Drop In Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Installing a kitchen sink isn't difficult. Picking the right sink to fit your decorative style is. And for your home, if you prefer the more rustic look of a farmhouse sink, we have got a collection you will want to see. Take a look at these wonderful drop-in farmhouse kitchen sinks. They are deep, sturdy, make of quality materials, and we have loads to choose from.

Best Products

Pure Solid Copper Farmhouse/Apron Sink

Pure Solid Copper Farmhouse/Apron Sink
This farmhouse/apron sink has an ultra-durable solid copper construction that resists scratches, chipping and rust. It has a drip-free design so you won’t have to worry about your cabinets sustaining water damage. There is plenty of space to rinse your dishes in this sink, so you will have plenty of room. The antique copper finish makes this sink both functional and stylish.

Single Curved Stone Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Single Curved Stone Farmhouse Kitchen Sink
Made out of solid stone, this farmhouse kitchen sink will provide you with the perfect place to clean your dishes each day. It has a single curved design and is fade resistant, so it will continue to look great over the years. This sink is 40% lighter than most concrete, so mounting it won’t be a challenge. It is an excellent choice for any kitchen.

Recycled Copper Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Recycled Copper Farmhouse Kitchen Sink
The eco-friendly recycled copper design of this farmhouse kitchen sink is just one thing to love about it. This sink has an elegant look but is still very functional, designed to resist rust and not drip any water on your cabinets. The apron design of this sink means that it will most likely fit yours without any issues.

Brushed Stainless Steel Double Basin Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Brushed Stainless Steel Double Basin Farmhouse Kitchen Sink
The rustic style of this farmhouse double basin sink makes for an excellent addition to just about any kitchen. This sink includes the grids and drains as well as the bowl itself. The brushed stainless steel drain finish adds a contemporary look that will compliment the rest of the room. It is the perfect choice for rinsing and cleaning dishes.

Fireclay Farmhouse Kitchen Sink with Sink Grid

Fireclay Farmhouse Kitchen Sink with Sink Grid
This kitchen sink has an under mount design with beautiful porcelain enamel and glaze finish. The farmhouse style of this sink is perfect for those who want to achieve a rural aesthetic in their kitchen area. The faucet is included as well as the basket strainer. If you are planning to remodel your kitchen, this is a perfect addition that you should look into.

Vitreous China Country Kitchen Sink

Vitreous China Country Kitchen Sink
The durable vitreous china that this kitchen sink is made from prevents it from becoming easily scratched or chipped. It has a rear drain placement design and two faucet holes. The high back splash keeps the water confined to the sink so you won’t have a big mess to deal with. The apron design makes it very versatile and compatible with a majority of basins.

Cast Iron Farmhouse Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

Cast Iron Farmhouse Single Bowl Kitchen Sink
With a streamlined design and drip edge to prevent water damage to the cabinet, you cannot do much better than this single bowl kitchen sink. It is made of cast iron, so you can count on it not to chip or burn ever. It’s also designed to fit standard apron front cabinets, so you shouldn’t have any compatibility issues.

Our advice Buying Guide

A drop in farmhouse kitchen sink can be added to already existing kitchen counter and plumbing, although some prep might be necessary. Farmhouse kitchen sinks, which can be single or double, are designed for the front of the sink to be visible, and for the basin to be easily accessible. The basins are extra deep to facilitate washing dishes, preparing foods for canning and for use during meal prep. In some cases, your countertop might be too shallow to accommodate a large sink. A farmhouse sink can extend beyond the edge of the counter to create added working space.

What's the history of a typical farmhouse sink?

A typical farmhouse sink was a working sink, it wasn’t fancy. A double sink was prized for washing dishes, and for keeping one side of the sink open for scrubbing up while the other one was busy being used to drain something. It had a high, built-in splash board at the back so no worries about water running into the cabinets at the back of the sink, and nice, wide sideboards for cutting, chopping, mixing and draining just about anything.

A farmhouse sink was used for just about everything. Add a portable mangle (wringer with a hand crank) and you could rinse out your delicates instead of putting them in the big tub with the rough work clothes. Pad the edges and bottom of the sink with a soft towel, and you had an impromptu bathtub for baby – human or otherwise.

What are farmhouse kitchen sinks made of?

The exposed fronts can be plain porcelain or chrome, or they can be decorative. Some of the original sinks were made from cast iron with a protective enamel coating.

What's the most durable material for a drop in farmhouse kitchen sink?

An enamel over cast iron sink can break or the enamel can wear away or be damaged. If you want something more durable, go for brushed copper. Copper might turn a little green if it isn’t used regularly, but it doesn’t rust. With the amount of use that a farm sink gets, it is likely to be kept polished just by washing dishes. If it does develop the wrong kind of patina, a light rub with some lemon peel will set it to rights.

Copper farm sinks can become seriously fancy. The exposed front of the sink is an invitation to decoration, and a copper sink front embossed with grapes and vines is a pretty pattern that begs to be repeated throughout the kitchen with ornamental touches and copper bottom pots.


Deluxe 33" x 22" Designer Linear Kitchen Sink

Deluxe 33" x 22" Designer Linear Kitchen Sink
Complement your kitchen with this durable and solid yet stylish and elegant kitchen sink available in varied of soft colors. This sink is made of acrylic, so it will last long. It is easy to install and keep clean.

Refinished White 1948 30 Drop In High Back Cast Iron Porcelain Farmhouse Sink

Refinished White 1948 30 Drop In High Back Cast Iron Porcelain Farmhouse Sink
This 30" farmhouse sink catches the attention with its white surface and a drop in high back cast iron porcelain finish. It comes from the 1948, being a great proposition for all vintage enthusiasts.

Drop in farmhouse sink

An aesthetic farmhouse style drop in kitchen sink with a front apron. It's crafted of glossy white ceramic. This rectangular sink has 2 identical squarish basins with 2 independent drains but has no overflows. Four faucet holes are in a back edge.

Farmhouse kitchen sink white

A wooden butcher block from IKEA along with white vanity sink constitutes a stylish combination, ideal for classic or traditional interiors. If you want to add a warm, charming ambiance to your kitchen, it is an interesting proposition.

Virtuoso tm front apron single bowl tile in kitchen sink

VIRTUOSO™ - Front Apron Single Bowl Tile-in Kitchen Sink

Drop in farmhouse kitchen sink 1

This Apron Front Sink is originally designed and would please anyone who values unique and fancy looking devices. You can be sure of attracting a lot of attention and bringing to you bunch of compliments from your guests.

Apron front sink with drainboard

A simple traditional farmhouse style kitchen sink of glossy white ceramic. It has a rectangular body with moulding edges and 2 square basins. It has a tap hole in a wider rear edge and 2 separate drain holes but has no an overflow.

Drop in farmhouse kitchen sink 9

This project shows how inexpensively you can recreate the charming 1940's retro vibe. A typical farmhouse sink from the 40's combined with i.e. 1954 Universal oven enabled to achieve a cozy, vintage appeal.

Farm sink ive blogged about how much i like this

Farm Sink . I've blogged about how much I like this sink before ...

Drop in farmhouse kitchen sink

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Kitchen sink types

Kitchen Sink Types

Farmhouse porcelain kitchen sink

Aesthetic drop in farmhouse kitchen sink, with great spaciousness - it really adds character to the kitchen. Even if like this one is made in standard ceramic white. Its size, the individuality of the chamber and cabinet construction draws attention to itself.

Drop in farmhouse kitchen sink 2

An aesthetic large farmhouse kitchen sink crafted of white ceramic. It's rectangular but has 2 separate rectangular basins with drain holes and quite wide edges. It features a dashy backsplash with faucet holes. It's drop-in mounted.

Serenade tm front apron double bowl tile in kitchen sink

SERENADE™ - Front Apron Double Bowl Tile-in Kitchen Sink

Farmhouse apron front single bowl white cast iron kitchen sink

farmhouse apron front single bowl white cast iron kitchen sink in ...

Farmhouse sink with backsplash

Do you like to wash in the company? Two very deep sinks, one-bowl,side by side. They double the sought-after aesthetics.They are rectangular in shape and will surely add uniqueness even to the simplest interior.

Drop in farmhouse kitchen sink 1

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Nice kitchen sinks

A cool proposition for the retro or farmhouse designs enthusiasts. This white kitchen sink has a lovely drainboard. Made from acrylic, it distinguishes itself with the drop-in double bowl.

Drop in farmhouse kitchen sink 5

A sophisticated drop in farmhouse kitchen sink, hand-wrought in brass and is finished with black, shiny nickel. A single-chamber sink is very practical, but most importantly it has a dark shimmering copper and nickel color and is made of recyclable materials.

Farmhouse sink with drainboard and backsplash

Such an unusual sink can change the face of the entire kitchen. Capable, solidly made copper farmhouse will give an extraordinary look for your kitchen area. It is resistant, it is not easy to destroy it. It has chocolate color and fits to marble.

Farmhouse sink in island

Opt for this amazing farmhouse sink with a dropcloth for keeping the interior a bit more vintage looking and a lot more stylish. This piece will provide you with more than enough space for all your needs.

The farmhouse sink

The Farmhouse Sink

Lyons Industries DKS01AP-3.5 Designer White Apron Front Dual Bowl Acrylic 10-Inch Deep Kitchen Sink

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Apron front sink with backsplash

Stainless steel farmhouse sink - because I'm sick of getting a sore back from leaning forward to clean dishes

Deluxe 34 x 23 farmhouse kitchen sink features kitchen sink

Deluxe 34" x 23" Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Features: -Kitchen sink ...

Acrylic farmhouse sink

If you like the traditional approach to the kitchen, also its interior. You prefer clear shades of furniture, you love white - this white, single-basin, acrylic porcelain farmhouse is a good choice. Imagine this sink near your bright kitchen window.

Bowl farmhouse with apron kitchen sink matte black shown in

... Bowl Farmhouse with Apron Kitchen Sink - Matte Black (shown in white

Farmhouse curvo kitchen copper sink kitchen collection 1

Farmhouse-Curvo Kitchen Copper Sink, Kitchen Collection

Franke farm house stainless steel apron front drop on sinks

Franke Farm House Stainless Steel Apron Front Drop-On Sinks

Farmhouse whole house remodel kitchen with salvaged cast iron sink

farmhouse whole house remodel kitchen with salvaged cast iron sink

Drop in farmhouse kitchen sinks

An aesthetic farmhouse drop-in mounted kitchen sink made of white fireclay. It's rectangular and has 2 separate squarish basins. It has also 2 separate drain holes, narrow raised edges and 4 faucet holes in a wider back edge.

Corstone drop in drainboard sink jpg


Kitchen incredible old fashioned kitchen sinks for kitchen decoration 1

Kitchen, Incredible Old Fashioned Kitchen Sinks For Kitchen Decoration ...

Kitchen sink with backsplash

Deep sinks are an essential part of any kitchen. It is worth exchanging traditional sinks for example on a copper one! Wht is important this dark brown farmhouse is single bowl and hand hammered. It doesn't need a lot of space.

Drop in farmhouse kitchen sink

Now you can easily do your dishes or hand wash your clothes, thanks to this deep double sink. You can mount it in your kitchen, laundry room, or industrial bathroom, and turn your home into a lovely farmhouse.

Love the paper towel spot smart eat in kitchen remodel

Love the paper towel spot! Smart Eat-in Kitchen Remodel by Louise Brooks - Simplified Bee

Whitehaus WHNC3120-BSS Noah'S Collection 31-Inch Commercial Drop-In Laundry-Scrub Sink, Brushed Stainless Steel

Top mount drop in farmhouse sink by rachiele traditional kitchen

... top mount, drop in, Farmhouse Sink by Rachiele traditional-kitchen

Overmount farmhouse sink

A pretty-looking farmhouse drop-in mounted kitchen sink crafted of durable white fireclay. It's rectangular and has 1 deep basin with very narrow edges. It has a central drain hole but has no faucet holes.

Drop in apron front kitchen sink

It is difficult to compete with ceramic aesthetics and functionality.Ceramics is a very practical material-it does not scratch, it is durable and it is easy to keep it clean. Here in the form of a wide drop in farmhouse kitchen sink built in the entire width.

Drop in fireclay ceramic sinks drop in fireclay ceramic sinks

drop in fireclay ceramic sinks drop in fireclay ceramic sinks