Modern Bar Cabinets For Home


Just because the home bar started in the 50’s, doesn't mean your bar has to look like it came from the past. We offer an extensive collection of modern home bar cabinets that will bring your bar to the present with all the modern conveniences. Built in refrigerators wine chilling cabinets and even ice machines. and of course, plenty of room to store all your liquor.

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Our Picks

Modern bar for home 2

Modern bar for home indoors. This contemporary element of kitchen furniture features custom floating shelves and hangers for wine bottles and glasses. It also features a thick, rectangular top in white color.

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Modern bar cabinets for home 2

Versatile storage cabinet that works well in numerous indoor spots: from bathroom to home bar. Opaque wood door feature an eye-catching round insert cut from clear glass; it exposes adjustable shelves mounted inside.

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Barrett Bar Cabinet

Barrett Bar Cabinet

It is a bar cabinet that is perfect for home parties and events. It is great for storing bottles and glass. It has got an elegant and glam style. It adds style and beauty to any dining room.

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Home bar cabinets modern bar cabinet furniture house beautiful fbi

Home Bar Cabinets - Modern Bar Cabinet Furniture - House Beautiful#fbI ...

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Baxton Studio Baltimore Dark Brown Modern Bar Cabinet

Ultra-modern home wine cabinet with a tall design compact design. The piece is constructed from wood and comes in a mysterious black finish with a little gloss. The cabinet also offers immense storage for your bottles and additional wine glass holders at the top.

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Modern bar cabinets for home 15

A proposition for all refined modern interiors. If you like to create a charming, yet distinguished contemporary dining room. This modern bar cabinet shall appeal to you. Marble countertop smoothly corresponds with the textured wall in the background.

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Baxton Studio Modesto Brown Modern Dry Bar and Wine Cabinet

Complement your living room with this astonishing, elegant, contemporary styled wine cabinet with bar. Its fully made of solid MDF with warm brown veneer finish. It has a flip - top panels and a wine shelf.

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Modern bar for home 4

Set of bar furniture, which can be used in luxurious house or in little intimate pub. It is composed of fridges with alcohol and drinks, cabinet with crockery, countertop with illumination and five modern bar stools.

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Modern bar for home 3

Such a great idea for a side table buffet, great for parties and family gatherings! The blackboard behind it with attached lights makes it seem like a home-café and is sure to give your home a unique appearance.

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Jumbo Corner Bar

Jumbo Corner Bar

This Corner Bar in White is going to illuminate your outdoor area with elegance and sophistication. Made of polyethylene, the bar offers a portable design, and a beautiful glow thanks to light energy saving bulb: 2 x E27 - 25W.

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Modern Bar Cabinets For Home

Buying Guide

Determining where to place a bar cabinet in a contemporary home depends entirely on the layout and the space you have available. Ideally, a dry or wet bar area in your kitchen can house the bar cabinetry, integrated with a beverage fridge, storage for your glassware, and a chic countertop for impressing guests with your mixology skills.

You can build your bar cabinet directly against the wall, or if you have an open layout, consider creating a breakfast bar style setup that incorporates your bar cabinet underneath. This allows you to have a stunning open bar in the middle of your kitchen or living space with contemporary stool seating and the perfect setting for serving drinks when you entertain.

If you’re limited on space, a modern bar cabinet for your home can act as a standalone feature in your dining room next to the table. Use it to house your prized liquors, best glasses, and create easy access when you want to offer guests a beverage.

A bar cabinet is an attractive feature in any contemporary home. It provides versatile storage and doubles as a stylish decor piece.

The ease with which to install a home bar cabinet depends on the type and features included. The more elaborate the bar, the less straightforward and more time-consuming it may be. Modern bar cabinets for home use are often designed with easier set-up these days and come with detailed, easy-to-follow instructions.

If your bar cabinet is a portable version, whether with wheels or not, it will be easy to install as there is no drilling or wall anchoring necessary. If it is a wall shelf unit, you can install it with brackets, much like other types of cabinets.

The least simple to install is the wet bar versions and those with features such as wine coolers included in their design. For wet bars, you will need to consider plumbing needs. For wine coolers or similar features, you will need to consider the electric circuitry needed and the correct air setup to circulate. For these models, it is best to hire a professional for installation.

Modern bar cabinets for home are typically made from solid wood, laminate, or stainless steel, making them extremely easy to clean and maintain.

Certain cabinets, including painted wooden models, are finished with a high gloss. This allows them to be wiped down easily with a simple water-soap solution. Models with this finish allow you to quickly notice dust and dirt build-up so you can immediately remove it.

Even though modern bar cabinets are extremely easy to clean, you should ensure that you maintain them regularly. By cleaning them often and removing any stains or residue, you’ll be able to enjoy your modern bar cabinet and sustain its aesthetic for years to come.

Best Ideas

Roller Bar

Roller Bar

With its streamlined design and highly aesthetic looks, this Roller Bar in White Finish represents a peak of modern accents. Designed of polyethylene and glass, the bar features fixed shelves, and swiveling and blocking wheels.

Modern bar home

Come and have a drink with me, anytime - at my place. Thanks to this modern bar for home, you don't have to even get out to git great party. Born from the creativity and innovations has a wooden base, which is all covered with glass and full of neon lights.

Modern bar cabinets for home 2

LOVE. I have a picture of this VERY item on my phone that I took at a thrift store here in town. SO sad that I had to let it go...

Grady Home Bar with Wine Storage

Grady Home Bar with Wine Storage

It is a home bar with wine storage that is available in two finishes: cherry and oak. It is great for storing your bottles of alcohol and glasses. It looks very elegant and it is perfect for your home parties.

Regents Bar Cabinet with Wine Storage

Regents Bar Cabinet with Wine Storage

Bar cabinet featuring wine storage, rotating door, antique walnut finish and construction made made from cherry and solids. This makes this cabinet very durable and sturdy construction which will last for years.

Wet bar cabinets for home

These bar cabinets work as a pair – with one sitting on the bottom, while the other is positioned above. The three cabinets above have glass doors that reveal three shelving layers inside. Glassware can be stored and displayed on these shelved cabinets. The far left side of the bottom car cabinet also has a glass door. Two more cabinets sit next to the glass door cabinet.

Modern home bar furniture

Guests will be enchanted with the opportunity to “belly-up” to this bar. The top and sides of the bar and the wall-mounted workstation are black. The bar front and doors of the workstation are glowing red. White shelves and chairs complete it.

Modern bar cabinets for home

Modern setup for a contemporary home bar cabinet with a set of white wood drawers and compartments and a slate top fitted with a sink and a set of glass shelves behind for glass and alcohol storage.

Modern wet bar designs

Wine Cellar Ideas For Home Bar

Bar cabinets for home contemporary

Modern tile mural in home wet bar - modern - family room - new orleans - Pacifica Tile Art Studio

Modern bar for home 9

A marvelous kitchen arrangement that is characterized by wooden cabinets in a dark brown color and a matching marble top. The walls are covered with beautiful small tiles in a black color with a white grouting.

Modern bar cabinets for home

1699405859130060042666 Room divider...such a great idea for that load bearing wall that you want to open up!

Modern bar cabinets for home 12

Fairmont Penthouse by Robert Bailey Interiors | HomeDSGN, a daily source for inspiration and fresh ideas on interior design and home decoration

White modern kitchen breakfast bar island stools glass splashback for

White modern kitchen, breakfast bar, island, stools, glass splashback for-the-home