Country Kitchen Canister Set

Fan of a balanced mixture of cozy and casual vibes with a touch of natural inspiration? Then the right country kitchen canister set will allow you to reinforce this rustic style in your pantry or cooking area, too.

Before looking at all the adorable country designs that we’ve found for you, start by figuring out how many canisters you need and what you’re going to place inside them.

Three is the most popular option, especially for baking ingredients, but you can also use your canisters for dry food like pasta, to make drinks (e.g. coffee, tea, and sugar), or for other types of food that you personally use quite often.

Psst. Should you plan on storing sticky ingredients like honey, opt for machine-washable plastic canisters.

Otherwise, ceramic tends to be the most adequate material for this style, with glass being a close second. 

Ornate country canister set

Ornate country canister set

While this can change slightly depending on this style’s different variations, most country decors revolve around plenty of details.

That’s why, to complement your kitchen, you can simply choose an ornate canister set: for example, one featuring harmonious lines or intricate carvings. 

$49.99 $119.99

Cottagecore style country kitchen canisters

Cottagecore style country kitchen canisters

The country decor style has come back in popularity also thanks to the #cottagecore aesthetic that has been conquering hearts on Instagram and TikTok, especially in the past couple of years.

Once again, a set showcasing an abundance of details is key, and so are recognizable motifs inspired by nature and the countryside, perhaps with a vintage twist too (psst: just like these charming rustic country kitchen canisters!).

$131.59 $200

Vintage rustic canister sets

Vintage rustic canister sets

As well as with iconic patterns and motifs, there are different ways to incorporate some vintage inspiration in your new country kitchen canister set.

For example, what do you think of a design featuring a retro typeface?

Choosing durable metal will also give you some extra peace of mind in the kitchen (particularly recommended if you have kids).

$47.99 $52.99

Farmhouse country style canister sets

Farmhouse country style canister sets

Not all country decor styles are heavy on details and decorative elements! If you prefer a slightly more contemporary approach, you could consider focusing on its farmhouse country variation.

When it comes to kitchen canister sets, this will usually involve a simpler design in a combination of white and a natural wood finish.

$67.99 $105

More contemporary country kitchen canisters

More contemporary country kitchen canisters

As you can see, there are several designs that can work well with this farmhouse country twist.

Another trick to maintain its rustic inspiration but emphasize the contemporary side of things is to stick to the white and wood combo but in a squared design.

After all, clean and symmetrical lines are pretty much synonymous with contemporary interiors.

Rustic country kitchen canisters with chalkboard

Rustic country kitchen canisters with chalkboard

The feeling of crumbling chalk in between your fingers and the familiar blackboard design from your childhood: country kitchen canisters with this type of label get extra rustic and cozy points!

We particularly recommend them if you’d like to add a more personal, unique touch to your kitchen.

Rustic country kitchen canisters with animals

Rustic country kitchen canisters with animals

One of the first images we picture when thinking about the countryside is obviously its fauna, and especially farm animals.

To focus on this aspect, choose a country kitchen canister set that represents them, whether through a patterned motif or larger decorations.

Nature inspired country canisters

Nature inspired country canisters

In the same way, you can decide to homage the flora and natural inspiration that characterizes this rustic decor style.

For example, your new country kitchen canister set could involve wildflowers and leafy accents.

This will allow you to maintain a more delicate approach and even emphasize the pastel colors of your palette.

Elegant rustic kitchen canisters

Elegant rustic kitchen canisters

Some country kitchen canister sets also offer you the perfect compromise between a more streamlined farmhouse design and the abundance of details that characterizes the most traditionally rustic interiors.

For example, you could combine clean lines and simpler motifs, either monochrome or in delicate tones.

Glass rustic canisters for kitchen

Glass rustic canisters for kitchen

As we mentioned before, glass can also work divinely in a country style kitchen. The secret is to utilize the actual food to decorate that area, for example by using them to store colorful ingredients (like dry pasta) or familiar ones (like flour).

Just be careful with coffee beans: while we know that they’d look super aesthetically pleasing in a glass canister, they’d also oxidize more quickly (unless you keep it behind a closed cupboard, of course).

$30 $59.99

Our advice Buying Guide

Country kitchen canister sets are popular among homeowners as they add to the "country" vibe or ambiance within country-styled kitchens. If you're planning to get a set for yourself and you want to be wise about your purchase, then make sure that you also consider the safety and the quality of the canisters that you'll buy. Don't make the same mistake consumers make who only consider a canister's aesthetic factor. Below, you'll find a quick buying guide which provides you with all the aspects that need to be considered when buying country-style canister sets aside from the ones we just mentioned. Check it out!

What are country kitchen canister sets made of?

Country kitchen canister sets are made from various materials including stainless steel, glass, ceramic, and plastic. When choosing the right material, the best one for you will depend on what you will be using the containers for. To give you an example, say you want to store pasta and beans. The best canisters, therefore, are made of glass. For storage of sticky items like syrup or honey, then your best option is a plastic canister as it allows you to throw the material in the dishwasher if needed. As for all other materials with clear windows, you can store flour, sugar, and rice on them safely without worrying about children overturning the jars.

When choosing the material, do consider the intended durability. You'd want canister sets that don't easily break when they're knocked over as you can get busy in your kitchen. After all they are often displayed on countertops for convenience especially while you are preparing meals.

How big kitchen canisters should you buy?

If you bake occasionally, then you would want storage containers or jars that are capable of holding large amounts of sugar, flour, and other necessities to ensure you don't have to refill your supply constantly. We suggest you look into canister sets that have pour spouts as well as measuring lines. They'll make cooking and mixing ingredients easier. Check out canister sets of varying heights as well as they're excellent for holding cooking supplies and different spices. Also, they make great containers to store in cookies and candy for guests who'll visit. Since your canister set is country-styled, you'll definitely make a good impression.

What kinds of lids are best for kitchen canisters?

The lid of each of your canister must be airtight. Also, you'd want lids that easily open and close. There are sets that can be opened with just the use of one hand. There are even canister sets that have been added with a genius button-like mechanism, which allows you to create a seal that's airtight immediately or upon a single push.


Elegant Country Store Canister Set Of 4 Flour Sugar Coffee Tea Sealtite Lids New

Elegant Country Store Canister Set Of 4 Flour Sugar Coffee Tea Sealtite Lids New
Set of 4 canister in Vintage style. Includes canister for coffee, tea, flour and sugar. It has lids with comfortable handle for easy carrying. Stylish accent for each kitchen.

Cottage Rooster Canister Set Shabby French Country Chic Tin Tuscan Kitchen Decor

Cottage Rooster Canister Set Shabby French Country Chic Tin Tuscan Kitchen Decor
These kitchen elements are special canisters for sugar, salt, spices and other products used in the kitchen. These canisters feature rooster patterns, so they are suitable for country-styled kitchen indoors.

Country Farm House Cowboy Primitive Star Canister Set Vintage Barrel Set

Country Farm House Cowboy Primitive Star Canister Set Vintage Barrel Set
Country style set of 1 big and 2 smaller barrel-like ceramic canisters in grey, brown and black. Each barrel is decorated with a black 5-arm star in the centre as well as 2 black stripes around. Round dark lids are sealed and have small ball handles.

Set 2 Vintage Style Metal Flour Sugar Canister Farmhouse Country Kitchen Bins

Set 2 Vintage Style Metal Flour Sugar Canister Farmhouse Country Kitchen Bins
Add these amazing kitchen bins to always make sure that your sugar and flour are stored neatly and organized to perfection, while the vintage and slightly distressed finish of the metal containers add a certain amount of appeal to your decor.

Farm house rustic primitive star vintage

Farm house rustic primitive star vintage
Set of kitchen canisters with star theme. It is fitted with convenient lids. Handy gadget in any kitchen. Suitable for storing food, kitchen tools and others needed stuff.

Reserved for caos1 vintage galvanized

Reserved for caos1 vintage galvanized
Rustic kitchens need decorations that bring vintage accents into the play. Just like this eye-catchy canister set made of galvanized metal. Each of those tins has a large black sign, and a deep lid with a convenient handle.

Vintage barrel shaped sugar canister

Vintage barrel shaped sugar canister
This is a truly gorgeous decoration for kitchens, dining rooms, bars, and restaurants. Designed in a vintage style, this rustic sugar canister features a faux wood grain pattern, and it's shaped like an old barrel.

3-Piece Canister Set

3-Piece Canister Set
Bring an old-world charm to your kitchen with this 3-piece canister set. Each canister has a wood lid and features its own content label with vintage lettering. You can safely keep there any food. Square shape makes them tuck nicely together.

3 piece french country farmhouse cottage

3 piece french country farmhouse cottage
Practical canisters for different kitchen and home applications. These glass jars feature attractive, hand-painted lids with eggs in a nest theme on a blue background. They are quite spacious and attractive.

Country kitchen canister set

With this white enamelware canister set of four canisters you will get the vintage style for your kitchen. They've got a black trim and four different sizes. they are excellent as a gift.

Rustic kitchen canister set

Four Western style handicraft painted wood canisters with bold black advertising inscriptions and attractive worn finish - exact replicas of original vintage canisters. Dedicated for storing dry edible products.

Vintage tin canisters

Set of four cute containers in four different sizes stylised on vintage. They are made of metal and have lids made of sheet tin and wood. Containers are decorated with checkered bows with little wooden stars. You can use them in the kitchen!

Red kitchen canister sets

Folkloristic art is also often very useful. For example in the form of ceramic kitchen canisters set that can be both bowls and sugar bowls and are topped with beautiful and proud cocks. They work great as hand-painted country containers in the kitchen.

Farmhouse kitchen canisters

With those beautiful tins you'll be able to bring practical solutions and a vintage look into your lovely kitchen. Each tin is air-tight, characterized by a detailed design consisted of a white body, red lid, and readable red signs.

Tin canister set

A cute decoration for kitchens, which will spice the interior with vintage accents and live colors. Each canister is made of earthenware, hand painted, and glazed for extra looks. Small canister - 58 oz.; Medium canister - 76 oz.; Large canister - 96 oz.; Extra-large canister - 142 oz.

Country kitchen canisters

Storage canisters suitable for kitchen use. These decorative and practical items introduce a very interesting country style into the house. Their red accents are well matched with neutral white background.

Country hearts stars kitchen canister set airtight 3 home kitchen

Country HEARTS & STARS kitchen CANISTER SET airtight 3 Home & Kitchen

Metal flour canister

Canisters suitable for kitchen indoors. These glass products represent a very attractive and original country style. They are capacious and resistant to wear. Their metal bases and lids include very nice star themes.

French country farmhouse chic set 3 hen rooster chicken canister

French Country Farmhouse Chic Set 3 Hen Rooster Chicken Canister Tin With Lid

Green canisters kitchen

According to you, the devil is in the details? So you will like ceramic,richly decorated large kitchen canister set. Biscuit color, does not mean that you have to put biscuits into them. But they will also accommodate them, thanks to their large dimensions.

Rustic kitchen canisters

Attractive, solid and very useful kitchen canisters for flour, sugar and coffee. They include green lids and white main constructions. These solid items not only play functional roles, but they also decorate kitchen indoors.

Country canister set

A set of kitchen canisters with attractive, nautrla rooster pattern on a red background. All canisters are very solid and they provide space for spices, sugar, etc. They are functional and they can also decorate kitchen indoors.

Country store canister set

Country Store Canister Set

Large kitchen canister sets

5 Piece Vintage Circa 1977 Kitchen Tin Canister by TheUrbanBarn, $64.00 original Vintage kitchen décor mid century etsy shops antique colorful unique one of a kind 50s 60s 70s cute gift for her for him rusty rustic primitive barn farm country home farmho

Home Essentials 4525 96 Oz, 102 Oz And 55oz Vintage Sugar, Flour And Rice Canister - Set of 3

Rustic canisters

Ceramic and exceptionally impressive kitchen accessories are trifles that give the interior character. This charming French-style set with fleur de lis features an excellent choice for rustic décor. The beautiful combination of colors delights.

Rustic canister set

These canisters, coming in set including three of them in varied sizes), sport eye-catching black star and vine motif on a crackled cream background. Their lids are accordingly black. They're ceramic.

Cream canister set

I have the perfect piece of furniture that I can turn into something like this!! Thank you Pinterest

Colorful canister sets

This set may not only bring vibrancy and brightness to your kitchen, but also help you organize your daily cooking. Available in various sizes and colors, will create a great storage option for all granular or powdery products.

Antique canister sets

Traditional arrangement of decorations in a vintage kitchen, made with the use of several ceramic canisters made out of white ceramic inside and red-stained ceramic on the outside, which provides a stylish storage for kitchen utilities.

French country canisters

Wall shelf with hooks for storing kitchen tools, cups and more. Frame is made of wood and fitted with screws holes for easy mounting. Ideal solution for space saving in any kitchen.

3-Piece Vintage Canister Set

3-Piece Vintage Canister Set

Black and white canister set

Primitive Set of 4 Canisters ~ Tan Crackle ~ Black Star ~ Country Decor #NaivePrimitive

Star canisters

Tuscan Rooster Kitchen Canister Set

Country kitchen canisters

This kitchen canister set fits well into the country style. Beige, wooden-like barrels, embellished by a lovely pair of cowboy shoes as the handlers, it oozes with the old-school, western climate.

Copper canisters french country cans kitchen canisters kitchen

Copper Canisters, French Country Cans, Kitchen Canisters, Kitchen ...

What every kitchen needs a great resource for newlyweds

What EVERY kitchen needs! A great resource for newlyweds!

Country kitchen canisters 12

Cozy and homely setup for a moody, country kitchen with a farmhouse vibe and a vintage appearance. The old-fashioned, elegant kitchen is fitted with some handy and functional modern appliances, which also provide a modern contrast.

Flour sugar canister set

Those charming canisters are going to enhance you kitchen in a blink of an eye. With their lovely design, beautiful lids, and chalkboards labels, you are gaining a truly vintage as well as practical decoration.

House canister set

Ceramics is a universal material with many aesthetic and practical qualities. A set of French country kitchen canisters with a coffee shade of latte macchiato is made of this material. The Tuscan style is visible in rich, carved brass bases.

Country style tea coffee sugar canisters

Great set of country kitchen canisters. The plate they were made from was galvanised, to ensure top quality and nice, cosy look. This set is awesome for keeping all the kitchen necessities, such as sugar or spices.

French style kitchen canisters

6 FRENCH ENAMELWARE GRANITEWARE kitchen by vintagefrenchstyle, $185.00

Devon canister set by park designs set of 3 country

Devon-Canister-Set-by-Park-Designs-Set-of-3-Country-Rooster-Kitchen ...

Enamel canisters

Custom Kitchen Canister Labels set of 6

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4-Piece Canister Set

4-Piece Canister Set

Corelle Coordinates 6-Piece Enameled Bowl Set, Country Morning

Country kitchen canister set tuscan decorative red green

Country Kitchen Canister Set Tuscan Decorative Red Green ...

4 piece country store kitchen ceramic canister set 1

4-Piece Country Store Kitchen Ceramic Canister Set ...