Lockable Bar Cabinet

There is a long standing taboo with teenagers that the contents of a liquor cabinet must be explored and consumed. It makes them feel grown up and its illegal for their consumption, so there is the societal rebellion. Stifle that rebellion with a lockable bar cabinet. No more will you come home from a trip to find your liquor cabinet has been pilfered by disrespectful thieving youths.

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Carlotta Bar Cabinet with Wine Storage

Carlotta Bar Cabinet with Wine Storage
This lockable bar cabinet by American Heritage offers just enough space to store wine and bar accessories. It falls on the side of modern liquor cabinets in terms of style, and it offers a sleek, dark look full of unpretentious elegance.

Boswell Bar Cabinet with Wine Storage

Boswell Bar Cabinet with Wine Storage
Functional bar cabinet made of solid MDF, featuring two drawers, two shelf spaces in center and six cubby spaces and top shelf to provide ample storage space. Fantastic looking and very functional item with refined style.

Accents Bar Cabinet with Wine Storage

Accents Bar Cabinet with Wine Storage
Accent storage cabinet. This beautiful furniture is the perfect example of a great modern furniture. The cabinet features 3 spacious fixed shelves, 2 drawers with metal glides and 2 doors. The cabinets is a great choice to store your wine and beverages.

Alexandria Cambridge Bar Cabinet with Wine Storage

Alexandria Cambridge Bar Cabinet with Wine Storage
Home bar made of natural solid wood. The elegant decoration of fronts give it a chic and elegant. The center of this unit features a utility drawer, racks for storing your wine glasses, and a removable sixteen wine bottle storage.

Bar Cabinet with Wine Storage

Bar Cabinet with Wine Storage
Bar cabinet with wine storage as well as featuring cappuccino finish and construction made of solid wood. Additionally, the furniture features appealing contemporary design. It's a perfect addition to almost any living room.

Martino Bar Cabinet with Wine Storage

Martino Bar Cabinet with Wine Storage
Bar cabinet in elegant style. Construction is made of wood with antique finish. It has 2 cabinets with double doors, open shelf and glasses holders. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Vietti Bar Cabinet

Vietti Bar Cabinet
Become inspired by this stunning bar cabinet. It is ideal for mixing your favorite cocktail and the elegant metal handles with brushed nickel finish add classy and elegant look to it, while the spacious compartments allows you to store everything neatly.

Our advice Buying Guide

Having a well-stocked lockable-bar-cabinet is imperative for those who love entertaining guests. In addition to matching your style and storage needs, a lockable bar cabinet also ensures nothing is taken without you knowing during parties or when you're away. There is a myriad of choices available regarding these cabinets, so it's essential you take into consideration their size, materials, durability, and your budget.

What are the standard measurements of lockable bar cabinets?

When selecting a wall-mounted cabinet, you'll find that they're typically 23 inches wide, at least five inches deep, and 30 inches tall. It's possible to accommodate as many as 20 liquor bottles in these cabinets. If you'd rather use a cabinet that sits on the floor, they're typically 36 x 34 x 18 inches. It's possible to hold liquor bottles, glasses, napkins, and other essentials in this kind of lockable bar cabinet. Selecting a rolling lockable bar cabinet, though, will reduce your storage space because they measure around 24 x 28 x 28 inches.

What different designs of lockable bar cabinets are there?

Lockable bar cabinet cabinets are available in many options. For example, if you'd rather not have a cabinet that sits on the floor, there are wall-mounting options. Others are excellent options for uses as sideboards or console tables. Some lockable cabinets also couple as liquor cabinets and carts.

What are the most durable materials for lockable bar cabinet?

You'll find lockable bar cabinets can be made from just about any material. The most durable and traditional designs are made from hardwoods including cherry, maple, and oak. You'll also find that popular choices include walnut and mahogany. If you'd prefer to have a more contemporary look, you can opt for a cabinet made from steel or blackened metal. The lock on the cabinet is just as critical of a consideration as the cabinet’s design, style, and durability. Be sure to select one with a lock on it that’s reliable and won’t break easily.

How to coordinate a lockable bar cabinet with the room style?

When selecting your lockable bar cabinet, you’ll be doing more than determining the storage needs for your liquor and bar accessories. You’ll also be picking a piece of furniture that fits in with the theme of the rest of your room’s décor. Therefore, if the room this cabinet is going into is rustic, selecting a contemporary cabinet featuring metal finishes wouldn’t be a good match. Instead, you would want to choose one with a wooden finish that looks distressed. Conversely, if you have a modern-style space, choosing a traditional cabinet wouldn’t work. Instead, pick one with black lacquer accents coupled with metal finishes.

How much is a lockable bar cabinet?

Under most circumstances, you'll see small wood mounted units priced around $200.00. Larger wood or metal units could cost up to $10,000.00. Ultimately, the larger the cabinet is going to be the more you're going to spend. Therefore, if you're going to select a large unit constructed from the best materials and has a considerable amount of storage, you could easily spend several thousand dollars. Before beginning the selection process, set a budget that's comfortable.


Lockable bar cabinet 5

Elegant bar cabinet consisting of open shelves, drawers, glasses holders and a lot of shelves for bottles. Construction is made of wood. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Lockable bar cabinet

This lockable bar cabinet will make a great addition to your living room, enhancing the space with its stylish, elegant design. Fits well into both modern and traditional interiors.

Lockable bar cabinet 2

The lockable bar cabinet for all the alcohol types you have at home. There is also an appropriate place for glasses, so you can have it all in one location. The dark walnut tree looks elegant in each type of living room.

Liquor cabinet ikea

With its overall dimensions reaching 38.5" wide, 18" deep and 37.25" high, this compact Elan Bar Cabinet constitutes a very-well organized storage space for your alcohol and glass collection.

Lockable bar cabinet 6

A wonderful bar cabinet that you can lock. It's a solid, wooden construction supported on shapely legs. Apart from regular shelves it features a special shelf for wine bottles and a rack for glasses. It has a cool, vintage character.

Lockable bar cabinet 7

If you’re looking for a classy and elegant way to display your liquor, this cabinet is great. Very sophisticated, with an upside-down shelf for glass storage. Perfect for your dining room or a traditional living room.

Cabinet with mini fridge

This natural material like cherry wood is not only durable, ecological and healthy, but also beautiful. Wine enthusiasts will also find something- because this column-shaped lockable bar cabinet in the lower part has a wine refrigerator with profiled shelves.

Floating shelf concept for the bar maybe just display one

Floating shelf concept for the bar. Maybe just display one of each thing they have? Then everything is stored in the lockable cabinets at night

Accents Bar Cabinet

Accents Bar Cabinet

Lockable bar cabinet 4

lockable bar cabinet

Lockable liquor cabinet

Custom built upper liquor cabinet in back bar area with sliding lockable glass doors > DMR Construction 317-674-5030

Atherton Bar Cabinet

Atherton Bar Cabinet

Locking bar liquor storage cabinet 1

locking bar liquor storage cabinet

Wine and bar cabinet base

Wine and Bar Cabinet Base

Ikea bar cabinet

A sophisticated approach to a sizable liquor cabinet made out of reclaimed wood with black-painted veneers resembling oak wood. The cabinet has a handful of shelves and hanging racks for glasses and alcohols, as well as wine storage.

Storage, Locker Gym School Office Work Cabinet 24"H 11550

Lockable wine cabinet

So many of you have been waiting for this piece. I have brought many of my customers in the back of the shop and this piece has caused a stir with most of them. I matched the paint and repainted it for a fresh look, then slightly shabbied it. It has a

Locking liquor cabinet ikea

This clever cabinet serves as extra storage and counter space for a crowded modern kitchen. Boasting a beautiful granite top and built-in towel bar, it's easy to tuck away or take out for use with its lockable wheeled legs. 43.45'' W x 35.95'' H x 21.73'

Howard Miller Sonoma Hide A Bar Liquor Cabinet

You are at the gourmet's home, of good wines, valuable whiskey. You will find there-a cherry wood bar, liquor cabinet,and you will discover its alcoholic attributes. Wine compartments, shelves on the side doors and plenty of space in the drawers and cabinets.

Liquor cabinets ikea

Your fine wines deserve a place of honor, and this top-notch wine cabinet provides the perfect showcase. A mirrored back enhances the look of stemware (with convenient storage racks on the top), a pullout drawer holds all your wine accessories and the gla

Wine bar furniture ikea

Wood lockable Wardrobe Cabinet Armoire Closet Furniture Bedroom Clothes Organizer Storage

Bar cabinet ikea

Well, this armoire is huge, but honestly I'd never suppose that it's capacious to this extent. This clasically styled bar cabinet is lockable, and it hides plenty of goodness inside, with wine rack and glassware racks among it.

Home Bar

Home Bar

Landon Bar Cabinet

Landon Bar Cabinet

Ikea fan favorite ikea ps cabinet a pop of color

IKEA Fan Favorite: IKEA PS cabinet. A pop of color, lockable doors and a cord outlet make this product a favorite among IKEA fans.

Gabriella Bar Cabinet with Wine Storage

Gabriella Bar Cabinet with Wine Storage

Alcohol cabinet ikea

Glass cabinet locks for ikea

A fine flame mahogany veneered and solid mahogany bar, the shaped and moulded edge tiled marble and brass line inlaid top above finely carved corbels and uprights enclosing brass line strung detailed panels, the front with concealed LED lighting, on a pli

Locking liquor cabinet furniture

SAVE Howard Miller Seneca Falls Home Bar Liquor Cabinet

Evolution Bar Cabinet

Evolution Bar Cabinet

Save howard miller cherry hill home bar wine and liquor

SAVE Howard Miller Cherry Hill Home Bar Wine and Liquor Cabinet

Wine storage cabinet ikea

Beaver and Tapley 'Multi Width' Unit - Mr. Bigglesworthy Designer Vintage Furniture Gallery

Locking liquor storage

Legacy Billiards Sterling 72" Bar - Greater Southern Home Recreation

Armono Bar with Wine Storage

Armono Bar with Wine Storage

Dogwood Bar Cabinet

Dogwood Bar Cabinet

Lockable bar cabinet 1

lockable bar cabinet

Lockable bar

Home / Kaba Simplex FG-15 File Cabinet Lock Bar

Lockable bedroom furniture

Sideways suitcase filled with wine and wine glasses for a tiny home!

Bar cabinets for home ikea


Save howard miller devino hide a bar liquor cabinet

SAVE Howard Miller Devino Hide A Bar Liquor Cabinet

Augusta Bar

Lockable cabinets

FABRIKÖR Glass-door cabinet IKEA With a glass-door cabinet, you can show off as well as protect your glassware or your favorite collection.

Locking liquor bar cabinet

Howard Miller Norcross Hide A Bar Wine Cabinet