Decorative Ceramic Tile Borders

In a host of colors, picture themes, and inlay styles, for the perfect way to give your tiles area a custom, personal feel, look no further than decorative ceramic tile borders in this extensive collection. You might want flowers, or inlayed trees, or even something exotic. Any way you look at it, there is bound to be the right ceramic border tile for your tile job.

Best Products

Blue Ceramic Glazed Tiles with Platinum Accents

Blue Ceramic Glazed Tiles with Platinum Accents
These tiles are made from a strong ceramic material that will last a very long time without chipping or breaking down for a long while. The ceramic tiles have a glazed surface treatment, which only adds to their already incredible aesthetic. The carved floral pattern that these tiles have will look great in almost any bathroom, and it’s the perfect choice when remodeling.

Glazed Rectangular Ceramic Border Tile in Sunset

Glazed Rectangular Ceramic Border Tile in Sunset
These ceramic border tiles and very durable and last a very long time, so you won’t have to spend money on new ones for years. They have a glazed surface treatment and are resistant to fire, UV rays, fading, frost chips, stains and much more. The sunset finish of these tiles is absolutely striking and is perfect for anyone who wants to remodel their bathroom area.

Decorative White Linen Beige Accent Strip

Decorative White Linen Beige Accent Strip
This Pavin Stone accent strip will look good in any home, and it has a certain elegance that you will just love. The ceramic material that it is made of will hold up very well over time without showing noticeable signs of wear for many years. It has a nice beige finish that will make for the perfect way to accent a certain room in your home.

Glazed Square Ceramic Cenefa Border Tile in Blue/Green

Glazed Square Ceramic Cenefa Border Tile in Blue/Green
The Middle Eastern inspired design of this colorful ceramic tile is absolutely beautiful, and the smooth surface finish makes it a great choice for walls, showers, and backsplashes. It is extremely durable and resistant to water, stains, and rust. These square tiles are perfect for anyone who is planning to remodel their bathroom and wants an interesting new aesthetic.

Glazed Rectangular Ceramic Border Tile

Glazed Rectangular Ceramic Border Tile
This rectangular ceramic border tile is perfect for countertops, backsplashes, floors, walls and even exterior. It is an incredibly versatile tile that is designed for both indoor and outdoor applications. The glazed aesthetic of this tile is very attractive and can improve the look of any area of your home. Each carton contains 2 square feet of tile and there are 10 pieces per carton.

Blue Smooth Glazed Ceramic Wall Tile

Blue Smooth Glazed Ceramic Wall Tile
This ceramic wall tile has a smooth glazed design that is both unique and extremely elegant. The blue color of this wall tile will go well in most people’s homes. Because it is made out of ceramic, you can count on this tile to last for many years without many issues at all. It has a nice smooth pattern that is beautiful and one-of-a-kind.

Montreaux 12" x 4" Ceramic Border Tile in Gris/Nickel

Montreaux 12" x 4" Ceramic Border Tile in Gris/Nickel
This ceramic border tile features interesting nickel pattern comprised of some straight lines and intriguing curves. The ceramic it is made from is glazed. All in all, it is a nice accent piece, perfect to enrich the look of a tile wall.

Our advice Buying Guide

Decorative ceramic tile borders can give that extra touch of something that makes a room special or humdrum. They can be the difference between ordinary and extraordinary in a very good kind of way. They lend atmosphere and interest to areas that are frequently less than entertaining or tone down a room design that has gotten a little out of hand. Dignified or bold, delicate or robust, they can be the final touch on a room design.

How to use decorative ceramic tile borders?

While most commonly used in bathrooms, decorative ceramic tile borders can also be used as splashboards in kitchens, or even to add interest to paving on a patio. Ceramic tile borders can also serve practical purposes such as sealing edges or hiding structural imperfections. They also serve to pull a room together, giving it a specific theme.

What are the most popular designs of decorative ceramic tile borders?


Pebbles are a simple design that works well as edging for a patio, the edge of a tub, or even the splashboard behind a kitchen sink. They work well with a country theme or with a shell and starfish bathroom decoration theme, or even with something floral as the baseboard design.

Repeating Seashell Design

This is almost a classic bathroom design and sometimes appears as a paper frieze above patterned wallpaper. It can work with other designs if they are simple and not too busy. Add soft green or blue shower curtains to invoke the feel of an ocean side.

Shimmery Silver-Tone Glass

Add some glitz and glamor to your bathroom with a wall or panel of a wall with this silvery, glass wall. If your space is small, use this as a band or accent, rather than a large expanse, as it could be a little overwhelming.

Simple Geometrics

Don’t overlook the charm of simple geometric tiles. Their quiet, repeating patterns add understated interest without drawing attention. Sometimes, that is the perfect answer for a room often given over to contemplation while getting ready for the day or preparing to retire at night.

Floral Accent Border Strips

Perfect for gardeners and others who love flowers, floral accent strips can set the tone for the rest of the bathroom. They can add color – subtle or bold – that can be picked up by the other furnishings, including tiles, towels, and curtains. They can add just that little bit of extra needed to pull a room together.

Bold Black and White Backsplash

Perfect for areas behind sinks or at the edge of tubs, a bold, black and white geometric repeating pattern can create the perfect array while keeping moisture off less resilient panels or plaster. The pattern squares are sufficiently different to provide interest for contemplative moments.


Original art nouveau tile chrysanthemum excellent condition belgium c1900

Original art nouveau tile chrysanthemum excellent condition belgium c1900
The decorative ceramic tile border with the Chrysanthemum Original Art Nouveau will be a beautiful decoration of any wall. The pastel color palette is attractive an suitable with any other.

Craftsman style craftsman kitchen tile portland

Craftsman style craftsman kitchen tile portland
Lovely rustic style kitchen wall tiles and borders of quality ceramic in a restful colour scheme with prevalent greenish tones. Nine square tiles make a charming image showing 3 height-varied fir trees with frosted twigs. Rounded borders are grey.

Natural Ristano 9" x 3" Universal Decorative Accent Strip

Natural Ristano 9" x 3" Universal Decorative Accent Strip
This amazing universal decorative accent strip will work wonders for your decor, being perfect for any room of the house. The floral patterns look charming and the cream finish offers an antique-like look.

Mission 6" x 6" Hand-Painted Ceramic Decorative Tile in Tulips (Set of 10)

Mission 6" x 6" Hand-Painted Ceramic Decorative Tile in Tulips (Set of 10)
Charming contemporary tile for internal walls decoration. It's square and made of quality ceramic hand-painted in beautiful tulips and other flowers design in purple, green, yellow and bluish tones against a beige background.

Mission 6" x 6" Hand-Painted Ceramic Decorative Tile in Jirasol (Set of 10)

Mission 6" x 6" Hand-Painted Ceramic Decorative Tile in Jirasol (Set of 10)
Enchanting contemporary tile for decoration internal walls. It's square and crafted of quality water resistant ceramic hand-painted in a wonderful flowers design in purple, green, yellow and bluish hues against a creamy background.

Tile border

Decorate your interior with those colorful tiny pieces of tiles, while creating a breathtaking mosaic. You can put it on your bathroom or kitchen wall, achieving a beautiful floral decoration, allowing you to do your activities in a more enjoyable surrounding.

Bathroom border designs

Set of three different types of tiles, which make your floor sophisticated and elegant. Set is composed of big marble and slanted tiles, black middle tiles and little, bright tiles with elegant dark pattern.

Decorative ceramic tile borders

This stylishly finished bathroom is a perfect combination of functionality, beautiful beige color, and attractive design. The sand and beige shades are captivating in detail, and the whole adds to the coziness and style.

Bathroom tile borders

Hexagon tiles embody the modern way of design. This type of pattern gains recognition particularly in the bathrooms. The mosaic presented here is a gentle, white set with grey trimming.

Tile borders

Everyone that has come into my apartment has commented on this decorative ceramic tile borders and travertine in my bathroom. The warm shade of gray creates the restful space.

Tiles with borders

Tile Kitchen Countertops Tile provides a budget-friendly way to customize countertops. Ceramic tiles are durable and come in a variety of colors, shapes, textures, and sizes so that any style or look can be achieved.

Shower border tile

Contemporary setup for a rustic and sophisticated kitchen with a tiled set of counters, providing a unique and unusual detail and a nice contrast to the modern appliances, consisting of an electric stove and oven.

Bathroom border tiles

Original floor element. This tile border is made of ceramic materials that are not only attractive, but also resistant to wear and damage. Geometric shapes and multiple colors are the main advantages of these tiles.

Accent border tile

A great idea for decorating your contemporary bathroom with sophisticated design and geometric pattern. Easy to clean and durable, the tiles presents themselves very fashionable, beautifully accentuating the whole interior.

8x2 5 relief carved and hand painted ceramic wave border

8x2.5 relief carved and hand painted ceramic wave border tile.

Dune n11009 3x8 decorative ceramic border vintage kitchen tile retro

Dune-N11009-3×8-Decorative-Ceramic-Border-Vintage-Kitchen-Tile-Retro ...

Bathroom tile border

This antique ceramic French floor with triple borders comes from the 1900 and 1920. The beautiful floral composition combines turquoises, yellows and blacks. It would add a refined character to any space.

Porcelain border tiles

The traditional mexican-style kitchen is richly covered with kitchen decorative ceramic tiles with decors. Usually, there are flowers, geometric borders, or colorful mosaics on them - such as those shown in the picture with Mexican colorful patterns.

Flower design ceramic border tile jpg

flower design ceramic border tile jpg

Decorative ceramic tiles borders pic 18

Decorative Ceramic Tiles Borders Pic #18

Ceramic tile borders for kitchen

Ceramic tiles have a rich history that goes back to the V.If you like the small,white decorative ceramic tile borders the most - this stylization will be your favorite. They are formed by hand and the clay is not intentionally mixed in the production process.

Bathroom mosaic border tiles

Ornate modern ceramic bathroom tiles. They're square, white, adorned with diamond-shaped textured insets composed of greyish frames and small geometric motifs in blues, beiges, greys. Rectangular border tiles have same features like insets do.

Sandalo 12" x 3" Decorative Border in Zircon Blend

Sandalo 12" x 3" Decorative Border in Zircon Blend

Decorative ceramic tile borders 1

This ceramic wall mosaic has no defined pattern, yet this chaotic mix of black, gray and white stones is visually appealing and it makes a centerpiece for an otherwise blank stone wall. The bathtub has a matching tile border.

Border tile

This stylish and very charmingly decorated small bathroom. Wood paneling, stone tiles, small sink and tasteful bright colors blend beautifully with wood flooring. The whole is perfectly integrated into the contemporary interior design.

Floor tile border

Kitchen backsplash insert using our hand pressed Floral tile, surrounded by Plain Frame liners all in a Warm Cobblestone glaze. Complete tile set is 14 x 22 inches

Caribe stone decorative borders travertine star noce tile stone

Caribe Stone Decorative Borders - Travertine Star Noce Tile & Stone

Border tiles for bathroom

Bathroom tiles designed for mounting on the floor. It is made of high quality ceramic and finished with interesting pattern. Adds freshness and elegance to any bathroom.

Border tiles for bathrooms

love the accent band of tile!

New orleans decor

New Orleans Decor

Laufen Ceramic Tile Trim Border of Spain Decorative Wall Lot of 6 299DB Khaki

Antique beige kitchen cabinets

Tiny kitchens are a stylist's challenge: how to make interior space appear bigger than it really is? This kitchen decor illustrates that: choose light colored furniture (like these beige cabinets) and bigger floor tiles.

Tile bathroom shower design ideas ceramic recessed lighting on dimmer

Tile Bathroom Shower Design Ideas Ceramic Recessed lighting on dimmer

Borders for bathroom tiles

This lady has great tips on upgrading building-grade homes - tile, paint, and transforming orange woodwork into espresso without stripping them down!

Shaw ceramic tile

Ceramic tiles for wall mounting. They are paired with glass tiles. These are very aesthetic and durable elements that decorate indoors and are resistant to wear and damage caused by different negative factors.

Decorative ceramic tile border 1

decorative ceramic tile border

Tile borders for floors

Mother Of Pearl Tile Design Ideas. Found at

Shower tile border

Backsplashes kitchen tile backsplashes with granite countertops

Porcelain tile porcelain slate tile look mannington flooring with its

Porcelain Tile - Porcelain Slate Tile Look - Mannington Flooring With its worn edges, rustic patina, and weathered texture, Antiquity is an epitomization of all the characteristics for which it was named. It looks as if time has embraced and beautified i

Black and white 2 tiles crossville ceramic co floor grout

Black and white 2. Tiles, Crossville Ceramic Co, floor grout Lowes, white subway tiles Daltile form H D, bathtub Kohler from H D, toilet and sink Kohler Memoirs HD

Shaw ceramic tile 22

Modern bar stool made of metal and fitted with anti slip pads prevents scratching the surface. Seat has hole for easy portability. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Ceramic tile shower with tumbled marble feature

Ceramic Tile Shower with Tumbled Marble Feature

Small bathroom tile ideas tile patterns that fit your home

small bathroom tile ideas | ... Tile Patterns That Fit Your Home Room: Ceramics Bathroom Tile Patterns