Tile Corner Trim


Tile trim is that piece that connects two perpendicular tiled areas, like a wall to the floor. This collection of tile trim corner pieces singles out a very difficult area to connect, and gives some very attractive options for that installation point. Whether it be on the ground, or near the ceiling, there tile trim corner pieces will bring it all together in new and exciting ways.

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Our Picks

Simple Tile Corner Trim

Simple Tile Corner Trim


This corner trim is made from PVC and is available in over 10 colors, including gloss white and argent silver. Heat and water resistant, it can be easily cut to fit your corner using scissors or a knife. Five pieces are included per box.


Designer Advice:

The simplicity of this corner trim makes it a good option if you want your tiles to get all the attention. As there is a wide variety of colors available, you can easily match this trim to a range of tiles or other decorative finishes. However, you’ll need some strength to cut the pieces to size and ensure they’re even.

Granite Corner Tile Trim

Granite Corner Tile Trim


This tile trim has an authentic and rich granite look, though it is made from plastic. Available in over 15 color choices, ranging from cream to dark gray, it has a classic rectangular shape and can be installed with adhesive.

$93.75 $97

Slate Tile Trim Corners

Slate Tile Trim Corners


This set of six tiles has a charcoal gray slate finish. Made of Grade 1 quality slate, it is frost, heat, and water resistant. As the finish is natural, moderate variation should be expected between tiles. A penetrating sealer is required. 

$18.16 $108.99

Designer Advice:

Due to it being expensively priced, our design experts recommend this tile set for an area of your home that will be seen by many. It’s an excellent option for a slate-effect brick wall or a fireplace surround to create a finishing touch and a cohesive look. Moreover, the textured gray finish will add a welcoming rustic feel to any area. 

Stone Tile Outside Corner Trim

Stone Tile Outside Corner Trim

Itona Tile

Designed to look like Mediterranean villa stone, this corner tile trim is sold individually. It is made of ceramic with a glazed finish and has a bone white finish. It is additionally heat resistant and water resistant. Subtle variation should be expected between tiles.

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Square Tile Edge Trim

Square Tile Edge Trim

Medici Mosaics

You can pick from over five colors with this ceramic tile trim. Shaped like a square, it is heat resistant and waterproof. The bullnose corner trim also removes the need for visible edges and trim strips, aiding a smooth and seamless finish. 


Moroccan Tile Corner Piece

Moroccan Tile Corner Piece

Ivy Hill Tile

Water resistant, this ceramic tile has a bullnose finish on the long side for a smooth look. Additionally fade-resistant, it features a glossy finish due to the glazing and is available in six color options, including blue, pink, and classic white.


Designer Advice:

This tile trim's gorgeous Moroccan color palette would look great paired with Moroccan tiling in a matching shade. Go for blue or gray for a slight contrast, or stick to white for a look that will blend in best. As the surface of this tile is deliberately uneven, you can create a charming villa look in the comfort of your own home.

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Tile Corner Trim

Buying Guide

The corner piece of the trim that you install in your bathroom or any other area of the house is very important because it completes it all. There are many different tile trim corner pieces to choose from, so you will need to make a point of reviewing the options you have very closely. These pieces can really make or break any tiling job, which is why it’s so imperative that you do the necessary research.

A v-cap edging is one way of finishing off a tile countertop to give it a more streamlined look. These days a lot of people are using v-cap edging to complete their beautiful tile installation projects. This type of edging will put the perfect finishing touch on your new tiling to give it a professional aesthetic that nothing else can accomplish quite so effectively. You will need to use an adhesive on the legs of the corner piece, which can be done very quickly and easily.

You will have numerous types of corner pieces to use when finishing up your tiling, including:

  • Stone Trim: While it can get a bit pricey, stone corner pieces add a very classy look to your tiling that guests will be sure to take notice of. These pieces are also very durable and last for years without any issues.
  • Ceramic: There are also ceramic pieces that you will have to choose from. Some of these pieces have a square-shaped edge while others are more rounded. This is another expensive option, but it’s well worth the additional expense if you can afford it.
  • Metal and Plastic: The metal and plastic corner pieces for tiling offer a unique and elegant aesthetic as well as an affordable average price. There are lots of different finishes and styles to choose from.

Remember to match the corner piece with the rest of the trim so it doesn’t clash. There is nothing wrong with some contrast, but you don’t want to get carried away. It’s a good idea to have the finish already picked out well in advance so you won’t have to do it at the last minute.

A trim depth that is 1/16” to 1/8″ deeper than your tile is a recommended standard. The depth and dimensions of the corner piece that you get for your tile trimming will be yet another crucial factor to take into consideration. Take the time to do the measurements with your existing trim so that you don’t get a corner piece that won’t fit properly.

The fact is that tile trim corner pieces play a very important part in determining how a tiling project is going to turn out overall. An attractive and sturdy corner piece can make all the difference, which is why you will need to look for one that is absolutely perfect. When you devote enough time to this research, you should find a corner piece that will be the crowning jewel of your new tiling.

Best Ideas

Tile corner pieces


Tile Trim

Tile Trim

You can , create a neat joint between tiles - with this tile trim corner piece. It is made in PVC white tone. Perfectly fills every break that so far could look unesthetic.Simple, long form, slightly rounded - will be sufficient for your interior.

Tile outside corner trim

Tile Outside Corner Trim

Porcelain Base Corner Tile Trim In Espresso

Porcelain Base Corner Tile Trim In Espresso

It’s always a hassle to perfectly finish off tiling in your house, whether it is in the bathroom or the kitchen. Whatever you do, sometimes you just can’t get the corners to look quite right. This piece of furniture is just the solution you’re looking for in such a situation – a corner tile trim, made entirely out of porcelain in an elegant, espresso color.

Aluminium edge trim inside corner for tiles novoescocia r 1

Aluminium edge trim / inside corner / for tiles NOVOESCOCIA® 1 EMAC ...

Cubeline 96" x 1" Corner Piece Tile Trim in Stainless Steel Rust Resistant Roll Formed Polished

Cubeline 96" x 1" Corner Piece Tile Trim in Stainless Steel Rust Resistant Roll Formed Polished

Pretty practical contemporary trim for decoration and protection corners of ceramic tiles on walls, countertops, backsplashes a.s.o. This type of trims feature a cube-like crossection. They're made of plastic with a stainless steel-looking finish.

Elegant Porcelain Corner Piece Tile Trim In Biscuit

Elegant Porcelain Corner Piece Tile Trim In Biscuit

An unusually crafted corner piece tile trim for both outdoor and indoor use structured out of tough porcelain in a biscuit color with a shade that resembles bright pine wood. The corner piece has a glazed finish on the surface, giving it an elegant polish and a shiny, reflective overlook. The manufacturer mentions only slight color variation in between various iterations of the product.

The Perfect Finish For Your Tile

The Perfect Finish For Your Tile

Simple solutions are often the most effective as with these basic kitchen shelves. It's a very simple design, but with an elegant silver metallic finish. They look great when fixed to a wall with white tiles.

Water Resistant L Shaped Metal Corner Molding Tile Trim In Bright White

Water Resistant L Shaped Metal Corner Molding Tile Trim In Bright White

An L-shaped corner tile trim molding for setups where panels meet at the concave corner. The molding is made out of metal, making it sturdy and durable, perfect for holding together the corners of walls of backsplashes. The surface of the molding is powder coated and finished with a bright white satin look, giving it an elegant vibe.

Tile trim corners

It is difficult to overestimate the decorative qualities of glass. You can conjure up truly magical forms and shapes such as floor tiles trim corner pieces with light beige and brown colors. Hygienic and easy to maintain.

Home p v c tile seal corner pieces smp 1

Home / P.V.C Tile Seal Corner Pieces - (SMP)

Internal cove corner pieces

Internal Cove & Corner Pieces

Custom bullnosed edges

Custom Bullnosed Edges

Natural Stone Corner Piece Tile Trim In Rustic White

Natural Stone Corner Piece Tile Trim In Rustic White

Sophisticated and elaborate take on a large, decoratively made corner piece tile trim made out of rustic looking natural stone. Every piece of the corner trim is shaped in a different way, giving each iteration of it a different, unique look. The corner trim is suitable for both interior and exterior areas, as they perfectly fit fireplace facades, bar corners, and accent walls.

I need pictures of white subway tile kitchens forum gardenweb

Some building materials could be found often more than in public space than at home. The subway inspired tiles are so universal, so it could be used wherever you want and it will look pure and tidy in this space.

Pvc edge trim outside corner for tiles novocanto r maxi

PVC edge trim / outside corner / for tiles NOVOCANTO® MAXI EMAC ...

Wall tile corner trim

If you afraid, that your bathroom with classic tiles is dull or not stylish, use this metal lath. You can used it to insert little glazed in different colors which make your bathroom or other interior more stylish.

1" x 1" Corner Piece Tile Trim in PVC White [Set of 3]

Germany can boast with accuracy and precision in the implementation of mechanisms such as this tile trim corner piece, with a bidirectional or triple corner. Both home and commercial interiors. Made of aluminum and plastic.

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Home / Aluminium Square Corners (EDP) for use with TDP by Genesis

Vintage wheeling ceramic tile round rounded corner trim

Vintage Wheeling Ceramic Tile Round Rounded Corner Trim ...

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Vroma round quadrant tile trim external silver coloured

Vroma Round/Quadrant Tile Trim EXTERNAL Silver / Coloured ...

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Daltile semi gloss white 2 in x 2 in ceramic

Daltile Semi-Gloss White 2 in. x 2 in. Ceramic Counter ...