Oak Pantry Storage Cabinet

If you’ve ever tried searching for solid oak furniture in general, then you’ll know how difficult it is to come by. Finding a solid oak pantry is next to impossible.

Today, most companies are building storage cabinets using veneers and laminates that mimic the oak wood species. It’s expensive for companies to manufacture hardwood oak compared to softwoods like pine.

So, keep in mind when you are looking for an oak kitchen pantry, you will most likely find a beautiful veneer oak finish and not a heavy solid oak build. Veneer oak furniture weighs less, making it easier for you to move.

Here are ten charming and affordable oak pantry storage cabinet ideas you can use in your kitchen.

Four door Stand Alone Solid Wood Pantry

Four door Stand Alone Solid Wood Pantry

A four-door stand-alone solid wood pantry is ideal for storing large amounts of dry ingredients, like pasta, rice, canned goods, and more. You can find them with four-doors with drawers or four-doors without drawers.

The additional drawer insert is nice for storing your smaller items that tend to get lost behind taller items. Some items that would fit nicely in a drawer could be toothpicks, wax candles, small extract bottles, and small dye bottles.

Rolling Oak Kitchen Pantry Cabinet

Rolling Oak Kitchen Pantry Cabinet

Maybe you need an oak kitchen pantry cabinet that can be moved around easily. A rolling oak pantry is excellent for small kitchens with limited space.

People who live alone normally buy this type of wood pantry cabinet because of its portability feature. If you live alone, you can also pair a rolling oak pantry with a portable kitchen island or cart for more convenience. 

Refrigerator and Microwave Oak Pantry Combo

Refrigerator and Microwave Oak Pantry Combo

The open design of this type of oak kitchen pantry is welcomed by people who live in studios, apartments, condos, and college dorm rooms. Squeezing a small refrigerator and microwave into one pantry is a terrific way to save space.

If you don’t own a miniature refrigerator, you can utilize the refrigerator space to store a small cabinet with additional drawers. For an open display, insert a small and short shelving unit instead.

Solid Wood Pantry Cabinet with Glass Doors

Solid Wood Pantry Cabinet with Glass Doors

When you think of a solid wood pantry cabinet, your first thought probably isn’t one with glass doors. The glass windowpane doors on this type of oak pantry are unique and serve a dual purpose: display and storage.

These types of cabinets are found alongside other display and China cabinets. Use a wood pantry cabinet with glass cabinet doors to exhibit your elaborate dishware or to make it easier to find your stored chicken noodle soup. 

Wood Pantry Cabinet with a Sliding Door

Wood Pantry Cabinet with a Sliding Door

A wood pantry cabinet with a sliding barn door represents the farmhouse style extraordinarily well. The laminate oak finish is warp-resistant, making this type of oak pantry cabinet stable for liquid storage items.

Finding one with adjustable shelves allow you to fix the shelf height to the height of your items. A sliding door oak pantry is suitable for someone who doesn’t mind one side open, and one side closed. Perfectionists beware!

Tall Narrow Oak Pantry with Double Doors

Tall Narrow Oak Pantry with Double Doors

A tall narrow oak pantry with double doors is more elegant and formal compared to a narrow wood pantry with a single door. With double doors, you feel that aww inspiring sensation when you swing those cabinet doors outwards.

Double doors on a tall and narrow oak pantry add height to a kitchen. The thinner the cabinet doors, the thinner the pantry seems. Accentuate your tall kitchen ceilings with this type of oak pantry cabinet. 

Short Minimal Oak Pantry Storage Cabinet

Short Minimal Oak Pantry Storage Cabinet

Not all oak pantry storage cabinets are built tall. For someone needing minimal storage, a short oak pantry will do just fine.

There are short oak wood pantry cabinets that come with or without drawers and some with open shelving and closed cabinet doors. A short oak pantry with countertops adds extra space for chopping veggies or storing your coffee bar.

Oak Kitchen Pantry with Microwave Shelf

Oak Kitchen Pantry with Microwave Shelf

This type of oak pantry is like the refrigerator microwave combo, except there is no space for a refrigerator and the microwave shelf is much larger. The larger open microwave shelf holds other taller cooking appliances and décor items.

An oak kitchen pantry cabinet with a microwave shelf is normally built with MDF or chipboard and then sealed with an elegant oak finish. They offer the storage space you desire and blend tastefully with traditional, contemporary, or modern design.

Thin Oak Pantry Cabinet with Single Door

Thin Oak Pantry Cabinet with Single Door

The thin oak pantry cabinet with a single door gives your kitchen a cottage rustic elegance. They are simple, yet highly efficient at concealing your unsightly kitchen ingredients and items.

Adjustable height shelving allows you to modify the height of each shelf to fit your storage needs. For a light and airy allure, choose an oak pantry that sits on its legs.  


Bookshelf Converted into an Oak Pantry

Bookshelf Converted into an Oak Pantry

Converting other furniture to suit your needs is useful and fun. A solid wood pantry cabinet can easily be made from a previously owned bookcase, buffet and hutch, or sideboard. 

If you are into the DIY arena, then you should look around your house and see what you can come up with. For less crafty folks, shop for a new bookshelf or another piece of furniture you can transform into an oak pantry cabinet.

Our advice Buying Guide

For those with a pantry, or a kitchen large enough to fit some extra furniture, an oak pantry storage cabinet could be a good addition if you need some more storage space. While most of these items are tall and wide and require a fair amount of space, many of them will fit snugly in the average kitchen. Let's take a closer look at some of the oak pantry cabinets on the market.

What are the common designs of oak pantry storage cabinets?

Oak pantry storage drawers

A style which is available in full height and also half height, you can fit this in a free space or put the smaller version underneath your worktops. The under-counter version has 4-5 wooden drawers that you can pull out and store your food items in. Many homeowners have drawers such as these to store their kitchen utensils and cutlery. Two closing doors made from solid oak will ensure the new furniture fits perfectly with the rest of your kitchen.

Free-standing oak pantry storage cabinet

One of the reasons people avoid buying new kitchen furniture is because they think they will need to buy several different pieces and install them properly in the kitchen as fitted items. This is certainly not the case with oak pantry storage cabinets, which can be purchased as separate free-standing items. This allows you to buy a cabinet of your choice and position it wherever in your kitchen or home you think it fits best. These free-standing versions are normally around 6-7 feet in height with four cupboard doors. Open the doors and you will find either 6-8 equal-sized shelves or a mixture of large and smaller shelves.

Oak pantry storage cabinet with shelves and drawers

For the ultimate storage cabinet for your pantry, choose an option that has a combination of storage solutions. This style of cabinet is very much like the above design, but rather than having only shelves inside, there are some shelves and also some drawers. Some of the shelves are the ideal size to add your own wicker baskets or other storage containers. Modern varieties of this storage cabinet have very limited detail and are simple and defined in shape. The more traditional or antique storage cabinets tend to have floral detail or swirls around the edges.

Built-in oak pantry storage cabinet

If you already have cupboards and drawers in your kitchen or pantry and you don't want to completely replace your existing furniture, you can alter it to include new oak pantry storage. Rather than having cupboards which are all the same inside, you can amend them so that you have various oak shelves and drawers. This means that the interior of your oak cupboards will all look the same, but then you can choose which ones have different styles of storage inside. If you're thinking about going with a design like this, you should think carefully about how much of each storage type you will need.


Highbury 71" Kitchen Pantry

Highbury 71" Kitchen Pantry
Simplify your living space with the convenience of this multi-storage cabinet. Suitable for a range of purposes and rooms, this is a versatile piece that makes the most of vertical space. Featuring five shelves, a large pair of elegant doors, metal door knobs, and measuring 70.8” high, this is a quality wooden cabinet.

Ramon 72" Kitchen Pantry

Ramon 72" Kitchen Pantry
Bring some traditional style with this classic solid wood pantry cabinet. Made from hardwood and a wood grain veneer, this mid-brown colored pantry will give valuable storage space to any part of your home. Featuring four adjustable shelves, raised panels doors, diamond-shaped detail at the upper corners, and two pairs of doors, this cabinet is pure quality.

Anquavious 46" Kitchen Pantry

Anquavious 46" Kitchen Pantry
For compact homes, this 46” pantry offers versatile space for your culinary layout. Equipped with a gliding drawer, lower cabinet space, and open storage cubby, this unit is perfect for any kind of kitchen. The coasters add a practical feel to this unit, allowing for easy transportation, and the natural wood grain finish will complement various styles.

Wynton 73" Kitchen Pantry

Wynton 73" Kitchen Pantry
Optimize your kitchen space with this multi-purpose 71” classic American kitchen buffet and pantry. Featuring drawers, a wine bottle rack, compartments, protected shelving, open shelving, and an open cubby space, you get everything you need for optimal organization with this unit. Every aspect of this pantry is built to last, from the laminate, MDF, glass paneling, and steel knobs.

Muriel 72" Kitchen Pantry

Muriel 72" Kitchen Pantry
Now you can easily add some style to your kitchen with this amazing pantry, that will elegantly appeal to your decor and bring an air of richness to it. It provides ample storage space with the huge compartments and six shelves.


Kitchen cabinet for space saving in each home. Construction is made of wood. It consists of drawers in various sizes for storing spices, food and others needed stuff. Simple form and functional design.

Fiesta 62" Kitchen Pantry

Fiesta 62" Kitchen Pantry
This Elegant & Tall 62-Inch Kitchen Pantry in White Finish is consisted of 4 smoothly-operating doors that conceal spacious storage compartments. The whole is designed of eco-friendly EPP-compliant laminated particle board material.

63" Kitchen Pantry

63" Kitchen Pantry
Do you want your kitchen to be more functional and stylish? Try this 63-Inch Kitchen Pantry in White Finish that offers solid wood craftsmanship, and 3 shelves – 2 are adjustable, and 1 is fixed. Doors operate smoothly, and are decorated with stylish pull knobs.

Oak pantry storage cabinet 2

... Traditional Kitchen Pantry Storage Cupboard Cabinet Roll Shelf Oak

Oak pantry storage cabinet 4

A practical roomy standing pantry of oak wood with a natural finish. It has a rectilinear frame, a moulding top, a recessed full base. It has lots of size-varied shelves (with security slats) both inside and on doors with dark metal shell handles.

Wood pantry cabinet

Opt for this multi-purpose storage cabinet pantry for your household and enjoy a significant boost of storage space that it has to offers with its wide and spacious shelves. It will allow you to store your food conveniently and without any worries.

Oak pantry storage cabinet 3

Tall cabinet made of high quality oak wood. Perfect for storing spices, food, tableware and others needed stuff. Provides space saving in any kitchen.

Oak pantry storage cabinet

The oak and cherry storage kitchen rolling cart. The five big drawers mounted on solid frames could accommodate all your kitchen utensils. If you like the simple wooden kitchen furniture, this set is perfect for you.

As shown measures 36 wide 18 deep and 78 high

As shown, measures 36” wide, 18” deep, and 78” high

Oak pantry storage cabinet 5


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Oak pantry

NFC Oak Kitchen Larder Storage Cabinet Unit W/ Drawers & Racking RRP £4K

Pantry cabinet 4

Pantry Cabinet

Storage pantry cabinets

This lovely pantry constitutes a good proposition for small apartments or houses. It exemplifies the idea of well-used space. Having 12 various drawers or shelves, it offers a considerable storage space.

Building a kitchen pantry

No pantry space? Turn an old tv armoire into a pantry cupboard. Awesome!

A. Joffe - Multi-use Storage Cabinet - Dry Oak Finish - 4 Shelves

Storage pantry cabinets

Big white built-in kitchen pantry that allows to hide all the kitchenware and seasonings away from prying eyes (not to mention that the kitchen looks far more neatly with such a storage cabinets set!).

I like the idea of this furniture piece built in

I like the idea of this furniture piece built in w/the get this look, use YOLO Colorhouse ASPIRE .01

30" Multi-Use Storage Cabinet Finish: Dry Oak

Build a pantry closet

Well, this is what I call a well-organized pantry. Could you imagine how capacious this white storage setting is? Not only the storage cabinet set is practical: this storage unit is also pretty decorative.

Oak pantry cabinet

edith wharton's butler's pantry ~ yes, I would also like a butler's pantry. And no, I don't have space for one. Sigh. I don't even have a butler!

Pulls for drawers 1

Do you need more storage spaces in the kitchen? These drawers are spacious enough for kitchen accessories. They have got the brass pulls and white color, which fits to the clean look in any kitchen.

Concepts in Wood Multi-purpose Storage Cabinet

Home Styles 5022-69 Nantucket Pantry, Distressed White Finish

This Contemporary Pantry in White Finish is as beautiful as it is functional. Crafted from hardwood solids and engineered wood, and embellished with antique brushed nickel hardware, the pantry features one storage drawer, and two cabinet doors with two adjustable shelves behind them.

Kitchen pantry storage cabinets 4

If you are looking for some clever, space-saving kitchen organization ideas, this pulled out pantry may be a noteworthy solution. It offers a considerable storage space, divided into 5 tiers.

Free standing kitchen cabinet

The beauty of this freestanding cabinet makes the décor of the pantry, kitchen or dining room unique. Solid oak construction is durable and will hold a lot of things. Glazed cabinet doors beautifully display the contents.

Floor to ceiling kitchen pantry

Vintage style oak kitchen cabinets from The Kennebec Company - photo by Eric Roth for Old-House Online - more photos of this kitchen:

Free standing kitchen pantry cabinet with 4 sliding wicker baskets

Free standing kitchen pantry cabinet with 4 sliding wicker baskets, 2 solid oak bread drawers and herb racks.

White wood entertainment center

Definitely organizing the bigger space is easier, because there is a lot of space to put all needed furniture. This lovely built-in is placed in basement, but still perfectly plays the role of the entertainment center.

Oak pantry storage cabinet

Get This Look: Park House with Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Grey cabinets 25

There are so many colors of kitchen wood pantry cabinets that the choice is a difficult nut to crack. However, light gray cabinets are a guarantee of transparency and style. This color here looks like wet cement. Both on the top and bottom.

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