Contemporary Meets Refined Home Aesthetics: 30 Modern Farmhouse Decor Ideas

With modern farmhouse decor ideas, you are allowed the cosiness and comfort of classic home decor with a contemporary twist that keeps things clean and mainly neutral.

Modern farmhouse decor ideas are for those individuals that appreciate a contemporary home aesthetic with a flair for more traditional pieces which make a space feel warm and inviting.

There's often a neutral color scheme involved that can be played up with more natural elements and textures, such as raw wood, stone, cotton, wool, and rattan, just to name a few.

It's encouraged to mix in those accent pieces or vintage lighting fixtures that will help your space to exude personality and stand out, but still maintain a clean and simplistic design.

1. Allow your hallway to stand out with raw wood details

Purple Cherry Architects

Even the narrowest of hallways can still feel spacious and welcoming if you play up their design features, like in this modern farmhouse space.

For instance, your wood trims can be blocky with a rustic feel, which pairs beautifully with distressed hardwood flooring, in order to achieve a traditional look in a contemporary space.

You can also try leaving the natural wood window trims completely unadorned to bring the great outdoors into your home.

2. A modern mudroom that’s fully stacked with storage

Kate Lester Interiors

If you’re looking to create a space in your home where your kids can kick off their boots and backpacks and leave your foyer free of clutter, a modern farmhouse mudroom is the way to go.

To achieve this modern farmhouse decor idea, you can keep things bright with white shiplap on the walls, which you can feature cute hooks on for coats and jackets.

And don’t be afraid to add in a pop of color, like the bright blue mini lockers, which are functional and fun.

3. A masculine office with built-in wood shelving

Purple Cherry Architects

Whether you’re studying or working from home, this modern farmhouse home office look is achievable if you don’t shy away from more traditional design functions, such as built-in wood units with ample storage. You can put anything from books to your favourite home goods on display.

To escalate the space, you can always add in a unique light feature, like a classic chandelier. Light carpeting in natural materials helps to put a modern twist on things.

4. Set your personal sanctuary apart with a distinctive flooring

Kate Lester Interiors

For a modern farmhouse vibe in your bathroom that feels completely relaxing with a hint of personality, you can always choose a contemporary fibreglass tub that’s spacious and inviting.

To really set your calming oasis apart, don’t be afraid to splurge on some decorated tiled flooring. You can even add in some underfloor heating to keep things extra cosy! A cute rustic mini side table is convenient for beauty products or your favourite book.

5. A front entryway with a hint of rustic romance

Erick Garcia, Maison Trouvaille

For those looking to keep their front entryway completely unfussy but with a flair for the pastoral, you can easily mimic the natural hardwood flooring with a piece like this low to the ground woodblock side table, that’s great to stash keys on.

There’s also something to be said about using an expansive mirror in order to open up the space and brighten things up.

6. Bare window treatments add brightness to a modern kitchen space

Beth Webb Interiors

Warm and inviting, this modern farmhouse decor can be achieved in a kitchen apprised with lots of unadorned windows that offer a ton of natural sunlight and neutral kitchen cabinets, like these almost taupe wood cupboards.

You can make your kitchen island a focal point as well. Allow your kitchen space to feel homey and comfortable by adding in some upholstered stools and hanging pendant lighting adds in even more light.

7. Playing with texture creates a beautifully blended decor look

Modern farmhouse kitchen with dark walls and off-white cabinets
Thom Filicia Inc.

A modern farmhouse kitchen can be easily achieved if you’re not shy about mixing different textures in one space as well as a using a unique color palette.

For instance, this kitchen and sitting area contrasts with both light and dark hues, such as the light buttery yellow panelled walls and black trim around the windows and darker wall features.

You can also bring in various textures for cosiness, such as a cool throw rug and a fun assortment of chairs, pillows, and blankets.

8. Lantern style lighting adds a quaint charm and ambience

White kitchen cabinets and island with hardwood flooring
Cathy Chapman Design

Rustic with lots of charming amenities that invoke feelings of cosiness, this modern farmhouse kitchen design look is all about keeping things neutral and incorporating little pops of personality throughout.

For instance, you can keep your walls white and use a cool paint color, like blue or teal, for your doors. Also, don’t underestimate what great lighting features can bring to a space, like with the rustic metal lantern-style lighting hanging over the island.

9. A rustic yet contemporary chandelier steals the show

Modern farmhouse dining room with unique chandelier
Thom Filicia Inc.

Elegant and filled with rustic charm, this modern farmhouse style dining room is the ideal example of how you can add ambience and warmth in a contemporary space.

For example, you can feature a neutral wall color, like light grey or cream, and bring in a darker barn door for something unexpected.

Adding in a light color natural wood table with black chairs can also be mimicked in your lighting choices, like with this unique chandelier.

10. You can create homey dining nooks in unexpected places

Modern living space with large window and high ceiling
Nicole Davis Interiors

When you have a living space that possesses high ceilings, you can really play them up in a modern farmhouse way by installing some wood panelling or by getting a chandelier that fills the room with light.

Also, if you need the extra room for dining, don’t be afraid to stick an L-shaped contemporary sofa with a small table in front. You can add a few comfortable chairs to the other side and you’ve made yourself a makeshift and unique area for dining.

11. Textured accents allow the space to feel more contemporary

Modern living room with a window wall
Anne Hepfer Designs Inc.

A modern farmhouse living space that features white shiplap on the walls with an expansive window wall as the central design feature can be neutral for the most part. You can work to create cosiness by introducing different textures in accent pieces.

For example, you can bring in something like the two white fluffy poufs for some interest, which also works as extra seating, if needed. Or a dark trunk or bench contrasts nicely with the off-white sofa and coffee table.

12. Exposed wood beams work to draw the eye up

Modern farmhouse open concept living space
Studio McGee

Even if you have an open concept style home, you can still incorporate modern farmhouse design aspects that won’t close off the space. For instance, the triangle shaped raw wood ceiling beams effortlessly connect the two areas into one.

Adding in other home decor focal points that are also functional, like a built-in stone fireplace or an expansive wood dining table, works to keep things casual, traditional, and completely homey.

13. A contrast of dark and light features work to balance the space

Modern farmhouse kitchen with dark cabinets and white walls
Studio McGee

Black kitchen cabinets can still feel really contemporary when you work to incorporate lighter design features, like in this modern farmhouse kitchen.

If you love a dark black kitchen cupboard, you can easily create a contrast by working in a white tile backsplash and painting the walls and ceiling a lighter hue.

For some of those rustic touches, you might choose to add in some wood beam features to the ceiling or even a traditional style throw rug as an accent piece.

14. A modern living space comfy enough for the family pet

Contemporary living room with black wood stove
Emily Starr Alfano, mStarr design

If you’re looking to give your living space a modern farmhouse style vibe, you can bring in more neutral larger design elements, such as with your sofa and chairs, and keep your walls off-white and simple.

The fun parts come into play when you add in various textures throughout the space, such as plush carpeting, charming wood side tables, lots of pillows and cool artwork on the wall.

15. It’s all in the details in this modern farmhouse living space

Modern farmhouse living room with high ceiling
Sarah Richardson Design

Chic and comfortable, this modern farmhouse living room is defined by the details and accents that aren’t overly fussy, but just fit.

You can note how choosing a neutral paint color scheme and then using various textures and patterns to expand on this design theme, like with the couch, chair, and carpeting in this room, works to keep things uncomplicated.

If you’re wanting to add in some warmth, don’t be afraid to bring in natural wood features, such as a wood panelled ceiling.

16. There is no lack of sophistication in this modern space

Sarah Richardson Design

For some modern farmhouse decor ideas, you’re going to want to start out simply and pick out a neutral color scheme, like an off-white or even this light blue paint color.

In order to keep the space feeling contemporary with a farmhouse flair, feel free to utilize various textures and fabrics throughout to keep things cosy. You can also play with vintage-type accent pieces, such as the antique mirror over the fireplace as well as the sconce lighting.

17. White walls and dark wood beams allow for a mixture of accents throughout

Spacious modern living space with lots of seating
Meriwether Design Group

When looking to achieve a modern farmhouse decor idea, you can opt to work in natural home decor accents in order to keep a warmth in the space. For instance, a standout feature in this space are the dark wood beams on the ceiling and wall.

Other organic materials brought into the space, such as a stone fireplace and various wood side tables, as well as the use of a metal antique-style side table, allow the space to feel textured and lived in.

18. A tall stone fireplace is the focal point in this space

Modern farmhouse living room with large stone fireplace
Winsome Construction

Even in large home spaces with high ceilings, it’s completely possible to create a sense of warmth with cosy charm. You can opt to keep your paint colors neutral and clean by using a cream color on the walls as well as simple furniture that you can dress up with lots of pillows.

The massive stone fireplace works to bring in an organic material, but the unique modern chandelier light feature keeps the space feeling contemporary.

19. Contemporary home space with a naturalness brought in

Modern farmhouse open concept living space
LMK Interiors

If you’re looking for modern farmhouse decor ideas that are bursting with character but still very neutral, opting for grey paint with white trim allows the space to feel clean and simplistic.

To effortlessly blend those more country-chic elements, you might want to think about adding in raw wood features, such as this wood panelled ceiling with white vaulting. You can also layer in texture with cosy carpeting, various styles of seating, and lots of pillows and blankets.

20. A modern neutral kitchen that’s ready for brunch

Neutral contemporary kitchen with teal island
Solitude Homes

In this modern farmhouse kitchen, the overall design aim is to remain pristine with the white tile backsplash and white mixed with llight grey cabinetry. There are some unexpected design elements brought in though.

For instance, you can incorporate an unexpected pop of color, like with the dark teal kitchen island that features a wood criss-cross feature at either end. It can be effective to mimick design features, like with the criss-cross feature on the pantry door.

21. A modern farmhouse kitchen filled with varied textures

Contemporary neutral kitchen with patterned tile backsplash
Susie Rivadeneyra Interior Design Studio

Splashes of personality are incorporated in this modern farmhouse kitchen and dining area. For instance, the exposed raw wood ceiling beams alongside creamy wood panelling not only adds character to the space, but it also helps to bring in something organic.

By adding in various raw metals, such as with the silver stove and light fixtures over the kitchen island along with the black iron-like chandelier, it helps to provide depth to an overwise neutral space.

22. A contemporary living space with clean lines

Neutral modern farmhouse living room with fireplace
Courtney Thomas Design

Modern farmhouse decor ideas are rich with blending of vintage elements in a contemporary home aesthetic. For those looking to integrate this approach into their home, they can begin with a focal point for the space, which could be the tall fireplace or the exposed wood ceiling beams.

If you have a flair for more antique-style pieces, you can always include something akin to the classic chandelier lighting to create ambience.

23. Incorporate your favorite prints in your modern farmhouse space

Neutral contemporary living room space
Kim Hall Transforming Design, LLC

Pared down and neutral, this modern farmhouse living space focuses on a clean color palette with a sprinkling of various textures and cosy home accents.

By choosing a light grey paint color, you’re giving your room a flexibility to move in whatever design direction you’d like. You can opt for a big comfortable sofa like this one that’s accessorized with pillows of various textures.

Or you can opt for neutral but cool artwork on the walls for some unexpected interest.

24. Clean white lines with natural wood features throughout

Bright white contemporary kitchen with wood island
The Good Home - Interiors & Design

All white kitchens are a bit too minimalist for what a modern farmhouse kitchen is trying to achieve.

If you appreciate a cleaner color palette, you can utilize a white tile backsplash along with white cabinetry, but offset it with a natural wood based kitchen island.

Play up organic materials even further by incorporating raw wood beams on the ceiling. Adding in antique-style lighting fixtures helps to make the space feel more unique as well.

25. Incorporating a couple different metals adds a cool touch

Modern white home office with lots of shelving
House of Jade Interiors

Making sure you have a home office space that’s not cluttered but still effortlessly styled is completely possible in modern farmhouse decor.

Don’t limit yourself when it comes to shelving and storage as you can take a neutral paint color, like white or cream, and allow it to completely wrap around your space, including any built-in shelves.

You’ll also get a slight textured feel by using a traditional wood desk and various mixed metal light fixtures.

26. Allow your bedroom to be your own little personal oasis

Corner of a modern bedroom with a barn door into bathroom
Tim Cuppett Architects, Architectural and Interior Design Services

It’s completely possible to allow your bedroom to become your own little relaxation oasis in a modern farmhouse decor kind of way.

Firstly, it works to keep your bedroom filled with neutral colors, like creamy whites, tans, or greys, that aren’t overwhelming to your senses.

You can always incorporate a plush armchair put in the corner to relax in and a barn door heading into the bathroom with fluffy carpeting underneath works to keep things cosy.

27. You can keep a family room simple with lots of cosy features

Modern living room with white walls and blue couch
Sita Montgomery Interiors

In a family room where everyone gathers for television or social time, you can keep things neutral and simple while still adding in some modern farmhouse details.

Bringing in organic materials, such as hardwood flooring, quaint wood side tables, and a wood beam mantle over the fireplace, adds a warmth to the room to an otherwise creamy white atmosphere.

You can also bring in texture with your furniture and home accessories, such as pillows, throws, or even cool light fixtures.

28. The contrasting ceiling feature and chandelier draws the eye up

Modern farmhouse living space with high decorated ceiling
Jennifer Garner Interiors

Welcoming and grand, this modern farmhouse decor idea in this living space works to combine neutral design features, such as the crisp white walls, with more traditional features, like a stone fireplace and dark wood panelled arched ceiling.

You can incorporate various textures in your seating, like with these two sofas covered in pillows of numerous hues and fabrics, as well as a homey abstract print throw rug.

29. This modern farmhouse living room plays with color

Modern farmhouse living room with shiplap walls
Judith Balis Interiors

This modern farmhouse decor idea is the ideal example of how you can integrate a playful color palette in a living space with neutral bones. You can keep the space feeling bright by using white paint or doing a shiplap feature on the wall.

All of the color can come into play with your furniture options and home accessories. You could even incorporate a larger focal point, like the abstract framed mirror on the fireplace, which adds even more character.

30. Modern farmhouse meets key traditional home features

Living room with wood ceiling and large fireplace
Trumbull Architects

This modern farmhouse living room feels like you’re walking into a warm embrace with all of the wood features, from the ceiling to the barn door, that feel very organic.

Even though there are a lot of darker design accents in the space, it’s still kept feel light and airy with the white walls and expansive fireplace.

For those looking to add more personal touches, you can always incorporate artwork that looks and feels vintage.

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