lovers.

Tall wine cabinet

| KITCHEN | Glass encased Ex-libris bookcase designed by Piero Lissoni

Thin shoe rack

In my opinion this storage cabinet is a combination of simplicity, style and functionality. It includes many small shelves that are great shoe storage spaces. A lower shelf provides space for a storage basket.

Wine bottle carrying case 3

Maybe someone will be confused that it isn't a classic women's bag... But it is a special type of bag - the wine carrying bag. I am not sure if my family won't think that I have a problem with alcohol, if I buy one...

Tall wine cabinet

An Old Suitcase Gets a New Life Suit up vintage l

Home decorators linen cabinet

Constructed of solid wood and finished in espresso, the cabinet boasts of clean lines and a natural feel. It has a functional door with 2 glass panels, which can be mounted to the left or right. The inside is accommodated with 4 adjustable shelves.

Tall wine cabinet 11

Made from dark stained, densely grained wood, this tall wine cabinet shall be an attractive proposition for all wine enthusiasts, as well as people, who simply like to have their space organized.

Tall wine cabinet 1

Cabinet- need this - glass doors or not - painted black or red with a black wax

Wine server cabinet 1

An elegant classic sideboard cabinet of wooden materials in dark grey but having black a rectangular moulding top and low turned feet. A rack for 12 bottles in the centre is flanked by 2 door cabinets and 3 drawers above. Mushroom pulls are of metal.

For a more permanent solution turn a tall empty cabinet

For a more permanent solution, turn a tall, empty cabinet into a built-in beverage station. Shelves can store a coffeemaker, mugs and teacups, while a mini fridge comes in handy for bottled water. The wine cubbies aren't too shabby, either.

Wine server cabinet 8

Old-styled and practical wine storage cabinet made on the basis of an old radio from 1943. Mahogany hardwood construction is wear resistant and attractive. The lower area includes a wine rack and the upper part includes a drawer.

Tall wine cabinet

Mediterranean Kitchen

Great rooms berkeley 3 tall wine cabinet brownstone

Great Rooms Berkeley 3 Tall Wine Cabinet (Brownstone)

Wine carrying bag 2

Simple and efficient – a minimalistic wine purse made out of recyclable cardboard box, for all environment lovers out there. Comes in very handy if you want to take wine with you when going out, makes sure the bottles won’t break!

K & B Furniture Buffet Server Wine Rack - Cherry

An elegant and refined buffet with a special shelf for wine. In this cherry finished buffet you easily hide your precious tableware. It will beautifully presented through the glass door. On the wine shelf you can put several types of wines to choose for guests.

Wine carry bag 1

Make your own wine tote and make sure that you have a safe and convenient way to bring some of your favorite beverage to your friends' house or for a shared trip. It sports the strong linen structure and four compartments to make carrying it safer.

Coventry 1 drawer tall wine cabinet 3

Coventry 1 Drawer Tall Wine Cabinet

Tall wine cabinet 17

Bellevue Somerset Remodel - transitional - kitchen - seattle - by Kayron Brewer, CKD, CBD / Studio K B

Built in wine rack 2

Built In Wine Rack

Tuscan retreat tall wine cabinet hom furniture

Tuscan Retreat Tall Wine Cabinet | HOM Furniture